Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ktown Cowboys

Been watching Ktown Cowboys after Beno posted it on his blog.  The cinematography was actually really good and the acting isn't so bad.  The plot surrounds a twinkie korean boy that moves to LA and is introduced to the ktown life by some friends.

I can honestly say that about 90% of the content is very life like and true.  The other 10% could be debated.  Nevertheless, i enjoyed watching the episodes as it reminded me of my own first hand experience with KTown.

Song of the Day: IU - Marshmallow

I am a fan of IU.  So adorable!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Coronado Beach and Movie

Pretty chill weekend.  Went to San Diego's Coronado beach where the sand is super grainy so it's easier on the toes and near the water the sand has a tint of gold.  The water was very refreshing and we played football + frisbee.  Thankfully one of the ppl in my party brought sunscreen so i didn't burn.  It's a pretty far drive from LA.. but i guess a 2 hour trip once in a while is good.

Also watched Day and Knight today - and i must admit that the movie received unfair reviews.  I thought it was pretty good.  Tom Cruise was himself.. and so was Cameron Diaz.. so they looked very comfortable in their roles.

Food Review: Tacos El Gordo

Located in San Diego, probably one of the best Tacos you will ever eat.  The spicy pork taco, and carne asada is the best, and each taco costs $1.89 + tax.  You will need at least 3-5 tacos to fill up because they are small, so expect to spend at least $10 with a drink.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Food Review: Laventina's Pizza

Laventina's Pizza
5806 Bellflower Blvd
Lakewood, CA 90713-1058

(562) 804-6490‎

Just got a large cheese pizza here.. and it's really good.  Probably goes on my top 5 best pizza's I've had.  Seemed like a mom and pop shop.  The lady owner made the pizza herself.  The cheese was very tasty and the tomato sauce seemed homemade.  There was a good mix between the cheese and tomato sauce which was the best part of the pizza. Generally Domino's and Papa John's aren't consistent when it comes to balance between the two.  When you have too much cheese, it gets too greasy - and too much tomato sauce makes it taste like pasta.

Next, the bread was really good.  It was cooked perfectly, making it soft and easy to chew.  Lastly it was one of the least greasy pizza's i've ever had.  My fingers were spotless after eating the pizza.. not a single drop of grease.

I will be a returning customer.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

현아's 골반 댄쓰

Hyuna's hip dance has been pretty popular since it came out months ago, here's another look. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Korean Variety Shows!

Here is a list of the Korean variety shows i currently watch.  They are not in any particular order.

  1. 1박 2일
  2. 헤피투개더
  3. 영웅호걸
  4. 스타 골든밸
  5. 스타 킹
  6. 러닝 멘
  7. 무한 도전
  8. 우리 결혼해서요
  9. 뮤직 벵크
  10. 꽃다발

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Setting Up Your New Android Phone

When i first got my Android smart phone i wished there was an extensive writing on what to do with it.. well i couldn't find one that answered my questions, so i will write one. If you read my blog regarding the top apps for Android, ignore it because my top app list has totally changed after a days worth of research.

Note: I only include free apps here, and there are plenty of great apps for only $0.99. 

Setting up your phone
  1. Make sure you have a Google account.  If so, use the calendar and contact address book to sync with your phone.  This is practically the best part about Android phones.  If you were to ever get another phone, transferring contacts is at the touch of a finger.
  2. Extend your battery life by reducing the volume of live apps on your home screens.  Or, if your phone has the option, go into settings and change the frequency at which the apps get data from the web.  Don't use live wallpapers.  Reduce the screen brightness.  Use power controls to turn off GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-fi when not in use.

Program Apps to Download
  • Must Have (Ranked)
    1. Launcher Pro - The best free app i've downloaded so far.  There are tons of options you can do, so it's hard to write it all down here.  But for tops, it allows you to customize how many homescreens you want.  I personally think 7 is overkill so i only use 3.  It also allows you to make yo ur phone look like Froyo and has a slide menu at the bottom.  I've added all my most used apps - making it possible for me to not have any icons on my desktops.  The only downside at the moment is that you can resize any widgets unless you buy the full version.
    2. Music Junk (Must Google, not available in market)  - Missing a song in your collection? Free downloads!  I have been able to find every song that i've looked for so far.  Great app.  The best part is, after downloading to your phone you can send it to your computer as well. 
    3. Fancy Widget (Must Google, not available in market) - Good thing i didn't download Beautiful widgets.  Fancy Widgets is basically the same thing but free.  The look of the widget looked too similar to HTC Evo, so they were forced out of the Android market.  You can still Google it and find the 1.3 version.  This is the big Clock/Weather widget you will see in my screenshots below
    4. 한글 (Korean IME KB) - How can you have a smart phone without Korean typing?  With smartphones you can text others in Korean.  You also need the IME style Korean KB to search your favorite celebrities
    5. Battery Indicator - I replaced Quick Battery with this widget.  Instead of having an icon on my homescreen, the battery indicator in % is now in my status bar.  Makes it much cleaner
    6. Gallery 3D - I believe this comes standard on most custom ROM's - but it won't for for a few phones.  You can get it in most Android forums.  It links directly with your Picasa account for easy access to all your photo collection
    7. Cube 3 - The stock music player sucks.  Cube 3 is the best.  It shows the album artwork in it's widget.  You will notice i was listening to Bruno Mars
    8. Droid Light - Toggle switch On/Off for your LED flash.  Works like a flashlight
    9. Audio Manager - You get instant access to all your volume controls with this app.  It sucks having to go into Settings > Volume Control to change these settings.  This basically fixes that.
    10. Handcent SMS - This free App has the ability to show you an incoming text message without having to unlock your phone.  Also you can make incoming text messages pop up in new windows
    11. Smooth Calendar - A small program that shows the date and tasks.  Looks much better than stock.

  • Optional
  • Astro File Manager - The standard file manager that comes with your phone hides many of the folders that are active on your phone.  Astro is an upgraded file manager
  • Advanced Task Killer - Whenever you hit "back" or the "home" key on your droid, the phone keeps the last 2 programs that ran on memory.  You can kill those apps if you want fast with this easy to use program.
  • Goggles - Take pictures of things and let Google do a search for you
  • Google Sky Map - This is more of a "show off" tool when your looking at the stars at night
  • Solo Lite - Guitar.. pretty cool.  I need to learn how to play something using this
  • Quadrant Standard - Free phone benchmark that allows you to gauge exactly how fast your phone is compared to others.
  • StopWatch & Timer - This app is more useful to some than others.  If you workout often and like to keep track of reps and laps, this is a good app
  • Yelp - Can't figure out what to eat?  Yelp it using GPS to find the closest restaurant near you

Games to Download
  1. Angrybirds - Regarded as the best game app on the iPhone is now coming to Droid.  Only beta is available at the moment
  2. Abduction! - Sort of like Frogger
  3. Live Holdem - Probably the best free Hold'em app out right now.  There are countless tables always in action.  The only downside is the fact that the servers crash often and the game just hangs.
  4. Unblock Me Free - A game that works the brain.  You must try and move blocks in order to get the red block out
  5. Super KO Boxing - Remember that boxing game on SNES?

What your phone can look like

I'm not totally satisfied with the setup.  I still need a really good looking calendar widget.  Launcher Pro's paid version has one, which i might just end up getting. 

  1. What is rooting?  Rooting is a way to give administrative privileges to the user.  Things the phone manufacturer didn't want you to do can be done by rooting the phone.
  2. What is bootloader? Unlocking the bootloader allows the user to install custom ROM (Custom Android O/S) on the phone rather than using the stock version.  This method is used to get rid of all the useless bloatware that comes with the phone.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Rank 1.. Wut!

Ok.. I am bragging.  Rank 1 in 1v1 and 2v2 in the top division of sc2.  Ratio may not be that great, but been fighting very good players.

In other news, i randomly found out my ex.. the one that ripped my heart out.. was right in my neighborhood mid August.  Probably a good thing i did not run into her.  But when i found out today.. gosh.. stressful.  Can't really describe all the emotions i felt.  Pain.. curiosity.. confusion.. i really need to move on.  I thought i did, and i believe i did.  This was just a relapse.  Thank god for 24 Fitness - i went to work out and got some of that stress out.  Just when things were going good for me.. she pops out of nowhere and breaks my balls. 

Oh well - i honestly doubt i'll ever run into her again.  If she even has the slightest sympathy in her heart she should just stay put in the East coast.  Get out of my head. 

Also i will be returning Tight! thermogenic pills back to GNC.  It's good they have a 30 day money back guarantee.. this stuff did not work.  I'm trying to slim down, but i'm gaining A LOT of muscle mass.  My arms and shoulders are getting big.  My pants are fitting very loose however, so at least i know i'm loosing inches in my waist even though the scale says otherwise.  The best part so far, is i can wear my Gucci belt that didn't fit for the longest time. 

Honestly, i have been getting discouraged because i haven't been able to reach my weekly goals, but i should stick to it.  I still have till the end of October which give me around 50 days.  아자 아자 파이팅~!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Bronx's Top 10 Android Apps

Here are my Top 10 Apps for Android handsets.  This list can change due to the volume of cool new apps that come out every day.  Also note the following apps are all Free.. i did not include any paid apps.  There are some apps that everyone seems to get like, ATK and BW - but i have not tried those yet so i can't write about them.  There have been mixed reviews on the web which makes me hesitant on DL'ing them for now.
List deleted because i created an entirely revised version with abundant info here.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Song of the Day: Secret - Madonna

Can you move like this?

Anyways, Secret is a rather new group and they have been getting more and more popular.  They have two really cute members and their songs are pretty catchy.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Human Nature

Interesting quote i heard today.

"Human nature.. we all want what we don't have"

In other words, when ur in school.. you want to be one of those people who have graduated and are working (making money).. while on the other hand, those folks working want to be back in school.

Kinda makes you think - it's a pretty interesting idea and i believe it's very much true.  You may not even need it.. but you want one because you don't have one.  Human nature..