Monday, September 22, 2003

Won a shirt @ BR

Haven't posted in a long time.. what has been going on. I can't think back too far. Just been staying at home these days trying to save some money for a trip to korea or sumthin. A lil tired of the whole clubbin scene and wutnot.

I won a stupid contest at BR.. so i get to pick a free dress shirt which is about $68.. not bad huh? Kinda like a bonus which is nice. I never win anything too..

I finally bought some "korean" ramen instead of that american ramen u buy at the grocery store.. sooo yummy! Koreans sure know how to make ramens. I've been watching the new drama with Kim Hee Sun.. and she is very pretty. wow. 0_o

My cousin Hoon came down from SF to UCLA.. so i should go visit him soon. Ugh.. i can't remember much of anything else right now.. what the heck have i been doing? Went drinking with Mike and Pae yesterday and met a few of mike's friends and went singing too. Oh man.. i know i can't sing.. but i was hitting the right notes last night w/o my voice going stale on me. Felt good..

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Back with old friends

Went drinking last night with the boys.. it's been a while that we've done this. The only person missing was Eric.. who lives in LA now. Simon, Jay, Pae, James, and I went to 5th wave and drank a grip of kkang soju.. it went down so easy last night. It tasted like water. I got pretty drunk when we went to karaoke.. and felt sick. I was okay though.. had a slight headache this morning, but it was because i didn't have dinner the previous night.

I cooked BAB today.. then studied before i had to work. Nothing exciting at work.. and now i'm home. I should sleep soon so that i can go to school early tomorrow and find a decent parking spot and study in the library.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Thinking out loud

You know when your life is starting to change and you want it to change, and you try to change it.. yet your so deep into shit that it's pretty impossible to change it or ever go back. I'm stuck right in the middle. Who am I? What is my purpose here on earth? Do i need to strive to succeed? Why? All this energy ppl use in their daily lives.. for what? To progress the human kind?

I feel like my identity is lost. Stolen.. or whatever. I feel like a different person, but is it for the better? I tried to change.. since June. It's hard though.. i don't think i progressed much when i look back @ myself these days. Life is frustrating isn't it? If the bible is true, and when you die, u are an unconscious soul in the grave that has no thought or feeling - how great that would be? But i'm scared of death. No worries, no regrets.. just peace with yourself. Just the thought of it is relaxing.. when i die, i hope i die on a death bed where i go quietly and take my last breath sleeping.

Why do some ppl born in this world with everything just handed to them while others (like ppl in Africa) are born to suffer? Why am i here? Why was i put into this situation and to do what? Why does it seem like a lot of ppl around me have everything going for them while i'm in the mist of a median. I feel regret, guilt, remorse, the feeling that i have been forgotten by ppl i used to know for years.. the feeling that someone else took my spot ever since i moved away or started to stray away.

I guess i put this upon myself.. and it's all for the better that i stay away from those ppl and not inflict on their lives as i would in such a negative way. You're probably wondering wtf i'm talking about. Don't worry about it - i'm trying to clear my head right now. I don't even know what sense i'm making by writing this. The best thing to do.. is forget. Good thing we were created so that we are able to forget or block memories from our minds. It's too late to go back.. the only thing left is to move forward. Ppl say, you never know what you've had until you lost it.. which is very true.. but once you've lost it.. dont look back. If you do.. it'll just create pain.

I should do this.. i should do that. Fuck it. I'll just let my life ride the waves of this chaotic world and take me where it has to.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Yong over to visit

What have i been up to since the 28th...


Yong came over cuz it was his bday on the 28th so we hung out and he got to have his little vacation. It was coo having him around for the past 4 days cuz there was somebody home waiting for me after work. It's a good feeling.. i guess maybe that's why ppl have pets.
We went to Prive but we couldn't get in for some stupid reason i will not disclose. So we went to Pointe instead, and had a relatively good time.


I had to work 9 hours.. so Yong stayed home most of the day. We went to Tapioca Express with Pae after i got home, and went to PC bang afterwards and that's about it.


had to work again, and i was pretty tired after work, so we decided to just hang around the house after we went to eat some wack ass Chinese food. Their beef tasted bitter sweet cuz i think it was too old. Came home, and i watched some TV while Yong played WC. He stayed up all night watching movies and playing video games.


I had to work again in the morning! Isn't life grand? Work so much when a friend is over. Anyways, i went to work and got back to find Yong just waking up. haha. We played some more WC.. then went to Cerritos to meet Mike Judy and Pae to eat some Korean BBQ. Came home and went to bed.


Yong went home, while i went to school.

Bleh.. i left so much detail out. I can't remember all of it. I know that Yong got a parking ticket cuz i forgot there was street cleaning on Tuesdays. DoH! $30 but i told him i would pay it off.
My professors seem to be pretty intimidating. They told the entire class that if anyone who hasn't finished the pre requisites, should drop the class now, cuz nobody in that situation has gotten a grade better than a C+. WTF. Bastard. My other Prof. told me i couldn't enroll cuz i didn't do some of my lower division units. I told him it's cuz i transferred over. That idiot.. he better not drop me cuz i already bought the books.

Money.. another damn issue. Tuition and Books are just killing me this month. I might have to ask my mom for more money or something, cuz i'm running lower and lower.. and lower.

My Armani watch broke on me.. stupid thing.. I'm sending it back tomorrow. Me and Yong played a lot of WC when he was over. HE also watched all my movies on my computer. hah. Also we watched all of Forever Love VHS which took yong about 20 hours. Sung Yuri JJANG!

I think that's about it for now.. i can't remember anything else that's interesting.