Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Poderbits Sound Recorder

So tis been quiet few weeks.

For some reason, i'm always so tired.. specially after lunch. I feel like an hour nap everyday.. but can't. James - what you gonna do for your birthday? Holla.

Simon went to Argentina - he should be back anytime now.. maybe this wednesday? He left w/o saying anything.. that brat. Punk needs to get his life together. Even when i look at him - he looks so clustered.. always trying to keep himself busy with useless shit. I wonder how everyone will be like after they get married and are like 35. I hope i'm filthy rich so i can travel.. or be a couch potato and stay home all day.

I've got this new program called Polderbits.. which is an audio recorder! Damn i'm thinking about buying it cuz its rad. You see - if you go here:


They have pretty much every album out right now - and you can stream all the songs.. and you can pay a buck to download the mp3. But with an audio recorder - you can just record it and save it as an mp3. So i got a bunch of songs! Specially the goody oldies from back in the days and some of the newer ones. Muhahah..

I've been playing partypoker.com - and started with 1000 play chips - and now i'm at 30,000.. playing on 25/NL then 2000/NL.. I was actually up to 130k but lost 100k after playing in the 100,000/NL.. played too aggressively. Lost with pocket A to a flush draw on the river. SOAB.

Hmm.. i should get back to work..

Monday, August 22, 2005

Food for Thought

So a friend was telling me what each race is good for.. in regards to food. I didn't like her list - so i made my own:

Vietnemese: Pho.

Chinese: Dim Sum, Jjan Jang Myun, Chicken fried rice

Koreans: KimChee, Sam Gyup Sal, Soju .. and too much to list

Japanese: Yaki Mandu, Udon, California Rolls

Afro Americans: Friend Chicken

Mexicans: Carne Asada Burrito

Italians: Spaghetti, bread with vinegar and olive oil, authentic pizza

Americans: In & Out

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Congratulations Brian and Soo

Was talking to pae today about how i spent $1700 on a computer today.. it's been 10 months since i bought it but dang.. i realized that was a pretty expensive impulse purchase.

I had to buy a new computer either way because mom wanted a new computer so i gave her my old one - but ddaanng.. coulda done a lot with that kind of money.

The fans on my computer are getting dusty.. i should clean them but i'm so lazy. Computer runs fine - but once in a blue moon it will reset by itself. There are two obvious reasons for this.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Vertical Doors

Forgot to mention i finished installing the vertical door kit on the company car.. took 2 days and about 10 hours.. whew.

Monday, August 08, 2005

BBQ Weekend

What a weekend!


Went over to James' house for the bbq - but ended up starting it at 6pm because everybody lagged.

We ended up trying to fit a BIG ass grill inside my car - and it punctured my interior roof cuz it was pointy.. ugh. Then i sat there for an hour assemblying it for James.. the install was easier than i thought. Grill works great too.

Everyone started rolling by around 7-8.. and we had a really good BBQ at James' new pad. His house is really nice.. first one out of the group to be doing pretty damn well. We then played Hold'em from 10pm to 6am.. lol. Poker was fun.. went to sleep and woke up 4pm next day.


Woke up and went to all you can eat korean bbq.. food was ok. Got diet pepsi spilled over me cuz the waitress dropped it. But other than that - we went back to Jame's while i took a shower and we played sum more poker until 12am and i dropped off Simon and came back home at 3am.

Phone was dead all weekend too.. and that's that.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Vertical Doors


Took about 8 hours working on the Tiburon putting on vertical door kit. Had to take out front bumper.. door panel, headlights, front fender, wiring harness and unbolt all the hinges and install all the new stuff. Took forever! Considering i didn't know what i was doing - did a pretty good job.

Then around 9pm co-workers wanted to drink and eat bacon so we did until about 11.. then we all went home. I was so exhausted.


Went to work early and finish the car.. i'll post pics in a bit - car came out really good expect for the drivers side. Boss used a rubber malet to fix fitment issue and now it sticks out and is uneven.. he should have figured another way to do it.. sigh.

All my hard work.. and the kit is on - my hands are all cut up and i think i lost 10lbs of water from sweating. Oh yeah - we went to Adam's house to eat lunch.. ate "Myu Mil Gook su".. yumy. The vertical door kit works good.. no squeak or closing problems.. except for the slight alignment problem from the fender after boss hit it with a hammer.. sigh.

Afterwards - i was SOOO exhausted. Went to a korean spa. Got a sports massage.. it was really nice. It was total asian sty-o with the lady steping on you with her feet.. o_O

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


It's August already.. wow. Time is fizzling by this month. I've been reading my last few posts and i realized a trend. I've been whining.

1. About being lazy and not working out
2. About how dota is taking over my life

HAH.. and it's so true. Anyways imma try not to whine anymore. I came into work early today.. got grinded yesterday for coming in 1 hour late for the past few months. I can't help it.. i love sleeping.

Life got a little better lately.. been trying to fix my flaws here and there and it's nice.