Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More RAM Please!

I have been debating on getting a new laptop since last year. Never got around to it because the one i'm using right now still works fine. I just wanted something beefier with an updated graphics card. Around January, I noticed my computer being very slow after closing certain programs such as Photoshop which take up lots of ram. I thought it was just my computer being old, but I also believed it was because the computer was using up the entire 2gigs i had, and making up the difference from the HD cache. I figured a $70 investment on a 4gig ram made more sense than cashing out $1,200 for a new laptop. Also updated my nVidia drivers and behold - fast computer again.

Closing programs, alt-tabbing, all go much smoother now. I'm running Win7 32-bit so technically the system only registers 3.5gb of ram, but it still makes a HUGE ~~~ difference. Very happy with the upgrade considering it only cost $70.

Currently running a Dell Inspiron 1520.
2.2ghz Intel Dual Core
4gb 800mhz DDR2
120GB HD
nVidia 8600GT

Still runs like a champ.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Diet Tip #8: Eat Right

"Blah blah blah" is what i used to hear when people used to talk about just dieting or eating right instead of working out and burning calories. Things have slightly changed now. I experienced it myself. Let me tell you the back-story.

Around sometime in July when i first started working at my new job, my boss was on this crazy chicken breast diet. Chicken breast and some mixed garden salad. That's all he ate. So, he would feed me the same thing he was eating for lunch and dinner. I ended up loosing like 15 lbs in one month. However, this didn't last because we started eating really bad and late at night. Pizza, KFC, etc. Guess it was comfort food since we were so stressed out from work. From about September to December of 2012, i ate really bad. Also in November i stopped working out because i was too busy to go to the gym. Drinking Goose and Redbull at 1am didn't help either. In any case, i ended up getting a belly. The turning point was after lunch in January 2013 when my pants were too tight and i needed to unbutton the top to breath.

Round 2 began around January 15th 2013. There were two resolutions i came up with.

1. Work out at home at least every other day.

2. Eat right. Completely cut off bad sugar. Sugar is digested and is processed into fat. Sugar is bad. No more soda. Lower carb intake - specially simple carbs like White Bread or White Rice.

Eating right is harder than it seems. I crave junk food - especially food loaded with carbs. So i made an adjustment. I get to cheat on weekends. Ever so slightly.

Here's what my diet consists of and i've lost about 10 lbs in 1 month and gained about 10 lbs in muscle mass.

1. 2x Egg whites (no yolk). Seasoned with salt and pepper. Cooked in extra virgin olive oil.

Option 1: Tuna Melt. Canned Tuna / Wheat Bread / Pepperjack cheese
Option 2: Chicken Melt. Chicken Breast / Wheat Bread / Light American cheese

Option 1: Chicken Breast. Baked in a toaster oven. Marinated with olive oil and salt and pepper.
Option 2: Progresso or Chunky soup. Clam Chowder and Chicken Noodle are my favorites. Low in calories and filling.

This is lots of protein and very low in fat. I should probably add some garden salad for lunch, but i hate vegetables. I do need more fiber in my diet, and have been buying the Double Fiber wheat bread.


So far so good. My pants are now looser. I can definitely see more definition in my chest and shoulder area. I have a 2 pack.. almost 4 pack right after i work out. I feel leaner and healthier. I gotta do this for another 2 months and step up my work outs by mixing in some endurance training to get leaner.

Other Blurbs:

Shopping List. I generally go every week.

1. Dozen Eggs - $3
2. Frozen Chicken Breasts - $7 (pack of 10)
3. Canned Chicken Breasts - $3 (I try not to buy too much of this because it's expensive, but nice to have if you are in a hurry and can't defrost)
4. Water 24 pack - $3
5. Wheat Bread (double fiber) - $3
6. Canned Tuna - $89 cents each
7. Light Cheese - $4
8. Soup (Progresso / Chunky) - $2 each
9. Orange Juice $4

I buy about $30 worth of food every week. $30 / 5 = $6 per day for breakfast / lunch / dinner. That's pretty damn good.

Save money. Loose weight. Gain muscle. Be healthier. It's win win.. and more win.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Favorite TV Shows of 2013

There is some awesome TV shows returning in 2013. I just realized that many of these shows are on AMC cable channel. I would highly recommend the following:

1. Breaking Bad (drugs)
2. Game of Thrones (magic and boobies)
3. Spartacus (warning: lots of penis)
4. The Walking Dead (zombies)
5. Falling Sky (aliens)
6. How I Met Your Mother (getting closer to the final episode. who is the mom??)
7. Mentalist (Simon Baker just kills the roll as Patrick Jane)
8. Law and Order SVU (has some of the best story telling)
9. Top Gear ($$ cars.. nuff said)
10. Beauty and the Beast (only because of Kristen Kreuk - drama itself is so so)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Song of the Day: Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man

I'm in love with this song.