Monday, December 11, 2006

Hemo is Win!

So.. the big news is i got HWL sword in WoW, and am now hemo sword spec. I think this is like a pwn3age spec for rogues cuz it's all about energy control..

I'm 21/3/27.. so coldblood when i need to vs. lowby's and i am able to control enough of my energy to do the following combo w/o any hesitation.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sleep Deprived

Wow.. i slept early yesterday and yet i woke up at 1pm today.. i think i have a problem.. i can't wake up in the morning. It's more than being tired or lazy.. it's undoable! help me!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Moview Review: Dejavu

Today was a good day. Watched Dejavu with Denzell Washington.. not a bad movie.. 8 out of 10.

Then had a beer with chicken.. yummy.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Weather Change = Depression?

Been feelig kinda lost these days.. not sure where im going exactly in life. I also feel a little depressed.. maybe it's the sudden change in weather.

I also realized that I have a trait that is really bad. The Bible even says it's bad. I have a "jealousy" problem. Actually it's not that big of a problem.. im thinking in terms of relationships. Maybe a better word is "insecurity".. now why the heck would I have insecurity.. ooh.. maybe i was traumatized and don't even realize it.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Youtube was MY Idea!

Oh.. an interesting thought. I wish i thought of YouTube.. ugh. They were bought out by freakin 1 billion dollars or sumthing by Google.. OMFG. I shoulda done that f'ing bitch. Hah.. can u imagine? me with 1 billion dollars.

And that site wouldn't even require that many employees.. just a huge ass server room with gazillion harddrives.

The Day After Thanksgiving

The day after thanksgiving.. i bet the malls are packed, so def. i will try to stay away from there.

Sister and brother in law are going back home today. They wanted to go on Sunday - but plane tickets tripled in price around that time.

I woke up early this morning.. i should go work out later today.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Skates @ Berkeley

Today was a good day.. very good day.

1. I found out i passed the english/math preliminary test for Subway franchise. Woot.. now i gotta make a business proposal.. ugh.. where to start.

I also got a nice dinner at Ivy's and KyungHo's.. they have such a cute little place! Got to eat chicken marinara. Also went to Skates in Berkeley next to the pier.. it was great.

Yeap.. good day.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Internet Back Up

I'm going to start updating this blog once again.

1. I tried to do it last week, but internet was down. Thank to my mom and messing up the phone lines on the filter for the DSL. After 8 hours of troubleshooting on the phone.. i figured it out.

Anyways, life has been up and down. Right at this moment it's a little down. I have all these worries and weird thoughts on my head that play out over and over.. hard to explain.

I have been working out for about 2 weeks now.. which included a lot of soreness. Gotta go back tomorrow since today it's already 6pm and have plans for dinner.

I went to a Subway seminar - and it was about 3 hours of test taking and boringness. I realized there is a lot to learn when starting a business specially in the rules category. Going by the rules is gonna suck.. u shoulda seen how big the book is. Anyways, if i pass the english/math test i took today, next i have to submit a business proposal and then go in for another interview. Who knows how well that will happen.
Im self confident.. but since this would be my very first business and im not a business major.. i have my doubts. I can't show it to them.. but tough huh?

I have to remind myself to hurry up and turn in my citizenship application! I keep putting it off but i def. have to file it by the end of the year. Well that's my goal anyways.

I think we finally got a tenant on the 4plex to move in.. just left a msg and when he calls back we'll know for sure. Other than that - life is life.. sometimes i wish it was different but what are you gonna do? Hmp.. well gotta go eat dinner, i'll bbl.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Living @ Home

Wow i really haven't updated this site in so long. Guess i got lazy of typing. For one thing diet and exercise hasn't been very easy.. no time.. and im addicted to WoW. Not good..

Living at home is probably one of the best decisions i have made in the past few years. I mean, there are the occasional sucky parts - but overall it's been problem-free and just nice to be back.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Los Angeles to Santa Clara

Yeah.. home is good. Free rent.. free utilities.. house is nice and cool cuz of the A/C.. free internet and mommy does the dishes/cook. Although i still do my own laundry the general things that used to be a hassle are gone. Haven't really noticed anything different.

I think i finally finished with the move. I paid all my dues, changed (i think) all the addresses and unpacked everything here at my folks place. Everything i brought amazingly fit.. maybe cuz 1/2 of it was clothes.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Moving back to Santa Clara

It's been almost 4 years since i started this blog.. all in the hopes to grasp living on my own.. and that moment is sheer to end this saturday.

I am moving back home.. but hopefully i'll find the energy to keep this blog up to date.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Moving Sale

Welp, it's been another month since my last update. Not much to discuss.. actually there are quite a few things going on right now but too lazy to write it all out.

The biggest thing is that im 99% sure i'll be moving back to North Cal at the end of July. I think i will have better opportunities up there and after living in Los Angeles for the past 4 years a change will be nice. I will miss LA.. ppl here.. and things to do here.. but life takes turns and either you turn the steering wheel or just go straight.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Wow, its been almost a month since my last update. Well - havent really had a chance to get here since not much has been going on in my life. Overall though in a short blog.. i quit work and am now just hovering like a free bird. But it's weird not having to worry about work.. time goes by slow and there is nothing to do! haha.. cuz all your friends are working.. so you're like.. o_O

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Stopped a Robbery!

I had a crazy night the other day. Friday night i ended up staying at work until 12am cuz of this and that .. well that's besides the point. After i was done with work, i was getting out of the office to go home when i saw a hispanic guy clipping our barb wires to get inside! OMFG. We made eye contact and both froze for about 5 seconds.. trying to figure out what just happened. I just caught a guy trying to break in.. and he just found out he got spotted. I started yelling at him.

"EY WTF you think your doing!"

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Blogging.. Life.. Boredom..

Oh my little blogger.. that rhymes with little booger.. oh so how much i have not missed thou.

For some reason, haven't really felt like blogging anything lately. I used to love writing events that happen in my life here - but these days i've been actually more lazy than i ever was. Writing seems like a task than something i enjoy. Maybe it's because i don't go to school anymore.. maybe it's cuz i don't have to write essays and term papers anymore. Who know, but for whatever reason - writing is a bore.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Almost Got a Traffic Ticket

Carolee!@ u still read my blog? hehe.

Yes.. i mispelled it.. it was supposed to read ciao.

So it's Thursday already and i was so tired today i took a nap at work for like 15 minutes but that really helped get my energy back up.

I have nothing interesting to say.. oh yes! yesterday i was driving by Cerritos and on a stoplight i took off on 1st gear and when i got to 35mph i just slowed down and kept my speed limit - but all of a sudden i see a Ford jump right behind me really fast and so i changed lanes, and he would follow {**Spark**) it's a cop. I pulled into a coffee shop parking lot and he followed me. I parked, and he stayed a few cars behind and just waited. I got out of the car, and i saw him drive by - and Simon says he was mad doggin'.. fucker was waiting for me to speed so he could pull me over or something. What a jack ass. I could have been ticketed for unsafe acceleration - but that's such a bs ticket. Anyways, it was an unmarked car.. black ford with the only noticeable item was the huge antennas. I got pretty lucky on that one.

What else.. that's about it.


Monday, April 10, 2006

Time is Flying By

Wow.. is it April 10 already? Shi bbbaalll... time is flying by and my plans are diminishing. I have until July to get a few things accomplished and it's looking dimmer and dimmer. Been trying to loose some weight - and it's so hard! Did my metabolism faint on me? I have been dieting and exercising and not seeing any results.. ugh. Guess that means i have to try harder.

This week i need to go get my EGR cleaned and O2 sensors changed. Also doing a fuel injector additive to my fuel tank so that will hopefully clean my cylinders.

Chou for now

Monday, April 03, 2006

Good Bye Rottweilers

So we ended up getting two rottweilers 2 weeks ago. And now they are gone.

One of them was pooping diarhea, and the other had worms in his poop. They were obviously pretty sick. They would not obey commands even after some training and pee pee on eachother and have poops that weighed 5lbs. So we returned them. Sad to see them go - but it's much better w/o them.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Korea Power Music and Fav. TV Shows

It's been a while since i updated.

Been busy with the new store in LA.. i'm located right next to the Colisseum now.

I got free tickets to the Korea Power music festival for this friday - anybody wanna go? I got 4 tickets. It's right next to my work too.. haha.. i can practically walk there.. but i wouldn't since i'd probably get robbed in the street.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Taxes.. the Horror

OMG.. i just did my taxes.. (didn't hit submit button yet) but i ow $1500 in taxes to federal and state!.. UGH! wtf.


imma take this to a micky mouse tax shop and get this fixed.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Work Out Plan

Already Feb 8th.. holy mother.

It's been a month and a half since i told myself i'd get back into shape.. and haven't really started yet. Actually i did start playing soccer with church ppl if that counts. But i do have a new plan.

My original plan was to work out after work on my way home. But then i always get tired and lazy and just don't go. I would rather be home chillen'.. so the new plan is.. drum roll please.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hyolee Clone

So Hyolee's next album is coming up.. you can check it out here:

******** (5:42:40 PM): hey, did u pre-order the hyolee album?
******** (5:42:49 PM): there's a limited edition hologram version too
bronx 08 (5:43:49 PM): not yet
bronx 08 (5:43:55 PM): did u?
******** (5:43:58 PM): yeah
bronx 08 (5:44:03 PM): lol
******** (5:44:03 PM): with a couple other cds i wanted to get
bronx 08 (5:44:10 PM): god damn hyolee
bronx 08 (5:44:11 PM): so hot
******** (5:44:15 PM): yeah. no shit
bronx 08 (5:44:19 PM): Dark Angel..
bronx 08 (5:44:24 PM): trying to be Jessica Alba
******** (5:44:57 PM): i'm not complaining
bronx 08 (5:45:17 PM): neither am i
bronx 08 (5:45:25 PM): me and Eric were talking about that yesterday
bronx 08 (5:45:31 PM): we came to the conclusion that she's loose
bronx 08 (5:45:34 PM): i mean her goods are loose
******** (5:45:43 PM): most likely
******** (5:45:51 PM): but experience ain't bad
bronx 08 (5:46:37 PM): hahahaha
bronx 08 (5:46:50 PM): unless it's too much experience an the average guy won't please her
bronx 08 (5:46:51 PM): hahaha
******** (5:46:59 PM): shit... i'm flexible
******** (5:47:03 PM): mentally and phsyically
bronx 08 (5:47:27 PM): lol
bronx 08 (5:48:22 PM): i saw the Island today
bronx 08 (5:48:26 PM): u know about tha tmovie?
******** (5:48:55 PM): yeah. downloaded it a while ago
******** (5:48:58 PM): it was ok
bronx 08 (5:49:04 PM): imma dream well tonight
bronx 08 (5:49:05 PM): hahahah
******** (5:49:07 PM): hahahaha
bronx 08 (5:49:08 PM): hyolee clone
******** (5:49:19 PM): clones <-- more than one
bronx 08 (5:49:21 PM): brainwashed to liek me
bronx 08 (5:49:25 PM): hahahahaha
bronx 08 (5:49:41 PM): holy crap.. getting excited
bronx 08 (5:49:42 PM): haha
bronx 08 (5:49:45 PM): can't wait to fall asleep
******** (5:49:47 PM): hahahahahaa

Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend Fun

So, what happened over the weekend?


got a really nice long rest. Played dota with pae pretty much all day. Eric stopped by and he wanted to go clubbin but i was too lazy so ended up staying at home.


Eric came over and we headed over to James's and watched the game. Jame's sister bought us Islands.. and i was incredibly full. I should never eat like that again. We played sum bball and came home.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Happy B-Day to Me

Guess it's time to update a lil.. haven't done that in about 10 days now.

Well my bday went by.. didn't do anything. Watched a lot of videos. Oh wait.. i went to Inglewood and HG.. and Hustler too - Eric threw up w/o even drinking and James made $150. That was actually a pretty fun weekend. We even played basketball with no lights.

Since then, this week has been going by pretty fast. Nothing major just working. Went out with boss last night to Ktown to drop off some stuff - and ended up in a Porsche (me driving) cruising in LA. HAHAH.. Then we hit up Palm Tree and had realized that all those gold diggers were looking at us. Gosh, how one simple material posession makes a difference.

We had Patron and Hemi and got pretty wasted. Had a interesting conversation with this dumb gold diggin girl. ew.

I thought i would change this new year.. but dang it's hard. Haha.. and too lazy to do so. I like the way things are... [ponder..] wait.. i don't like the way things are but it's hard to change. Im' freakin 200 lbs now. I need to take a pic to have a before and after picture. I'm going into the 7 month plan this year so around June.. i should have shed off most of this excess fat.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

5 Stitches..

Werd! 2006 is here! Time is flying. I just realized i've been running bjunkyard for like 8 years now. That's a very long time..

So what did i end up doing for new years? Went to Big Bear..

12/28 - Called Jimmy and Pae to go drinking. We all had Wine Korean bacon.. and that shiet was good! Drank a grip - then went ot echa and drank sum more at Bellagio. Good times. haha

12/29 - Got my thumb cut in half. Had to get 5 stiches. Got cut while working on a customers car. Ugh.. it was so nasty.. i almost fainted. Went to a Korean hospital and they charged me $300 and $25 for a tetnis shot. I thought that was expensive - but it woulda cost double in an emergency room. Damn those doctors get paid mad bank. The doctor did a good job stitching me up though.. it's healing nicely but i will have a scar.

12/30 - Headed up to Big Bear. Rented a cabin for 6 people. First night there was a lot of MOTA and miscellanious fun.

12/31 - Snowboarding .. snow sucked. It was all manmade.. all wet and mucky. Plus i didn't get to enjoy it much since i was helping one of our group members learn how to snowboard.
Afterwards, ate sum good Chinese food and Pong's. Nice.

1/1 - Came back home and watched King Kong again.. and ate wine Korean bacon again. HAH.. the best thing about this trip was that it was basically free, didn't have to pay anything.

AY NIM~! JJANG! 4pm - 5pm PST.