Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Romina has cancer..

Haven't updated in a while.. been pretty busy lately. Looks like i'll be busy for the next 2-3 weeks because of midterms, projects, and presentations due.

I really have to pass all my classes this semester so i can graduate. Not passing will really suck.

On a side note, i've been having a few problems with newegg and the parts they sent me.. dont' feel like explaining here, but they also haven't shipped my CPU and HSF. ugh. Getting a little upset because i expected it here yesterday.

I'm going to have to call them, and if i get bad service, time to take action. Hopefully i won't have to.

My sister got engaged, but i don't even know the guy. I have my own personal feelings about it.. i think 2 ppl should date a while longer than simply 3 months b4 deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. But i'm not the one getting married, so whatevers..

My cousin Romina is in the Hospital and she just got surgery for a tumor/cancer in her belly.. i got a call from my aunt, and said the surgery went okay. Imma have to go visit her tomorrow and ditch church.

I took a midterm today, and i think i did okay, but that's what i thought about another midterm i got back today and i got a C.. so i dunno. :(

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Sister engaged


Hope the best for the two of you.

Friday, October 22, 2004

$1,700 for new computer

I'm at work.. it's about 10am. Not super late.. not early either. I have been doing SO much research on computers, that i became the next gen gosu. I pretty much understand all the terminologies now. Why can't there be a computer hardware class? lol.. i'd ace the finals.

Most of my research was on compatibility.. and cases, HSF, and CPU chipsets. I was going to order most of it on monarchcomputer - but decided to go with Newegg because they have been regarded so highly by consumers. I'd rather pay the state tax and have confidence that my parts wont' be RMA.

I ordered it all.. saved a few bucks here and there by changing my specs and taking out things i don't need. Originally with Koolance liquid cooling it was going to be around $2,400.. then with just a regular case it was $2,000.. then i took out some parts that were unnecessary - and downgraded a few things to make it $1500. With tax and shipping it was totaled at $1700.

Ouch.. i got a call from VISA fraud protection this morning asking me if it was me who made the purchases! haha.. good stuff - at least i know they are working hard to make sure i'm not jipped. When i look at that number.. $1700.. it hurts! last time i spent over 1g was for school tuition and books. The only good thing is that i charged it to my new VISA card with 0% APR for 8 months.

I remember 3 years ago, when i bought my current system, it was less than $1000. But that's because i really didn't buy expensive parts.. and less components. I didn't require a second hard drive, nor did i need aftermarket cooling. With the new computer chips running hot that has all changed. I dont' consider this an investment because computer parts lower in value as time goes.. so i like to call it a impulse purchase that will last me for the next 3-4 years.

I will post pictures and total system spec once i get it installed.

Friday, October 15, 2004


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Oh yeah.. i got to work on time.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Korean Churches

Mom has been calling recently nagging me about going to Church.

Church is a funny issue to Koreans in general. There's a lot of "face" that is shown in that community. It's not all about having love for each other and worshiping God. It's more about who has the more status and who does more work. That basis also leads to who's a good groom and who isn't. They solely base it on how well a man or woman does in the congregation.

There's also the controversial version of a cult. They keep this little note card with how much Field Service preaching hours you occupy. If you don't preach for a certain amount of hours, you get put into a suspension mode where you are considered inactive. You can never see your own card.. only the elders keep it and pass it around.

I'm not sure about American churches, but Korean churches also have this gossip issue where they love talking trash about other ppl. It's like a disease that nobody can escape. Even if they aren't certain about an issue, they just spread it around like a side dish.

People say, "ooh you must have faith in God because the end is near.." "Even if you can't see him you should read the Bible and believe"..
Faith is bull shit. It's all in your head. You want to believe that something is there that can solve all of our problems because you want a simple solution. You don't believe in God because you have "faith"... you believe in him because you program your brain to think that God exists, and every word in the Bible is true.

About the Bible.. how do you trust a book? I'm one of those ppl who like seeing things in person to believe it or not. I don't get why God showed all these miracles to ancient ppl and then suddenly stopped. That's not fair.
We don't' know who wrote the Bible because it was ancient data collected in stones and what not.

So what we have here is.. you need to believe in a higher form of life that you have never seen before.. and you also have to read and live in the principles of a book that could have been written by a madman.

Many people interpret the Bible with current events and say, "ooh look.. it's a sign that the end is near".. BS. Ooh frequent earthquakes and famine.. it's a sign of the end according to Revelations. BS. There were plenty of earthquakes and famine through out History.

I'm not saying that Church is bad for everyone. The weaklings may need something to base faith upon to have the will to live. Some ppl just need something to believe.. because they are too afraid to think that the end of life is death.

What do I think?
1. Since i have no idea where this world came from.. there could be a higher being than us. But how do u explain where that thing came from? Maybe it's just beyond our comprehension.
2. Some of Church's concepts are good. Like morals, loving thy neighbor, etc.
3. Many Churches are corrupted. The congregation has been swayed from the meaning of going to church into a little cult that wants respect and power.
4. The end of human kind will be caused by humans themselves.

5. The most important thing is that we as humans have a conscious.. and it allows us to distinguish between good and bad. Killing someone is bad.. giving a present is good. As long as we follow our own morals and keep bad things to a minimum, you don't have to have faith in God.. you don't have to read the Bible.. just be a good citizen and enjoy life. We were obviously put in this planet to enjoy the life given to us.. not to mope and worship a God. If God wanted servants and worshipers, he would have programmed the way we functioned a lot differently so that we don't misbehave.

God will certainly see that you're a good person and judge you accordingly. His a God of love.. he aint gonna be killin u cuz u didn't read the Bible. Psh.

What a long read.. these are just sum of the things i have been thinking about for the past 2 years i've been living by myself and not going to Church.
My mom obviously wants me to go, because she doesn't want the finger being pointed at her by other members of the congregation.

"ooh.. her son doesn't go to church anymore.. ooh.. what a bad mother"..

She also wants me to believe in what she believes to be the truth. She has so much faith right now.. that nothing else can be said or told to her for her to think otherwise.

Damn.. another stupid thing to worry about. I should just call her and tell her i quit Church.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Throat hurts

I've been sick since Sunday. Sunday night, i started getting a sore throat.. Monday i started getting excessively tired and bloodshot eyes. Tuesday was the worst.. i was constantly tired and just felt like sleeping. Today seems a lot better.. but still a bit sick. I think i overdid my partying last week.. my body can't handle it anymore.

Simon started working at the real estate appraisal company already.. but he keeps giving a run around to Adam. He should just be a man, and live with his decisions. If he already decided to work for another company he should just tell Adam:

"I won't be able to work with you anymore because i have already started a job with an Appraisal company. It was great working with you and here is my leaving statement"

instead i've been hearing different things from him and Adam and it's tough being a mediator. ROAR.

I'm tired.. and i have an exam tomorrow.. what am i going to do. I need to study when i get home.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Can't party all night anymore

Thursday: 8pm got a call from Simon and Boss wanted to take us out. Long story short.. ended up at Karnac inside a room. Got to sing karaoke and drink crown special. Saw lots of old ah jum mah's.. and also ate Sul Lung Tang. Hm.. i'm sure boss paid like 450 that night. HA.. nice boss.

Fri: went to work.. went to Pae's house to say hi to his mom.. ate dinner there then came home got dressed and went to Lorena's bday in Huntington Beach.. gawd that place is far. We went to Hurricane Bar/Grill and that place is totally packin.. so many white girls. Oh yeah.. lots of Metro sexual guys too. Drank a lil, danced a lil, and bounced early. Was too tired.

Sat: stayed home and watched videos all day.. and i don't think i did anything else. I used to be able to pull Thrus, fri, sat, partying.. but i guess age caught up with me. i can't do it anymore.

Sun: woke up late and got a good rest. Played dota a few times and own3d. Ate Shin Ramen with kimchi! Finally took my overdue Music Quiz and got 47/50.. it's a great score.. but i was expecting a 49.. not sure what the 2 questions i missed were..