Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Got Pae a job at Roadmax

Talked on the phone for another 4 hours on Sunday.. talked another 3 hours yesterday. HAHA.. jja shik.. wtf u doin peter.

Anyways, life is good.. Pae is getting a job with Jimmy here in our office. But he'll be working for Roadmax instead of Motor Impact. Gonna be a interesting 2005..

Been working on the website for the past 2 days, and got pretty much the index layout figured out. I didn't like the older one.. so i had to change it. It looked too much like bjunkyard. I gotta finish the shopping cart and what not.. i might have to work on it over the weekend.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Adam's pad + Dinner

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday.. i've been enjoying mine so far.
Friday, Adam invited me to his home for dinner.. it was good dinner and good cake. He lives in Fullerton, and it's a nice quiet place.. lucky punk.

Saturday i stayed home all day and got a lot of rest. Watched TV, and played sum dota. Talked on MSN for the first time.. it doesn't compare with AIM though.. been learning how to chat in Korean.. and it's freakin hard. I type so slow.
Today, watched a few games on TV.. and skipped church. Too lazy to go today.. i'll start going again next week.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Sister's Wedding

What a looongg trip. It was only 3 days but it felt more like a month. I got back yesterday night and came to work really late today because i couldn't get up.

Lets recap. I also took about 80 pictures, and 5 video clips. I will post them once i go back home.


1. Tux rental
2. Wedding rehersal
3. Dinner
4. Coffee
5. Wrapping @ my house


1. Went shopping to buy stuff for the wedding
2. Went to mall to buy a shirt for my aunt
3. Went to location to drop off food and props
4. Came home and was surrounded by 15 girls using the same bathroom. Ended up taking a 5 minute shower and trying to dress in parents room.
5. Dropped off sister at location and was getting stopped by everyone asking questions.

The wedding was fantastic. It was very pretty and everything went really well. Except for when i forgot where to stand, after walking to the altar and made myself look really dumb cuz i had to move around. And the microphone was a bit messed up. My sister's father in law made a speech, my dad made a speech. 3 little girls made poems for my sister, a groom and bridesmaid sang a song, and a few kids made a funny skit.

There was dancing at the end, and i busted out sum moves but gosh.. my bones have grown too stiff.. i can't move as i used to.. i probably looked so silly. But everyone had fun and a good laugh at my expense.
After the wedding, the teenage crowd went to BJ's and a few rounds. I ended up having to drop off a bunch of ppl back home and clean up the mess at the location and went to BJ's a bit late. Only to find out there wasn't a seat for me. Stood around for minutes and sat next to my sister.
After my sister left i ended up being a translator for my brother in laws parents and another American couple. That was sucky.. bleh. Went home around 1am.


This was the best day of the trip. Muhahah. Too bad i can't share much info.. for it's a private matter. Peter hyung bought me Fish Market.. YUM.. found out i need to order a special wine with oysters @ at that place.
Watched The Incredibles, and i highly recommend this movie. I think it's Disney's best movie that came out since a Bugs Life. I laughed a grip during that movie.
Went to Sabuki and ate sashimi.. and it was a very nice night out.
Took a plane and came home thanks to Pae for picking me up. Then had to go to Bj's in cerritos to give Nancy her stuff.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Back home for wedding

I'm at home.. took a long flight back. It was only long because of the traffic going into the airport. Wow.. took like an hour. Thanks to Pae for driving me there, and also going back to my house to turn off my lights that i left on. So silly of me.

So i've been checking my grades like a maniac everyday, and found out all my grades.

GPA: 3.2
Cumulative GPA: 3.1

Not bad.. i'm just glad i passed all my classes, just waiting for my diploma which should arrive in 6 weeks.

Had a interesting flight over, and met a nice girl from Lynbrook who knew some of my friends from Homestead.
Home is good.. we got a lot done today.

1. Got my tux with final fitting. I dont' like the tux. It looks awckward, and doesn't fit that great. Maybe it's the pleats on the pants, but it makes my butt look huge!~ Uhg.. i don't like it at all.. my sr. prom tux was a lot better.

2. Went to wedding rehersal.. and realized how long imma have to stand there for starring at the wall. woopee..

3. Went to rehersal dinner.. not sure who paid, but we ate a grip. A bunch of ppl came back to our pad and finish preping some of the stuff needed for the wedding. I went to drink sum coffee with a new friend and had a nice long chat. good times.

I should sleep.. gonna be a long day tomorrow. bleh.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Thinking of Moving

Finals is killing me.. i procrastinated all last week and this is what i get. I have two 5 page essays due Thursday, and 2 more exams. Imma have to live this hell hole for the next 2 days and hang on for dear life so that i pass all my classes and graduate. I really don't wanna have to re-take any classes.. that would be a total headache. I'd be disappointed at myself, and embarrassed to tell everyone i have already told i would be graduating that i have another semester of school left.

I'm half way done reading 10 chapters off the first exam. Then i gotta write the 2 essays.

Then i gotta read 5 chapters for the other exam.

Doesn't sound like much.. but i gotta do this in the next day. Ugh.. so fucked.

It's so bad i thought about skipping work tomorrow, but i think i'll end up going and asking if i could leave early.. like 3 or 4pm.. gotta come back home and finish this crapola.

James said he wants to move out soon, which is great for me. I was thinking February because wasn't sure who wanted to move in with me. I think i'll start really looking for a place early January after my sisters wedding. Probably a 2 bedroom somewhere in Fullerton, La Habra, or Whittier..
James said LA.. but i don't wanna live in the city.. and it's too far from work.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Who will marry first?

Work isn't going as smoothly as planned. Hopefully things will start to change in January 2005.. 2004 was a pretty hermit year for me. I didn't do much .. oh wait.. the first couple months was crazy. Then after February.. it was dead.

I hope 2005 brings some new excitement into my life.. now that i'm graduating college and being 24. Ugh.. I know so many people that got married at my age. No matter how much i think about it.. i have a feeling i will be the last to marry out of the group of friends. Here is the lowdown on who gets to marry first.

1. Simon (straight out player, always has a gf)
2. Pae (player #2.. can always keep a steady relationship)
3. Yong (when he finds the right girl, he won't let her go)
4. Jet (after finishing med school .. $$cha-ching$$)
5. James (i have never seen him hit on a girl yet.. but i know his got skills in san jo)
6. Peter (total loner. no future whatsoever)

Monday, December 06, 2004

Groomsman for my sister's wedding

4 more projects to do until finals. I have 1 week to finish the projects and prepare for finals. Ugh.. i am so lazy. I have senioritis all over again. I'm going to be so happy if i end up passing all my classes and never having to go to school again!

Watched a bunch of videos over the weekend, and did situps for like 8 hours. HA!~

My future brother in law asked me to be one of the groomsmen. I was like o_O.. He said he was originally going to ask his brother in Korea, but then there was problems with Visa and when he could be here to order the tux and whatnot.. ugh. I felt sorry and told him no.. but he insisted i do him this favor. Bleh..

I'm going to fly this time to Norcal.. screw driving. It actually is cheaper to fly then to drive. it costs 98 dollars round trip Southwest.. and it costs $120 for gas since i fill up 4 times at $30/tank. Saves me money and time.. good deal. I got Pae to drive me to the airport.. whew. Didn't know who else i could count on.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Giving up on my dreams

For the first time in my life, i've been having ant problems. I don't know how they are coming into my house.. but they are. I found them in the kitchen sink yesterday so i exterminated them.. then found some more today @ the same location. Hmm... must be coming in thru the water pipes.. but not sure how. stupid ants.

Motor Impact is doing a huge renovation here at our office. We spent the last 2 weeks revamping the warehouse, and we are planning on fixing the office now. Webpage will be moving and just getting ready for 2005.

I have decided to give up on one of my dreams. Isn't fair for many people if i decide to go along with it. Plus i'd feel too guilty. Giving this up is hard, but comforting as well. One less thing to worry about.

The crest whitestrips i've been using for the past week seems to be working. My teeth seem whiter.. but maybe it's all in my head. Mee Young said she could do BriteSmile for $250 w/discount at her work.. which isn't bad. She guarantees 6 shades lighter.

My home computer keeps acting a bit weird. Not sure what's going on.. turns off byitself and freezes sometimes. Happened 3x so far.. hmm.. must debug.

School in general is finishing up. Only 3 more days of actual lecture, then finals. oh my..

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Back in LA

Just got back home.. took 6 hours to get to san jose with all the traffic. Took 5.5 hours to come back home. but it shoulda been 5 hours. Stupid me, after putting gas in the middle of my trip, i took 5 NOrth instead of South. HAHA.. and drove an extra 40 miles UGH!

So tired.. the drive took a lot out of me. Near the end, i was getting so anxious to get home! I'm freakin tired.

Went out with Dennis and Ellis Go for tapioca during the day, and went to eat sushi with Kevin and Ofra @ night. Then headed back home. Not very interesting day.. but it was a decent overall trip.

Went drinking with my sisters fiance on Fri and drank a grip of soju. Got pretty drunk.. but i got him to talk a bit about stuff.. so i feel more relaxed about him being my brother in law.

I've been using Crest whitestrips for the past 4 days.. and my tooth got very sensitive. But i plan on using the whole box cuz my teeth are so freakin yellow. I think one reason why celebrities look good is cuz of their pearl teeth.

Anyways, night blogger

Friday, November 26, 2004

Home for Thanksgiving

Came home for thanksgiving, and regretting it. I feel uncomfortable here. Parents nagging, my negative attitude towards my sisters marriage, the ppl here, etc. Meeyoung is in Tahoe, and Elis is still down about her brother. So it's not like i have any friends left over here.. i've been just sitting at home and doing absolutely nothing. Well ok.. i was a little productive today.

1. Installed my old computer for my mom, using some old parts from other computers. Transferring all of her old files took forever. I ended up having to setup a 2nd computer in another room, used the LAN and AIM to transfer all the files over. But i think that's pretty much done. The computer runs fast.. my mom's old computer was a 266mhz! HAHAH.. no wonder she was complaining so much about it being slow. Well she got a 100% upgrade cuz now it's 1ghz faster. Her new 20" LCD monitor from DELL is tite. SO huge! i can imagine playing war3.. muhahaha

2. Went over to see Kevin (my only friend left here) with my old STOCK honda deck. He helped me take out the pioneer deck that had the broken CD loading mechanism and installed the STOCK deck and tapped into the wire harness to accomodate my subs in the back. That part was a lot simpler than i thought.. I can't tell the difference in sound. Still bumps nice. The only thing i miss is the manual controls from the deck.

I had some of my mom's cooking.. but i realized that i didn't miss it as much as before. I think i'm over the home sickness bs.. not like i ever had it that bad. LA feels more like home now. Ramen is more of a comfort food for me.

My sister had a party with church ppl last night, and i couldn't sleep. They were yackering so freakin loud. So i didn't say hi, cuz i was in a mood since i had to listen to my parents lecture, and ran off the house to chill outside. I came back home 2 hours later, and everyone was leaving. Ha.. and someone i wanted to see was walking off too. Didn't know that person was at the meeting. DOH!.. if i knew i shoulda stayed and played games with the group. Life goes on..

I plan on leaving Sat.. tomorrow. Don't feel the need to stay here and be bored out of my mind.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Crest White Strips.. Painful

Went to school today.. only for 2 classes cuz the other 3 were cancelled due to Thanksgiving weekend. Went home early at like 11pm.. then headed over to Romina's to give back the mini fridge that's been sitting in my room.

Took Romina to the park and tried to make her forget about her illness. I think mission accomplished. She smiled a lot.. which was good. Also gave her a shiny little necklace.. i think it was my first gift to her. I hope she likes it.

Dropped her off and got a haircut.. i asked her to Layer it.. and she just chopped it off. WTF. I have short hair again. Well.. not that short.. but a lot shorter than before. Since it's layered now though.. i think it'll grow out better. Before i looked like a Bowl cut from the 60's.

After haircut, i stopped by Walgreens to buy Crest White strips. That shit gets my teeth sensitive, but it's been a year already since my last treatment and i need to whiten it up. TAKE THE PAIN LIKE A MAN PETER! haha. Also bought some baking soda to put in my fridge cuz is was stinkin like Kimchee!

Came home and did some more chores around the house. Dishes, cleaned out my old mail box, old magazines, emptied the beanie so i can give it back to mom, cuz i don't use it. Threw out a bunch of boxes that my computer came in, threw away old papers from school.

I also washed my car, and vacuumed it. Also sprayed Febreeze.. so it's gonna smell nice and clean tomorrow.

Oh yeah.. on a bad note, my CD Player broke in my car. Ugh.. imma have to drive 5 hours w/o my precious CD's.. what am i going to do. aigo. AIGO! seriously. I always thought it was time to upgrade to a mp3 player.. but this is a very bad timing.

I'm getting ready to go up for thanksgiving. packing a few things here and there.. the drive is seriuosly going to suck.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Classes cancelled

Thursday went to school only to find out that the 2nd miterm for the Nonverbal Comm class has been cancelled and entered into the final. The final is also going to be a take home final! hahahahahahhahaha.. MUHAHAHHAHAHAH.. nice.

Also found out that 2 classes are cancelled for Tuesday of next week.. hahahahahahha.. stupid lazy professors want the whole week off. HA!

Semester is coming to a close. I figure there will be Finals for all my classes, a few more projects here and there.. and i'm done. I just gotta make sure i dont bomb the finals. Wow.. took close to 6 years.. but i'm finally graduating. HAHA.. wtf. 5.5 years of school.. geejzuz. OH wait.. maybe it's 4.5 years.. i can't even count. I just know i took longer than most of my other ppl i graduated high school with.

I spent the last 2 days at work fixing my bosses computer. His not illiterate, but he aint that proficient. He had so many Trojan viruses, worms, spywares, adwares, etc.. ugh.. took forever to clean all of that shit.

Work has been going so so.. getting a lil worried. I may have to start looking for something else to do. Can't live with the money i'm making here. Doesn't look all so promising.. maybe 50/50.. not sure where it's headed.

Yesterday, (thrusday) i came back from school.. and just passed out. PASSED OUT cold.. left the lights on.. tv on.. computer on. That was at 6pm.. woke up the next morning at 8am. HAHA.. i must haved been very tired.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Be good to people while you can

Finished watching "Wind Fighter" korean movie. I couldn't help but relate the movie to the arcade game "Samurai Showdown".. some of the characters are a combination of that game and Street Fighter 2. Pretty nice fighting movie.

Lots of things going on in life right now.. so many things to worry about. I have 2 exams, 1 research paper and a few other itzy bitzy things at school that i must finish before next week. I will have to work on them this weekend.

Trying to go home this thanksgiving to see my new-to-be brother in law and give my mom my old computer and set it all up for her.

My cousin Romina was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer. :(
Kinda devastating because i grew up with her. Stage 4, for those of you who don't know is the last stage in cancer. It means it's spread to all the inner muscles and organs and chances of surviving for more than 5 years is less than 10-20%. She is only 21.. and I don't know what to do to make her feel better. I'm scared to go visit her because i don't want to upset her by getting all mooshy in front of her.
This incident made me think.. you should really be good to ppl while you still can. Cuz you never know when it'll be too late.

And why do things always happen at the same time? Romina's cancer is a horrible thing in my family.. but on the other side of the plane, my sister is getting married Dec. 22nd. I dunno why she is hurrying so much.. she's still young. It's not the end of the world if you put off for another 6 months. There is NO WAY you can know somebody after just 3 months. How can you possibly know if your compatible? And it's not so much of a perfect timing when Romina is so sick. If i was her, i'd postpone.

She also asked me to sing in her wedding.. originally i declined but now that i think about it - it's a once in a life time thing for her. The least i could do would be to grant her wishes. I'm looking for someone who plays the guitar to teach me a song.

On a good note, my computer is almost done, just waiting on the video card. I've been installing programs 1 by 1 as needed.. Newegg already paid me back for the vid card, and i shipped the other card to zipzoomfly and still waiting for a credit back. I paid the guy from eBay and waiting for him to ship. Once i get that card, my computer will be done.

I've also been loosing quite a bit of weight.. my old pants are fitting again. I may have to take my dress pants to a tailor to get them hemmed around the waste cuz it's a little too loose. Or i may just go exchange it cuz i only wore it once. It's $118 pants.. ugh.

I'm also thinking about moving as soon as school is over. Gotta get out of the ghetto to a decent place. But then i'd have to either change my employment or ask for more money. Also need to find a person willing to live with me. HAHA.

Welp that's the major stuff going on in my life right now.. doesn't give me much room to think about anything else.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Full computer specs


Current System Setup

CPU: Intel northwood 3.2C
CPU Cooling: Thermaltake XP-90 Copper base/Alluminum Fins
CPU Fan: Antec true blue 80mm fan
Using Arctic Silver 5

Motherboard: Asus P4C800E-Deluxe Socket478 875Chipset w/800FSB

Memory: Mushkin 512x2 (1 gig) DDR400 PC3200 w/heatspreader

Video Card: ATI Radeon 9800XT 256DDR R360 core
GPU Cooler: Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 3
using Arctic Silver 5

Hard Drive 1: Wester Digital Raptor 10k SATA - 74gig
Hard Drive 2: Hitachi Deskstar 7.2k SATA - 250gig

DVD-RW: Pioneer DVR-108 Dual Layer +/-
DVD: Toshiba 32x
Floppy: Genetic 1.44

Case: Aspire X-Navigator Front Temp display, clear side window w/120mm fan
PS: 500W generic, came with case


Case cooling is done by:

1. Top 80mm exhaust fan
2. Side 120mm exhaust fan
3. Rear intake 80mm fans (2)
4. Front intake 80mm fan
5. CPU 80mm fan
6. GPU 79mm fan

Case temp is at 29C
CPU: Idle 28C Load 40C

New computer complete

I finally just decided to install my new computer w/o waiting for the vid card. I'm currently using my old vid card from my old computer..

I had the worst time installing this thing because i forgot there were 2 power connectors for the new motherboards.. 12pin and a 4pin cables.. HAHA.. i thought i had gotten defective ram or CPU or motherboard from newegg.. but it was such a simple mistake i made. I was over confident.

after the heartache it caused cuz i was worried about returning, i installed my previous HD, copied all the files over, and installed my new OS.

Everything went smoothly and my computer runs at 28 idle and 30 operating and not sure about LOAD because i havent' had time to install DOOM yet.. While installing Windows XP the highest i saw it go was 42.. the Thermalright CPU heatsink sure helps a grip!

I ordered a 9800XT from ebay for 220.. muhaha.. very good price. I'm also going to return the 9800PRO and got a 7.5% discount on the restocking fee which is fine.

I should have the system all complete very soon, and i'll write a review with pictures of all the stuff i have in it. Computer looks pretty tite..

1 problem i'm having recently is that sometimes at POST boot, the motherboard doesn't detect the SATA HD's.. it's not configured in RAID.. so not sure what's going on. It detects it after i reset.. weird.. gotta troubleshoot.

Computer is running SO fast.. loving it. Jet said he could hook me up with an LCD.. not sure what price it would be though.. i can't afford more than 400..

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Romina has cancer..

Haven't updated in a while.. been pretty busy lately. Looks like i'll be busy for the next 2-3 weeks because of midterms, projects, and presentations due.

I really have to pass all my classes this semester so i can graduate. Not passing will really suck.

On a side note, i've been having a few problems with newegg and the parts they sent me.. dont' feel like explaining here, but they also haven't shipped my CPU and HSF. ugh. Getting a little upset because i expected it here yesterday.

I'm going to have to call them, and if i get bad service, time to take action. Hopefully i won't have to.

My sister got engaged, but i don't even know the guy. I have my own personal feelings about it.. i think 2 ppl should date a while longer than simply 3 months b4 deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. But i'm not the one getting married, so whatevers..

My cousin Romina is in the Hospital and she just got surgery for a tumor/cancer in her belly.. i got a call from my aunt, and said the surgery went okay. Imma have to go visit her tomorrow and ditch church.

I took a midterm today, and i think i did okay, but that's what i thought about another midterm i got back today and i got a C.. so i dunno. :(

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Sister engaged


Hope the best for the two of you.

Friday, October 22, 2004

$1,700 for new computer

I'm at work.. it's about 10am. Not super late.. not early either. I have been doing SO much research on computers, that i became the next gen gosu. I pretty much understand all the terminologies now. Why can't there be a computer hardware class? lol.. i'd ace the finals.

Most of my research was on compatibility.. and cases, HSF, and CPU chipsets. I was going to order most of it on monarchcomputer - but decided to go with Newegg because they have been regarded so highly by consumers. I'd rather pay the state tax and have confidence that my parts wont' be RMA.

I ordered it all.. saved a few bucks here and there by changing my specs and taking out things i don't need. Originally with Koolance liquid cooling it was going to be around $2,400.. then with just a regular case it was $2,000.. then i took out some parts that were unnecessary - and downgraded a few things to make it $1500. With tax and shipping it was totaled at $1700.

Ouch.. i got a call from VISA fraud protection this morning asking me if it was me who made the purchases! haha.. good stuff - at least i know they are working hard to make sure i'm not jipped. When i look at that number.. $1700.. it hurts! last time i spent over 1g was for school tuition and books. The only good thing is that i charged it to my new VISA card with 0% APR for 8 months.

I remember 3 years ago, when i bought my current system, it was less than $1000. But that's because i really didn't buy expensive parts.. and less components. I didn't require a second hard drive, nor did i need aftermarket cooling. With the new computer chips running hot that has all changed. I dont' consider this an investment because computer parts lower in value as time goes.. so i like to call it a impulse purchase that will last me for the next 3-4 years.

I will post pictures and total system spec once i get it installed.

Friday, October 15, 2004


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Oh yeah.. i got to work on time.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Korean Churches

Mom has been calling recently nagging me about going to Church.

Church is a funny issue to Koreans in general. There's a lot of "face" that is shown in that community. It's not all about having love for each other and worshiping God. It's more about who has the more status and who does more work. That basis also leads to who's a good groom and who isn't. They solely base it on how well a man or woman does in the congregation.

There's also the controversial version of a cult. They keep this little note card with how much Field Service preaching hours you occupy. If you don't preach for a certain amount of hours, you get put into a suspension mode where you are considered inactive. You can never see your own card.. only the elders keep it and pass it around.

I'm not sure about American churches, but Korean churches also have this gossip issue where they love talking trash about other ppl. It's like a disease that nobody can escape. Even if they aren't certain about an issue, they just spread it around like a side dish.

People say, "ooh you must have faith in God because the end is near.." "Even if you can't see him you should read the Bible and believe"..
Faith is bull shit. It's all in your head. You want to believe that something is there that can solve all of our problems because you want a simple solution. You don't believe in God because you have "faith"... you believe in him because you program your brain to think that God exists, and every word in the Bible is true.

About the Bible.. how do you trust a book? I'm one of those ppl who like seeing things in person to believe it or not. I don't get why God showed all these miracles to ancient ppl and then suddenly stopped. That's not fair.
We don't' know who wrote the Bible because it was ancient data collected in stones and what not.

So what we have here is.. you need to believe in a higher form of life that you have never seen before.. and you also have to read and live in the principles of a book that could have been written by a madman.

Many people interpret the Bible with current events and say, "ooh look.. it's a sign that the end is near".. BS. Ooh frequent earthquakes and famine.. it's a sign of the end according to Revelations. BS. There were plenty of earthquakes and famine through out History.

I'm not saying that Church is bad for everyone. The weaklings may need something to base faith upon to have the will to live. Some ppl just need something to believe.. because they are too afraid to think that the end of life is death.

What do I think?
1. Since i have no idea where this world came from.. there could be a higher being than us. But how do u explain where that thing came from? Maybe it's just beyond our comprehension.
2. Some of Church's concepts are good. Like morals, loving thy neighbor, etc.
3. Many Churches are corrupted. The congregation has been swayed from the meaning of going to church into a little cult that wants respect and power.
4. The end of human kind will be caused by humans themselves.

5. The most important thing is that we as humans have a conscious.. and it allows us to distinguish between good and bad. Killing someone is bad.. giving a present is good. As long as we follow our own morals and keep bad things to a minimum, you don't have to have faith in God.. you don't have to read the Bible.. just be a good citizen and enjoy life. We were obviously put in this planet to enjoy the life given to us.. not to mope and worship a God. If God wanted servants and worshipers, he would have programmed the way we functioned a lot differently so that we don't misbehave.

God will certainly see that you're a good person and judge you accordingly. His a God of love.. he aint gonna be killin u cuz u didn't read the Bible. Psh.

What a long read.. these are just sum of the things i have been thinking about for the past 2 years i've been living by myself and not going to Church.
My mom obviously wants me to go, because she doesn't want the finger being pointed at her by other members of the congregation.

"ooh.. her son doesn't go to church anymore.. ooh.. what a bad mother"..

She also wants me to believe in what she believes to be the truth. She has so much faith right now.. that nothing else can be said or told to her for her to think otherwise.

Damn.. another stupid thing to worry about. I should just call her and tell her i quit Church.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Throat hurts

I've been sick since Sunday. Sunday night, i started getting a sore throat.. Monday i started getting excessively tired and bloodshot eyes. Tuesday was the worst.. i was constantly tired and just felt like sleeping. Today seems a lot better.. but still a bit sick. I think i overdid my partying last week.. my body can't handle it anymore.

Simon started working at the real estate appraisal company already.. but he keeps giving a run around to Adam. He should just be a man, and live with his decisions. If he already decided to work for another company he should just tell Adam:

"I won't be able to work with you anymore because i have already started a job with an Appraisal company. It was great working with you and here is my leaving statement"

instead i've been hearing different things from him and Adam and it's tough being a mediator. ROAR.

I'm tired.. and i have an exam tomorrow.. what am i going to do. I need to study when i get home.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Can't party all night anymore

Thursday: 8pm got a call from Simon and Boss wanted to take us out. Long story short.. ended up at Karnac inside a room. Got to sing karaoke and drink crown special. Saw lots of old ah jum mah's.. and also ate Sul Lung Tang. Hm.. i'm sure boss paid like 450 that night. HA.. nice boss.

Fri: went to work.. went to Pae's house to say hi to his mom.. ate dinner there then came home got dressed and went to Lorena's bday in Huntington Beach.. gawd that place is far. We went to Hurricane Bar/Grill and that place is totally packin.. so many white girls. Oh yeah.. lots of Metro sexual guys too. Drank a lil, danced a lil, and bounced early. Was too tired.

Sat: stayed home and watched videos all day.. and i don't think i did anything else. I used to be able to pull Thrus, fri, sat, partying.. but i guess age caught up with me. i can't do it anymore.

Sun: woke up late and got a good rest. Played dota a few times and own3d. Ate Shin Ramen with kimchi! Finally took my overdue Music Quiz and got 47/50.. it's a great score.. but i was expecting a 49.. not sure what the 2 questions i missed were..

Thursday, September 30, 2004

New GPU Fan installed

Yesterday, i went to work and afterward went to eat dinner with my boss. He bought a grip of korean bbq and we drank about 5-6 bottles of soju between 3 ppl. Good times, we talked a lot and got stuff out of our chests. We got there at 6:00pm and stayed until 10pm.. HAHA

I came home and went straight to sleep.

I woke up at 6am.. dunno how that happened cuz i was a bit buzzed.. but woke up and watched Smallville that i downloaded since i missed it while eating dinner the previous nite.

At 7am i went to school and met traffic on the 405 cuz there was an accident. Then i came upon this sign "CLASS CANCELLED".. doh! now i had 1.4 hour gap and came to school early for nothing.

After school i went to Fedex to pick up my new Blueorb fan.. DAMN.. opened it and measured it next to the card and there was a problem. Obviously.. nothing in my llife solves easily.

1. The fan was excessively big
2. The fan was designed really well.
3. My old heatsinks for the ram were in the way of the new HUGE fan.
4. I had artic silver adhesive on the ram headsinks so i really had to be careful when taking them out

I didn't want to damage this vid card.. cuz that would simply suck so i had to be very careful:

1. Had to turn on the computer with the old vid card fan to heat up the fan because it was stuck to the GPU
2, Took out fan from GPU
3. Carefully took out the old ram headsinks with a knife and damaged one of the pins.. but doesn't seem like a big deal
4. Installed new fan with no problem.. the alignment was great. The new fan is HUGE.. and it has blue LED.. it's tite!
5. Installed the 4 smaller ram headsinks with adhesive tape instead of artic silver.

Put the computer back together and crossed my fingers b4 turning it on. Obviously as you read me typing this.. the computer runs. And it's quiet now.. and with all the lights off.. u can see a blue glow from inside the computer. mUHA.

I'm happy now.. the noise from the old vid card GPU fan was getting me REALLY annoyed and was really thinking about just getting a new computer.. but i think i can live with this one for a lil longer.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Simon quits Motor Impact

I ordered a new GPU fan from on saturday i think.. it should be here soon hopefully. The bearing fan currently on my Vid card is toast.. it makes a horrible noise.. so it's time to replace it. I'm getting a cool fan from Antec which glows blue. I heard some good review so i hope it fits nicely and doesn't give me any troubles. The extra $5 i paid for it better make a difference!

I think that's the reason i'm laggin a bit in WC.. cuz the vid card is too hot or sumthin.

I keep thinking about getting that new CC and buying the new computer. But then the contemplation kicks in cuz i could use the $3,000 to buy a motorcycle. hahaha.. shi bal. Plus i'd be in debt.. probably not a good idea. but SOOOO tempting.

Work was good today.. got my first order in from Texas, and sent a Credit application. Hopefully that'll kick me back $5,000 in retail. Dunno ..

Simon says this will be his last week working with me.. kinda sad that he'll be gone, but he says he'll be making a good $5g's a month so that's good for him. I think he needs the money more than me. I'll be staying with Adam cuz that's just me.. i feel like i learned too much from him about the business to give it up at this point.

I have my first exam tomorrow.. and it's going to suck hard. I didn't buy the book and the exam review sheet has a lot of crap covered off the books.. OOoohhh.. i better wear a hat or sumthin.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Want a new computer

Washed my car today.. paid $3 to do it myself. Took about 8 minutes.. haha.. fastest car wash ever. My car was dirty because like 2 weeks ago, there was a slight sprinkle in Long Beach.. and if it doesn't rain.. and just sprinkles.. the dust gets accumulated into the beads of water on your car and creates big dots of dirt. I was lazy to wash it for the longest time, until i saw MANY cars on the road today shining and shimmering.

I didn't bother drying the car because the place advertised that it had "dryless solution".. or sumthin in their water that drys the car by itself. The car is still wet in the garage right now.. and hopefully it won't create water streaks.. we'll see.

I paid my bills @ the post office and went to see nancy to buy her lunch. Got a few new things from Banana.. mostly on sale. Also had to get a pair of cuff links for my french cuff shirt. My other one i gave to Eric because i traded him for a pair of earrings.

I'm thinking about applying for a Visa card.. 0% APR until 6/2005 no annual charge.. and 15k limit. Really thinking about it.. cuz my current card has a APR of like 18% or sumthin ridiculous.
But if i get a new credit card.. i dunno if i'll be tempted to just do an impulse purchase of two thins i really want right now.

1. motorcycle
2. new computer

haha.. oh yeah.. i've been working on a new computer and doing a bunch of research for the best parts and finally came down to it with price checks on major sites. Imma list the stuff here for reference.

Cheapest place for parts right now is: MonarchComputer and they have good reseller ratings. I think it's free shipping on most parts, and there shouldn't be any tax because they are located in Atlanta.

Here is the beef part of the computer:

P4 550 3.4ghz LGA775 800FSB 1MB Lvl1 Cache
Asus P5AD2PR Premium 925X Motherboard
ATI Radeon X800 XT Platinum PCI 16x Express
Wester Digital WD740 Raptor 10,000 RPM SATA
Hitachi desktar 250 7.2k rpm SATA
Corsair 2x 240pin PC2-4200 DDR (2 gigs)
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS

Now for the skeleton and cooling options:

PC2-650BK Case with liquid cooling
CPU Cooler
LGA Spacer and adapter bracket
GPU Cooler
hard Drive cooler
2nd hard drive cooler adapter

Antec True550 500watt power supply
Antec 80x80 2.6k rpm fans

I deciding about these items:

Sony DRU710 +/- Dual layer DVD WRiter
SamSung 172X 17" LCD with 12ms seektime.

I will be transferring parts from my current computer:

Toshiba DVD Rom 32x
Sony 16x CDWR
3Com 10/100 Ethernet
New layer of Windows XP Pro SP2

Everything together comes out to a little over $3,000.. but w/o the monitor, it's about $2,500. Currently the most expensive parts is the video card and the RAM.. i'm expecting them to drop in price around december.. and that's probably when i'll buy my new computer.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Quote of the Day: Better to regret

I have a new quote to post:

"Rather than to regret after listening to another's advice, it is better to regret your own mistakes" - bronx 09.20.04

Basically the quote suggests that you should have to listen to anyone if you don't agree with them. You should always make the last decision. If there is a negative outcome you're the only one to blaim.. and it's more enduring to regret your own decisions than to point fingers at others who gave you bad advice.

i.e. Your mother tells you to marry a rich girl who she thinks is the right person for you. Yet your in love with a poor girl who you believe you can live happily ever after.

The fact is that you won't be happy with either one in 5 years. You trust your mom, and marry the girl you don't love. She ends up cheating on your and u get a divorce. Now who's fault is it? You will be blaming your mom cuz you were forced into a marriage that you didn't want and will never know what kind of life you could have had with the poor girl.

But if u marry the poor girl and end up in divorce, you could always learn from your own mistake and be content with the choice you made w/o blaming someone else.

Other's should respect your decisions.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Long Weekend

Yong came over on Friday cuz he misses me.. MUAHAHAH

As soon as he came over, we headed to Jungle cafe to see Pae and Mike where we drank 2 pitchers. Came home and i watched korean videos while he watched movies on the computer.

Saturday we stayed home and Simon came over to hang out. Then Eric, Sung and Marc came over.. then James came over.. and we all just hung out watching TV (Miss america).. where Miss California was a girl from UCLA.. hah.. she was hot.

Everyone left except for Simon who passed out at my house.. me and Yong ended up sleeping on the floor cuz he took up the whole bed :).. woke up the next morning at 11 to realize Simon left around 7am to go to the swap meet.

Yong and I stayed home on Sunday and watched more TV and movies.. until Eric came over around 6pm'ish.. then we headed out to Torrance to meet up Pae and Mike again and drink tapioca b4 Yong went back home.

Time flew by pretty fast this weekend.. all in all it was nice seeing my chingoo again.

Now i'm at work Monday.. i went to see the counselor at school and checked my graduation status. Looks like i'm all set to go and just need to pass the classes i'm taking right now.

Friday, September 17, 2004

New weekly schedule

Haven't updated in a while so might as well do a little sumthin today.

I've been doing the usual schedule these days.

M - work 9-5
T - school 8-4
W - work 9-5
Th - school 8-4
F - work - 9-5

S and Sun my days off to relax or go to the swap meet with Simon.

Keeping myself busy like this is working out well for me. Although waking up so early in the morning needs getting used to.
At work, Adam hyung has been giving me a lot of good advice about life which has taught me a few things about how to set goals for my future. We cleaned up the warehouse 80%.. hopefully we'll finish it today and i can start moving towards sales on Monday.

I've been getting really tired at night time. I used to be nocturnal and sleep at 3-4am.. but now i'm so tired that i can't stay up that late. I've been sleeping at 11-12am.. which is the only way that i can wake up so early. It's funny that i've been trying to change my style a bit for the past 2.5 months. I've been growing my hair quite a bit and got it to a awkward length. I'm guessing another 2 months and it'll get to the length that i want so i can go do magic straight and layer it.
I've also been trying to loose weight for 2 months. I've lost about 10lbs.. but it's been hard surpassing that mark. I guess age has something to do with it.. cuz when i was 18.. it was so easy to change my body. Now i eat less, and work out everynight yet still no results. At least the 10lbs got rid of my double chin..

Sunday, September 12, 2004

First Swap Meet..

What a long 2 days. As i stated on my last blog, i didn't sleep and went to Simons house at 4am so we could go to the swap meet on saturday. We went there and it was the worst day ever. We were running late so we didn't bring the tent.. and we were selling below a blistering sun. I got sun burns all over and a wife beater tan. We sold only 300 worth of stuff. There were barely any ppl there cuz i guess there was a fair across the street. I also think part of the reason was the heat wave.. it was way too hot for ppl to go to a flea market.

We went back to Simon's house and cleaned up around 2pm and went to James' bbq.. but i was so tired by this time cuz i haven't slept in like 32 hours. i was brain dead most of the picnic and forgot to call Pae. im sure he understands.

I dropped off Simon at his house and passed out for 30 minutes or so.. we went back to my house and i changed and headed over to prive. By this time i was sleepless for 39 hours. ugh. Prive was very wack.. i wasn't feeling the alcohol nor the ppl there. I didn't dance at all.. and drank very little. Yet again there was a huge problem with the tab at the end as well..

Some ppl only paid $25-30 saying they had no money (the usual ppl).. so Simon had a pay more.. I had to pay more.. David paid more.. and Simon's gf who drank nothign had to pay $20 cuz goofy was complaining about the tip. Wasn't worth it.. very bad time. Good thing pae didn't come.. i shoulda stayed home and slept. I left early around 1am b4 the club ended and came home.

btw: james was really fucked up.. he passed out at the club.. hope he got home okay.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

First day of work

Oh .. finally got Mc Mong album 1. Took forever to find that thing. Thanks to dunce and jet for looking it up for me. It was my first day at work today and i ended up setting up 3 computers there. Hard to explain how i did it.. but there were 5 computers that had some problems and i salvaged parts to create 2 decent comps and 1 spare.

We setup our desks for Simon and myself, and cleaned up the warehouse a little bit. Actually Simon did most of the work in the warehouse.. imma go with him to the Swap meet and sell sum car accessories this weekend. I suddenly got busy .. something to do everyday of the week now. Weeeee..

Happy Birthday James.. his big boy 23 now..

I stopped by the video store and got some videos but i'm wondering when i'll have the time to watch it.

Driving back and forth from work sucks.. although the traffic is worse on the other side of the freeway.. it still takes about 30 minutes .. and there are a few congestion.

Friday, September 03, 2004

New Phone: Inostream Inno55

6am.. played dota all night, and played around with my new phone.

Thanks for Pae coming with me to the phone store.. i sorta felt hurried as far as getting this new phone. But hopefully everything will work out. I have this weird gut feeling that something will go wrong.

I got the new InnoStream Inno55 Slide phone from Korea. It's a pretty sweet phone.. lots of nice features:

CONS: no bluetooth. The menu buttons are a bit stiff and SMS is a bit hard becaue the keypad is so stiff. The speed of browsing through menus seem a bit lagged as well. no car charger and in case the phone breaks, no warranty.

PROS: Great camera phone, and video recording. new slick design and small compact. can use mp3's for ring tones.

My Cingular Account billing cycle is on the 8th.. so it will end next week. From what i heard, i should be pro-rated for the rest of the month. From what i currently understand after calling a customer rep 2 days ago my Cingular 2 year contract ended in June.. so i'm month to month. Therefore, cancelling shouldn't cause any early termination fees. However, something that bugs me is that when i changed my calling plan in Feb 2004, the customer rep told me i was required to re-enter a new 2 year contract. So i got 2 different stories.. and will find out about what happened when the bill comes later this month. I hope i don't get jacked.

My new plan is very similar to what i had with Cingular except for a couple of things.

1. national plan: which means i can roam anywhere in the US and i can also make any LD call from anywhere. With Cingular I used to be in a Regional plan for California and Nevada
2. Free Night/Weekend minutes. Cingular i had only 5000 Nght/Wknd minutes
3. 5 cents per text message. Cingular i was paying $3 for 100 txt msg's.

The only downfall on switching plans would be the roll over minutes that i won't be getting. But i usually don't surpass 600 anytime minutes so it should be ok.

Took me an hour to enter all the new phonebook listings on my new Tmobile Sim Card. The cool thing i found today was taht i can keep the same phone number even while changing carriers. So my number is still the same.

The Inno55 is a korean phone so it came unlocked.. which is sweet cuz i can later sell it (if that time comes) to any GSM customer. I need to get a stubby antenna for this phone like what i had with the SamSung..

Oh yeah, there is another thing that's bugging me. On top of the phone screen it still says Cingular. WTF. Shouldn't it say T Mobile?? weird.. buggin the shit out of me.

Pae reminded me that this is the first phone i've bought since 2002 when i got the nokia 3390. Then i had all these hand-me-down phones. Pae gave me his 8290 that i used for quite a long time. Then he gave me his SamSung SGH105 that i used for another couple months. Then the phone screen blacked out so Mike hooked me up with a Nokia 8690 which i couldn't really use because i was so used to color phones. Seriously, once u get the privilege of using a nice phone u can't go back.. it's very hard.

So i ended up dishing out $99 bucks for the Inno55. $35 activation fee for Tmobile and that should be it.




Please pray for me so that i won't have to deal with stupid complications. The way my life has been going.. i'm sure something is bound to happen. Hopefully there won't be any instances that i call customer rep and cuss them out.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Got the job at Motor Impact

Simon came over last night and brought korean videos to watch.. didn't get to sleep until about 5am..

slept for about 3 hours then had to go meet Adam in Fullerton about the job. I got the job.. the pay isn't good but i get commission, so we'll see how it goes from there. Simon also decided to work there rather than sit on his butt all day at home. Our first day will be on Friday.

We got jack in the crack, then went to the video store to rent some more videos. We went to Boba Loca and then i dropped him off. I headed over to Nancy's pad to hit the jacuzzi for about 2 hours and swam a little. Chlorine seems to always put me to sleep. I'm pretty damn tired right now cuz of lack of sleep.

School in 8 hours.. bleh.. imma be so tired.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Sleep over at Simon's

For the past 3 days and 2 nights i've been staying at Simon's pad with James. His sister and brother went to vegas on a trip.. so he was home alone.

1st night

they came over my house first and we went over to get James' haircut at Kim Soo YOung's in Cerritos, and James didn't like the haircut.. so when the lady asked him if he liked it he replied straight up. "no".. haha.. aigo.
We went to Cerritos Mall to look at some hats.. and i realized my head with all this hair makes it a size of 7 1/2.. ick. But i didn't like any of the hats because the top of the hat pops up and i look like (as pae would say) elmer fud..

Went to Guppy house and had a huge laugh cuz Simon was making fun of 2 girls sitting next to us. One he said looked like Freddy Cougar.. and the other was Wolf-Woman. PUhaha.. so mean yet so funny.

Came back to my house and watched Pari YunIN.. and went over to Simon's afterward. We bought Sam Gyup Sal and soju.. had a good time back at his pad. Simon and James had a fun time trying to style my hair. Neither of them could do anything about my stubborn hair. It just doesn't want to listen to me! Ugh.. i hate my hair.

Jay came over too.. haven't seen his ass in the longest freakin time. James and Simon chatted on Yahoo as Jay watched Soft porn on cable. HAAHHA.. i went to sleep.

2nd day
Simon didn't sleep and went to school at 8am.. i ended up cleaning the mess we left the night before and watched tv. Simon came back home and passed out cuz he was tired. We went to Marshalls and i got a hat that actually fits nicely.. I wanted a Boston Redsox hat.. and they had 1 left for pretty cheap. Yay.. happy about that purchase.

We then went to Pho 2000 and had pho for the first time since like.. January. Went back to Simon's house and watched more TV as Simon/James chatted online again. I fell asleep early.. i guess i was tired.

3rd day
Woke up pretty late and we went to watch Hero (jet li).. and it was a nice movie.. but very slow paced. Quentin is getting sloppy with his movies! We ate McDonalds and came back home. Chilled again for a bit and came home.
Nice to be back home..

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

First meeting with Adam at MI

Yesterday, simon and his brother came over and i tried to fix their computer all night. The OS crashed and so they were trying to reformat the HD, but they didn't have a OS Cd Key.. so i had to install my WinXP for them. However, their HD has been abused so much that it's almost dead.. and i believed there are many bad clusters that can't be repaired.

1. I tried installing a clean copy of Win2k.. but the network card wasn't being read as a card.

2. Tried installing WinXP Pro SP1 - which installed fine, but video card and sound blaster wasn't working

3. Tried installing WinXP Home SP1 - but didn't have the correct CD KEy

4. Tired installing WinXP Pro SP2 - and everything worked fine, until i tried installing Doom3 - and the system crashed and it wouldnt' boot windows anymore. I tried reformatting again using a boot CD, but it wouldn't do that either and just kept freezing. I ended up having to take out the HD, putting it as a slave drive on my computer and formatting it from there.

5. Finally re-installed WinXP Pro SP2, video card, sound blaster, and network card. Gave it back to simon today.

All of that work took literally 12 hours or so.. mostly was waiting for the software to install.. but damn that was long. I started at 9pm and finished around 9am.. slept for about 3 hours and Simon came over in the afternoon and we headed to motor impact to meet Adam who used to work at Macro with Simon for a little while.

I revamped my Resume.. and it looks pretty decent now.. i realized i have 6+ years of experience in the field, which makes me a Mid Level candidate. I printed it, and took it to Adam cuz he wanted a copy. he looked over it, and i guess he was happy at what he saw cuz he said he would call me about the job, and assured me he wanted to make it happen. not sure exactly what that means.

Me, Simon and Adam talked for a good hour about the auto business and how it works and what kind of ppl he was looking for. All in all, it sounds a bit intimidating cuz it's not my level of expertise, but it sounds interesting. Simon is also jobless so, i told him we should work together, and he asked Adam for a job aswell.. and i think his gonna get it.

I dunno, the place is located in Fullerton which is about 30 minutes from my house. Kinda far.. but i think i can deal with it.

After meeting adam, we went to video market, grocery shopping and came back home to order 5,5,5 deal from Domino's and watched Pari Yun In. I'm overstuffed with pizza right now.. SO FULL!

And since we both didn't sleep much, somehow we both fell asleep and woke up 4 hours later. I played Dota for a bit, and now i'm going to bed.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Fifth Wave is now Jungle Beat

Went to Jungle Beat.. or whatever it's called now. It used to be Fifth wave.. but they had to change it i guess cuz of the shooting and death of a that girl. Anyhow.. i went there with mike pae judy.. the usual crowd and had 2 pitchers. We then sang our hearts out at kareoke.

I need to get that resume ready and email it to Pae.. so lazy. But i do jack shit all day.. what the heck am i doing with my life.

The phone pae gave me broke.. i dropped it and the screen blacked out. Thankfully Mike hooked it up with his nokia 8390.. which is a rather old phone if u compare it with all the color/camera phones coming out these days.. but no matter. It works fine.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Sunny's Sister's Wedding

Just got back from the wedding.. a few guys sang.. and oh boy do they suck. I got DAK SAR from listening to them.. aigo. Off pitch.. and no coordination with the music. There were little kids (5-7 years old) that did a dance routine which was very adorable.

Picked up my parents at LAX.. and damn the traffic. Oh our way to the wedding, 105 E. was closed down and we had to look for a detour that took 30 minutes.. on our way back there was massive traffic too.. UGH! LA traffic..

The wedding wasn't that great.. it was aight. I think i coulda planned a better wedding just by myself.
Saw sunny .. but she was busy cuz it was her sister's wedding.. didn't get to talk with her at all.

12 pack of Coor's Light

HI CAROL! I miss u lots! Haven't seen u in like.. too long to remember.

Today, simon and james called me and woke me up at 3pm..

"ey peter, were coming over"..

ok.. so they came over with a 12 pack of coors light.. we drank the whole thing. HAHA.. at 3 oclock in the afternoon. Simon played CS while me and james watched Pokemon and YuGiOh.. went to Carl's for lunch and came home and played CS with Simon after he got home.

I got a wedding to go to tomorrow.. hmm.. will be interesting.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Need to find a job

Been doing some job hunting lately.. which hasn't gone as well as i've planned. I went to this Soon Dubu place, that had a HIRING sign on their door. I walked in, and the lady told me they already found someone..

Err.. Then freakin take down that stupid sign that say, "NOW HIRING" stupid girl. But i have this feeling they were looking for a girl - waitress and wanted to reject me in a nice way. Bleh.

Went over Pae's house cuz it was close from the Soon Dubu place, and hung out for a while. He said he would turn in a resume for me to work at the bank which is an option i have. I went to Starbucks afterwards to hang out with Nancy and Nathan from BR.. and it was really nice seeing them again. I haven't seen them in like 3 weeks. We talked about all the drama at work.. and the bad karma that we got from there.

Went with Simon to Tom's Platinum auto parts store where they distribute korean manufactured parts here in the US for korean cars. The business has been around for 1 year and i guess it's growing pretty fast. I filled out a resume, but they haven't called me back yet.. doubt they will hire me. Simon says we should check out another auto parts store.. but i dunno.

I also applied for the School's computer lab as an assistant. The website says to give 1 week for application reviewer.. hopefully i'll get it there.. i wouldn't mind working at school.

I went to and found a sales job for Canon that pays $12/hour.. which didn't sound too bad.. but haven't sent my resume yet cuz it's done thru a 3rd party that hires ppl. In which case i could be considered contractor that can be fired at will. I'm still thinking about that if the CSULB doesn't hire me. If i can't find a job until Aug. 30th when school starts, i'm thinking of going to the Career Center and checking out jobs there.

I can't wait to graduate after this semester, yet feel a bit scared of what is going to happen afterward. I have been putting some serious thought into moving back home.. but after living by myself for the past 2 years has given me so much freedom and liberty that it might be tough living with the folks in one roof. I guess i'm the type of person that is really independent and enjoy the time i have by myself.

I also might move to Emeryville next to SF and try to get a job at i'm pretty sure i can get hooked up there cuz my ex-manager from Excite works there and wants to hire me. But who knows.. i'm still undecided about that.

Today, my fan on my GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) (video card for u dummies) was acting up and making noises. So i took apart my computer and checked the inside of it.. and DAMN.. so much freakin dust. It was like a tornado went by inside my computer. I spent 2 hours taking out the fans and parts to dust it out which was a total bitch.. and used little tweezers to take out the dust from the fans cuz it can't be taken apart. It was a major bitch cleaning the computer out.. but i feel better about it. I moved the computer on top of my desk which is coo cuz it won't pick up the dust from the carpet.

Later tonight.. for the first time since like April i went out with my homies to Ktown and hit up velvet room. Nothing has changed over there.. same o same o. I talked with my waiter hyung, and he told me he made about 5g's a month. DAMN.. but also told me it was hard to get a job at clubs. Hahah.. figures. Got buzzed from mixing crown and beer.. danced a little and had a good time. It was certainly better than the old days. Maybe cuz it's been so long i haven't gone out.

NOw i'm home.. and these gorillas are sleeping on the floor. passed out! Weak sauces.. i drank more than them too. HAHAH. I miss the old days.. going to Point with my chingoo and going to Ah Ri Rang afterwards.. THOSE were the good old days.

"i'll pay.. "

"no.. I WILL PAY"

"no no no.. i will pay.. u pay next time"

hahahahahahahah.. y3ah!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

$1,400 Fall Tuition

Oh boy.. another very busy day.

1. woke up
2. got things ready and took off to CSULB
3. Paid my parking permit and Fall tuition: $1400
4. Went to Banana and picked up my final pay and got a big hug from Toby.. the best freakin manager out there. She understand how it is.. and knows ppl who like her will work harder for her. I sure did. She told me that the Head store manager who has been on vacation was upset because i had quit while she was gone. Toby said she wanted to persuade me not to quit.. but by that time it was too late cuz the other gay manager had filed all my papers.
5. Went to the bank and deposited money
6. Went to Honda Dealer to pick up some oil filters.. but they said it was $12 + 75 cents for washers. I was like O_o.. come again? That guy at the desk was a jerk too.. i just came home and bought them online for $4.50 + $2 shipping. saved myself 50%. Dumb rip off dealers.
7. Went to Video Store and rented a bunch of stuff to watch.
8. Went to post office to drop off my bills..
9. Went to Dry Cleaners and dropped off my two dress shirts from deh hwe
10. Came home, had some ramen and watched videos.
11. Simon came over and we watched videos together
12. Went to eat at Arnolds burger joint accross the street
13. Took out the trash and cleaned the house a bit.
14. Played dota with yong pae justin.. and we OWNED!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


What the heck.. i haven't updated since the 20th? Haha.. let's see what's happened since.

I went to work out with Simon and Eric.. and they have these oversized arms that i can't compete with. We worked our arms.. but to me it was like hell cuz i have rather weak arms compared to them. I was sore for about 5 days and for the first 2 days couldn't even move them. It was very uncomfortable.

I watched a bunch of videos and played dota all day with Yong. haha.. at least he has a job now. I'm still a bek su.

For Wednesday:

Pay Rent
Pay Electric Bill
Pay Credit Card
Pay Tuition/Parking
Deposit @ Bank
American Express 401k

Go to SaveMart Print pics
Go to video store

As for the past 3 days...

First day of convention for my church. Was nice seeing my friends and family from North Cal. Also saw all my family from Sol Cal who i don't get to visit often.
Went to Rainforest Cafe for dinner and just hung out. Bleh.. rather interesting day.

Came home early because parents wanted to eat "pizza" from the hotel room.. HAHA. I bet my sister had fun that night though.. wouldn't even pick up her phone "wink wink" .. haha.
Called Pae, judy, mike and got drunk at HQ. Went to Karaoke and sang my heart out which allowed me to forget things i wanted to forget.

Said Bye's .. came home and i think i went to sleep after watching Samaria. Movie sucked! .. ok.. it didn't SUCK.. but it wasn't that great. Ending was wack.

As per, the convention it was very typical as any other year. I didn't get to see a few people that went to the convention in the East coast.. oh well. faith has it's ways. I re-realized what i told myself and Yong a few months back. YUH JAH PO GI! right yong? haha. Chong Ggak for LIFE! I wonder if you know this, but the feeling that your not good enough for someone is like the most BEE Cham Hae feeling in the world. Not being liked by ppl sucks too. And why is everyone.. i mean everyone be like, "damn peter u got fat".. haha.. When i was skinny.. ppl were like, "Peter u need to gain some weight".. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?!?!

On a side note, my hair is growing rather fast.. long long long! I took a bunch of pics from the convention but i'll post just a few. My sister took more, which i'll post when i get them.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Pet Peeves! Trip to SD

I just realized something after seeing a few pics. I dislike girls who wear their bags over their shoulders and let the strap go inbetween their boobs.

1. if they have no boobs, it makes it oh so more obvious
2. if they have boobs, we don't have to find out that u have pointy cone boobs.
3. if you have very nice boobs.. u just look stuck up.

I have a feeling i mentioned this before, but my #1 pet peeve on the Highway is idiots who drive on the fast lane at 65mph.. with a long line of traffic behind him. Never understood what these people are thinking. I was passing this guy doing the same thing and he looked so preoccupied thinking of something that i was at awe.

I also hate girls that drive with their cellphones. Honey, plz.. u can't do both at the same time.. u suck at driving as is.. don't mix it with more things to concentrate on. I say "girls" because i rarely see cell-a-holic guys who can't live w/o a cellphone. The worst are the asian mom's who drive talking on the phone.. PLZ.. for the safely of all human kind.. stop it!

I gave my 2 week notice at BR on Saturday. I quit that place.. it's been way overdue, and it was time i moved on. I made some great memories there, and have a few bad ones.. but it was coo. I got bitched at today by one of the managers cuz i didn't get a "change of schedule" form signed off so that someone could cover my shift. Give me a break.. psh. 10 minutes later, they call me again and tell me my Thursday shift was cancelled. HAHA.. why not just cut me for the rest of the week? Dumbasses. I swear it's some kind of conspiracy. Well.. i know what they drive.. they better watch out for a medium built guy with a ski mask. LOL.
On that same day, i went to get some money from BofA, and their ATM network was down. So i took out a bunch of cash hoping it wouldn't get recorded towards my account. HAHA.. much wishes for me. I went inside to the working lady for some help, and this Indian guy goes,

Indian guy: "Aren't we signing in on that little clip board so that we take turns?"
BofA girl: "Yes sir"
Indian guy: "Well we are next, but why are you helping him first"
BofA girl: "I'm sorry sir, we will be with you very shortly"
Indian guy: "I dont' get it, i just don't get it"

Hahahahah.. What happened was, i asked the girl greeting people about the ATM machine, and she asked her manager to help me with it. And apparently i cut in line, cuz the manager was supposed to help the Indian guy. He was all upset.. as if the world was coming to an end. Relax buddy.. damn.

In the hopes that i can relax a bit, i went to visit Yong in SD. I told him i'd visit for a while now.. and finally made it down there. My legs were really sore from playing bball on sat.. so i could barely move.

On the first night, i got to check out his new place, then we went to Min Suk Chun and had Chicken and beer.. played a few rounds of dota at PC bang and came home to sleep.

Second day, we went to the beach and had some tanning done. Shortly we went to eat Jja Jang Myun, and watched "King Arthur". The movie was pretty coo.. i enjoy watching those epic movies. Braveheart, Troy, Patriot, Gladiator, etc.. We stopped by Blockbuster and rented Brother Bear. Came home, watched the rented movie, and Ocean's 11. Can't wait for Ocean's 12.

Third day, Yong went to Honda to get his wiper fluid tubes fixed cuz it had a gauge. But they told him to make an appointment which is total bs. They should have at least checked the car out to see what the problem was. Bitch asses. Yong came home, and we went to rent videos and had Pap Bing soo.. then went to k-market for food. Came home and watched k-videos and had Sam Gyup Sal.

now i'm home.. good times. This is the live of a Bek Soo..

Friday, July 09, 2004

Bye bye BR

I quit BR.. time to give my 2 week notice.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Quick updates on life

So yesterday i had this huge migraine. I couldn't get out of bed cuz every time it would hurt the hell out of my head. It was as if some monsters was trying to get out of my skull.. piercing thru it's thick shell.

I ended up playing a few rounds of Dota and making curry at home. I also went to the video store in Cerritos to rent the new Drama with Kim Min Jong, and also got "Parri blah blah".. which i haven't watched yet.

Bul Seh is almost over.. i figure in the next video. Seems like it's going to be a happy ending.

I finished up a few notes and went to bed.

Today, i took my first final at 9am.. i think i'll end up with a B. I could only miss 2 points to get an "A" but i think i missed about 4 questions. U think maybe the teacher will bump a 88 score to an A? Arg..

I still have 2 more finals and i got this huge gap cuz the first one only took 30 minutes. I bought some cheap ass $5 sunglasses from one of those flea market shops here in school. It was time i got rid of my $10 pair that i got at a gas station. These are nice.. sorta looks like Pae's Ferugamo's.. except it's 200 less. I'm trying to erase the "Made in CHina" tag.. but it won't come off. HAHA.
I dont' like wearing my Armani sunglasses cuz i get self conscious of it's value. I'll throw these $5 sunglasses around..

Too bad that other shop wasn't there today.. which sold necklaces. I wanted to get the one with leather strap and a silver medallion. Those look pretty sick.. i shoulda got one when i had a chance last week. Bleh.

My new jeans from BR are so freakin tight around the thighs.. damn. and they are low riders so they are sagging like crazy. I've lost a good amount of weight.. and i know this because many of my pants fit more comfortably now. I got another 17 days left till i loose more weight. The 1 hour sessions of working out in front of the TV is working i guess.

Oh yeah.. did i tell you i'm growing out my hair? It's at that awckward stage right now but i'm figuring another 3 months and it'll be at the length i want it. BA RAM MUH RI! hahaha.. dont' they call it a mullet here? :)

It's so glommy outside.. and it's July! It's weird cuz last year around this time, it was REALLY hot.. i like this weather.. but it's still a little weird at this time of the year.

After finals, i plan on going on a trip to SD to see yong. I always tell him i will visit but get caught up in other things that i can't go. For reals this time.. imma go see him. Take a break and have some relax time. Maybe we'll go to the beach and hang out.

I also have to see my uncle who i promised i would visit. He said to make an appointment cuz we are both so busy. Bleh.. He burdens me by saying how i never visit then tells me to make an appointment. GFG.

Oh yeah yesterday, i also bought a case of 5w30 oil cuz i need to change it soon. I'm trying to buy some filters online cuz it's like 8 bucks at Honda stores now. I found this huge beetle dead under my desk yesterday.. and have NO idea where it came from. Looks like it was dead before coming inside my house. My only guess is it was stuck on the bottom of my shoe or something. How i hate bugs.. I HATE BUGS.

There's this cat that's always next to my garage and looks at me when i walk back home. I've tried countless times to persuade it to come next to me.. but it just sits there and stares. STupid cat. It has a collar but i'm sure it's a runaway.

Life as a whole is pretty good these days.. not too much drama that i can't handle and no real biggies other than today's finals. Haven't been drinking at all lately... which i think is helping my diet. I realized that i started to gain a lot of weight after i turned 21.. and that equates to all the late night beer drinking and sober up food that i ate. I can't think of anything else to write..

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Downtown LB is crackin

Yesterday went to work.. pae and judy came and got some clothes ^^.. met them up at Oroji later and got a nice buz. I haven't drank in so long.. the beer caught me off guard.

Today, i went to South bay galleria and exchanged a pair of jeans.. then went to Curry house with Pae and ate some good curry. YUM! Went to Jen's bday at Cahuna's in downtown LB. I never realized that downtown LB was so bangin at night time.. so many ppl. A very small Asian crowd, but lots of ppl. I came home early cuz i got work in 6 hours.. bleh. I should sleep.. but dota is calling me.. hmm..

I found out the other day that Jane broke up with that ****** from Canada. I'm over it, but dunno why that news started ringing bells in my ears.. got me thinking for a while. Lots of reminiscing. I'm a little drunk right now.. i had about 10 beers at $6/piece. Damn that place was expensive. $20 cover charge AND $5 for parking. WTF~!

I'm watching "Phoenix" or "Bur Seh" drama.. Kim Ji Eun is in it.. she comes out very pretty. I think it's almost over.. i'm getting all depressed watching that thing. UGH.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

My name is Card

Lakers Lost.. wow in 5 games. WTF.. i guess the games aren't fixed. If they were, it should have been skidded up to game 7.

Watched Action Hero, and it was pretty good.. there are two asians (i believe to be korean) that are in the finals. WOOT. haha.

Watched Last comic standing.. i think the old bald guy should had advanced.. bleh.

I worked earlier this morning, and had a interesting time, cuz my ID badge says, "Banana Republic" then in white letters it says "card". The badge identifies me as a worker for the company while marketting the brand credit card. The badge looks just like the BR credit card.
Many ppl try to look at the badge looking for my name.. and i have to tell them it doesn't have names. But today, this young girl started at my badge and was like, "Oh your name is Card.. nice to meet you Card".

HAHAHA.. she was with a few friends and didn't want to embarass her there, so i just chuckled and let it slide. After they left i told everyone about it. HAHAHA. That was hilarious. At first, i thought she said "your name is Cock".. lol.

It's 10pm.. i think i'm gonna go wash my car.. and take a few pictures.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Nominated for best cashier and won

This past Sunday BR had a picnic at a local park here in LB. I believe it was called El Dorado park. It's right off the 605 and Spring St. The park is huge, with a small lake and everything.. it was really quiet and mellow.. i think i'll have the next bjunkyard bbq here.

It was lots of fun, i was nominated for Best Cashier, and Best male associate to defuse customer problems.. i won for best cashier. We had water ballon fights, good food.. umm.. a little too much food.. SOOO much food, and we had good music. It was a pot luck, and all the girls were trying to show off their cooking skills.. hah.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Aristotle's Rhetoric

The book talks about how Aristotle’s thoughts on rhetorical speech (logos, pathos, ethos, delivery, style, organization, form, memory) as being a prime influence on historical and current knowledge of rhetoric and persuasive speaking. But after reading the chapter I began to ponder “How do we know that Aristotle was the person responsible for such influence?” Couldn’t someone else have persuaded Aristotle into thinking the way he did about rhetoric? Maybe he was evil, and took ideas of others and made them his own. We only know and trust what we decide to believe. I think it’s very illogical to credit Aristotle for much of the historical knowledge that influences the study of rhetoric.

To me, it just felt as if Smith arguably puts Aristotle on a pedestal. How you may ask, and the answer is simple. Smith doesn’t use words such as, “the rhetoricians” or other plural words. Everything was singular and referring solely to Aristotle. Yes, the chapter was on one man, but we don’t know if other people were involved in the influence of modern rhetoric, so why leave everyone else out? This is just my opinion, I think one person is getting more credit than he deserves.

I did enjoy the theory of enthymemes which basically states that the most powerful way of reasoning is allowing the audience to interpret the meaning of your message by themselves, rather than telling them what it is. He must have been a democrat since enthymemes create the illusion that you have the power to interpret the meaning of a message. But the fact is, rhetoric is persuasion and giving the audience that kind of power is just so that they can get an ego boost and feel good about themselves while they slip into your rhetorical trick. Just like democracy. Just to clarify, I believe democracy is just an ideology that makes us believe that we have the power to rule this country. The truth is we don’t have the power. I am against US army in Iraq, I am against raising gas prices, but I can’t change it. Yet, I tell people in my native land that I live in a democratic society where the people govern the country. Aristotle was correct in his interpretation of what the most powerful way of reasoning is, “enthymemes”.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

I think i like Sushi

Oh what a day..

Woke up pretty late and Nancy came over to watch Shrek 2.. then Lorena came over to watch it too. I busted out the soju bottle and we drank. Then Lorena got hungry and wanted some sushi. I found this coo little place in Cerritos called Samurai Sushi.. i must admit it was pretty good. I had the California Rolls.. and i dont' remember having Sushi and actually liking it.

Lorena goes there often so she knew all the workers. We got hooked up with beer and the master chef just kept giving us free sushi samples for us to try. Then he gave us fruits for desert for free. Aigo.. we drank a grip of beer there and at the end b4 we left.. the master chef asked us to have a glass of beer with him. So we downed a glass.. free beer. haha.

I got a nice little buzz coming home. It's been a while since i got that feeling. Came home and played a few rounds of Dota with chingoo.. and got a call from Sophia crying about how she got cheated by her bf. I won't disclose any other names.. but this is the second time a girl calls me for comfort after my friend cheated on her. I swear, i told that foo to NOT do it again to this girl.. but he did it. In the back of my mind, i knew it was gonna happen.. bleh. I'm really gonna try not to get in between his business again. Don't need nun of that bs drama bulging into my life.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Movie Review: 50 First Dates

Just finished watching "50 first dates" and i must say it was a really nice cute icky feeling inside movie. I would have loved to watched this movie with a gf. It's a really "feel good" movie. I got a new perspective on Adam Sandler.. same type of acting but in a different type of character. I won't spoil the movie.. but i highly recommend it for you to watch.

If your an "action/adventure" type.. it might not be for you - but i personally enjoyed it.. and thinking about watching it again.

Today, i went to work and got to play around with the new registers at BR.. pretty sweet. Everything is faster, except for the CPU of the stupid computer. I type faster than the computer can freakin process. That's really bugging me.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Mini BBQ @ Simon's

Memorial Day, i worked all day. 11-8pm. I got overtime and holiday pay.. but man. I was pretty exhausted near the end. The mall wasn't as busy as Xmas.. but still busy enough.

Yong came over to my work after he finished moving everything into a U-HAUL truck because he doesn't have a place to stay until his move in date to his new place. I was surprised to see him because i didn't think he would be able to make it. It's always good to see him, must be his aura.

I gave him my keys, and he went to take a nap at my place. I finished work, picked him up - picked up some beer, and headed over to Simon's for a mini bbq. Very short notice.. but yeh. It was coo. There was sum good food - and good company. It was Me, Yong, Simon, James, Jay, Simon's Sister, Simon's little brother, Sum white guy, and Sophia. Sung was supposed to come, but he flaked out at the last minute. WTF?

Here are some pics from the event.

Friday, May 28, 2004

I want a projector

Saw a couple more movies:

1. Punisher - Not bad.. lots of action and semi good acting. Spider man was better.
2. Troy - Not bad.. plenty of sword fighting
3. New York Minute - Must get all these naughty thoughts about the Olson twins out of my head. I remember them being like 2 years old in Full House! Damn.. i'm a freakin Ah Jut Shi to them. Very cute/rich girls though..
4. Starsky & Hutch - A few one liners that can be funny.. I hate that jew though - he's not funny at all. PLayed out!
5. Gothika - Has some scary moments.. but the storyline has been done over and over in Korean thrillers already. Nothing i haven't already seen.
6. Mean Girls - Haha.. funny movie. Has many things you can relate to.
7. Euro Trip - Lots and lots of nudity. There are some parts for (GUYS) that u may want to fast forward.

Damn that's a lot of movies. I still have 2 more movies to watch.

Grades came back. I got three B's, and one A. I was trying for a 3.5, but didn't end up the way i planned. I guess i bombed a final or something. Considering i didn't even buy the books for these classes, it's not a bad grade. A friend told me, "Think of the possibilities if you actually tried!" haha.. but then i get lazy. Overall GPA for college is 3.0567 now. I qualify for Cal Grant A! Woot! But wait.. i graduate this Dec, meaning i don't need no freakin grant. Booo.. stupid government.

Bought some blank CD's cuz i ran out of my 100 pack. I bought 50 pack of memorex 700mb/80min for only $14.99! Haha.. i was about to buy it online at for like $24.99. I love SaveMart! They are so freakin cheap!

Want a projector machine. The ones u see at school that u can hook up to a computer. I think once i have my own place to live (like a house), i'm gonna get a projector instead of a Big TV. Why get a huge TV when you can go projector!??!?! First of all, you can hook it up to your computer and watch all those videos you can't play on DVD players. Second, you can just get a TV PCI card for your computer and watch TV as well. Lastly, it's so much cheaper! And you get a HUGE theater-like experience!

Dummy died. I think i torched it a little too much. It was a slow death.. poor dummy. It went to roach hell.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Finals done!

Omg.. finished my finals today! Wopee... i think i did relatively well on both exams.

1. for my first class, i wore my little fishing hat and was able to cheat off the 5 ppl who surrounded me. (kids don't cheat.. it's bad. Only bad ppl like me can do it)

2. for my second class, the teacher is so legit, he let us use open book. I got all the formulas and was coo. he actually came around to my desk, looked at my answers and nodded. HAHA sweet!

Came home from school.. and watched some stuff i dl'ed.

1. Smallville season finale (storyline is getting interesting
2. Angel SERIES finale. i didn't like the ending.. leaves a blank open story with no real ending
3. Torque, biker movie with Ice Cube.. now i totally want a bike
4. Once Upon a Time in Mexico. You can totally tell it was a mexican that wrote/directed this movie. Sucked.

Then i went to Min Sok Chan with pae james and simon and got a nice "little" buzz.. came home and played a few rounds of dota and i'm freakin tired now.
I thought i was going to feel this sudden burst of relief after my finals, but i don't. Something is still icking.. i think it's the thought of summer school.. BOOOOOOO

Dummy is doing well.. i make sure he gets a lot of attention.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

80% is still a B.. and so is 89%

I've been negleting my blog. I've been busy with bjunkyard and anything interesting i have to say goes straight there.

It was Simon's party on Friday at Prive. Been a REALLY long time since i've been there. Didn't take my new camera cuz i didn't want to loose it again. Pictures would have been nice. LOTS and LOTS of people came.. close to about 30 i think. Simon sure knows a lot of people. There was a few scuffles and battles going on.. i sorta missed it though cuz it all happened after i left early.

I left early because i'm kinda passed the whole clubbin deal. It's fun and nice to go once in a while and have a good time with your friends. But going every weekend like last year.. over it.

I've been downloading a lot of movies lately off bittorent, and it's pretty cool. I have like 40 movies now.. and all burned onto CD's. About 65 CD's in total including all my backups of Korean Music Videos and Video Files. There were so many that i had to buy a new CD binder that holds 128 CD's. I like the binder cuz it came with one of those car visor attachment. I always wanted one.. but didn't see the need to spend 10 bucks for it. Now i got one for free! It's so convenient when changing CD's.. no more looking down and flipping thru the magazines.

It's finals week at school.. and i think i've been bombing my finals. The thing is.. if i really study, i could hold the A's and B's that i need.. but that would be i need to score close to perfect to get it. I figure, why study so hard - if your going to end up with a 89% and get just a B. When you can study very little and get a 80%.

I'm having memory relapses.. i can't think of what i did over the weekend. Oh yeah.. i went to eat ramen with Pae and Mike and drank tea afterwards. Hm.. what else. I've been watching a lot of movies.

1. Runaway Bride (great chick flick)
2. Timeline (better than expected)
3. Fight Club (an oldie, but goodie)
4. Paycheck (a lot better than expected - read some bad reviews about it)
5. Butterfly Effect (interesting.. worth watching once)
6. Dawn of the Dead (storyline doesn't make sense in some parts, but pretty scary)
7. Bullet Proof Munk (cheesy.. and cheap storyline)

I'm downloading Once Upon a Time in Mexico.. and am having trouble playing Torque. For some reason, it keeps giving me errors.. ugh. I'm sure it's not codec cuz it's just giving me a Mplayer.exe error.

I caught a roach earlier this week, and i'm keeping it as a pet. I keep it inside a little jar, and feed it dry ramen. Haha.. i named it "DUMMY" cuz it was dumb enough to get caught. Originally i sprayed RAID on it to kill it.. but i guess it's a strong roach, cuz it kept moving. So, i put it in the jar, thinking it was just going to die (RAID guarantees death).. but no.. it still lives. The raid kinda messed him up though.. one of it's legs just fell off, and one of his antennas broke off too. I wonder how long it'll survive.

I think that's it.. dont' remember much else to write.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Bjunkyard 3.0 goes live

3.0 version went live. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Scheduled to graduate after Fall

w00t w00t.. i registered for my Fall classes.

First of all, i was worried that i wouldn't be able to graduate this December because one of the classes i needed wasn't being offered. In which case i would either have to take Spring or Winter sessions. However, after looking over the requirements, there is a loop hole where i can take another class.

Anyways, to make a long story short, i was able to switch around some of the classes and got all Tues. Thurs classes. I also was smart enough to fit exactly 5 classes so that i meet the 120 units requirement and finish all my GE and major courses. I was so proud of myself!

Now i just need to pass all the classes for SUmmer and Fall.. doh~

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Went to Karnac.. again..

"People Market" is the new k-drama i've been watching. Very intense. Park Ji Yoon is in it, and Kim So Young (i think that's her name) is in it. Both very pretty.. i didn't expect much acting from PJY but she's doing a pretty persuasive job. It's yet only the 5th video, and the storyline is like climaxing. I'm thinking it's going to end very soon like "Faling SunShine" which ended in like 10 videos. Oh yeah, the main male character, at the very beginning i thought to myself - why the heck did they pick him to be the macho guy? I figured they could have cast many OTHER good looking guys that have a lot of charisma. But now.. i take it back. His a good fit and does a good job acting.

There was this one part where PJY gives the main male character extra rice in a scene (it's too complicated to explain here), but it brought little tears to my eyes.. so emotional!

I have to do so many hw crap, but i've been busy doing other stuff. On friday, i worked and went out to karnac (yes.. i told myself i wouldn't go) but i went to LA to just drink @ point but Simon and James wanted to go clubbin since it's been so many months. I just caved in.. bleh. I spent a grip to just sit there, and drink a few shots of crown. Didn't dance.. and just sat there while sending all the booking away. I know it's late, but finally realized u should NEVER try to meet a girl @ a club. The wrong girls are usually there.. and it's not like i'm even looking right now. It's funny, but i've been trying to train my brain to stop thinking or looking for girls wherever i am. I see a pretty girl, i just think about it for a sec, and remember to stop. It was hard for the first few weeks, but i'm getting pretty good at it.

Afterwards, we hit the good part of the night @ Har Me Jip.. i was upset once we sat down, cuz they didn't have the scrambled eggs i love so much there. So the grandma that works there specially made us scrambled eggs! She's such a sweetheart!

Saturday, i decided to cover a co-workers shift 12-8. The guy begged me for like 15 minutes to cover it. Wasn't supposed to work, but the only reason i asked for Sat. off was to enjoy the weekend with my friends. Not like i see them much these days, so i'm going to change my availability soon again, i could use the money so i can stop eating ramen. It's sad going out to eat with ppl, and always wondering how much money you have left in your wallet.

I saw Nancy H. at work today. Just a slight, "Hi" from across the room. Didn't even have time to react.. she said hi, and i didn't even see who it was until she started walking out. Lots of drama these days at work. We could make our own soap opera out of this. It's not drama just reflected on me, but a lot of ppl there are unhappy or have some issues with someone they work with. As for me, the managers are talking trash behind my back. I mean, u can talk trash, as long as you confront me with what's going on sooner or later ya know? But they are two faced and act all nice in front of me while say that i don't work that hard when i'm not around. Psh.. whatever.

After work, i went to Fujiike's little party next to her house. It was her bday on wednesday and i didn't even know. DOH! I ditched out of it early cuz i wanted to come home and sleep, but it's 5am and i'm still up. WHY? Cuz i was up watching korean videos! hahahah. Well this is a good thing, cuz i have to go to work in 3 hours. And this is mandatory, and i could actually get fired for missing this meeting we have. Apparently, there has been a lot of money missing from the registers, and they are going to talk about that today.

Cz sent me a clip of her guitar and singing.. and i'm so tempted to post it, but she might not like that so i'll leave it in my HD. She's pretty damn good.. I know i'm not Simon from American Idol, but she has good talent. She improved so much with the guitar too. I wanna play guitar.. sigh.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Got a Gmail account

go there for 1 gig of storage space.

I went to school today. Took two midterms. Bleh.. i did okay in one.. and dunno about the other one. I also got this one kid in my other class to lend me his book for the final. Whew.. i can stop worrying about that.

My throat is killing me right now.. i think i'm getting sick? erg.

Watched American Idol and 24 today.. good shows. Jasmine Trias did pretty good today, a little pitchy and some very uneven notes to my ears, but she did great overall. I hope she makes it to the top.. it'll be interesting to see a part asian girl (hawaiian) make an album that fly's.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Blunt advice

Woke up hecka late to Yong's phone call. Hung around the house a bit, then went to work for 5 hours. Came home and played dota with yong and pae for a few hours and now i'm typing this. Crap.. i have 2 finals tomorrow and i procrastinated the whole day. Wonderful!

How do u tell someone advice they probably will take offense to? I figure there isn't one. You just have to tell them and let them know if you're a true friend. I figure they will be upset for a while but get over it, since that's how i probably would take it. Chin goo.. u tell me you're over it, but i know your gonna be pissed for a few hours. I buy you milk tea ok?

Thanks to Marty, we were able to move all bjunkie files directly w/o having to re-upload. The new server is up.. w00t. We should be functional very soon. I'm expecting end of the month.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Class schedules

I'm here in the library again.. typing away because i have 30 minutes before class starts.

I paid my tuition for Summer today. $1030, and this is before parking permit, which i will have to buy after May. Damn.. that's a grip of money! I had to pay it with my credit card. I think for the first time, i will have to start paying the minimum balance on the CC.. I have been pretty good about taking care of bills by paying everything in full every month, but that's about to change.

I also bought the class schedule for Fall 04. I can usually look up the classes online, but i feel more comfortable looking at all my choices on paper. I'm jot det suh though.. a few of the classes I NEED, are not listed or available for Fall. This means, either i have to take an extra class to make up for the unavailable class. In other words, instead of just needing 5 more classes in fall.. i may have to take 6 (which i believe is the limit). Hmm.. 5 might be the limit.. crap!

Dang, this might mean i will have to take a winter course which is really going to suck because i will have to extend my graduation date and pay more money! Makes no sense, why changing your graduation date requires you to pay money.. but the system says so.

Oh another thing is, the classes being offered are sometimes on MW, or TTH.. so i will most likely end up in school 4 days a week now instead of just 2. This is going to be so dreadful. I'm sure the 6 weeks of summer i'll be here in school for 12 hours, and the 12 weeks of school during fall will be hell for me. All of this just for a BA. Arg. Why couldn't i just be rich like my post?

My life is jot det suh. I dont' undestand how some ppl are born to rich ass families and some ppl are born to parents in Africa. Why is life so unfair?

Damn this monitor is kick ass. Someone buy me a LCD plz. haha. Man, just thinking about Fall and Summer is giving me a big headache. I can feel my shoulders getting all tense! I see this old lady working here at the computer lab, and i'm pretty damn sure she barely knows how to turn on the computer.. she's looking into the monitor right in front of me, with this really puzzled face while squinting her eyes (as if that's going to help her). Where do these schools find computer lab assistants?

OH yeah.. books is another fear. I dunno how i'm going to afford books next quarter. I'm sure my Human Sex class is going to cost a bitch! Maybe i'll share it with Mike. Aigo.. chin goo ya~ nah jot det dah!

Comedy Traffic School..

Went to TS (Traffic School) on Sunday (Easter).. the thing was, i originally was supposed to go on April 3rd, but they canceled that class. So i had to reschedule. Apparently, they forgot about Easter and registered ppl for that day. I figured they would cancel that class too, but they didn't.

Ooh.. 8 dreaded hours of BS. They don't make it any less than 8 hours either, because they have TS spies these days from the government that make sure they don't cheat their way out. When i first got there, the teacher looked like a Cholo Mexican biker lady in her late 40's. And i thought to myself, "This is Comedy TS?" WTH.. she looked pretty scary, and very mean.

About an hour into the school, and i got used to her voice, and it got more enjoyable. She made a few jokes that were pretty good, and it was funnier than i actually expected.

I almost paid for Pbase. But then they just changed their plans into tokens.. bleh. I figure most of my pics are just way too personal to post publicly anyways.. so i'll just use my csulb account to host pics for now and post them here on my blog. I actually haven't been taking many pics these days cuz i never go out. Became this weird hermit that stays home and plays dota all day long.

Spring break is over.. gotta go to school tomorrow! Noooooooo.. oh well.

I was looking over this person's pbase that i know, and it's a person that got married to sum chump that has lots of money. I really really doubt it was cuz she loved him. Really doubt it. But that's my own personal opinion. Anyways, they looked pretty happy in the pics. I guess money can buy happiness for some people. I wish i had a grip of money so i could just chill at home and go to trips with my wife.

I have these dreams sometimes, where i get this magical genie who grants me 3 wishes.

1. Have superman powers
2. Have a mirror that answers any question about anything or anybody (including what other ppl think)
3. I forget what my third wish was..

But the mirror thing always intrigues. I think it's because i'm always curious as to what other ppl think.

I went to work today.. was a good shift. Although i had some wack ass rude ppl call on the phone. Just because they are on the phone, some ppl are so RUDE!.. I don't have to help you if your trying to find a shirt that is 6 months old! Some ppl get so sad they can't find shirts that are on sale for $20 from $200. I feel like telling them, "DUde.. it's your fault u didn't buy it when it was regular price" You cant' expect things to go on sale, just so that you can buy it. If you like it, buy it when u have the chance.

I also dislike ppl who talk on the cellphone while i'm ringing them up. So disrespectful. Your not VIP. And some ppl yell at me cuz i dont' tell them "thank you" at the end of the transaction! I'm just keeping quiet so i don't interrupt your phone convo! Some ppl just have no clue.

I got my Tax Returns.. $200 from federal and $15 from state. Bleh. Wacko! We gotta get Bush out of office. His just an idiot. I don't think Kerry is a good candidate either.. his an idiot too. We need a freakin smart president with good morals. I know there are plenty of smart asses out there.. they should run!