Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kwon Boa Wallpaper for Wide Screen Monitors

Hard to find 1920x1080 HD wallpapers.  So i made a few.  Here are the first two.  I'm using black background because white causes blindness.

Is it just me or did Boa jump from cute to sexy?  And weren't her hips wider than this?  She's 23 now.. way over legal age. L O L

Almost Encountered a Robbery...

I have made it a habit to go to 7-Eleven around 1-2am to buy a drink after a nice workout.  Yesterday - while i was in the store, two black men entered and started shopping for beer.  I thought nothing of it and stood in line behind them.  Here's what happened.

One of the men stood in line to buy the beer, while the other went to the pick out another beer.  The clerk apparently spotted a gun underneath the shirt of the man that went to pick out the beer. 

Clerk: "Hey i saw what you have in your back pocket, take it out.  I have cameras all over the store"
Customer @ Counter: "Yo foo, take out your piece, he saw it"
Customer @ Isle: "What?"
Customer @ Counter: "This foo said he saw it."
Clerk: "I'm going to call the police"

The clerk begins to dial 911, and then stops as the man who was picking his beer came to the counter. 

Clerk: "Turn around and lift your shirt"

At this point i must admit i did feel my stomach whirl a bit and began to think of what i was going to do in the worst case scenario.  When the guy lifted his shirt, i saw nothing.  Could be that when he was choosing his beer and his friend called out to him, he hid the weapon somewhere else.  Anyways, the 2 black customers are now pissed, or are faking it to cover being caught.

Customer @ Counter: "What the F bitch, you calling us out cuz we're brothers? That shit ain't right man."

The clerk and the two customers share a moment of silence as they stare each other down for a while.  This was the climax, as two things could have happened.

  1. The guy with the gun could pull it out and shoot the clerk out of rage.  (Even shoot me in the process because i would be a witness)
  2. Pay for the beers and leave
Considering i'm alive, #2 occurred and the men proceeded to leave the store while cursing the clerk.  They were driving a black Tahoe with tinted windows.  The type of cars you'd see in movies doing drive by shootings.

I don't really think much of it - i didn't see a gun when the guy lifted his shirt and i think the clerk was just imagining things.  7-Eleven is probably not the best place to rob considering most of the large bills are locked away unlike mom-pop liquor stores.  But during those few minutes, i wasn't sure what to do.  If he did pull out a gun, and shot the clerk.. would I engaged them?  Would they have shot me too or just ran?  Who knows.. it didn't happen.

Interesting night.  If they indeed have a gun, there is a chance they will come back to try and recipricate against the clerk.  I should probably not go for a while.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

One Piece Movie 10!

It's out!

Haven't seen it yet so i can't comment.  You can download the torrent here:


And you will need to download the soft subs here:

Soft Subs

Make sure you load the subtitle using a player that has the correct codec.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Window Tints + Working Out

Got my windows tinted today at a local shop here in Bellflower.  The shop is run by a young Korean fella - honest and hard working.  Charged me $130 for 5 windows which is a decent price for the quality/effort he put into the work. 35% in the rear, 50% in the front.  I did not want a limo tint - so it's not super dark, but neither is it super light.  Love it.  Here's the info:

Alondra Car System & Tint

Also got a free service from a local Lexus dealership because of the service manager's pure ignorance and stupidity.  I went in asking for a C-Best setting change - and she had no idea what it was.. big surprise.  Anyways, i argued for a bit and she goes off to talk to a few mechanics and comes back embarrassed knowing she got pwn3d, and comped me the service for free.  Saved myself $60.

Lastly, this is a note to myself, but i began a 6 month exercise program to get back in shape.  Official date i started on this regime was:

Start Date: June 10, 2010
End Date: November 10, 2010

Hopefully by November, i will have shed my goal.  Current routine includes a 2 hour workout:

1. 40 minutes on treadmill.  Goal 3 miles
2. 15 minutes abs
3. 25 minutes weights.  Leg presses, Flat bench press, Curls
4. 30 minutes swimming.  Goal 10 laps
5. 10 minutes sauna

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

iPhone 4 Banned Commercial

Not really.. it's a fake, but so hillarious.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Da Heh's Mini Hompi on Cyworld

I've been getting tons of e-mails to get more pics of Da Heh.. you can check them out on her Cyworld page (which is the equivalent of Facebook).

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cha Da Heh (차다혜)

딱 내 스타일아야!  So cute.  Born in 1983, which makes her 27.  She's an announcer for KBS Morning News.  It's something about smart, beautiful women that's so attractive.

Here's a short clip of her in Star Golden Bell program.  Fast forward to the 1 minute mark.

Hell's Kitchen

Anybody else watch this?

I think it's an interesting show.  They can do without all the profanity though.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Redondo Beach, CA

Is it just me, or does going to the ocean just has the effect of relaxation?  I haven't been to a beach in like 3 years.  The last time i went was in 2007 @ Half Moon Bay in North Cal.  I've always like Redondo Beach because of the quiet atmosphere and surroundings.  Street parking is allowed from 8am - 9pm i believe, just remember the beach closes at 9pm. 

There is also a pier with a parking structure.  Not sure exactly what's there, but i guess i'll visit next time.  My dream is to someday get a pad with a balcony facing the Pacific Ocean.

Motorola Droid X or Samsung Fascinate?

Hard decision.  I like Droid X's bigger screen since i have large fingers, but it may be bothersome in my pocket.  I like Fascinate's layout as it looks similar to the iPhone.

Both run Android 2.1 OS, so software isn't much of an issue.  The biggest 2 problem:

1. I can upgrade now, but Fascinate doesn't even have a release date yet. (rumors say August)
2. Size.. there are obvious pro's and con's.

The Best Revenge?

Something interesting i read recently.

"The best way to get revenge at someone, is by living a happy life"

Kinda makes you think doesn't it?  Instead of having malicious thoughts of violence, just continue living a good life.  A good happy life.  This does bring up a question though.

  1. Is it important for that person to see you living this happy life in order to fulfill the revenge?  Make them regret and pound their chest with anguish? 
  2. Must you forget about the thoughts of revenge to live a happy life?
  3. Does your happiness need to be larger than the other person?
I sorta understand what it means - yet it's confusing when you ask the above questions.

This all came about after watching a Korean drama called 남자 이야기 (Man's Story) aka Slingshot.  The story resolves around revenge, but the protagonist is this really "nice" guy that is portrayed to be too much of a saint.

For example, he is betrayed by his lover as she goes off and marries his enemy (the one that killed his brother) - yet he still worries about her and helps her.  It was so frustrating watching this ridiculous fiction.  I wanted to bash the monitor!

This drama put a bitter taste in my mouth.  Crappy ending.  I would have preferred a total victory from the protagonist.  With the psycho business man losing all his money and living in a shack eating trash for dinner, and his betraying wife following him around with a shopping cart.  I feel so cynical right now.. haha.  Freakin drama's making me think...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Volume of Blog Posts by Year/Month

Looking back at the number of blogs i made since 2002 is quite interesting. From the looks of it, i had the most interesting year in 2004, which makes sense.  That was the year i started going out with the girl that eventually rip my heart out.  Then i hit rock bottom in 2009 with just 8 blog posts.. what a joke.

Looks like i'm making quite the comeback though, turning my life around after a depressing few years.  I've already written more in 2010 than 2006 - 2009 combined. 

Been thinking about a new phone when my contract ends in August 30, 2010.  I still have 1.5 months left so it's too early to tell since more phones may come out.  I'm thinking about switching carriers with the exception of T-Mobile.  Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon are all candidates and the deciding factor will most likely be the phone.

Sprint's HTC Evo keeps looking better and better - considering the 4G network. 

AT&T's iPhone 4G looks great and has some nice functionality, but the antenna problem and the lack of 4G support makes me say "meh".

Verizon's Motorola Droid X which is supposed to come out soon looks pretty good.  I thought about the HTC Incredible but i didn't like the back of the phone.

I think i should wait for more phones to come out in 4G, as i will be stuck with this phone for the next 2 years and i don't want to be stuck in a 3G situation.  What i really want out of the phone are the following:

1. 4G Network capability
2. 6MP+ camera with a fast "Load" time.  I hate sitting there waiting for the camera to load to take a picture
3. 720p 30fps+ HD video recorder
4. Relatively small and slim phone.  Aesthetically attractive like the iPhone
5. Docking station charger (since i use my phone as my room clock/alarm)
6. Accurate and responsive touch screen

Sunday, July 04, 2010

SMTown Live 2010 World Tour

SMTown is coming to Los Angeles CA this year... and guess what?  Girls Generation will be there.. woot.  Am i too old to go?  Hmmmm...

Official link

Location: Los Angeles Staples Center
Time: Sept. 4th - 7pm

Saturday, July 03, 2010

[MV] Tae Yang - I Need a Girl (feat. Sandara Park)

Not sure how long this video will be up.  YG Entertainment has been dickholes about copyright and taking down MV's.  I can understand illegal mp3 downloads, but a music video?  It's clearly a better strategy to have your artists MV's spreading virally on the web to increase exposure.  Wasn't that the whole purpose of a MV?