Thursday, August 28, 2003

K-Drama Crazy!

Just spent the last 20 hours straight watching Chun Yun something something.. Forever Love starring Sung Yuri from Finkl. Damn.. it was good.. until the ending. The ending was weak! Very very weak.. how can she just repeat history? I thought there would be a interesting twist like if the guy would follow her to the past.. and she would be re-united with her last love.. or she would change the past .. or blah blah blah. DAMN IT! IT was weak!

But yeah.. i did an all niter.. and didn't sleep. I finished it earlier this afternoon, and just passed out for 6 hours. I gotta do some stuff.. bleh. I also keep getting these 100kb attachment e-mails on my yahoo account these days. Like about 40 or so e-mails with attachments every hour or so.. so my mailbox keeps getting full! So i just created a new e-mail account to avoid all this spam bs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Free Gogi Yay!

On Sunday, me and Yong went to Shik Do Rak and tried to call a few ppl, but everyone was busy. So we just ate by ourselves. The funny thing was, we ordered #2.. which comes with Ju Mul Luk and Cha Dor BeGi.. but i thought it came with Sam Gyup Sal.. so i asked the waitress if i was mistaken. And i guess i was.. so she asked us if it wasn't enough food.. and i just chuckled and told her it was ok.

5 minutes later, she comes back with Sam Gyup Sal.. hahaha.. SERVICE! YEAH! SCORE! She was nice, so we tipped her big. Afterward, i didn't wanna just go back home cuz it would be so weird to just EAT in LA.. and not drink. I called up my Sujie nuna and Jinah to hang out with us at NY NY. We drank a grip of soju.

1. Apple Soju
2. Cham Il Sul
3. Cham Il Sul
4. Grape Soju
5. Bek Seju
6. Cham Il Sul

i think that was about it.. between 3 ppl.. i think that was a grip of alcohol. But i was pretty sober cuz me and yong ate a lot of greasy food.

We came back home and it was chill.. we took turns playing warcraft and went to sleep.

Monday i went to work at 9am, and Yong left for SD around 10am. After work, i stopped by the video store to rent that old drama with Finkl's Sung Yuri.. and she comes out pretty cute. But stupid video #3 is broken! ARRRGG.. i got all this anxious to watch the next episode and the stupid video is broken. So i gotta go back tomorrow and get another video #3.. so i can watch it again. ARG!

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Karnak = Karjack

Yong came over yesterday, and we have some fun at CarJack. Bobo's was closed down cuz they got raided the other day.. so it was pretty packed. His sleeping right now cuz i guess he's tired from the drive from SD.

I tried to call in sick today, but my manager told me i would have to get somebody to cover my shift. Since i couldn't find anyone, i went to work only to find that she did in fact find someone FOR ME.. so she sent me home. Gosh.. all that getting ready and driving to work for nothing.

At least, i got some shopping done.. i bought some water, beer, rice, pizza, chips and ramen for about 30 bucks.. My receipt said i saved $30 .. so i'm happy.

I dunno what's going on today.. probably gonna eat some Sam Gyup Sal with Simon..

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I am Korean.. FOB

I've been watching Korean Movies and dramas the past 24 hours.. and gosh... i feel like i'm in Korea or something. It's hard to explain - but i think i'm the type of person that could fit right into Korean culture in the motherland.

I've been watching Ok Tak Bang Go Yang Yi which means, Rooftop Room Cat.. and although it's all no-name actors, it's pretty funny. It's 16 episodes and each episode is 1 hour long.. so u do the math. I'm only on tape 6.

I also watched the movie Who Are You which is about a website that lets you chat and interact with other ppl..
Then i watched another movie with Kim Jung Eun where she comes out REALLY cute and tough at the same time. I think she's a really good actress.. and the way she can change personalities so easily is fun to watch. She does really well on CF's too!

I have to watch Summer Scent too which i downloaded...

I went to work today around 8pm - 12am.. and time went by pretty fast cuz i got to play my CD's.. played some old school hip hop. That's about it.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Trip to SD

Some drama happened at work the other day.. dumb managers. I swear, some ppl shouldn't be managing other ppl when they can't even manage themselves in the first place. Either go back to managing school - or take a step back and reflect on yourself. I needed some air after a long shift on Wednesday.. so i went to SD to chill with my friend Yong. I had a really good time down there - it sorta seems like a old village down there cuz it's so much like the Bay.. i had a good time relaxing and watching videos with him.

I met up with my old friend Emily Thursday night and went to Viejo on Friday night with Wayne, Lee, and Yong. Other than that - that was the sum of the trip.. i got to rest a lot and got some thinking done. I think i'll do more of these road trips cuz it was really nice getting away from everything.

Today, i met up with Yong at Starbucks before i left and came to a house party at my co-worker OJ's house cuz his going to USC and was quitting BR. Had a few drinks when Yong called and reminded me that i had taken his house keys. So i drove back 50 miles and met up with him half way to give his keys back.. i didn't mind the drive - it was only about 20 minutes.

On the trip back though - it was a total chaos. First, this white fixed up Integra pulled up right next to me and wanted a piece of my lude. Ok.. 4th gear, VROOM.. not even a competition.. either that was an LS, or it was an auto.. cuz i dusted him pretty bad. I kept looking in my mirror to see if he would come back with a vengeance.. but he slowed down and didn't even wanna catch up to me. A few miles down, a car cut me off .. so i looked to my right and merged to pass him.. but i "think" i accidentally cut some guy off.. cuz a few miles down a old 1990 accord kept braking in front of me, and trying to pin me to the side so that i couldn't move. I looked at him, and he was hysterical and yelling at me and telling me to pull over.. err.. i was honestly pretty scared, cuz he was a gangster looking Mexican with shaved head and a Go-T (yeah, stereotyping).. but anyways he kept trying to hit my car, so i braked hard, flanked to the left and took off. After a few seconds.. i thought i had left him behind so i slowed down to the speed limit.. but guess who's in my rear mirror and closing in fast? The same guy.. ahh.. crap.

He tried to pull next to me to cuss some more, but then some other car cut him off.. hahaha.. that was funny. He had to brake really hard to avoid a collision there. I just said crap, i'm not letting this guy follow me home, and i'm done with this bs. So i went into the carpool lane and hit 130mph for a few minutes thinking if a cop pulls me over, i'll tell him there was a guy with Road Rage with a gun following me.
I passed a lot of cars before i finally slowed down to merge onto the 91W.. and i never saw that guy again. I wish i knew what i did to piss him off so much. But my only conclusion is that i probably cut him off accidentally and he had to brake hard or swerve or something. I know i didn't hit him, cuz i checked my car which is fine, and i would have felt something on the road on impact.

That's how it is though, i get cut off by motorists all the time - but i don't remember going all psycho about it. That guy needs to chill a lil. I'm back home now, and wanna watch "Summer Scent" on

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Simon can sure cook

Pretty chill day - i went to work around 6.. after just hanging out and watching tv at home. Then met up with James, Jay and Simon and went over to his pad to hang out cuz his folks are in Vegas. I think Simon is having too much fun living by himself right now. But that boy sure knows how to cook.. i didn't eat dinner so he cooked a feast for me.. and i'm stuffed right now.

We watched sum Korean movie with Yang Dong Gun which was a Cop movie. We were all talking about how we wanna go to Korea for a trip soon. Somehow, i became the person that has to set it up.. well sorta since nobody else volunteered.

I drove James off - and now i'm home. I'm going to crash.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Junk keeps piling up

I just realized that i have a LOT of stuff @ my place. I remember when i moved to my folks new place in Santa Clara, i was able to move most of my stuff in simple boxes on a couple of trips in my small prelude. But gosh.. if i think about moving now - i would need a U-HAUL.. geez. I look around, and see SOO much stuff. Kinda frustrating when i think about moving or something.

Most of my big moves would be:

1. Bed
2. Desk
3. Fridge
4. TV
5. Stereo
6. Computer
7. Microwave and other appliances

That's a lot more stuff than i came here with when my room used to be so empty.

I took 8 hours watching "Summer Scent" last night - and was done around 7am. I called in for my ON-CALL and Greg decided to use my help today. Gosh.. out of all the days. So i decided to sleep for 2 hours, but yeah .. rite.. i should have known better. I woke up at 11am.. but i was supposed to be there at 11. hahaha.. crap. So i was 30 minutes late to work.

After work - i went to Kinkos and printed my collage of friends 8x10 picture for $5. You can see the frame in the pics below.. i'm proud of myself cuz it looks pretty coo. I have all of my closest friends in there.. (er.. i might be missing a few ppl cuz i didn't have their pics) but at least i have the ones i see the most often.

Afterward, i stopped by Save-On and bought some AAA batteries and a plow hook for the roof. I now have my snowboard hanging from the roof. I got the idea from my homie viet - and it's pretty sweet.. i came home and was pretty tired. Watched TV.. computer.. and that's about it.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Fall Scent

I went to Target and got myself a Daewoo VCR.. it was kinda weird buying such an antique technology considering ppl are upgrading to DVD's instead of going back to VCR's these days. But being korean and all.. it's a necessity for me.

Afterwards, i headed over to a Korean Video store and created an account and borrowed 4 videos of Summer Scent starring Song Seung Hoon and this other girl whom i forgot the name of. Very cute drama with a lot of twists.. the author/writer is the same person that did Fall Story and Winter Story so the storyline is very similar.

My friend James told me how Song Seung Hoon is such a good looking guy the other day - and i must agree (not in a homosexual sense) but gosh if i was just 1/4 good looking as he was i'd probably be more confident about myself. I'm watching the videos right now since 11pm.. and gosh - i'm almost done but i have this "want" of not wanting it to end.. since i hate waiting every week for new episodes. The anticipation just kills me! But time does go by a lot faster.

My VCR is coo - except it didn't come with batteries. I gotta go buy some AAA batteries tomorrow so that i can use my new remote. That's the 2 things from my list i can cross off now.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Trip back to the Bay

It's been a while since i blogged. I've been just busy and tired. I still need to create an editorial for the bbq event on Aug. 2nd. I just haven't had the time or energy to do it yet. But i'm updating this blog first! I'm so random.

I wonder if i'll remember everything that went on when i went up to the bay. Good thing i have pictures to remind me.

July 30th (Wednesday) - Yong came over at night time after i finished work that day. We hung out and slept a lil until about 5:30am when we left for the bay.

July 31st (Thursday) - We made some good time and avoided a lot of the traffic and made it back home in 5 hours. I got some good food - and fell asleep. I think i slept all day.. and then i went to my friend Kevin's house and then went to play a little bit of pool and retired early.

August 1st (Friday) - Yong left for Sacramento to visit his folks, and i stayed back. I think i met up with Ellis Go and went to lunch at Chef Peking this day cuz i was craving their delicious Chicken Friend Rice (no green onions).. yuM! It was damn good.. just the way i remembered it. I dropped off Ellis back at his pad, and picked up a oil filter and some oil and changed my oil. I took a shower and then met up my other friend Elis with one "L" and had some QCup which is north cal's version of Tapioca Express. We talked for a long time and caught up with our lives. My mom called me later - telling me to go to church, so i left QCup and went. After church, i met up my friend Justin at Starbucks and talked to him for a bit. His still going out with his gf Yatine which is pretty damn coo. I hope the best for those two.

After we parted, i headed to Santana Row to meet up my ex-coworker Roman from Excite@Home days. We met up at Straits which is ironic cuz Roman is gay. But oh well. We had a few drinks... oh yeah.. Ellis Go was with me too.. and then hit up this club that had $3 cover. And er.r.. it just happened to be a gay club. WOWA. One of the guys from NY in our group started freaking out cuz his homophobic or something. It was pretty late at night, so we didn't stay there long. CRASHED!

August 2nd (Saturday) - Woke up late for the bbq.. i'll write in more detail about the bbq in the junkie editorial.. around 7pm i met up my cousin Hooni @ starbucks and had a nice chat with him. His going to UCLA this fall.. so congrats! Afterward I went to the night party in SF with ppl i know.. then crashed in the city @ a friends crib cuz i was unable to drive.

August 3rd (Sunday) - Woke up at 10am cuz my mom wanted me to attend church again - so i drove back down from the city at 10 in the morning with a hang over. After church, my family and I were able to finally have a nice family lunch at AppleBees. After, came home and met up with Yong. We went to Starbucks (yes.. i went to starbucks and drank milk tea the whole time i was there).. and met up my friend Emily who was leaving to SD. I introduced the two - and hopefully she'll hook Yong up with a nice girl in UCSD.

Around 6pm, we went back home and decided not to go back to socal that day cuz we were pretty tired from the night before. I ended up going to sleep and my parents wanted to go eat .. so my family went to eat at BJ's which is a pretty sweet place. It was my first time there. I was pretty stuffed by this time - i couldn't eat anymore and felt sick. Went home - and my homie Viet calls me up so i go over, and pick up the 19" TV that he doesn't use anymore. CRASHED.. tired.

August 4th (Monday) - Me and Yong decide we should leave around 8pm to beat the traffic. I woke up around 12pm and my ex-coworker Fanny called me. We met up at Chef Peking in Redwood City which was the restaurant that we ALWAYS used to go to back in the days.. and had a nice long chat and etc. I came back home and met up with Yong, Kevin, and Elis and had Boba at QCup until about 7pm.. and i came home packed.. ate dinner at home.. then met up Yong at Starbucks and came back home.

I think that's how everything played out - i might be missing a few pieces here and there because it's hard to remember things these days. Overall it was a lot of fun, and i think i met everyone that was on my list. Some ppl, i didn't have phone numbers.. and others weren't around town - so that sucked. Next time i go - i'll probably hit up Oakland and see my friends there - cuz i didn't get to hang out with them this time around.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Gay Bishop

ok.. i guess the world is coming to an end.. a open gay bishop in the church.

I can be pretty sure that being gay is against bible principles.. but i guess that doesn't matter anymore? I have "nothing" against gays.. i think they are the coolest ppl around. But i just don't' think the church made the right decision this time.. i mean.. it's principles!

The world is coming to an end.. you guys should pray and ask for some forgiveness tonight.