Friday, October 10, 2008

Driving in CA vs. Walking in NYC

When i used to live in Cali.. driving sucked because of those idiots doing 65mph on the fast lane.

OMG.. it's like the same here. Getting out of the subway into the stairs is a mess! Specially because the SLOWEST ppl.. seems to want to be at the front. The old ppl, the ppl with carriages.. they run to the stairs.. only to slow down to a standstill and creating massive traffic.

and Thanks beno.. didn't know ppl still read considering i haven't updated in so long! More Mak Gul Lih?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Life Sucks.. Does Yours?

What a day.. i could not sleep last night, i kept shivering and could not stop thinking bad thoughts. Life is sucking at the moment - and can't really put my thoughts into words. What is the purpose of living is what i've been pondering.. why? Work.. eat.. work.. sleep.. isn't that the life most of people in the world? What joy comes from all of this shit? What is YOUR joy? What makes you want to continue living? I usually don't do this.. and i think all of my life i have considered suicide maybe three times counting today.