Sunday, February 29, 2004

Long night in LA

Oh gosh.. what a weekend.

I had one big speech, 2 exams, and a application for graduation paper to do. Then on fri. Yong came over. That was actually the only good part, i got to see my friend from SD.

I think i should have stayed home fri. however, the night was interestingly fun and wack at the same time. We went to LAX to pick up one of his friends from SJ. While there, Yong got a fix-it ticket for not having a front plate. We told the cop that Yong got into an accident recently and that's why it wasn't there. The jackass said, u can either get a fix it ticket, or a ticket for leaving your car in a loading-unloading zone. I told Yong to stay in the car too!.. doh.

We then went to Ktown directly which took forever in LA traffic on a fri. night. Nan Darang.. and drank a grip. Oh my we drank so much beer, but it was coo cuz we didn't eat dinner so i had a lot of stomach to fill. I called a few ppl out to go clubbin so we had enough heads, but ppl were bouncing around like bugs. Nobody wanted to go out or was busy doing something else. Oh well.. i made reservations but cancelled cuz we didn't have enough ppl. We then went to Palms to drink and dance. From what i remember, a few months back, Palm was a small bar/night club.. but they totally changed it into kareoke/restaurant! Arrgg.. sucks. So we felt bad cuz the hostess was SOOOO nice to us that we just ate. Pae and Judy came along and ate with us and had more beer.

We moved again to Point, since Palm was more of a restaurant with a bunch of old ppl. At point, we started playing drinking games and it was fun. Probably the best part of the night. I had a bunch of laughs while playing some of the games. Yong's friend got pretty messed up... probably cuz of the mixing of alcohol and beer.

We then went to Kareoke.. and that's an entirely different story. The night went down hill. Drama this.. drama that.. it's probably all in my head and me thinking to myself that it was wack. But as long as other ppl had a good time i'm fine with it. I'm never gonna understand those ktown pigeons. That's all i'm gonna say about that.

Yong saw some ppl afterward.. which was interesting. Ppl he knew from back in SJ. Oh yeah.. i hate being born in january. why couldn't i have been born a few days earlier in December? ROAR. All them lil kids be calling me to-reh when they were born 81/12. That's still like a year diff. Hahah.. i'm looking way into this oppa dongseng crap. Probably cuz i'm a fob.. yeah.. i'm looking too much into it. Were in america right? hahaha. Damn u fob peter.
Anyways, Yong saw some ppl he didn't want to see at this particular time, but i think it doesn't matter, since we all can improve into the person that we want to be and impress ppl from our past later in life. HEE NEH JA CHIN GO YA!

Saturday, I woke up really late with a very sore throat. All that alcohol made my whole system dry. Water.. gulp gulp gulp. Ahhhhhhh.....

Eric called me to play sum ball at central park but i was too lazy to go. Nancy called me to go watch Passion for Christ. I'm sure she was having troubles with her bf.. and since i'm her buddy from BR i wanted to cheer her up. Pae, Judy, Yong, Nancy, and I went to the food court at the movie theaters to eat, then had sum ice cream. Pae judy and yong left cuz we couldnt' get a ticket for them and Nancy had already bought mine during the afternoon.. so we were gonna meet up later at my house. I wanted to deny it but it was a little awckward with everyone there. I tried to get everyone mingled together, but Yong felt left out. That was on the back of my head for the rest of the night, and sure enough, Yong left after he got back to my place. It's hard to explain the feeling you get when a friend just leaves w/o a word and you know they were upset about something.

Daaammnn.. next time i gotta plan things better. So hard being the planner and trying to please everyone, because you feel responsible when someone is not having fun. I wanna be a hermit and go back to my little hole now.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

I must finish my FAFSA

So i gotta finish my Fafsa.. but i'm so lazy. Why won't i do it? It should only take an hour or so. Dang.. it's already monday and i procrastinated .. i did finish my discussion board and quiz for one class, but i still have to write a speech and do some eBay stuff.. and read chapters for 2 exams this Thursday.


hehe.. i always smile when i roar. It's like a infection - it goes from one person to the other according to someone. My life is getting sum what better.. a lot of pressure has lifted from my shoulders. There are some things i still need to do - maybe i'll start tonight after this blog entry.

I met up with James today for tapioca, and that kid was trippin about the waitress who was his "type". I told him to go for it.. but he admitted he was too chicken. haha. I think only a hand full of ppl still visit this blog.. Pae, Beno, Yong, Carolee.. and that's about it from the comments u guys leave me. hah.

I've been blogging for so long. It's almost gonna be 2 years soon.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Started watching Stairway to Heaven

Oh just my luck.. it started raining after i got my skateboard. Bleh. I stayed home all day today watching "Stairway to Heaven".. gosh the first 3 episodes were badass.. then it started to get a little stale. I think Fall Story is still the best drama i've seen other than hourglass. That drama kept you into it all the way till the end. I think Choi Ji Woo does a decent job acting, but she just doesn't look as good as b4. Maybe it's her make up but it's just not as rewarding.. as say.. if Song Hye Gyo was the main female character! Stupid casting ppl.

The little girl that plays Choi Ji Woo when she was younger does SUCH an amazing job.. looks VERY much like Boa. Very cute too.. i tried looking on yahoo about who she was, but since she's just a small-part character, it doesn't say much. Not even her name.. wtf.

I still have this weird cough.. i'm not sick anymore.. but the cough. ROAR. Maybe i should vaccum or sumthin.. might be the air in my apartment as my mom always tell me.

Every time i watch those damn dramas i get all soft and mooshy inside. Hahaha. And.. my standards for the opposite sex raises one bar. As if i could get a girl anyways - but my desperateness to find a gf weakens. So i guess that's one good thing.. i was feeling a lil lonely for a while. note to self: watch more dramas with hot Korean girls. HAHA.

I posted some things on eBay to sell.. my Graphing Calculator, Nokia cellphone, Nikon Coolpix digicam battery charger, and my electric shaver. I don't use them anymore.. and i figure might as well try to sell them. I put them up as NR (no reserve) items. hopefully more than 1 person will bid, cuz right now.. they are at $1.

Oh yeah.. i also did some situps today. Like 1,000 of them. I feel better, and my gut is tighter. I was planning on doing situps while going to the gym but got so side tracked. now i'm going to the gym, and do situps at the same time. The only thing that distracts me about loosing weight is that i keep meeting these girls that tell me they don't like slim guys. They would rather have their men with sum chubs. It's like.. wtf? Probably something they say to look more innocent or sumthing.

I realized that i'm now 24 (korean age).. which means my dream to stardom is pretty much over. So OLD.. if i was in Korea i would have just finished my term in the military or have finished college and be in the business world. And having little high school girls call me AH JUT SHEE.. I think this is what life is all about.. it's what you make of it. And i sure as heck haven't really made much of it. DOH!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Bought a skateboard

A lot seems to be finally working out today. Although i almost got run over between a SUV and a 18 Wheeler in the freeway this morning.. my dad called me and told me my drivers license was sent to my old house and that he had it. Whew.. after all those phone calls to post offices and letters to tenants of my old apartment, it paid off. I was afraid that the person who stole my wallet was gonna keep my DL.. but i guess they trashed it in the post office box. Now i don't have to worry about DMV for a few more months until my renewal comes in.

I also got my skateboard today.. woohoo.. it's a mini skateboard with phat wheels. I tried it around the house, and i keep falling off. It's SO not like a snowboard. I hope i will get used to it so i can ride it around school. I'm so tired of walking and hate waiting for shuttles.

Those are the two cool things happening recently. I'm still sick.. but got a lot better today.. another good news. Wow.. so many good news today. I'll take some pictures and post them up cuz i have a few things to show.

Also, for you ppl who visit bjunkyard and my blog aswell.. here's a sneak peek at the new bjunkyard layout:

we'll be getting new servers and what not soon so stay tuned.

Now to take some pictures...

Sunday, February 08, 2004

New camera Sony DSCP31

What a interesting day today.

I went to work, and my boss didn't mention anything about the day i didn't show up for work.. err.. ok.

Then i went to GaJu Market to buy sum ramen and the guy gave me a 30pack of Jja Pa Geti for the price of 20pack. He totally made a mistake cuz he gave me the wrong box.. and there was another worker (girl) who kept yelling at him telling him he got the wrong box.. but he just kept yelling back that it was the correct box. HAHAHA. I even told him if it was the correct box cuz if it wasn't i wouldn't mind changing it. But he insisted he was right and told me i could go. Oh well.. thanks man! Hook up. hahaha.

I also won a Digi cam off of eBay for a damn good price. I got the Sony DSC-P32 3.2 mega pixel camera. The camera was used for about a month, but it looks pretty brand new. He also threw in some extras for free.. so it was really worth it. Here are the comparisons:


Camera: $299
128mb stick: $50
memory stick silver case: $30
genuwine sony leather carrying case: $30

Cheapest Online store:

Camera: $180
128mb stick: $45
memory stick silver case: $20
genuwine sony leather carrying case: $20

What i got for everything for was $172.50. I saved quite a bit of money. Not to mention that i didn't have to pay tax and shipping. I just had to drive to Corona (30 miles) to pick it up.

I went over to James' house to relax and pick up a few stuff i left the other day.. and passed out on his couch for a few hours. This cold is taking a toll on me.. making me tired every second! Now i'm home and playing around with the camera. At least today was a decent day.

Oh yeah.. i was supposed to meet Fujike today @ David's party but i was way too tired and sick to go. Sorrry Nance.

Chinese Torture Technique

Haven't blogged in a while.. nothing else good has happened so nothing to really write about. My life just keeps slumping more and more to the floor. Where did ALL this bad karma come from? And it's hitting me one at a time.. like someone said, "using the chinese water torture technique" which is dropping a single drop of water in the same place on a person over and over and over again..

I thought about it for a second.. and said to myself - damn a drop of water doesn't hurt at all.. but i thought a lil longer and realized all those holes in the rocks inside caves comes from water dropping from the roof of the caves. Millions of years of water dropping..

I did do something good today. I e-mailed sum guy asking for sum help. Oh did i mention i'm sick? I have this awful cold. And i guess i should be resting right now, because my left eye is twitching like crazy. ROAR!

I also got a new job (non-paid) for SCA. Student Communication Association at CSULB. check out my 4 hours of work:

What else.. i can't think right now. Too sick. Cough cough.. this is one of the few times i miss my mom. No one to take care of me. But Pae told me i'm a big boy now (23) w00t.. so i should be able to take care of myself. haha.

Anybody else having a horrible time?

"Miserary loves company!"