Thursday, October 30, 2003


Haven't felt like blogging lately. Yong used to sing, "I have drama in my life".. ahha in a fob tone which was funny. I sing that song these days. I DON'T WANT DRAMA! GO AWAY!

I remember back in the days, i would sit in front of the computer for hours.. chatting.. and wouldn't miss a beat of ppl who wanted to converse. But these days, i'm either playing a game that fills my entire screen - or watching tv on my bed, so someone says, "Hi".. and when i dont' respond, they log off. -__-; if you are one of those persons.. i apologize it was NOT intentional.

Yong came over the other night.. it was fun seeing him again. Also nice to have someone @ my crib to hang out with overnight. We ate Ramen the first night, and Boba and PC Bang. It was good times. 2nd night we had some really good KOrean BBQ, Boba again, and talked about the good old days..

I got some new inspiration to do well in school.. it's funny how the least likely ppl will inspire you sometimes. I stayed all day in school today studying. WOW.

I wanna go to Halloween Haunt @ knotts berry farm..

Monday, October 20, 2003

I want to be a success!

I've been procrastinating. I need to start on that damn essay. I went to VR for the first time in a while yesterday and it was same'o same'o. Nothing changed.. still the same scene with the same ppl. I realized once again why i stopped going. I think the best times to go clubbin is on a special occasion with all your friends. A batch of guys isn't much fun.

Other than that, i have been thinking about my life - and how maybe i should drop out of College and use the time i have to start a business, help my dad's business, try to get hired as a college drop out, or move back home and leech off my parents. Haha.. i dunno. You know those success stories you watch on TV? Those ppl just decided on something spontaneously and did it. Like one guy went from Texas to LA with $100 bucks on his pocket and became a millionaire by taking some chances. These ppl just had nothing to loose.. and lived life by it's last string. I wanna be a success story. But i'm so lazy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Corny Poem

It's been a long time seen I've been out to LA.. I've been just working hard these days studying and working at BR. I guess not partying around has given me a lot of time to think and just reminisce about the past. I came around a zipped file that was in my computer for a while. A memory i have been trying to forget. But i realized that instead of forgetting i should leave it at that.. a good memory.

During the days that i was in total uncontrollable love, i got a weird emotion of poetics. I wrote a poem for a girl once.. it was the only poem i have ever wrote for a girl - and i wish to write it here and share it with some of you.

If i was the earth,
i would write love songs in the sand

If i was water,
i would cool you with my soothing touch

If i was fire,
i would burn forever to keep you warm

If i was the sky,
i would use the clouds to powder our love

If i was nothing but a man,
i would undo myself to be with you

But i realize i'm not just a man
because i'm with you.


I did some pretty corny stuff back in those days. i sorta miss them while other times i think it was just silly. Who would have known it would have came to this. These korean dramas i've been watching have been giving the motivation to become a more charismatic person. "bun ee gee it nun namja"

Two of my co-workers quit the other day.. Raul and Eric.. whom i was pretty close with. I will miss them since they made my day go by faster @ work. There's a lot of new ppl at work these days after we finished our holiday hiring. Some of them seem to be coo while others are pretty stuck up.

I'll try to update more frequently.. i forgot half the things that happened during the past few days.. hmm.. wait, nothing happened - which is the reason i don't remember anything.

Sunday, October 05, 2003


damn.. thursday was badass.. lots of fun at Mariposa. I'm sure to go there again.

Fri, just rested all day and did some chores around the house like laundry, dishes, etc. I went to UCLA to visit my cousin Hoon.. and that's it.

Sat, went to Shik Do Rak with Simon, Jinah, James, and Jay. Good food.. i'm stuffed.