Sunday, December 21, 2003

Lord of the Rings

I watched Lords of the Ring today. It was LONG! At the very last scenes of the movie, ppl kept clapping because they thought that the movie was over.. but it really wasn't... and it was probably the funniest part of the entire experience. My expectations of the movie were too high i guess.. so it didn't reach my par. I think that the second part of LOTR was a lot better than the finale. My back hurts, and for some odd reason, my right hand isn't functioning.. i can't seem to move my fingers. It's really bothering me and scaring me.

Yong came over yesterday and we had some fun. I would write the whole thing but my finger is bothering me some more. i'm going to stop here and write more later.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Sending H/W via E-mail Secret

I will share a little secret with some of you who are still in College. When turning in a paper over e-mail.. and you are crammed like as i am right now. You simply will need to use a e-mail software based on your PC and not the internet.

For example, instead of using hotmail thru their servers at you use Outlook Express to send the e-mail. When you finish you paper and ready to send, simply change the date and time on your computers DATE/TIME config. on the lower right corner of your screen and send it. This will time stamp the e-mail corresponding to the time/date of your computer.


Friday, December 12, 2003

School Almost over!

Ahhh.. i finished the stupid 10 page term paper. Took about 4 hours. I went to school, and turned it in.. and found a cool 1 hour parking spot! It takes about 18 minutes to walk from the parking lot to my first class.. so today, i took a chance and drove to the other side and looked for a short term parking and found one. Now i know where to go when i'm late.

All i have left now is 2 essays and 1 final.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Kal Gook Soo

So far so good.. today has been exceptionally good. Went to school.. not a bad time there with just a few presentations and what not. Then went to korean video market to rent a few new dramas and ate next door in a small restaurant. I had Kal Gook Su.. and it was ok. It's been a while since i had a hand cooked meal so i enjoyed it. The ah jum ma was real nice too.. so i tipped her 40% (which is 3 bucks).

On my drive home .. it got a lil interesting cuz i looked up in the sky.. and u know the beginning theme of the Simpsons? Where two puff of clouds seperate and the Simpsons logo frame at you in yellow? Well i saw the exact alignment of the clouds as the cartoon. It was a trip.. i laughed all the way home.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Garden of Eden

What have i been up to...

Fri. went to Garden with a bunch of the guys since it was Asian Night and Eric knew one of the promoters. I felt like VIP that day.. we didn't have to wait in line.. and we got to sit next to the fireplace where it's roped off to only ppl on the guest list. Guarding the ropes was a bouncer who would only let ppl on the list inside. hahaha..

I got pretty wasted, we were drinking Vodka XO and a few Midori Sours - and after a few hours later i was gone. I haven't been this trashed in a very long time. I could barely walk.. we went to Erics house after, and i passed out for a few hours before i woke up and went home. I dunno how i got home either..

Sat. Wasn't a good idea to go drinking the night before cuz i was scheduled to work 12-9.. OUCH! and since it's holiday times, the mall was packed and very busy. After work i came home and passed out.

Sun. I had a very good dream in the morning - so i didn't want to wake up and eventually overslept. I was 1 hour late to work, and the managers weren't too happy. They gave me a lil bit of attitude.. but it's like.. wtf. Screw them. I'm an asset!

Mon. I had an on-call today, but i think the store manager was still angry i was late the day before cuz she told me i could stay home on a holiday season. I was like.. err "THANKS!" hahahahaha... i really wanted today off so i could do house chores i've been putting off for the longest time.

I did a lot of things today, and it took like 4-5 hours..

1. Laundry
2. Dropped off clothes to dry clean and 1 pant to get altered.
3. Washed my bed sheets and redid them so that the bottom mattress is now covered and wont' look all ghetto.
4. Threw away a lot of empty boxes and trash.
5. Reorganized my DVD's and stored AC away, and organized my closet.
6. Cleaned the bathroom with Lime away.. everything is shimmering shiny.
7. Cleaned the kitchen/bathroom floor with Pine Sol
8. Got a clean rag, and cleaned the top of all appliances and computer/TV. No more dust.
9. Vacummed every inch of the carpet.

I also tried to iron a few shirts the other night, and i'm so horrible at ironing.. it's no joke.

Hmm.. i also watch "The Average Joe" tonight.. and HAHAHAHAH.. there are 3 average joes left the pretty girl has to choose from, and the producers decided to throw a curve ball at them. The suprise was 3 new contenders that enter the game now, but the catch is that they are all VERY handsome. HAHAHA.. so will the girl be shallow and go for the cute guys.. or go for personality. My money is on the good looking guys. haha.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Ironing Dress Shirts

i did some shopping today.. got a tree coat hanger. I dislike folding clothes at home cuz i do it all day at work. So i usually just lay it around the floor.. and it doesn't work for me since i'm so organized. Hence, i got it so i can hang it on a stick rather than lay it on the floor.

I also got a board + iron. I'm trying to iron my clothes after washing them cuz they are so wrinkly. I always wondered why it took my mom so long to give me my dress shirts back - it's cuz she was too lazy to iron them. haha.

I also got a weight scale -.. i'm going to keep track of my weight every week and try to set goals for myself. Currently, i'm at 188lbs. I plan on a goal of 160. that's 28lbs in the next 6 weeks. W00T FIGHTING! or PHAI TING (korean sty-o).

Third Leg Syndrome

Had a drink with James today.. cuz nobody else would pick up their phones. Pae doesn't call me anymore.. i usually have to call him to figure out if he wants to do anything. He says he doesn't call me cuz i usually reject his offers.. but i think other wise. His been hanging out with Judy a lot these days.. it's better for me to let him have his fun. Being a third leg is the worst case scenario. I wonder if i had a girlfriend - i would spend all my time with her and leave my friends in the exhaust pipe. Who knows.. never had a gf that lasted more than 3 months so i wouldn't know.

The drama between me and Simon is over i think.. apparently Jinah (his gf) told him sum stuff that upset him. Most of it is bs.. totally made up BS to get some heat off her shoulders. Using me as leverage and get her way in things. But why "use" me.. i have only been nice to her. Dumb bitch. Girls are useless.. if i haven't said it yet.. i'll say it again - i give up on girls. I think living on my own is good enough for me right now.

I'm ranked like 270th in the world for Warcraft III FT for 3v3 random team game. That's pretty damn good. I think i'm going to start playing 1v1 solo.. 3v3 is all about how lucky u are what kind of teammates you get.

I should go shopping tomorrow for food.. and get a video. y3ah!

Thursday, October 30, 2003


Haven't felt like blogging lately. Yong used to sing, "I have drama in my life".. ahha in a fob tone which was funny. I sing that song these days. I DON'T WANT DRAMA! GO AWAY!

I remember back in the days, i would sit in front of the computer for hours.. chatting.. and wouldn't miss a beat of ppl who wanted to converse. But these days, i'm either playing a game that fills my entire screen - or watching tv on my bed, so someone says, "Hi".. and when i dont' respond, they log off. -__-; if you are one of those persons.. i apologize it was NOT intentional.

Yong came over the other night.. it was fun seeing him again. Also nice to have someone @ my crib to hang out with overnight. We ate Ramen the first night, and Boba and PC Bang. It was good times. 2nd night we had some really good KOrean BBQ, Boba again, and talked about the good old days..

I got some new inspiration to do well in school.. it's funny how the least likely ppl will inspire you sometimes. I stayed all day in school today studying. WOW.

I wanna go to Halloween Haunt @ knotts berry farm..

Monday, October 20, 2003

I want to be a success!

I've been procrastinating. I need to start on that damn essay. I went to VR for the first time in a while yesterday and it was same'o same'o. Nothing changed.. still the same scene with the same ppl. I realized once again why i stopped going. I think the best times to go clubbin is on a special occasion with all your friends. A batch of guys isn't much fun.

Other than that, i have been thinking about my life - and how maybe i should drop out of College and use the time i have to start a business, help my dad's business, try to get hired as a college drop out, or move back home and leech off my parents. Haha.. i dunno. You know those success stories you watch on TV? Those ppl just decided on something spontaneously and did it. Like one guy went from Texas to LA with $100 bucks on his pocket and became a millionaire by taking some chances. These ppl just had nothing to loose.. and lived life by it's last string. I wanna be a success story. But i'm so lazy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Corny Poem

It's been a long time seen I've been out to LA.. I've been just working hard these days studying and working at BR. I guess not partying around has given me a lot of time to think and just reminisce about the past. I came around a zipped file that was in my computer for a while. A memory i have been trying to forget. But i realized that instead of forgetting i should leave it at that.. a good memory.

During the days that i was in total uncontrollable love, i got a weird emotion of poetics. I wrote a poem for a girl once.. it was the only poem i have ever wrote for a girl - and i wish to write it here and share it with some of you.

If i was the earth,
i would write love songs in the sand

If i was water,
i would cool you with my soothing touch

If i was fire,
i would burn forever to keep you warm

If i was the sky,
i would use the clouds to powder our love

If i was nothing but a man,
i would undo myself to be with you

But i realize i'm not just a man
because i'm with you.


I did some pretty corny stuff back in those days. i sorta miss them while other times i think it was just silly. Who would have known it would have came to this. These korean dramas i've been watching have been giving the motivation to become a more charismatic person. "bun ee gee it nun namja"

Two of my co-workers quit the other day.. Raul and Eric.. whom i was pretty close with. I will miss them since they made my day go by faster @ work. There's a lot of new ppl at work these days after we finished our holiday hiring. Some of them seem to be coo while others are pretty stuck up.

I'll try to update more frequently.. i forgot half the things that happened during the past few days.. hmm.. wait, nothing happened - which is the reason i don't remember anything.

Sunday, October 05, 2003


damn.. thursday was badass.. lots of fun at Mariposa. I'm sure to go there again.

Fri, just rested all day and did some chores around the house like laundry, dishes, etc. I went to UCLA to visit my cousin Hoon.. and that's it.

Sat, went to Shik Do Rak with Simon, Jinah, James, and Jay. Good food.. i'm stuffed.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Won a shirt @ BR

Haven't posted in a long time.. what has been going on. I can't think back too far. Just been staying at home these days trying to save some money for a trip to korea or sumthin. A lil tired of the whole clubbin scene and wutnot.

I won a stupid contest at BR.. so i get to pick a free dress shirt which is about $68.. not bad huh? Kinda like a bonus which is nice. I never win anything too..

I finally bought some "korean" ramen instead of that american ramen u buy at the grocery store.. sooo yummy! Koreans sure know how to make ramens. I've been watching the new drama with Kim Hee Sun.. and she is very pretty. wow. 0_o

My cousin Hoon came down from SF to UCLA.. so i should go visit him soon. Ugh.. i can't remember much of anything else right now.. what the heck have i been doing? Went drinking with Mike and Pae yesterday and met a few of mike's friends and went singing too. Oh man.. i know i can't sing.. but i was hitting the right notes last night w/o my voice going stale on me. Felt good..

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Back with old friends

Went drinking last night with the boys.. it's been a while that we've done this. The only person missing was Eric.. who lives in LA now. Simon, Jay, Pae, James, and I went to 5th wave and drank a grip of kkang soju.. it went down so easy last night. It tasted like water. I got pretty drunk when we went to karaoke.. and felt sick. I was okay though.. had a slight headache this morning, but it was because i didn't have dinner the previous night.

I cooked BAB today.. then studied before i had to work. Nothing exciting at work.. and now i'm home. I should sleep soon so that i can go to school early tomorrow and find a decent parking spot and study in the library.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Thinking out loud

You know when your life is starting to change and you want it to change, and you try to change it.. yet your so deep into shit that it's pretty impossible to change it or ever go back. I'm stuck right in the middle. Who am I? What is my purpose here on earth? Do i need to strive to succeed? Why? All this energy ppl use in their daily lives.. for what? To progress the human kind?

I feel like my identity is lost. Stolen.. or whatever. I feel like a different person, but is it for the better? I tried to change.. since June. It's hard though.. i don't think i progressed much when i look back @ myself these days. Life is frustrating isn't it? If the bible is true, and when you die, u are an unconscious soul in the grave that has no thought or feeling - how great that would be? But i'm scared of death. No worries, no regrets.. just peace with yourself. Just the thought of it is relaxing.. when i die, i hope i die on a death bed where i go quietly and take my last breath sleeping.

Why do some ppl born in this world with everything just handed to them while others (like ppl in Africa) are born to suffer? Why am i here? Why was i put into this situation and to do what? Why does it seem like a lot of ppl around me have everything going for them while i'm in the mist of a median. I feel regret, guilt, remorse, the feeling that i have been forgotten by ppl i used to know for years.. the feeling that someone else took my spot ever since i moved away or started to stray away.

I guess i put this upon myself.. and it's all for the better that i stay away from those ppl and not inflict on their lives as i would in such a negative way. You're probably wondering wtf i'm talking about. Don't worry about it - i'm trying to clear my head right now. I don't even know what sense i'm making by writing this. The best thing to do.. is forget. Good thing we were created so that we are able to forget or block memories from our minds. It's too late to go back.. the only thing left is to move forward. Ppl say, you never know what you've had until you lost it.. which is very true.. but once you've lost it.. dont look back. If you do.. it'll just create pain.

I should do this.. i should do that. Fuck it. I'll just let my life ride the waves of this chaotic world and take me where it has to.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Yong over to visit

What have i been up to since the 28th...


Yong came over cuz it was his bday on the 28th so we hung out and he got to have his little vacation. It was coo having him around for the past 4 days cuz there was somebody home waiting for me after work. It's a good feeling.. i guess maybe that's why ppl have pets.
We went to Prive but we couldn't get in for some stupid reason i will not disclose. So we went to Pointe instead, and had a relatively good time.


I had to work 9 hours.. so Yong stayed home most of the day. We went to Tapioca Express with Pae after i got home, and went to PC bang afterwards and that's about it.


had to work again, and i was pretty tired after work, so we decided to just hang around the house after we went to eat some wack ass Chinese food. Their beef tasted bitter sweet cuz i think it was too old. Came home, and i watched some TV while Yong played WC. He stayed up all night watching movies and playing video games.


I had to work again in the morning! Isn't life grand? Work so much when a friend is over. Anyways, i went to work and got back to find Yong just waking up. haha. We played some more WC.. then went to Cerritos to meet Mike Judy and Pae to eat some Korean BBQ. Came home and went to bed.


Yong went home, while i went to school.

Bleh.. i left so much detail out. I can't remember all of it. I know that Yong got a parking ticket cuz i forgot there was street cleaning on Tuesdays. DoH! $30 but i told him i would pay it off.
My professors seem to be pretty intimidating. They told the entire class that if anyone who hasn't finished the pre requisites, should drop the class now, cuz nobody in that situation has gotten a grade better than a C+. WTF. Bastard. My other Prof. told me i couldn't enroll cuz i didn't do some of my lower division units. I told him it's cuz i transferred over. That idiot.. he better not drop me cuz i already bought the books.

Money.. another damn issue. Tuition and Books are just killing me this month. I might have to ask my mom for more money or something, cuz i'm running lower and lower.. and lower.

My Armani watch broke on me.. stupid thing.. I'm sending it back tomorrow. Me and Yong played a lot of WC when he was over. HE also watched all my movies on my computer. hah. Also we watched all of Forever Love VHS which took yong about 20 hours. Sung Yuri JJANG!

I think that's about it for now.. i can't remember anything else that's interesting.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

K-Drama Crazy!

Just spent the last 20 hours straight watching Chun Yun something something.. Forever Love starring Sung Yuri from Finkl. Damn.. it was good.. until the ending. The ending was weak! Very very weak.. how can she just repeat history? I thought there would be a interesting twist like if the guy would follow her to the past.. and she would be re-united with her last love.. or she would change the past .. or blah blah blah. DAMN IT! IT was weak!

But yeah.. i did an all niter.. and didn't sleep. I finished it earlier this afternoon, and just passed out for 6 hours. I gotta do some stuff.. bleh. I also keep getting these 100kb attachment e-mails on my yahoo account these days. Like about 40 or so e-mails with attachments every hour or so.. so my mailbox keeps getting full! So i just created a new e-mail account to avoid all this spam bs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Free Gogi Yay!

On Sunday, me and Yong went to Shik Do Rak and tried to call a few ppl, but everyone was busy. So we just ate by ourselves. The funny thing was, we ordered #2.. which comes with Ju Mul Luk and Cha Dor BeGi.. but i thought it came with Sam Gyup Sal.. so i asked the waitress if i was mistaken. And i guess i was.. so she asked us if it wasn't enough food.. and i just chuckled and told her it was ok.

5 minutes later, she comes back with Sam Gyup Sal.. hahaha.. SERVICE! YEAH! SCORE! She was nice, so we tipped her big. Afterward, i didn't wanna just go back home cuz it would be so weird to just EAT in LA.. and not drink. I called up my Sujie nuna and Jinah to hang out with us at NY NY. We drank a grip of soju.

1. Apple Soju
2. Cham Il Sul
3. Cham Il Sul
4. Grape Soju
5. Bek Seju
6. Cham Il Sul

i think that was about it.. between 3 ppl.. i think that was a grip of alcohol. But i was pretty sober cuz me and yong ate a lot of greasy food.

We came back home and it was chill.. we took turns playing warcraft and went to sleep.

Monday i went to work at 9am, and Yong left for SD around 10am. After work, i stopped by the video store to rent that old drama with Finkl's Sung Yuri.. and she comes out pretty cute. But stupid video #3 is broken! ARRRGG.. i got all this anxious to watch the next episode and the stupid video is broken. So i gotta go back tomorrow and get another video #3.. so i can watch it again. ARG!

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Karnak = Karjack

Yong came over yesterday, and we have some fun at CarJack. Bobo's was closed down cuz they got raided the other day.. so it was pretty packed. His sleeping right now cuz i guess he's tired from the drive from SD.

I tried to call in sick today, but my manager told me i would have to get somebody to cover my shift. Since i couldn't find anyone, i went to work only to find that she did in fact find someone FOR ME.. so she sent me home. Gosh.. all that getting ready and driving to work for nothing.

At least, i got some shopping done.. i bought some water, beer, rice, pizza, chips and ramen for about 30 bucks.. My receipt said i saved $30 .. so i'm happy.

I dunno what's going on today.. probably gonna eat some Sam Gyup Sal with Simon..

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I am Korean.. FOB

I've been watching Korean Movies and dramas the past 24 hours.. and gosh... i feel like i'm in Korea or something. It's hard to explain - but i think i'm the type of person that could fit right into Korean culture in the motherland.

I've been watching Ok Tak Bang Go Yang Yi which means, Rooftop Room Cat.. and although it's all no-name actors, it's pretty funny. It's 16 episodes and each episode is 1 hour long.. so u do the math. I'm only on tape 6.

I also watched the movie Who Are You which is about a website that lets you chat and interact with other ppl..
Then i watched another movie with Kim Jung Eun where she comes out REALLY cute and tough at the same time. I think she's a really good actress.. and the way she can change personalities so easily is fun to watch. She does really well on CF's too!

I have to watch Summer Scent too which i downloaded...

I went to work today around 8pm - 12am.. and time went by pretty fast cuz i got to play my CD's.. played some old school hip hop. That's about it.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Trip to SD

Some drama happened at work the other day.. dumb managers. I swear, some ppl shouldn't be managing other ppl when they can't even manage themselves in the first place. Either go back to managing school - or take a step back and reflect on yourself. I needed some air after a long shift on Wednesday.. so i went to SD to chill with my friend Yong. I had a really good time down there - it sorta seems like a old village down there cuz it's so much like the Bay.. i had a good time relaxing and watching videos with him.

I met up with my old friend Emily Thursday night and went to Viejo on Friday night with Wayne, Lee, and Yong. Other than that - that was the sum of the trip.. i got to rest a lot and got some thinking done. I think i'll do more of these road trips cuz it was really nice getting away from everything.

Today, i met up with Yong at Starbucks before i left and came to a house party at my co-worker OJ's house cuz his going to USC and was quitting BR. Had a few drinks when Yong called and reminded me that i had taken his house keys. So i drove back 50 miles and met up with him half way to give his keys back.. i didn't mind the drive - it was only about 20 minutes.

On the trip back though - it was a total chaos. First, this white fixed up Integra pulled up right next to me and wanted a piece of my lude. Ok.. 4th gear, VROOM.. not even a competition.. either that was an LS, or it was an auto.. cuz i dusted him pretty bad. I kept looking in my mirror to see if he would come back with a vengeance.. but he slowed down and didn't even wanna catch up to me. A few miles down, a car cut me off .. so i looked to my right and merged to pass him.. but i "think" i accidentally cut some guy off.. cuz a few miles down a old 1990 accord kept braking in front of me, and trying to pin me to the side so that i couldn't move. I looked at him, and he was hysterical and yelling at me and telling me to pull over.. err.. i was honestly pretty scared, cuz he was a gangster looking Mexican with shaved head and a Go-T (yeah, stereotyping).. but anyways he kept trying to hit my car, so i braked hard, flanked to the left and took off. After a few seconds.. i thought i had left him behind so i slowed down to the speed limit.. but guess who's in my rear mirror and closing in fast? The same guy.. ahh.. crap.

He tried to pull next to me to cuss some more, but then some other car cut him off.. hahaha.. that was funny. He had to brake really hard to avoid a collision there. I just said crap, i'm not letting this guy follow me home, and i'm done with this bs. So i went into the carpool lane and hit 130mph for a few minutes thinking if a cop pulls me over, i'll tell him there was a guy with Road Rage with a gun following me.
I passed a lot of cars before i finally slowed down to merge onto the 91W.. and i never saw that guy again. I wish i knew what i did to piss him off so much. But my only conclusion is that i probably cut him off accidentally and he had to brake hard or swerve or something. I know i didn't hit him, cuz i checked my car which is fine, and i would have felt something on the road on impact.

That's how it is though, i get cut off by motorists all the time - but i don't remember going all psycho about it. That guy needs to chill a lil. I'm back home now, and wanna watch "Summer Scent" on

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Simon can sure cook

Pretty chill day - i went to work around 6.. after just hanging out and watching tv at home. Then met up with James, Jay and Simon and went over to his pad to hang out cuz his folks are in Vegas. I think Simon is having too much fun living by himself right now. But that boy sure knows how to cook.. i didn't eat dinner so he cooked a feast for me.. and i'm stuffed right now.

We watched sum Korean movie with Yang Dong Gun which was a Cop movie. We were all talking about how we wanna go to Korea for a trip soon. Somehow, i became the person that has to set it up.. well sorta since nobody else volunteered.

I drove James off - and now i'm home. I'm going to crash.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Junk keeps piling up

I just realized that i have a LOT of stuff @ my place. I remember when i moved to my folks new place in Santa Clara, i was able to move most of my stuff in simple boxes on a couple of trips in my small prelude. But gosh.. if i think about moving now - i would need a U-HAUL.. geez. I look around, and see SOO much stuff. Kinda frustrating when i think about moving or something.

Most of my big moves would be:

1. Bed
2. Desk
3. Fridge
4. TV
5. Stereo
6. Computer
7. Microwave and other appliances

That's a lot more stuff than i came here with when my room used to be so empty.

I took 8 hours watching "Summer Scent" last night - and was done around 7am. I called in for my ON-CALL and Greg decided to use my help today. Gosh.. out of all the days. So i decided to sleep for 2 hours, but yeah .. rite.. i should have known better. I woke up at 11am.. but i was supposed to be there at 11. hahaha.. crap. So i was 30 minutes late to work.

After work - i went to Kinkos and printed my collage of friends 8x10 picture for $5. You can see the frame in the pics below.. i'm proud of myself cuz it looks pretty coo. I have all of my closest friends in there.. (er.. i might be missing a few ppl cuz i didn't have their pics) but at least i have the ones i see the most often.

Afterward, i stopped by Save-On and bought some AAA batteries and a plow hook for the roof. I now have my snowboard hanging from the roof. I got the idea from my homie viet - and it's pretty sweet.. i came home and was pretty tired. Watched TV.. computer.. and that's about it.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Fall Scent

I went to Target and got myself a Daewoo VCR.. it was kinda weird buying such an antique technology considering ppl are upgrading to DVD's instead of going back to VCR's these days. But being korean and all.. it's a necessity for me.

Afterwards, i headed over to a Korean Video store and created an account and borrowed 4 videos of Summer Scent starring Song Seung Hoon and this other girl whom i forgot the name of. Very cute drama with a lot of twists.. the author/writer is the same person that did Fall Story and Winter Story so the storyline is very similar.

My friend James told me how Song Seung Hoon is such a good looking guy the other day - and i must agree (not in a homosexual sense) but gosh if i was just 1/4 good looking as he was i'd probably be more confident about myself. I'm watching the videos right now since 11pm.. and gosh - i'm almost done but i have this "want" of not wanting it to end.. since i hate waiting every week for new episodes. The anticipation just kills me! But time does go by a lot faster.

My VCR is coo - except it didn't come with batteries. I gotta go buy some AAA batteries tomorrow so that i can use my new remote. That's the 2 things from my list i can cross off now.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Trip back to the Bay

It's been a while since i blogged. I've been just busy and tired. I still need to create an editorial for the bbq event on Aug. 2nd. I just haven't had the time or energy to do it yet. But i'm updating this blog first! I'm so random.

I wonder if i'll remember everything that went on when i went up to the bay. Good thing i have pictures to remind me.

July 30th (Wednesday) - Yong came over at night time after i finished work that day. We hung out and slept a lil until about 5:30am when we left for the bay.

July 31st (Thursday) - We made some good time and avoided a lot of the traffic and made it back home in 5 hours. I got some good food - and fell asleep. I think i slept all day.. and then i went to my friend Kevin's house and then went to play a little bit of pool and retired early.

August 1st (Friday) - Yong left for Sacramento to visit his folks, and i stayed back. I think i met up with Ellis Go and went to lunch at Chef Peking this day cuz i was craving their delicious Chicken Friend Rice (no green onions).. yuM! It was damn good.. just the way i remembered it. I dropped off Ellis back at his pad, and picked up a oil filter and some oil and changed my oil. I took a shower and then met up my other friend Elis with one "L" and had some QCup which is north cal's version of Tapioca Express. We talked for a long time and caught up with our lives. My mom called me later - telling me to go to church, so i left QCup and went. After church, i met up my friend Justin at Starbucks and talked to him for a bit. His still going out with his gf Yatine which is pretty damn coo. I hope the best for those two.

After we parted, i headed to Santana Row to meet up my ex-coworker Roman from Excite@Home days. We met up at Straits which is ironic cuz Roman is gay. But oh well. We had a few drinks... oh yeah.. Ellis Go was with me too.. and then hit up this club that had $3 cover. And er.r.. it just happened to be a gay club. WOWA. One of the guys from NY in our group started freaking out cuz his homophobic or something. It was pretty late at night, so we didn't stay there long. CRASHED!

August 2nd (Saturday) - Woke up late for the bbq.. i'll write in more detail about the bbq in the junkie editorial.. around 7pm i met up my cousin Hooni @ starbucks and had a nice chat with him. His going to UCLA this fall.. so congrats! Afterward I went to the night party in SF with ppl i know.. then crashed in the city @ a friends crib cuz i was unable to drive.

August 3rd (Sunday) - Woke up at 10am cuz my mom wanted me to attend church again - so i drove back down from the city at 10 in the morning with a hang over. After church, my family and I were able to finally have a nice family lunch at AppleBees. After, came home and met up with Yong. We went to Starbucks (yes.. i went to starbucks and drank milk tea the whole time i was there).. and met up my friend Emily who was leaving to SD. I introduced the two - and hopefully she'll hook Yong up with a nice girl in UCSD.

Around 6pm, we went back home and decided not to go back to socal that day cuz we were pretty tired from the night before. I ended up going to sleep and my parents wanted to go eat .. so my family went to eat at BJ's which is a pretty sweet place. It was my first time there. I was pretty stuffed by this time - i couldn't eat anymore and felt sick. Went home - and my homie Viet calls me up so i go over, and pick up the 19" TV that he doesn't use anymore. CRASHED.. tired.

August 4th (Monday) - Me and Yong decide we should leave around 8pm to beat the traffic. I woke up around 12pm and my ex-coworker Fanny called me. We met up at Chef Peking in Redwood City which was the restaurant that we ALWAYS used to go to back in the days.. and had a nice long chat and etc. I came back home and met up with Yong, Kevin, and Elis and had Boba at QCup until about 7pm.. and i came home packed.. ate dinner at home.. then met up Yong at Starbucks and came back home.

I think that's how everything played out - i might be missing a few pieces here and there because it's hard to remember things these days. Overall it was a lot of fun, and i think i met everyone that was on my list. Some ppl, i didn't have phone numbers.. and others weren't around town - so that sucked. Next time i go - i'll probably hit up Oakland and see my friends there - cuz i didn't get to hang out with them this time around.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Gay Bishop

ok.. i guess the world is coming to an end.. a open gay bishop in the church.

I can be pretty sure that being gay is against bible principles.. but i guess that doesn't matter anymore? I have "nothing" against gays.. i think they are the coolest ppl around. But i just don't' think the church made the right decision this time.. i mean.. it's principles!

The world is coming to an end.. you guys should pray and ask for some forgiveness tonight.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Finally A/C

I woke up early today.. ate some Ja Pa Geh Ti ramen, then finished a few things on the computer. Watched Daredevil - and went to work. After work, i went to pick up my AC, read the manual and installed it. It's running right now.. and it's pretty cool. The room seems to be a lot colder now, but i just need to install it next to the patio window, which means i'll need to buy a power extension cord.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

The Roach Killer

Today wasn't that happening. I went to work in the morning with a mild hang over from all the soju. I worked until 4pm - long day, then went to the jewelers to get my bracelet fixed cuz it was too long, and they quoted me 30 bucks! I'm like wtf.. that's how much the damn bracelet cost in the first place. So i went back to the place cuz the young girl that works there is pretty coo. I told her about the situation, and she hooked it up with a 8" band that was thicker and better looking for $10 more. Not bad from my point of view.

After that, i went home and chilled around on the internet for a while and tried to watch Cradle 2 the Grave that i had downloaded.. but when i played the movie it was something else! Damn Kazaa.. ppl renamed the file and was distributing it. I ended up downloading "Life or something like it" with Angelina Jolee.. so i watched it for the heck of it - and it wasn't that bad.. she comes out very pretty in that movie.

Soon after, the guy who's selling the AC's for cheap called me and i told him i really wanted it. So i ended up dishing $400 bucks for it - and i'm going to meet him tomorrow to pick it up. Damn.. it's a reality check right now.. i started thinking about how if i really needed a AC, if i could handle living w/o one. But then sometimes it gets really hot in my room and i stomp on that idea and figure it's a good investment cuz if it doesn't work out i could always sell it or something.. then i think the resell value wouldn't be as good.. and etc.

I went to my co-worker Nancy's pad for the first time today in S. LB and it was pretty chill. I like her place, it's nice a cozy. Nancy, Carlos and I drank some wine cuz that's all she had left - listened to some music and met her neighbors. Her neighbor wouldn't' stop talking.. geez.. we chatted in the front porch for a good hour. Everytime i looked for an opportunity of an awkward silence so i could say i was going home, he would quickly change subjects and start talking again. Ahhrrr.. finally his gf came home and he went back into the house, and i left around 2am.

There is something u guys should know about my pad is that i have killed pretty much all roaches in my house. These critters are afraid of me now. I occasionally see 1 every 8 weeks or so. But the ones that used to reside in my pad were German roaches which are small and easy to kill. The American roaches that are HUGE and VERY fast only live outside. Now stay with me here - as i was about to open my door i see this black thing moving very fast towards my door from the grass area, so i freak and jump. As i stared at the black thing, i noticed it was a huge roach - so i attempted to kill it but it was too fast. So as i'm trying to kick it and step on it, it creeped half way into my screen door that leads to my patio window. I was like *$# if he gets in there, that's going to suck. That's really going to suck cuz i wouldn't be able to sleep cuz i'd be searching for it all night long. BUt luckily, either it couldn't fit into the screen door, or it just wanted to go somewhere else, so it started running towards my neighbors door.. so i'm like coo.. stomp stomp.. but it turned around and ran back to my door! @#(O$U#!!

This time though, instead of creeping under my screen door, it went under my door screen which is a huge metal door. So i couldn't see it anymore and i opened the screen, and i saw it trying to crawl under my wooden door like a crazy roach. Thankfully - my wooden door is well sealed so bugs like it can't go in. After it's failed attempt, it started racing towards me so it could go into the grassy area and hide, so i started to jump and luckily i stepped on it. And it lay there dead. DOH! i forgot to step on it twice to make sure it was dead.. i kicked it to the street thought.. i should check. Okay.. it's dead.

Now what does this story have to do with anything. Well - it sucks because i bought myself the Amcor BTU10,000 Portable AC earlier tonight for 400 bucks.. and the portable AC's have a 5" hose that needs to vent out the hot air built from the compressor, so you need to leave either a window or door open for the hot air to exit. I thought about doing that by patio window, but damn! i can't have no roaches crawling up in my joint! ROAR.. so i'm having regrets and second thoughts right now. It sucks.

It also rained today - I saw a lot of thunder aswell.

I got a cold. One night it was just too damn hot, so i went into the pool at 7pm - and the water was warm, but it was chilly outside and i think that fux0red me up. I have a stuffed nose, and i'm tired.

Monday, July 28, 2003

DUI.. Almost..

It was one freaky night today. OMG! I think i have never been so scared in my entire life. I had a lil to drink - wasn't drunk and my buzz was going away - and i was just driving home when a Civic tried to race me. So being the idiot that i am, i dusted him and was traveling about 100mph on 110S chillin and weaving in and out of traffic. (Don't get me wrong, i wasn't faded or anything - i'm a really good driver) and as i was just driving, i see a car that sorta resembles a cop car.. and right as i get 1 car lengths behind it - i see the cop lights on top of the car - so i panic and pressed on the brakes really hard. By that time, i was right next to him going 65mph. I knew what he was gonna do, which was slow down so he can get behind me, so as he slowed down, i pulled into his lane and thought about just changing all the way into the slow lane until he turned on his lights to pull me over. By this point, i had given up and thought to myself, "I'm fucked.. might as well pull over and get it over with"

I thought - "If my Blood Alcohol level was over the limit, i'm going to jail tonight"
"I remember Esther told me if i put a penny in my mouth the copper would hide my alcohol breath"
"I'm going to get a DUI, i won't be able to drive.. imma be stuck in court with fines"
"I can't make it to work next day cuz i'm in Jail"
"Another one bites the dust"

All these thoughts came into my head as i was driving with the cop on my ass. He tailed me for about 1 mile - probably checking my license plate to make sure the car wasn't stolen or with any records. My heart was pounding and i was breathing very heavily while checking my speedometer every second to make sure i was going 65mph.
To my suprise, after a mile or so, the cop pulls to the left, and drives past me. I didn't think when he did that - i was confused as to why he didn't pull me over. And then, it sink'ed in that he was being a nice guy and let me go. I will learn from this stupid mistake and NEVER EVER EVER drive fast when i had something to drink. That's just stupid. I'm competent enough to drive with a lil alcohol in me, but the chance that i get a DUI is not worth it. And that is my point.

I'm not sure - maybe he didn't see me in his rear view mirror until i got next to him.
Maybe he had no way of pulling me over cuz i was driving in a straight line at 65mph and he had no way to prove that i was going that fast other than his words.
Either way, i'm a really lucky bastard tonight.. i almost died of a heart attack. Don't do it kids.. drinking and racing don't mix! If u think it aint gonna happen to you.. guess what - the odds aren't that great.

Before all this happened, i got to meet Sujie Ha, an ex-excite@home co-worker who i was pretty close with when working there. We had our cubicles right next to each other, and we took out a few of the panels so we would be cubicle buddies. We went to shik do rak and ate some good food - then went to Nandarang and got pretty wasted. Went to no rae bang to sober up and came home.

Before that - i woke up - went to work and came home. Haha.. i'm blogging backwards, this is interesting. That's it folks!

Saturday, July 26, 2003


I decided to go on a strict diet starting yesterday. A lot of training everyday and eating less than 1,600 calories a day for about a month and see how many lbs i can loose. I'm at 185lbs right now, gained 20lbs since i moved down to LA. I should seriously start getting back on shape.

Korean Ramen

July 25:

Woke up pretty late cuz i didn't have to work since they didn't take my On Call. So i just sat around the house.. oh no wait. I woke up damn early! I went to work to pick up my check, went to the bank, then went to Korean Market to buy some Ramen (KOrean Ramen is just BOMB!)

I came back home and got a haircut, and bought myself a locker. Then i went to work out at Bally's with James and then went to LA to check out Eric's new crib. That's all folks.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Random Weekend

July 23:

Stayed home all day i think.. and got to relax. I downloaded Road to Perdition and watched that which was not that bad. I wouldn't watch it twice though. James came over and hung out with me for a while and that's about it. Oh yeah.. i worked out and swam a lil in the pool.

July 24:

Stayed home once again and hung around the house for the most part. Went to Tapioca Express with Pae and watched the movie "Basic" at his house. That's it for today as well. My hair is getting pretty long.. and i am def. going to start losing weight again. I can't stand being so chubs!

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Pae got a Body Kit

July 21st

I went to work all day - got off around 2 and went with Pae to Burbank to pick up his body kit. We ate Togo's after which was DAMN GOOD! I havent' had togo's in so long.. it was exciting.
We watched Bad Boys II after that - which was pretty good to say the least. A LOT OF action is all i can say about that movie. Lots of gory parts, car chases, shooting scenes etc. I can't believe it though - that parents brought their 10 year old to that movie. Not surprisingly - they were black. I'm not trying to be racial - but simply putting out the facts that black minorities are more prone to crime in this country.. and this may be part of the reason cuz they get into R rated movies at 10 years old!

I was disgusted at the dad who was sitting behind the kids doing nothing while ppl were being shot on the head with blood spilling out. Oh yeah.. and while i was trying to buy tickets.. the stupid girl at the box office asked my ID.. HAHA.. omg! Do i look like 17 or sumthing?

July 22nd

I went to the beach today. Hunington Beach with my co-workers. I have some pics which i'll post later. I love my co-workers they are so chill. Worry free and just kickin back. The weather was pretty sucky - so we didn't go in the water. We just talked and layed on the sand for a few hours. I went to work at 6-10.. and came home. That's about it.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

New Shoes

Yesterday went to Nandarang with Simon after work. Oh yeah.. before that - i had work from 9-6.. and Simon met up with me at Cerritos Mall. I've been doing that stupid "once every 3 months shopping spree" that i have. I'm one of those ppl who just buy everything at once. I like.. hold myself and keep thinking i should buy this and buy that.. and once it reaches a limit i go out and buy it all. I got the cologne Ise Miyaki which girls seem to just die for. I got some cool lookin Keneth Cole shoes.. they look dope! It set me back $160.. but i figure it's a good investment when i'm going to wear it all the time for the next year or so. The shoes are pretty comfortable.. but it's hurting the lower lip of my ankles because it rubs against the top edge of the shoe. I figure once i break these in.. it'll get better.

"First thing girls look at is Shoes, Watch, and wallet" -Simon Cho

haha.. made me feel better about buying shoes. I also got a necklace with a matching wrist band. I used to have a 14k gold necklace back in High School.. but i lost it during one of my football games when i forgot to take it off. I was meaning to get another set but just made the jump yesterday.

I didn't get Financial Aid this year again. The fee deferment they were offering me was just until i received my letter for a stafford subsidized loan. I rejected it and droppped 1 of my classes so that i would be part time. I'm not paying full time tuition just for 1 more class. If i was taking 4 or 5 classes, it would be worth it .. but not now.

I've been reading blogs that i wrote when i first moved here.. and it's pretty interesting to read things i wrote long ago. I understand the point of a diary now. I always wondered why my sister would write in a little book all of her secrets when she knows that someone like me could find it and read thru it.

Yong started blogging.. that's pretty cool. A lot of ppl are moving to Xanga.. but i don't plan on joining that community. So much simpler here! Bjunkyard bbq is coming up soon. I'm going back to the Bay Area on July 31st ish.. depending on how i get scheduled that week.

Today, i worked again until 4.. went to LA to help Eric move into his new pad. It's pretty dope.. i forgot to take my camera to take some pics. But it's owned by some guy who sells soju.. and his son lives in it. It's a 3 story apartment with a basement type in the 1st floor. Living room, kitchen, and 3 rooms in the 2nd floor. And 3 smaller rooms on the 3rd floor.
Eric gets to hog the whole 3rd floor by himself. I think that's dope, he plans on making one of the rooms a training pad with boxing pads and weight bags. The only bad things about that place, is that it's a little ghetto.. lots of mexicans and the apartment itself is pretty old. Honestly - i think my pad is A LOT cleaner.. no offense to Kirby. There are also American Cockroaches there. I mean, my place has those German cockroaches that are tiny (well not anymore knock on wood).. but the roaches at erics new pad are huge.. like 2-3 inches long. EWWW!! I dunno - if i had no other choice i wouldn't mind living there.. but if it was me - i'd probably live in a pad like Humbee or Shean, with AC and no insects.

I came back home now.. pretty tired. It was a hot day. Miss Fujiike called me earlier in LA - sucks i could meet up with her cuz she wanted to hang out a lil before she went to Santa Monica.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Rich get Richer and the Poor...

Stayed home all day.. i felt bad for Yong cuz i kept him in the house. I was tired.. and rested it out. Around 12am, we went to HQ's to have a pitcher and some food. That's about it for today.

I found out that i don't get financial aid again for the second year. I was late on turning in that renewal.. and it's my guess they ran out of money or something. I thought i had some kind of fee deferment for this year.. but i was wrong. It was temporary until i accepted or rejected my stafford loan offer.

It's funny how those rich kids get financial aid.. yet ppl like me can't get any. It's fucked up how American society is.. the rich the richer.. while the poor get poorer. so tru.

Friday, July 18, 2003

I Need an A/C

Aight.. Yong came up from SD.. so his staying here until Sat. Yesterday we chilled at my house for a while. Then Eric came over and I shaved his head. Then we went to Palm Tree to see David. Then we went to Karnac to drink a lil. Then we came home. Then we woke up the next day sweating from all the hotness. Then a guy came over to fix my bathroom wall cuz it was falling apart from the humidity in my house. Then we went swimming in my pool. Then I went to work and Yong went with Pae and Judy to eat and we met up later at Fifth Wave.. and we are now home.

Man, my house is hot. it's like a sauna up in this joint. I'm seriously considering:

1. Sunpentown Air Cooler SF608R - $109
2. WindChaser PAC8 Portable 9,000BCU Air Conditioner - $386used or $550new

The Sunpentown air cooler uses ice water to cool the air.

Pros: It's cheap, but it's just another fan. It won't cool an entire room, but just as a fan - it'll be cold if you go within the vicinity of the fan's direction. It's cheap.

Cons: It won't cool the entire room. Must have Ice to cool it down. It'll only be 12degrees colder than a fan.. in ambiant conditions.

Windchaser PAC8 is a portable AC unit that uses a small hose to vent all the hot air.

Pros: It's portable, so i don't have to install it which is not allowed my my apartments. Doesn't need me to empty out water that comes from decondensation. It'll cool down the entire room which would be really nice.

Cons: It's pricey.. 5 bills. It requires that u install some kind of venting hole in your window (not sure how i would do that).

So i have no idea what to get. At this pace of me making my decision - i don't think i'll get one this summer. I wanna try out the Air Cooler.. but i don't want to regret it later and think i should have spent the extra money and got the AC. I know there are a few of you who read this. SO PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT TELLING WHICH ONE I SHOULD GET.. OR YOU WOULD GET.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Microwave Safety Tips

Note to self: Always check if the container your using is microwave safe.

Note to self: Never cover something in the microwave with a Stove Top

Note to self: Never Ever put foil in the microwave.. i saw sparks when i did this.. and left a nice big black mark inside my microwave.

Monday, July 14, 2003

Song of the Day: Lee Gi Chan - Cold

I did the right thing (i think) today.. i told her, "I'm sorry about what i told you last year, i didn't want to complicate your life. I'm sorry i was so bad to you when we were going out. I look at myself today and realize that i have a lot of regrets. If i could bring back the time - i would change it all; but i can't, so i want you to be happy. Even if that's not with me, i'm going to have to learn to accept that. Remember the good and bad times we had together, and try to think of it as a good experience. To be honest, i felt ill and weak when i saw you the other day and i'm going thru some hard times right now. I want you to know, that you'll have a secret place in my heart - and you can always come back when you need a friend to talk to."

I think this was the closure i really needed. I had my home boys to keep me company and cheer me up today. Thanks guys.
I went to Kareoke and sang my lungs out to a bunch of sappy songs. Drank some more.. and ate some good food at Sik Do Rak. I'm moving on.. i let it go today. She'll be better off w/o me. My songs of the month are:

1. Cold by Lee Gi Chan


Can't I love you? I can't do anything about my feelings towards you.
Because of you, i cried and smiled - yet i was still happy.
Will one year be enough? Will you come back to me?
Why didn't you even tell me to wait.
I was so sick that i couldn't breath, nor talk, please understand.

I'll do it.. i'll try to forget. I'll erase.. i'll try to erase.
Why can't i do it, even when i try to forget?
It feels like you will come back to me if i wait.

Will one year be enough? Will you come back to me?
Why didn't you even tell me to wait.
I was so sick taht i couldnt' breath, nor talk, please understand.

If time goes by, it has to be me.
Just one day has to be it.
I was so sick.. so hard to breath that i couldn't talk, please understand.

Until the day - i will love you.


I'm sure i could have chosen better words to translate the song, but i'm too lazy. Hard to explain what the lyrics mean in english.. but it makes a lot of sense in Korean and how i feel right now.

2. Handshake by Bi


The word to split up, the word to stop seeing eachother
How can you say them with such comforting face and tone?
How can it be so easy? Is splitting up nothing to you?
How can you smile?
Is the word, "It was fun" all you can say?

It was love for me..
It may have been a good time for you
But it was love to me
Love that i felt for the first time.

After meeting you, i felt happiness for the first time.
But you and your excuses are trying to leave me.
Do you always meet and split up?
Is the time we spent together, just another good time for you?

It was love for me..
It may have been a good time for you
But it was love to me
Love that i felt for the first time.

This hand that i'm holding for this handshake i am looking at
If i make this handshake, you will turn around and what am i supposed to do?

It was love for me..
It may have been a good time for you
But it was love to me
Love that i felt for the first time.

Love that i felt for the last time.


Sunday, July 13, 2003

Love is a Gamble

There's a saying in korean.. that Women have one door to their hearts.. and Men have many windows. The logic behind that is that a woman usually only loves one man at a time; so if she breaks up with someone - the guy leaves her heart and another guy enters.. and there's only room for one person.

Men on the other hand have many windows, so they always keep indulging in past relationships and past lovers. I think this is pretty damn true. I came to that realization this weekend. I did a lot of self reflection these past few days and i feel like crap.

Men are also said to never forget their "first love" or "chut sarang".. while girls have the ability to forget and move on.

I'm sure this isn't true to every person in this planet - but it's been pretty common these days to me as a i look around my midst.
While doing my self reflection - i realized that i have been a bad bf overall since i started dating. I'm not going into detail on that because it's different with each girl. If i was a girl - and i knew me as me.. i would probably not date me. So i'm trying to change these days.. i've heard "people never change" - and hopefully i can disprove that phrase. I wanna be a good bf and hold out long term relationships like many other people do.

My relationships seem to end because of my insecurity and fear of getting hurt. I was hurt in High School so i never dated much then.. and in College when i started again - i was very defensive and terminated my relationships as soon as i felt unsafe. Now i realize that sometimes relationships are a gamble - and what u gamble is the possibility of getting hurt. You who are reading this probably knew this and take me for an idiot.. and i probably knew it too - but was blinded by fear.

I'm downloading a few movies right now:

1. Biker Boyz (not worth renting .. i heard it sucks but i love bikes.. so imma watch it)
2. Anthwone Fisher (pae recommended it)
3. Basic (john travolta fan)

I drank quite a grip yesterday.. but the alcohol didn't really hit me at all. I was a nervous wreck all night to even feel my head spin. I was confused.. but after talking to my closest friends, i see in a straight line again.
What happened was I saw .... (hmm i wonder if i should even write this stuff in here.. who knows who reads this stuff).
.. i saw my ex-gf at a convention. That relationship was the longest one that i had - and it couldn't have been more mutual as per our physical chemistry and bond mentally. I can honestly say i was in love with her.. not just like her a lot.. it was a nice warm love feeling. She was the first girl .. in all my life.. that made me think about marriage.

I thought i forgot about her last year around this same time and let her go.. but after seeing her again - weird emotions came back .. my arms were shaking and my knees felt weak. I guess i didn't let her go .. when i thought i did. We had broken up about 3 years ago. I always thought we would get back together someday because it was meant to be.. but 2 years ago - another guy came into her life while she was trying to get over me and i guess comforted her while i wasn't there. From there - they're friendship became more than that.. and they've been going out since. Last year when i saw her - i told her everything.. i just spilled my guts out and told her i still cared for her and wanted to get back together and that she was all i ever wanted. But she was with that other guy at the time - and told me no. Not sure if she cried, but told me "why didn't you do or talk to me sooner".. i felt bad after that. She even took my Yupki Tokki..

There was still no closure.. (i always need closures in my relationships.. i learned that i hate clinging on) so after all the drinking last night and talking to friends - i've decided to let her go. I think she is pretty serious with that other guy - their folks met each other already.. and are talking marriage i think. I want her to be happy - and if that's not with me, then i'm okay with that. I plan on telling this to her tomorrow night.. i hope and pray to God she will see me for a few minutes. (i hope i don't break down in front of her either).

"Letting someone go (for their sake and happiness) is a bigger sign of affection/love than just love"

I'm not gonna lie, i felt like hurting the guy that is currently going out with her. I just have bad vibes when i see him. I try to make eye contact with him - but he keeps avoiding me. One good punch is the face is what i thought.. But will i feel better or worse after that? I dreamed about crippling him so that maybe she'll come back to me. But what kind of a man would i be if i did that? I thought about talking to him mano a mano and telling him to make her happy and that his a very lucky guy, but my friends tell me that's pussy shit. Maybe it is.. maybe it isn't. I haven't decided about that yet.

I have a lot of regrets.. in all of my relationships. I don't think i have a single one i don't regret. People make mistakes.. and that's how they learn. But why do i make so many? Ugh. My biggest regret though - wasn't the girl in this story - rather it was my "chut sarang".. a girl i liked for all four years of High School. She was like the most easy to get along with type of girl. Her people skillz were off the charts. She was beautiful, smart, energetic, easy going, down to earth.. and just had all the characteristics that i look in a girl. I'm not sure if i'll ever meet a girl like her again. Took me a long time to get over her. I know she's happy wherever she is.. so i'll let it die there.

Regrets, regrets, regrets.. i need to change. I feel miserable.

Again, a guy has many windows.. these are just two of my windows i felt like writing (also these are the two girls that probably will never read this). I have many other regrets - some really special gf's in my life that i didn't see until it was too late. What can a man do though? Move on Peter.. is what my cousin Simon tells me.. yeah.. i should move on.

On a final note, these were great experiences for me to learn about life. But when the time comes for me to love again, that will be the only person i love.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Sick of BR

I actually woke up early today.. around 10am.. and was able to look some pasta for myself. I did the dishes and a few chores here and there - and went to work at 12pm. Dang.. it was a long day today!.. 9 hours at the mall. I was getting close to sick of banana for once.

Afterwards, Simon visited with Lucas and my cousin Romina to go eat at Kabuki - a japanese restaurant. All the workers there were Korean though - and they were speaking broken japanese. Just "welcome" and "thank you".. lol.

Now i'm home.. I updated bjunkyard for the first time in like 6 months i think.. i feel good about it.. so proud of myself. haha.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Woman in Denial

I've been busy watching movies lately. James has a vastly wide collection of DVD's he let me borrow.

1. Gangs of New York
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. The Goodfellas

For the most part - all three movies were great. Gangs of New York seemed like a musical cuz of all the fancy costumes. Nevertheless, it didn't bore me so that was coo.

Shawshank redemption was VERY slow - but i enjoyed it because it was a happy/dramatic/savy ending. The good guy wins and the bad guys loose.. so i liked it - unlike Gladiator or Braveheart.

The Goodfellas is another good gangster movie. I love gangster movies... Godfather, Scarface, etc. So this one was a must watch too.

I have also been playing Frozen Throne in Hard Mode.. and it's freaking hard. I die many times in each level so i have to keep restarting on my saved games. I should probably try to play in normal mode now.

Manager pissed me off at work - this bitch keeps talking out of her ass when she doesn't even know what's going on. Thinks she knows everything. I swear, i'm going to break her balls one of these days. A week ago - she came out of the bathroom and this roaring stench followed her from the bathroom. She said, "Dang, it smells in there - and it wasn't me".. and walks shamelessly and quickly out of the room. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, until a co-worker who was right next to me, and was in the restroom minutes before she went in told me, "It didnt' smell like that when i was in there"... HAHAHA.. he continued, "You know why it smells like that when she comes out? It's because she doesn't drink enough water, she doesn't clean all that crap inside of her. So when she releases, it smells. Also she's too fat to reach around her waist to wipe her ass - so she just smells."

Omg, that just cracked me up and was laughing every time i saw her. I wasn't trying to be mean - i assure u i know how it feels to be fat, but the fact that she tried to deny that it was her just shows what a hard headed woman she is. She should have just quietly walked away.

Peter, you've gained a lot of weight this past year. I think your weighing in at 187lbs. You used to be 160lbs! How are you going to loose 27lbs? Damn it! I don't know! I guess i should start on a serious diet soon - i dont' like feeling this bloated.

When i don't get as lazy as I currently am - i should apply for citizenship so that i can work in Korea w/o having to attend their mandatory army requirement. I wanna go back to my country and live there for a few years.. i think it would be a good experience. Pae's sister is doing that right now - and i think she's having a good time. I just realized how fast my hair grows. It's been maybe a little over a month, and it's so long already. Considering how short i cut it last month.. this is amazing. It's getting hot these days.. i wanna cut it short again! So tempting.

Saturday, July 05, 2003

BBQ.. Life is Good

4th of July! There was so much fireworks everywhere - it was easy to see them. On the highway, there were also many firetrucks on the side cuz some of the fireworks started bush fires all over the place.

It's 4am.. i need to wake up at 7:30am to go to work.. i wonder if i should sleep for 3.5 hours. I wasn't able to wake up yesterday.. so i'm a bit distressed about if i should sleep or just pull an all niter.

Today, the boys and I had some good BBQ.. burgers and hot dogs. Night life was rather interesting. I use that word a lot these days.. "Interesting".. prob cuz i have nothing else to use. Not everyone came today, Jay and Pae didn't show up which sucked cuz we had so much extra food. We bought too much food considering how many ppl came.

That's about it..

Friday, July 04, 2003

Pervs in Ktown

damn blogger! it erased most of my blogs from last year. Oh my god.. i think i should change it to or something. This place blows! i was hoping to keep a good archive so that i could read it a few years from now.

Today was chill - had dinner with a few ppl.. i never liked sushi - but it was interesting to say the least today. Then for the night - the crew and i just chilled around ktown. Omg - my house is so hot right now, i'm sweating. Little sweat is running down my face.. 'wipe'wipe' - oh yeha, went to Palm Tree today. Very interesting evening. There's a small dance floor there with a club like atmosphere but it's all old ppl and a few young ppl. I saw some old men HELLA checking out these girls dancing. It was like - damn.. try to be a little more discrete u perv!

I feel bad for Jay - he has to work 12 hours tomorrow and can't come to our bbq at the park. It also sucks how he has two sets of friends. One is me and Simon and the group - and he has another set of friends (japanese) i think that he hangs out with. He doesn't call us when he's hanging out with the other ppl - yet expects us to call him and invite him to everything we do. Kinda selfish huh? I mean, it's coo to have more friends - but it seems as if his embarrassed of us and doesn't want his other friends to hang out with us because of what his other friends will think of him. I don't get it. It's his deal though .. whatevers. He was being the party pooper again today.. ruining the mood.

I don't know, maybe i'm looking into this a bit too much, but it's pretty simple. If u can't call us to hang out when you're with your other friends, don't be pissed cuz we don't call u when we're out. ya know? I think it's logical. Homies should stay together, you're not a super star that needs to be everywhere with everyone.

I think most of our group is REALLY down to earth, and easy going - so it's whatevers to everything. Ppl should stop taking everything so seriously and getting pissed off about everything like a sissy on PMS. Enough ranting.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Traffic.. ugh

Just got back home from a drive towards Ventura.. The whole trip took about 3 hours because of traffic.

I thank God that i don't have to make that drive on a daily basis - and feel bad towards those who do. It's horrible! Now I know what ppl mean by LA traffic. I didn't realize it until today because i usually never drive around peak times.

Anyways, i picked up my eye glasses that i had left behind 3 months ago.. so i can finally see!

Weird Ppl

Damn.. some ppl are just weird... weird.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

First Time in Cold Dip

today was pretty chill - woke up late because i didn't have work - had dinner with Eric and hit up Bally's to work out for a bit.

I tried the cold dip today.. and it's serious coldness in there. I stayed in there for 30 seconds and thought i had hypothermia. But it feels good after u get out.

Sissy's Suck

Paid my bills today.. and sent out a few letters.

Went to work for 6 hours at night..

The day before that - i went to work late at night too and hung out with Eric cuz he wanted to talk.

Omg.. i hate sissies. I wonder where that word came from. Sissy. Sissie? Sisi! I get the next 2 days off.. so imma try to make the most out of them.

I finished downloading Bourne Identity so probably going to watch that.

Monday, June 30, 2003

Beno and Kaela Getting Married

Woke up pretty late today. Watched "The Outer Limits" which was interesting. Around 5pm i picked up James and went over to Simon's house.. James insisted we take local streets because it would be faster.. but i think it took us longer. After we got there, we went to Vons and picked up some juicy steaks, salad, drinks, etc. I signed up for a Vons card so that we could save $11 bucks.. haha. No biggie, cuz all they need is your name and address.. nothing else. As long as i didn't have to give any personal information.

We started the propane powered grill outside Simon's house and started to cook the steaks and hot links that James bought. Gosh.. i ate so much! The steaks were delicious.. and we had a lot of left overs. Afterwards, we chilled at Simon's house for a bit, then went to drink some Boba. Came home around 12am - and did some organizing around the house. I re-organized all my clothes and realized there's a bunch of stuff i never wear because it was stacked away. So i took the winter clothes and traded it off with Summer clothes. I also finished the dishes and will probably vacuum tomorrow.

I also have to pay the electric bill and my rent tomorrow.

Sorry i can't make it guys - but i will be there in spirit. I hope the best for you because i seriously think u were made for each other. Always look at your cups half full and recognize that communication is the key to a great relationship.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Scarface.. Dissapointing

Yesterday i watched Braveheart and Scarface. Braveheart brought back some good ol memories. Gosh.. William gets backstabbed TWICE!!! doh!.

Scarface got some very good reviews from my friends so i watched it - but it didn't come towards my expectations. Maybe cuz there are so many drug related movies.. i sorta expected everything that happened in it. I like those movies that keeps you guessing.. like "Matrix 1" was good cuz you never knew what was going to happen.

Today - i came home really late. um like 2pm to be exact. I spent the night at my friend Humbe's house cuz i didn't have a ride home. I think last night was wack - but can't complain cuz i was drunk and made it a little better. Couple things happened that i didn't like.

1. Ppl kept wanting to go home. If you want to go home - that's coo, but i don't think there is a need to ruin everyone's mood by acting all pissed off. I mean, if there was really something that happened that night that bothered you, i think the ppl involved should talk about it. I guess the group needs to start planning ahead by actually counting heads and rides. And ppl who need to leave early or want to leave early should come by themselves or meet up in LA so nobody gets stranded.

2. Ppl were drunk - and some of these ppl got violent! Haha.. i mean amongst friends! There is no need for that - we are all on the same side.

3. Ppl got selfish.. i'm not going into details about this. But Peter, u know what this is about. It's becoming a tradition that whatever we think it's going to be.. never is.

Dang.. i don't have anyone to see movies with cuz most of my friends already watched it with other ppl. Doh!.. Yeah yeah.. please no pity. I mean - if ppl don't wanna invite me to watch a movie i'll just rent it on DVD right? Haha.. gotta keep my head up. Movies to watch:

1. Too Fast Too Furious (yes i know it sucked - but i watched the first one already)
2. Hulk (i'm a comic book fan)
3. Charlies Angels 2 (ooh.. 3 hot girls..)
4. Italian Job (more cars)

I was thinking: when somebody compliments you - shouldn't you be humble and not acknowledge the comment? I think this is the case in Asian cultures. But i think it gets freakin annoying when someone compliments you and u deny it.. they keep nailing you with the same subject for the rest of the night. Oh and even worse is when they start torching themselves by saying how they can never be you - and want you to teach them how to become you. Confusing huh? yes. i know.

The idea that guys are more evil than girls has existed forever. Girls are supposed to be more faithful and wutnot. But i think through out the centuries.. it has always been close to equal. Both male and females have their share of cheating, lies, and deceit. Um.. i just thought of a nice sentence but forgot it. OH well.. i'll leave this thought here.

Wow.. i've been having so much free time i think about some weird stuff. I left Pae a message asking if he got home okay.. but he didn't call back... I wonder why.....

I have this itch to update bjunkyard.. i shall do it tomorrow since i have nothing else better to do. Oh yeah.. i'll go work out tomorrow as well. WOW SO EXCITING!

Friday, June 27, 2003


I just finished watching Gladiator for my second time. The first time was at the theaters when it first came out. I always knew it was one of my favorite movies after Braveheart - but i forgot why.. until i finished watching it just now.

It's a DAMN good movie!.. gosh it's so dramatic because of all the outcomes that could have happened. If the directors wanted, they could have made like a million different endings cuz the storyline is so unpredictable. The movie just makes you fall in love (not literally) with Maximus for the person that he is.

His friend general that betrays him during the beginning .. and takes command from the son of Ceasar.. damn i hate that guy. I think there should have been more dialogue between them two in the movie after he was betrayed. What kind of a friend is that? Asshole didn't even say he was sorry even though he knew he wasn't doing the right thing.

I think the story could have been better too - if Maximus did escape and brought his 5,000 soldiers back with him and slaughtered all those idiots who betrayed him. And what's with that bitch (daughter of Caesar) who told her brother everything and ruined the plan? She could have sent her son away or ran away.. but nooo.. she was too dumb.

And at the end - i was waiting for her to say "I'm sorry Maximus, but i had to do it to save my son" or something like that - but instead she just told him to die: "Go to them".. omg! i wanted to bitch slap her. I think that's what i wanted to get off my chest after watching this movie. I had so many thoughts while watching it i just had to write it down somewhere. I think i'll watch Braveheart tomorrow.. and Scarface - i heard that was good with Al Pacino.

My ranting may sound irrational cuz if the related events didn't happen, it wouldn't have been so melodramatic.. i know.. but i'm just being tru to mah self.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

New Tires

Hey guys.. i safely drove to America's Tires today and talked to the guys. He said he would price match for $77 a piece but would charge me $100 to install.

I told him that diminishes the reason to price match - and he told me if anybody else came in to install tires he would charge them $100 bucks - so buying it from Tirerack doesn't necessarily mean u would get the better deal unless u knew somebody that would install it for free.

I checked around for tire specs and the Yokohama AVS ES100 which had better ratings than the Kumho's. They were the same price so i went for those. The tires look great.. they also feel a lot better than the stock bridgestones. The road noise on the freeway got a lot quieter in my mind.. but who knows. I got them for $430 total with tax and everything.. kinda pricey.. but i was in a rush to get tires.

Thanks everyone for your input. I miss u guys - hopefully i'll see u guys next time i'm up there.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Plans for Norcal

Omg.. carolee still checks my blog. I feel so honored. Hey Carolee! You should join Friendster..

And i doubtfully will be in the Bay for 4th of July. I plan on going up Late July for the 3rd annual bjunkyard bbq! yeah!

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Flava You're an Idiot

Please read my last post, and the comments. Apparently i have ppl still viewing this blog. I don't know who u are flava - but this blog is my own creation and i don't' plan on running any sort of spell check before i publish my entries. Why? Because i could care less how many typo's i have since it's not an English paper. If you come here to criticize my grammar.. i think you're in the wrong place.

I told myself i would update this place more often.. but i haven't been doing many things on my list:

1. Work out at the Gym.. so tough to get back on track.
2. Update this blog
3. Update bjunkyard one of these days..
4. Go back to the Bay
5. Stop wasting money on alcohol.

hah.. i'm watching this stupid infomercial about sum stupid product. Damn these late night infomercials.
Banana has been scheduling me for very late shifts.. so my sleeping habits have been screwed. I sleep at noon and work at night. Pae's bday is this friday - i wonder what he has planned. Nothing much going on these days because all i do is work.. and sleep.. and play warcraft 3. haha.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Matrix Reloaded

Life is hectic these days. Last days of finals and lots of alcohol. So tired to write it all out right now. Today i went to a convention and saw matrix reloaded. Damn that thing was confusing. I didn't like the confusing parts.. but the special effects and fighting scenes were well executed.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Car Wash

Wow.. pretty productive day. Washed my car for the first time since February i think.. or was it January. Anyways it's nice and clean.. but since i didn't wash it for so long - it has a lot of spots. And it's more noticeable than other cars cuz mine is white! doh!.. i'm going to have to Clay Bar it in the future.

I'm also doing my laundry right now.. so that will be done with in another hour or so. I need to get a hair cut.. but no money and too lazy.. haha. Oh well.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Rejected by Cal Grant

Omg.. i haven't blogged in the longest time. I guess this sorta filters out most of the visitors here. I know i don't visit any of the blogs that dont' get updated anymore. I'm not sure why i stopped blogging.. i always thought i was doing this for myself to write down everything i have been doing as a diary. But then - after 7 months of doing it periodically it became boring and time consuming. I was actually happier playing video games rather than writing here and updating bjunkyard.

Looks like, i stopped my last blog entry while being sick. Maybe that had something to do with it. I was pretty damn sick that week.. i think it lasted about 7-8 days of severe fever and constant stuffed nose.

I have been pretty busy lately.. finals are coming up - i've been working constantly all day. I have been using these Crest Whitestrips for the past 2 weeks.. and am noticing a pretty good difference. I think i'll get a second box and keep using it.

I also got rejected from Cal Grant. Assholes.. i won't go further into that cuz i'm bitter.

i cant think of things to write right now.. i'll write more later.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Still Sick

I'm sick.. i have a flu or a cold.. i feel horrible right now..

Sunday, March 09, 2003

I am Sick

I've been doing nothing lately.. nothing by not going out. I've been staying home because i'm SICK! I came home last night at 7pm.. and woke up the following morning at 11am.. and was STILL tired. Dang.. but i had to go to work - so wakey wakey.

I have a bunch of hw to do tomorrow too.. bleh. Can't write much cuz there is nothing to write about.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Shopping Spree!

Haven't blogged in a while - let's see....

On thursday i went out with Pae to ktown galleria, Del Amo Fashion Center and Sports Mart.. it was quite a shopping spree for us. Pae got a new pair of eye glasses that have a really nice tint to them. I went ahead and bought some GA (Giorgio Armani) sunglasses, something i've been wanting since SJ. I never owned an expensive pair of sunglasses before. The one i always keep in my car is like $10 from a gas store.
Then at Del Amo i bought some Lean pill that will boost my metabolism because i decided to loose a few lbs before the summer kicks in. Also a Keneth Cole watch.. this is also something i've always wanted. Every single pair of watch that i've owned has been either a fake or a cheap 50cent watch from one of those lottery games at an arcade. I returned them the following day though - because i found out i get an employee discount at Watch Works (20% off).

We also headed to Sports Mart where i bought a ski outfit. I have been meaning to buy something for a while but was too cheap to get anything. It's actually a pretty nice outfit.. and got a damage discount for the pants cuz it had a stain in it. I took the stain out however using Shout Wipes.. (I swear it's mans most incredible invention). I really disliked my other ski outfit because it was SO outdated. The jacket was ugly.. and the pants was overalls that didn't really fit me. So i'm happy.. and it's something i needed anyways.

Why the money spending all of a sudden? Sometimes - i go a little crazy and buy everything that i've wanted. It's not a big problem considering i don't do it much. But i have been buying a lil too much these days.. and should budget myself again. But then again - don't you all feel as if the world is coming to an end? And won't you feel like an idiot if you've been saving money every month instead of spending it and enjoying it - and the last minute before you die; you will think to yourself.. "Man.. i could have done so many things with that money; yet i just kept it in the bank doing nothing." Next time you go out - think about that.. i'm not saying you should spend like an idiot. Just be smart and know how much you can safely spend and not be a Scrooge.

$200 - Refrigerator
$60 - Microwave
$120 - GA Sunglasses
$150 - Ski outfit
$60 - Vaccumm

I went snowboarding on Friday.. which was pretty coo except for the fact that my friend Jay fell on his back during a jump and had to go to the ER. I had to hopelessly wait there for 4 hours and didn't get home until 10 or 11pm. I'd show some pics.. but Pbase started to charge ppl to use their service. Oh wait.. i can show pics.

I have more.. but don't feel like posting all of them. I also have a video of myself doing a jump - then eating the ice. That was my only fall though.. believe it or not.. i think i got nervous cuz i knew on the back of my mind that i was being taped and didn't wanna mess up.

Saturday - Yong came over and we headed to LA. The night itself was pretty coo except for one part when a few ppl were being idiots and made other ppl uncomfortable. Which in turn, lead them to go home with the excuse, "it's getting late and we are tired." But obviously, i knew it wasn't that - they were probably upset and felt left out. I feel bad for Yong because it was mostly his friends and i told them i would show them a good time in ktown.

However, after they left - Yong Pae and I went to New York New York and had some good times and followed up at a NoRaeBang.

Sunday - i slept most of the day and watched Smallville with Yong. It was a really good episode with Christopher Reeves.. and apparently, Superman was sent to this Earth to conquer and be a Godlike person. That's a new fact into it's saga. I had to go to work at 7pm so Yong went back to SD.

Today - I slept in once again because i didn't have to work. I went to buy food and to the USPS later at night to drop off my rent money as well. That's about it.. nothing much else happened. I still need to go to traffic school.. someone please keep reminding me cuz i'm putting it off like a lazy bug. I will also start updating bjunkyard again - i think it's time to be more efficient.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

eBay Nightmare

It's only been 3 days since the last time i blogged, but it seems like it has only been about a day. I guess time just flew right past me.

I'm starting to get a lot of things for my studio.. when i first came to LA - i thought about living very simple. A bed, desk, computer, and a small fridge. But now - i got all these posters from BR with frames that cost me $24 a piece.. I have a queen size mattress.. Desk with computer obviously - a small oven toaster.. I brought my reclining chair from home and also brought my 13" TV. I have an ab roller in the corner and bunch of other crap.

I recently bought:

1. Stainless Steel Fridge. I'll take a picture of it one of these days and show it here - it's perfect for me cuz it's not too small nor too big. It was $199 but i got $10 off cuz it was the last one on display.
2. I got a 900W microwave. The salesperson at Home Depot was trying to make me buy the 1200W which was $20 more.. but i was like.. err.. i don't need that much power. This microwave cost $59.99
3. I got a small vacuum cleaner. It's very small and compact - yet it's VERY powerful.. i can totally feel that thing sucking air when I'm using it. $60

I still want to buy a entertainment system. But this will come eventually when i have extra cash laying around. A few trips not gone to Ktown might help me do that. haha.

1. 25 or 27" TV
2. DVD player
3. VCR
4. TV Stand with cabinets for the DVD and VCR.
5. New computer speakers cuz mine are sorta broken.

I think other than that - i'm pretty set right now.. i don't feel the need to buy anything else right now.. is there anything else that i even need? Man - i've been charging my card so much to buy all this - now i gotta pay it off.

I also had to deal with eBay for quite some time now. Not really a great place to buy things cuz there are always problems.

1. The first story is when i bought my Geforce3 Ti500 video card off this guy.. i got it for a decent price and when i opened it - the fan didn't work. So i tried to fix it - and broke it. Thankfully the guy had a $200 insurance on the thing - so i sent it back to him so he could claim that. It almost seemed as though it was a scam to begin with. He gladly refunded me my money back. But then now i had to bid on another video card to replace that one.

2. I got a 64MB CF card for my digi cam - which works perfectly.. that was a good transaction.

3. I got a 512MB PC2100 DDR ram cuz one of my ram chips was damaged. OH yeah.. do you remember when my computer kept rebooting and giving me the blue screen of death? It was ALL because of the stupid ram.. not because of the video card.. not because of my motherboard, HD, or anything else. My theory is that when the rear fan broke.. and wasn't working at the correct RPM - the ram got too hot and burned out. Anyways, the computer ran very slowly with only 256MB.. so i bought the 512 and now i have 768MB. The computer is working great. But when i first installed the ram chip - the computer wouldn't boot.. so i thought i had gotten another mickey mouse.. and got pretty pissed off. I was thinking of how horrible it is to keep going back to the post office to return these items and have to deal with bidding again.

However, after a few more tries in different combinations of slot positions - it just magically worked. So now i'm happy and it's all good.

4. The current video card i'm running is a VistionTek Geforce3 Ti200 with 64MB.. i got it for a pretty good price and even got my shipping refunded, cuz the guy forgot to ship it 2 day fedex, instead shipped it with Priority mail. When i got the card - one of the ramSink had fallen apart and was dangling inside the anti-static bag. The backbone metal piece was also bent badly.

Now i was pissed again.. how could this shit happen twice? Ugh! So i used some pliers and fixed the metal piece, but i didn't have any thermal adhesive to put the ramsink back together. I e-mailed that guy and explained what happened. At this point, i really did not want to ship another card back - and have to deal with bidding all over again. OH yes, i forgot to mention - why all of this was going on.

- My video card Geforce4 MX fuxored on me.. so i didn't have a computer for a bit. I went to best buy and bought a Geforce4 Ti4200 for $189 bucks. I knew it was a rip off - but i had no other choice because i couldn't use my computer to buy something online. Best Buy also had a 30 day refund policy so i had 30 days to bid on eBay for a decent card. After the first card i got from eBay came with a bad fan - that was 2 weeks into it.. so i was running out of time to return this one.

And back to my story.. when i got the current card i have right now, it was a Monday and actually the 30th day i had kept the GeForce4 Ti4200 which i went and returned. SO.. obviously i didn't want to return the card i bid on eBay because that would leave me w/o a video card on my computer.
The card itself works flawlessly at the moment.. so i'm not complaining but the heatsink worries me because it's there for a reason. Heat is the #1 cause of hardware failures.. so yeah. I e-mail that guy again and told him I would prefer not to ship it back to him.
First off he refunded me $15 for shipping cuz he fuxored up.. and now he even ordered a thermal adhesive from for $20 to keep me happy. Now that's a great eBayer. Hopefully when the adhesive comes, the card will be brand new again.

I guess all in all - everything worked out with the eBay deal - but there was so much hassle for some of the bids.. unless you really want something for cheap - i would stay away from eBay.

I'm at the CSULB computer lab right now.. i had some extra time to write all of this. I have to drive to Home Depot today to return an extension plug and buy a multiple extension plug. I will probably also stop by Food4Less and buy some frozen food now that i have a fridge.

Friday, February 21, 2003

Free Gatorade!

Another pretty productive day.

I went to school early today - and made it to class a whole 5 minutes early. I think my teacher was surprised, cuz she kept looking at me and bulging her eyes open.
Then i went straight home and got a call from BR asking me to fold down the chinos (cuz i'm the only one who knows how to do them in a special way). There is some visit from a corporate person tomorrow so i went in for 4 hours and did that.

Later i picked up Simon and went to eat some dinner at a Chinese place, and we all went to play basketball. I'm so out of shape.. i couldn't do much - but i got a second wind on our last game. I guess i had to get my body working again. We finished our last game with a bet - loser pays for gatorade. Me and Simon beat James and Jay - so we headed to Chevron and got some free gatorade.

I dropped off Simon and wanted to ask my uncle to borrow the truck so that i could buy a fridge, but he was busy on the phone and i didn't want to bother him, so i just came back home.

Oh yea - i mailed in my fafsa today - haha! i was procrastinating on that for so long. I also mailed all of my tax stuff to my dad to get it to our agent.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

So Many Things I Need

Very productive day today. I was able to force myself to wake up - then i finished my laundry - went to the post office to ship back a video card from eBay that was DOA (damaged on arrival) - went to get my haircut - went to blockbusters since it was on the way back to see what the deal was with them charging my credit card.

I guess that's not much, but it was a lot for me. Oh yeah, i also went to Home Depot to check out some fridges, and i found the perfect size for me.. it's $199 - the only problem now is that i have to find a truck to put it in..

Now that I'm going to have a fridge, I'm gonna need a microwave. Dang.. so many things i have to get. I also want to get a bigger TV.. and a TV stand - VCR, DVD player. I'm so greedy huh? I'm almost done with my FAFSA too - hopefully I'll qualify this year and get some money to pay all this crap off.

That's about it for today - do you ever have that feeling in the back of your mind that you're forgetting something, or forgetting to do something? But you just can't figure out what it is? Then you forget about it thinking it was nothing, and later it hits you smack on the face. I got that feeling right now.. it sucks.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

UPS Sucks. Use Fedex

Nothing much going on these days.. it's v-day tomorrow so the mall was packed. Specially 10 minutes before we closed.. i guess all the slackers decided to head to the mall at that time. I woke up late today.. actually i woke up at 10am.. then decided to sleep another 15 minutes.

I woke up again - went to turn on the shower, and looked at the clock and noticed it was 11:40am.. DOH!.. so whatevers.. i didn't go to class. I feel so guilty whenever i don't go - because i miss out on what i have to do for hw, miss on lecture, etc. I e-mailed my teacher just now.. hopefully she won't be angry. (i didn't tell her I overslept.. haha).

I went to work on time though.. work was really busy - so time flew by. Now i'm at home.. pondering what i should do.

OH! the thing that sucks though - is the freakin UPS guy came hella late.. so i wasn't able to catch him. I stayed home until 2:30pm.. and he never showed. But once i got back from work, i had one of those slips on my door saying he was here. That bastard.. they usually come at 12pm.. but NOoooo.. not this time. uGh!

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Bodyshop in North Hollywood

Body Shop:

Arroyo Autobody
6901 Farmdale Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91605

(818)-765-7430 ask for Rafael

BR On-Call

Yet another slow day.. woke up and called in to work to see if they needed to take my on-call. They said no, so i went back to sleep when they called back around 2pm and told me someone called in sick and told me i needed to come in at 5pm. So i worked 5 to 10 and then went to Starbucks and chilled for a bit and came home.

Monday, February 10, 2003

Mechanic in North Hollywood

Here is my new mechanic:

I live in the valley... and my mechanic is awesome and extremely knowledgeable. Paul can do, and install anything you want. Give him a call and tell him that Tyler sent you. Ask for Gene (Owner) or Paul(head mechanic) when you call.

J&C Import Car Care (Honda+Acura Only)
5810 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601


New Computer Problems..

A rather uneventful day today.. woke up.. went to work to cover some girls shift. After, i went to church - then went home to eat Ramen! I was craving that all day. The cool thing about today was i didn't spend a penny all day. Simon and Jinah came over a little later and hung out for a bit and went home.

Now i'm sitting here trying to figure out my computer problem again.. it's been acting up again even after the new fan. UGH! I think it's either the ram or MB now..

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Pointe in LA

Today was a lot better.. I woke up and went to work - which wasn't that bad. Time went by pretty fast so it didn't bore me out. Afterward, Simon came over my house and we chilled for bit before i headed over to Pointe with Judy and a few of her friends.

It was pretty chill and i got a good buzz.. nothing much else other than Pae feeling sick. That foo needs to sleep .. and so do i.

Saturday, February 08, 2003

Bailing out a Friend

Lol.. i thought yesterday was wack.. tonight was even more wack. I feel bad for a lot of ppl right now.. and i spent +/- $600 bucks today helping out friends.
Can't really explain much about it here.. too many ppl i don't know come here. If you wanna know details IM me.

Friday, February 07, 2003

Wackity Wack Wack!

Omg tonight was so wack. Wackity wack wack wack...
Went to school - couldn't find parking so ran in circles for 30 minutes. Got to class late - went to work, then to LA where it was just wack.


Thursday, February 06, 2003

New Fan + New Video Card

i just installed my new fan.. and dang! some of the weird noises that my computer was making is gone. I guess the noises were from the old fan - i have a feeling the bearings on that old fan died.. and so there was too much friction for the fan to spin. Hence it put a lot of load on the motherboard trying to power it up to spin.. this could have caused problems.

The new fan is really cool because it doesn't use the motherboard for power - it uses a connection directly from the power supply.. and it has double bearings for longer lasting life. I won an auction on ebay for a Visiontek GeForce3 Ti500 64MB for $100 bucks.. not bad considering these ti500's still go for 200+ online. Now i can return the card i bought at Best Buy for 180 bucks. I think i could have gotten a lower card such as the GeForce2 GTS cards.. but i got a little greedy.. doh!

The new fan is pretty quiet.. "double bearings".. yeah..~ It took a while to install it because the screws on the back of the computer weren't coming off as easily as i thought.
I also took some time to clean all the dust ouf of the computer.. i wish i had a vaccum cleaner right now cuz it's SO dusty in there.

I took off the fan on the CPU and cleaned that out - and also had a bitchy time cleaning the heatsinks on the CPU..

Financial Aid Fail

Yesterday i went to school early - saw a financial aid advisor who told me it's really hard to claim independency to get more money. I would have to write a letter explaining why i believe i shouldn't have to report my parents income along side 2 other letters. One from a relative - and another one from a non-biased person (lawyer, doctor, law officer, minister) explaining why my parents wouldn't help me with college. Bleh.. i dunno if i'm going to go thru all that.

I totally have to fill this thing out though.. it's due pretty soon so i'm going to do it by this weekend.

I went to my classes and came home and went to work. After work I met up with some friends to eat dinner and then they came over my house to chill.

Today.. Simon spent the night - and we woke up pretty late. We headed over to Cerritos to eat some lunch - then we went to Best Buy to check out some refrigerators.. but they didn't have the size that i wanted. So i'm going to Home Depot this weekend to check some other ones out. We then went to work out - and met up with a few ppl in LA and chilled.
I also bought a new fan from Best Buy.. it was $10.. so not bad. This one also connects to a power supply rather than the MB - so hopefully it'll take away some strains.. and fix a few problems i can't quite debug.