Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Wallet Lost!

Ok.. so my year keeps getting worse.

#1 i tried to dye my hair and it came out orange.
#2 lost my wallet today

I was at food4less stocking up on some food and water.. and was wearing my gym shorts that don't have pockets. So i placed my wallet in the cart and totally forgot about it. Came home, and got ready to work - and realized that i had left my wallet in the cart. I went back about 1.4 hours later and it was gone. The same stroller was still in the middle of the parking lot.

Thankfully Pae works at Bofa so he was able to cancel my account for me. Apparently, the person who took my wallet tried to get money out of my checking account! Gosh.. just take the $25 bucks in my wallet and just let that be. Greedy ass thief. Ok.. so u found the money.. take it. But dont' steal my money from my bank too! I hope that person gets my bad karma!

I lost:

School ID - gotta get a new one.. hopefully it's free.
Drivers LIcense - Simon told me i could order another one online.. so i wont' have to go to the DMV.
Credit Card - Thankfully i had the number in my phone and cancelled it. they should send me a new one soon.
Bank Card - Pae got it worked out for me.. thanks Pae.
PowerPlay Card - Arcade card with 100 points.. but 0 credits! hahahahha.
Tapioca Express card - it had 4 stamps.. oh well.

Bleh.. bleh bleh bleh. This is ALL BS! Life sucks.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Book: Fight your speeding ticket

woke up late today.. went to work and headed over to Barnes and Noble where i bought a book called, "Fight your speeding ticket" In California by David Brown. It has a lot of info.. and couldn't read it all there, so i just bought it for $29.99. I think it's a pretty good investment. I think after reading this book, i'll be a pro at traffic tickets.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Chilling at Redondo Beach

Chilled with Pae a couple of days ago at the beach @ night. It was nice. So many memories in that freakin beach. I have been getting my life back together.. made this huge TODO list.. and finish a lot of it.

Pae gave me his old phone since he got a Samsung T715. He let me have his Samsung SGH-S105 phone. It's a really nice phone and i've been playing around with it a lot. Gosh.. i realized how ancient my Nokia 8290 was after seeing all these cool features phones these days have. I ordered a new mini antenna from europe for the S105. I's only 3cm long!

I went to Nancy's party today and it was a little wack. Interestingly.. i just can't handle myself @ American bars. Just not my place i think. I'm so used to Korean bars and clubs..

My diet isn't going so well.. i have no time to work out.. cough cough.. lol. I mean i don't get my lazy ass to the gym. Wait.. actually it's cuz i'm sore from working out hard last Tuesday. I will go again after i start feeling better.

Monday, January 19, 2004


Oh yeah.. i forgot to mention i got two C's on my classes last semester! WTF. I e-mailed one of the professors asking him if he made a mistake. I know i deserved a C in Comm301 since i have no interest in Rhetorical Criticism. But Comm420 i should have got a B!

Now my GPA is down to 2.996.. and not sure if i'll be able to get financial aid. sigh.. nm about the bad luck turning around.

Meeting up old friends

Went back home during my time off work to visit my folks.

Wed. got the stupid ticket for speeding.. i've been spending hours researching about how to change venue. If anyone knows.. please inform me.

Thurs. went out with Ellis Go to lunch @ Chevy's. I was craving their chips and salsa.. yum! Then we had tapioca. Elis Lee met up with me later for a few drinks and karaoke.

Fri. went to TEn15 with Ellis and a few of his friends. I didn't like it too much. It was enjoyable - but just not my thang.

Sat. went to meet up with Kevin. Played some pool with him and hung out at his new house.

Sun. met up with Elis again for coffee and interestingly met up James H. and MeeYoung.. it was coo that i met both of them since i had no way of contacting them. Specially MeeYoung cuz nobody had her contact info.

It took 4 hours and 30 minutes to go up.. and it took 5 hours to come back down. Never again am i gonig to drive up there. It's rididculous! I hate the drive now.. specially because i'm scared of getting another ticket!

I think my luck has turned around a bit.. hopefully it stays that way. I have a huge TO DO list.. i just thought of all these things i needed to do.. and wrote them down on my little notepad. I should start on them tomorrow.. but it's MLK day.. places will be closed. DMAN IT!!

Thursday, January 15, 2004

North Cal Trip

I'm here in north cal right now. Using my mom's ghetto old computer i made for her a long time ago. I think this machine is like a 266mhz. Ouch. She needs to upgrade.

I got jinxed.. thanks yong bum! I got a ticket on 101, 5 minutes away from my house. How the heck man! I was so close to getting home.. and i get pulled over. What a dick cop.. he didn't even have his radar. Just tailed me for 2 miles from what he says. I think it's bs. He cited me for doing 90 on a 65.. omg. That might be mandatory court appearance. That's going to suck. I'm def. going to ask for a change of venue.. it's ridiculous to make me appear in court all the way up in North Cal when i live down south. I'm gonna rape that officer in court. He better not show up.

Overall.. this whole new year thing is dragging me down. Nothing has been going right with me. I should stay home and become a little hermit where nothing can go wrong.

1. lost camera on bday - $400
2. flat tire - $120
3. vegas - $xxxx
4. ticket - $xxxx
5. tuition - $1300
6. books - $300+
7. credit card - $xxxx

i'm so screwed. At the end of the month, i got more bills to pay too. i dunno what to do. .......

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Vegas Trip

Thanks carolee. Everybody Xanga's these days. I want to leave comments but can't cuz i'm not a member.. doh. I'm so used to blogger it's hard to change.

On my way to pick up James on Sunday.. or rather drop him off.. i noticed my car being really slow getting out of the drive way. It seemed as if i had the E-Brake on or something. I drove a few feet - and decided to check it out, only to find the right rear tire almost deflated. I got to the gas station and put some air into it.. and hose it down with water and hear a hissing noise. DOH.. it's a flat. At first i thought it was my neighbors hating on me by just deflating the tires thru the air hole.. but when i took off the tire at James' house it was a big fat nail.

I've been riding on it with that nail and low air pressure for a few weeks now that i think about it. Maybe about 2 weeks or so. Cuz i usually get about 300 miles per tank of gas.. and i've been only getting about 240. I thought it was something to do with my intake and filter.. or my fuel injectors but it wasn't. Riding on low pressure tires sags your car and uses up more gas. It's like trying to peddle a bike with flat tires. I should have noticed it when coming home on fri, cuz on the freeway, the rear right tire was making a little bit of noise during lane changes.. as if the divide pots were hitting the rim.

I went to try and patch it up.. but i was riding on low pressure for too long, and the inner wall of the tire was pretty shredded up. The rims pretty much ate everything. So i had to get a new tire. Bleh..

I lost my camera.. Had to get new tires. Lost some money doing this and that.. Had to pay a grip for tuition. I'm going bankrupt. I have never felt so empty as far as financial security. I need to think of something fast.. i don't think i will last this entire spring at the rate i'm going right now.

Went to Vegas for a few days with friends. Some other ppl i know went and had fun.. so i figured i should have fun too. We checked out most of the major casino's.. Bellagio, Palms, Venitian, Paris.. etc. We ate some really good buffet at the MGM called the "Grand Buffet" which was great. We just ate the crabs and seafood cuz it's the most expensive thing there. I'm sure my cholesterol went thru the roof.

We tried to go to the Ghostbar @ Palms but one of my buddies wasn't dressed well enough to get in.. so we didn't get to do that. We took a cab for most of the trip cuz i didn't wanna drive and park. I think that's the best way to do it in Vegas.. just take a plane and cab it everywhere. Although we took a car, the 3 hour drive isn't worth it unless your taking a huge van. James was really uncomfortable in the back seat. I swear my car is a 2 seater!

We went to Venetian and thought to ourselves that it is THE place to stay and check out if you go with a girlfriend. Very very romantic place. They have that canoe and a guy sings for you, while the two of you cuddle in a warm blanket. There's lots of shopping and Boutique's.. souvenir shops.. they have a restaurant next to the courtyard with a classical band playing mozart and bethoven in the middle. and so on..

I am thinking about going up north tomorrow.. or in a few hours. Not sure yet depending on how i feel. I'm a bit tired. I dropped off James and Simon and watched a K movie called "Classic" with Son Yeh Jin.. she's so cute!

New years resolution: I promised with Simon on this one.

1. Loose weight
2. No more or reduce going out
3. Loose weight
4. Get a better job, or a side job
5. Finish school

I guess setting some goals isn't bad.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

23 Years Old.. I want a DSLR

it's my bday today.. freakin 23 now. I lost my camera at the club too. sigh.. what a great way to start a new year. Oh well.. it was time to update my camera anyways. I want the new zoom lens camera .. but it's like 650 bucks. sigh. no loss... i haven't taken that many pics anyways lately. I figure i will just get another camera soon.

I'm pretty buzzed right now.. can't even type.

Monday, January 05, 2004

New Year, plans for Vegas

Dang, haven't blogged in a while. I haven't even been tracking who visits anymore.. i figure it's ppl who do a search on yahoo and come up with this site.

I'm enjoying my vacation.. no more school for a few more days. Actually not until Jan 26th. YES! I'm going to go to Vegas this weekend, then go back home for a few days. I already requested days off work so hopefully everything will work out. I also need a new calendar!

It's 2004 already! Geezz.. remember everyone worrying about the y2k bug? Lol... i remember y2k so vividly.. that was a crazy day. Martha from BR quit on Saturday cuz she got a job at some other clothing store. I'm so glad in a sense that she left cuz she was very mean to me. I always just brushed her off and took all of her sarcastic and negative remarks cuz i didn't want to deal with it. Now that she's gone.. it's a interesting feeling that hasn't hit me yet. I wonder who her replacement will be. I hope it's not a even bigger jerk.

I'm hanging in here.. living my life day by day.. just trying to get by school. I"m so lazy. I'm so lazy.. i'm so lazy. I dunno.. i am just SO lazy. I don't wanna do anything with my life.. and wish everything falls on my lap. I'd rather just sit and do nothing than try to achieve something for the better.