Friday, August 30, 2002

No Internet, New Bed

Haven't posted in a while huh?

Mostly because i haven't had internet access for the past week. Why? Cuz my freakin DSL from verizon hasn't come yet. I'm at my best friends house (pae's) place right now, checking e-mail and a few other things. So what have i been up to lately.. err.. my mind is so blurr right now that i can't think straight.

So on the 25th i started work, and basically worked for the next 3 days. Nothing really exciting happened between those days.
Actually, there was a small problem at my studio with waterbugs crawling around. I'm guessing the last tenant wasn't too good in higene. So i bought a gallon of those pest control things.. and sprayed all over. So these days - i only see maybe 1 waterbug at night which i can instantly kill with my Raid spray. It's pretty funny when u kill them with Raid, because they just crawl hella slow - then suddenly flip over and die a slow death. I'm guessing they aren't coming back because they are scared of me (well that's what Pae says).

On Wednesday, i met up with Pae and went drinking at HQ.. and on Thursday - i finally bought my queen size matress. Buying the bed was an interesting experience though.. originally i was going to IKEA or LA to buy something cheap, but didn't wanna deal with delivery - so i just went down the street from where i live to a Furniture Express store. As i walked inside, the first thing i saw was a sign that said:

Don't pick your nose
Don't make fun of the owner
Don't ask why his so short
Offenders will deal with $10 fine

So i'm looking around being really careful cuz i don't want no $10 fine. The owner was just in the corner sitting around not even wanting to help me, which sucked since none of the stuff had price tags on them and i was on a tight budget. A few minutes later, i noticed him laughing and saying something in Korean.. (oh shit).. his Korean. I go up to him and tell him that i was Korean aswell - and needed some help picking out a bed. I think he got a lil excited and was delighted to help me around (now that he knew i was a gook).
So were going around - and i tell him my situation and that i needed something cheap. He shows me a Full size bed for $130, and tells me i can buy it for $100 because i'm Korean. Okay that sounded good.. but he was telling me about how it was refurbished with new springs.. (err.. i don't want no used bed).. so he walks to the other side of the store and shows me a Queen size bed and tells me it's $190.

"I don't have $190 to spend on furniture" - i said
"I know, i'm going to give you a discount" - owner
"How much?" - i said
"Let me go check" - owner

He comes back 5 minutes later and tells me he can give it to me for $130 since he knows i'm just a student. Awesome! $30 bucks more for a new queen size bed.
Then i asked him about delivery, and he says that he can put it on top of my prelude and tie it with ropes.. i'm like Hell no.
So after a few minutes of silence, he tells me he will deliver it for free after work if i bought it the same day.. okay coo!..

So after i pay, i went home and waited for Pae who was coming over to have Pizza at my place. Around 7:30pm, the owner came over and Pae helped me unload it into my house. We ordered 2 large pizza's from Domino's and Cinastix. I think i almost exploded that night.
The rest of the night, i just stayed up watching Evangeleon on DVD which Pae let me borrow.

Today, i just sat around again watching Music Videos .. and went to PC Bang and Tapioca express with Pae around 8pm. And right at this very moment, i'm at his house updating this blog because Susan told me to. SIKE!.. i was already updating it b4 u told me to Susan!

I can't remember any more details of this past week, so i'm going to stop here. WHERE IS MY FREAKIN DSL! I ordered that last Monday!

Saturday, August 24, 2002

No Keys to Apartment

Doh.. missed yesterday's date to post on the 23rd by 30 minutes. Well it still feels like it's the 23rd to me.. althought technically it's the 24th.

I didn't do much today.. er.. yesterday. I woke up around 1pm.. tried to upload files to the new server for bjunkyard. The followed up by going to my new apartment complex to pick up my keys. After i arrived there - the manager was not there. Nothing new there - cuz she's always not there. So i waited for 30 minutes and she finally came.. and i get the following sentence, "Um.. i dont have the keys ready for you yet".. DOH!

She explains to me that the workers haven't finished refurnishing the studio because they started the job late. They still have to redo all the locks and bolts so the master key wasn't ready. She assured me however, that it would be ready by tomorrow when i move in. So fine - that's coo since the apartment is on the way towards Cerritos mall. I leave and head towards the mall where i had to pick up my schedule for next week. I arrive and talk to the role manager and get a tour of the mall.. it's a pretty small store compared to the banana at valley fair.. their stock room is the same size as the men's shoe stock room in valley fair. That doesn't bug me though, cuz i need the job and the money right now. I will probably look for a more tech (high paying job) after i settle in and know more about this new place.

I then go over to my aunts place in Cerritos which is literally 4 minutes from the mall. I play with my little cousin who is 9 months old and got to eat a bunch of food.
I later met Pae that night to go eat with his co-workers but ended up just having a coke cuz i was so full. We came home - and out of the blue Susan called me and we talked for almost 2 hours.. then talked to my mom about how i was doing. I was pretty happy when my mom told me she "really really misses me".. hehe.. never heard her say that before. It's a nice feeling to be loved/missed.

It's also funny how i was talking to a few of my friends and they all tell me to watch out for Cerritos girls cuz they're all psycho's. And when i ask them in what way, they always tell me i have to find out myself because they can't put it in words. Hmm.. i figure i should just stay away from them period.

Thursday, August 22, 2002


It was like a huge dejavu today.. sat at home in front of the computer most of the day.. then went to tapioca express around 9 again - came back home and i'm still in front of the computer. Thank goodness it'll be different tomorrow.

Things to Do..

I just woke up.. it's 2pm right now, and am doing my laundry. Pae's mom was also nice enough to cook me some eggs, spam, kimchi, and khim with rice.. Now i'm pretty full and need to go to blockbuster to return that movie i watched last night. I'm sure today will be another boring day - at least tomorrow i have things to do.

1. pick up keys to apartment
2. pick up work schedule
3. call telephone company
4. call dsl company
5. pick up bed and fridge from LA

Movie Review: We Were Soldiers

I guess it's technically the 22nd.. so might as well post it here. It's 1:10am right now, and just finished watching the movie "We Were Soldiers" starting Mel Gibson. It's a sad/dramatic war movie about Vietnam.. the words/speech from Mel Gibson and the nararator were nice.. the war scenes were cliche.. like any other war movie. Lots of shooting, planes, helicopters.. etc. War movies are becoming a little boring now - because it's always the same plot [kill the viets]. Overall - if i was to rate this movie.. i'd give it a 6.5 out of 10 for trying. It wasn't a waste of money.. but i wouldn't watch it again.

Pae and I sat around the house most of the day (21st).. and had a nice family dinner with his parents. We talked a bunch about life and our future, and his dad was very encouraging and thoughtful. I also had a beer with him.. which was a little embarassing. After dinner - we headed out to Tapioca Express - and rented the movie i reviewed above. Now i'm off to bed.. tomorrow will be another boring day.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Parking Issues

Nothing much happening today.
Pae went to get a haircut at noon.. and i woke up around 1pm. There wasn't anything else to do - so we just sat around his room and played computer games. A few hours pass, and his mom came in with a note.. the note said that i had to move my vehicle from the visitor parking space because i reached the limit of 2 weeks. So now i gotta park it outside in the street.. hopefully it'll be safe where i parked (knock on wood). Now i'm sitting in front of my computer (thanks to Young Nuna for letting me wire the ethernet cable to her room).. and just writing this boring blog.

Pae is sleeping in his bed right now.. he looks pretty exhausted, not sure why. Maybe all that alcohol last night finally got to him. I never saw him sleeping in the middle of the day for so long before.. this is intereting. I'm also waiting for his mom to finish cooking for us.. i feel bad.. maybe i'll go eat outside. dunno.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

No Money..

Just got back from Costa Mesa.. went to the mall there which is in Orange County.. and boy - it was pretty depressing when i shopped around because everything was so expensive. I first went into Gucci.. and noticed everything in there was at least 100 bucks. Some lady kept following me and Pae around explaining everything to us about each product - which deserved an A+ customer service.. but made me kinda nervous since i knew i wasn't going to buy anything. I figure next time i go in there - i better know that i will be coming out with a shopping bag.

We didnt' even bother checking Ralph Lauren, and Armani since it would be a waste of time looking at things we couldn't afford. We came outside, and i called BR at Cerritos - and to my suprise, the store manager there was well aware that i wanted to transfer and told me everything has worked out - and some paper work would have to be transfered. I work next Sunday which is the 25th.

Things seem to finally be working out for me.. everything is going smoothly. [Knock on wood]


Just came back from NEXT in Gardena i think.. it was coo. Me, Pae, and Yong Nuna (pae's sister) went.. had some good food (Tofu Kimchi, Gyoza, Odeng, 3 bottles of soju). I'm not that buzzed, but it's right at the time when you start feeling good.. hehe. I have a few pictures.. but dont' have a server to post them on. That's about all i did today..

Finding a Job

Woke up around 9am because Pae's mom was asking me where he was.

"Where is Pae?"
"I think his at court"

moment of silence.. er.. okay.

Pae comes home soon after.. and tells me he got an extension for his Jury Duty to December. We play some computer games - he washes Christy's car.. we ate lunch.. and now i'm writing this little update.
Oh yes..i also called the Electric/Gas company and ordered my stuff for the 23rd. I should have electricity and gas by the time i move in on the 24th. $80 deposit + $10 handling fee.. geezuz. Remember back in the days when your parents paid all the house bills? And you believed that water, gas, and electricity were all free.. like the roaming air we breath? Haha.. well the hard reality hit me flat on the face from nowhere.

It's time to call BR and ask for the manager. [i just called.. and guess what. The manager isn't there.. funny how his never there]. and also call CyberSonic and cancel those damn toothbrushes they keep sending me.
I also have to call the phone company.. but i think i'll do that after i move in.

Pae wants to go to a mall - .. i should take a shower.

Monday, August 19, 2002

Finding a Place to Live

Now that we got some of the history backed off - let's talk about what i've been doing lately. Damn! I just wrote a blog for 40 minutes, and blogspot decided to crash on me. Now i have to start from scratch.. sigh. I dunno if i should make everything brief or write it even longer.

The Website
So why has bronx's junkyard been down? There were a few factors that got involved.

1. First off, i moved to Southern California to attend a University here. Therefore I am currently residing at my best friends house which limits my access online and contact.
2. Ben who used to host my site moved back to Northern California after finishing school, and his T1 line got cut off which hosted The transition would have been a little smoother if Ben's T1 line provider didn't cut his line off 1 week earlier. Although he is getting reimbursed for the time he already paid for, i was sorta left in the cold.
3. Looking for a new host, i was able to get a new host relatively quickly, all thanks to Jet.. looks like the server will be back up as soon as his back from his vacation to Seattle.

Don't worry.. Bronx's Junkyard isn't going anywhere.. Jet has also agreed to join me in running the site. Although i will be the primary administrator of the site, he will co-admin with me by updating the site and keeping everything in tact. There are a few congestions though.. first of which the Korean government has been cracking down on Mp3 Album websites - and forcing most of the people there to close down. The thing about Korean websites, is that you need to enter your SSN or identification number everytime you sign up for any type of service. So if a government agent looks at your site - all he has to do is ask the host of the site for your SSN, and your busted.

Most of you probably know that SoriBada already got closed down.. and so are many of the web based sites. This not only includes mp3's but videos as well.. so things are getting a lot harder to get for free.

I will be attending California State University of Long Beach majoring in Business/Communications. I attended my orientation on Aug. 7th - and it was pretty interesting. The campus itself is very big.. it took 20 minutes just to walk from the parking lot to the orientation. The campus itself is pretty slick.. a lot of nice food, a very clean pool to chill in - and the classrooms seem clean and friendly. The only thing that worries me is the parking.. since it's the beginning of a new semester and a lot of students will be trying to add classes.
Adding classes was a bitch.. since everything was full. The continuing students got to register back in April.. so transfer students are pretty much left with garbage. CSU LB seems to be a cool place to study.. and i'm pretty excited to be here.

Apartment Hunting
For those of you who think housing in LA is better or cheaper than the Bay Area.. it's a huge mistake. Finding a decent place was a pretty bad experience for me. I was looking for a good neighborhood, decent rent prices, good parking.. and this was certainly a huge challenge. Originally i was planning on living in Torrance, but there was literally nothing open in my price range. So then i looked at a few other cities like San Pedro, Redondo Beach, and Gardena.

San Pedro: The ghetto
If you plan on living here in SoCal.. avoid San Pedro.. that place is so ghetto (no offense to anyone that lives there now).. but i had a bad experience there. I had a few houses in my price range i was looking at, so i just went there one night to check them out.

The first place looked okay from far away it was listed as $500. As soon as i reach the front door.. the very first thing i saw was a huge roach. Err.. scratch that place.
The second place looked good from far away aswell.. but guess who was sleeping next to the door? A stinky old bum. Scratch that place.
The third place.. i didn't even get a good look.. because it was heavily guarded by four ESES.. with their pimptocycletas. Scratch that place.

Gardena: Ghetto part 2
So with little hope left with the very few houses left on my lift - i went to a few places that were looking for roommates. They came out to becoming a bunch of dirty old couples who need to take a shower. The last place on my list was a bachelor apartment in Gardena. The rent was $550 with utilities, but there were a few things that i didn't like.

The parking lot was a mess.. the last thing i need is a thieve going into my car.
It's on a very busy street..
Although it's furnished with a bed and microwave, there is no kitchen to cook or wash dishes.
The location is right in the middle of all the freeways, so you'd have to drive a few miles to reach them in any direction.

With little chance of getting anything better at that price, i told the manager i would call her the next day and hold the apartment for me.

Long Beach: Just got lucky..
Who would have guessed that when i got home, Pae would have found another place to look at. One of the cities i didn't even consider was Long Beach.. but i had nothing to loose. The first place i checked out was really awesome.

Air Conditioning
Underground parking

For a total price of $590. Compared to the other places i looked at this was a little too good to be true. But seeing as how my luck changed a little i went with my gut feeling and didn't apply right away. I went back home and looked for more places in Long Beach.

And, my gut was telling me the right thing - because I found another place right down the street owned by the same company for $525. It was the same decent neighborhood with:

Garage parking
Bigger room

So for $65 i would have to sacrifice AC, Fridge, Bed, and a Gym. Was it worth it? I think it is.. considering i'll be saving $1,000 in a year. The thing is.. AC i won't really need (i can always get a portable one if it gets that hot), I can get a free bed/fridge from my uncle, and i probably wont' have the time to go to the gym. So after talking it over with my Uncle - i made up my mind.
The next day i went over there to sign my application.. and then the waiting game began. The Apartment has a first come first serve basis - so i was afraid i wouldn't be the first on the list. But it just turned out that i was, and three people applied for the same studio right after i did. However, the manager told me she would give me the studio because i was the first one to apply for it.. My credit went thru and my application was accepted. I went to the bank - got my deposit money.. sign the lease agreement and will be moving in on the 24th.

Ahh.. i need a freakin job. I'm so low on cash right now.. i seriously have to start budgeting myself again. I spent a little recklessly when i first came down here. Originally since i was planning on living in Torrance i wanted to transfer to a BR at SoBay Galleria.. but everything changed now because i will be living in Long Beach and i wouldn't be able to handle the commute. So now i'm trying to transfer to Cerritos mall.. which i will try again tomorrow when the hiring managers are available.

Life in general (Roads)
The roads here in LA suck.. worse than north cal.. actually.. it's not even fair comparing the roads here to there.. it's heave/hell difference. The railroad tracks specially tick me off because my car is dropped, and my alignments gets messed up everytime i go over them. Traffic is another novel i would probably write about in another blog. Just don't take 91 East.. it's the worst freeway i've experienced so far.. that road is always congested at anytime of the day.

A lot of people in Los Angeles area are superficial.. it's all about how much you have of this.. what type of this you have.. etc. I am fortunate enough to know a few people here who aren't to narrow minded. The funny thing is.. even those people who are all about $$ tell me about other people who only look at how much money he has and what type of car he drives.. hipocrites.

Money seems to be the biggest issue for me right now. I have spent plus/minus $2,000 on tuition, food, rent, deposit, gas etc. And i'm sure i'll be spending more once i move in to the apartment as far as necessities and furniture. Then i'll need books for my classes and so on..

For some reason, my back has been hurting for a while now when i sit down for a long period of time. It just burns in pain.. so i have to lay down once in a while.

I will write more about what i have been doing on a daily basis since i've come down here in the later blogs.

My Own Online Diary

How about a second post? haha.. This blog is pretty interesting. I actually never thought about keeping a diary of my life - but i was talking to Pae the other day, and he was asking me for webspaces that did free blogs; and so i came to bite on his idea and start my own. It was a little late - and i guess he overlooked the fact that is actually free, as long as you have their ad on top of the page. I should tell him about that today when he wakes up before he starts blogging at Geocities.come (booo!)..

And come to think of it - i also bite this website design from Bob (GX-Calbear) - cuz this is the only one i'm really used to. I'll eventually change it to look similar like Bronx's Junkyard.. (eventually).. when i'm not lazy. I don't expect many people to even read my blogs.. since i know i don't read them as often as i would like because it gets a little boring after a while. You can bet my blogs will be pretty boring as well unless i have something very interesting to say.

Hello Blog

This will be my first post. What did i do today.. i'll write it a little later.