Saturday, September 28, 2002

Kpop Rules!

Very long day today.

Woke up around 2pm - went to get my car so i could drive it up next to my studio. Then took the next 2 hours applying touch up paint to my hood, cuz my dumbass opened the hood while the wipers were up and got 2 nice scratches on the upper edge of it. It looks better now.. but u can still notice it. Oh well.. i have enough scratches on my car that this shouldn't bother me too much.

Next i went to work.. worked for 9 hours.. technically 8 cuz i have a 1 hour lunch.
When all the customers left, and we were folding down the store, i busted out my korean pop CD.. and made everyone else listen to it. The coo thing about it was - for me time went by A LOT faster, cuz i was enjoying the music. However, all my co-workers listen to alternative music.. so it was a bummer for them. They liked the beat - but it wasn't "all that". Oh well - i'm gonna keep bringing my CD, cuz i've had to listen to their alternative crap music for the longest time.

After work - i went drinking with Pae and Judy to O-Doji.. it was a pretty coo scene, and now i'm back home.

OH yeah.. i went to the korean market today, and bought a box of Jha Pah Geti, and Shin Ramyun.. woohoo.. i was getting tired of just rice and eggs.

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Car Boo Boo

What a shitty day today.

1. I wake up late to school..
2. I drive half asleep - and run up the driveway in the school parking lot, and bottom out my car and hit my tow hook.
3. I was late for my second class, and the dumb attendance person marked me late. (i was only late 4 minutes) that bitch.
4. I wash my car, but accidentally open my hood while the wipers were up - and got a nice lil scratch on the edge of the upper hood
5. I realized i got gum stuck on my shoe.

bleh.. then i had to go to work - was late to work aswell.. and now i'm home.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Old People Should Not Drive

A rather slow day today. Woke up very late.. around 2pm, and went to school to finish a project.
While driving to school - at the exit at Palo Verde, there was a lane that merges - and i was in the merge lane. Anyways, i'm minding my own business and going straight when this grandma in her huge buik started to get into my lane.. i literraly saw her driving with her 20" sunglasses and her breasts pressed against her steering wheel. I'm pretty sure she didn't even see me.. nor did she care, and after i busted into 2nd gear and took off - she probably didn't even know what she did wrong.

I swear, ppl who are that old SHOULD NOT be able to drive. It's just wrong and dangerous for the rest of us.

I went to school - finished the project, went to Taco Bell came home.. and that's about it.
I finished my Library research assignment i was supposed to do yesterday - and e-mailed it to my teacher. Hopefully he won't mind too much.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002


A rather interesting day today.

Went to school late - and found no parking as usual. Is it just me.. or whenever you wait on the side for a parking spot, and u find someone walking towards their car, another car always seems to just come straight into the parking lot and take your spot. After waiting for 15 minutes for parking, a car just came into the parking lot and went straight for the spot i was waiting for... how rude!

I almost fell asleep in my class again - my profesors mono tone voice always seem to bore me to sleep.

I went to work on time today - and was greeted by my manager with:

"We have a problem, you know how many hours you worked last week?"
"You worked 42 hours!"
"Oh really? I didn't know"
"Well.. your not supposed to work over 32 hours, so since you worked more than 40, we had to pay you 2 hours overtime"
"Ok, i'll try and not let that happen again"

Doh!.. i sorta knew i was having too many hours last week - but thought it was 38 hours and not 42. I was originally only scheduled for 15 hours, so i took other ppl's shifts to make up for the hours worked. Apparently i took a few too many hours. Oh well.. can't bring back time - i just hope this doesn't have any affect on my job status.
I just got back home - and we did very well today. 9 BRC's and $1k over our projected goal for the day.

Monday, September 23, 2002


Woke up around 2pm, did my laundry - cooked some food.. and slept some more.
I was supposed to go play b-ball with Simon, but fell asleep. I called up Simon later tonite, and found that he was sleeping too.. haha how ironic.

Went to Tapioca Express after - and just came home. Very un-eventful day.

Tuxedo comes out this friday.. pretty excited about that.

Movie Review: Cont de Monte Cristo

Woke up at 2pm, cooked some pasta - went to work - went to aunts house and watched Count Mont de Cristo - came home.

It was a pretty interesting day at work because time went by so fast. We had mark downs today - which means everything on sale, went even more on sale. Pants that were $69 bucks that went on sale for $39 bucks were now at $19.99... and so people were coming left and right to shop at our store.
I was at the register most of the day - and the shopping line never decreased more than 5 people waiting. I am considered the Chino man at my work now. There are people who are in charge of jewelry, accessories, shoes, and other things. And I was honored to become the Chino master.. which gives me a bit more leverage on other associates. This came all about - after i showed everyone how to fold the Chino's in a way that they dont look crooked or uneven, the manager liked it so much - he put me in charge of them. Awesome.

It's funny at work these days.. when i get pretty bored, i have fun with the customers. Sometimes, they come in with a giftcard asking how much the balance on it is. And i tell them:

"There is a negative $60 balance on this card.. would you like to pay for the balance now?"

.. and then they give me the most puzzled look in their face - since gift cards can't have negative money - cuz you can only use it until it runs out of money. And of course, i quickly tell them it's a joke before they start crying. But it's pretty fun at work sometimes.

I met up with Simon and my cousins at Hollywood video after work.. and rented Count MOnt de Cristo.. and it was not a bad movie. Lots of twists and action it in, but it seemed like a remake of another movie i watched before - because i could literally foretell what was going to happen after every scene.
My Aunt gave me a basket of eggs.. now i can have eggs with my rice. That's it folks..

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Drinking = Tardiness

Boy what a long day today was..

I had to go to work at 9:45am.. but after the drinking fest the night before - I just couldn't wake up in time. So i ended up just going to work 10 minutes late, and get bitched at by my boss. She goes,

"You know your late right?"
"Don't do it again"

Geez.. it was only 10 minutes. In all fairness, traffic, family, friends, whatever the reason, 10 minutes should be excusable. Anyways, later in the day, she calls me a chatter box and tells me to stop talking with co-workers and get more work done. What kind of a job doesn't let you talk with your co-workers? What kind of a boring job that would be..
I also messed up today - cuz the line at the cash register was pretty long, and while doing everything in a hurry - I accidentally gave someone 2 free shirts. I forgot the scan them - yet i remembered to take out the sensors.. DOH!.. I just hope that guy realizes it and doesn't do something stupid.. like trying to return those items with his receipt. Then i would be screwed [knock on wood].

After work - Pae came over my house and we chilled for a bit, until we went to watch XxX.. the movie was pretty good - a lot of action. But they made the movie a lil too cartoony.. there were some excellent stunts.. but a lot of computer art work aswell.
Now i'm home.. played CS for a bit, was 164-62.. not bad. Now i should sleep.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Independent Guy

I've been tracking the traffic to my blog.. and it's pretty dead. Today 1 person visited.. and i bet it was probably me when i was checking to read my own shit - and see if i had any typo's. Anyways, i guess it's not relavent since i do all this typing for myself. Writing everything down on this blog seems to let a lot of things out my system. Maybe that's why people have diaries.. i never knew why my sister wrote on a diary before when she was younger. I remember she got an award for her essay cuz she wrote about her diary. I also remember when i went into her room, and stole her diary to read.. i'm pretty sure all younger brothers do that to their sisters. I found a lot of interesting things about my sister after reading her diary.. man she's.. different. She did things i would have never imagined. Hmm.. let's stop right there before i tell any more details.

I have a very short term memory, so whenever something happens one day.. i usually can't remember it unless it was very important. I know people who will just blabber about how their day was for hours.. but i just can't seem to do that. Maybe it's cuz i take life so un-seriously. When something happens.. i usually figure "oh cool".. then just forget about it. Why clutter my mind with useless junk when i can be thinking about my hw? hahahah.

Anyways, it has been pretty slow lately. Pae has gotten a lot better these days.. his smiling again - and just chillin like it used to be before. He got his car back.. so i'm sure that had something to do with it. His windows kinda broke on him - so he had to go to the dealership to fix that. I tell you, that car dealerships are the most evil people in the world. They lie so freakin much.. or they are just too dumb to even realize it. I haven't had too much time lately, cuz i work so damn much, or i'm usually out with friends and end up coming home so late. I don't know how time flies so freakin fast. I am very irregularly on my computer these days... kinda suprising since i used to be on 24/7.

I've worked about 30 hours so far.. and after tomorrow it'll be around 38 hours or so.. all in just one week. This week was really tiring for me.. so much work. But i'm kinda in the need of it at this point - so no matter.
Dang.. i have a 9 hour day tomorrow at work. Kinda not looking foward to it. But my friends and i planned to watch Tuxedo at night so that won't be too bad.

Today - i went to HQ with Pae and Judy and had a lot of food.. and i'm about to explode right now. We also had lots to drink.. but i guess i ate too much cuz i can't feel any of the alcohol. Judy was so nice - that she paid for everything.. she says she makes a G every 2 weeks.. so i didn't feel too bad. I guess we'll just have to treat her out next time.

I realized lately, that i'm a pretty independent guy. I enjoy being by myself.. the time of peer loneliness doesn't bother me at all. It gives me the freedom to think by myself and relax w/o worrying about other people. I guess in a way, this is a good thing - but in other ways, i don't cling onto girls or desperately need someone to hold onto which girls would probably like. A funny line i heard the other day was,

"i'm not an attention freak"

haha..and the person who said it was a girl. Not saying that girls in general are attention freaks.. ... ... actually.. that's what i'm saying. Girls love attention. I haven't met a single girl who doesn't like attention. Actually guys like attention too.. but girls like it more. whatevers.. it was just ironic.

I should be sleeping.. i work at 9am tomorrow. Dang it!
What else did i do this week.. hmm.. i cant remember. I should update this blog more regularly.. cuz i can't remember jack shit.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Speakers are Artists!

Today was a pretty good day..
Woke up around 9:45am.. got to school at 10:20am, to find no parking once again.. and had to drive around for 30 minutes until i found something. Went to my first class to watch a dumb debate video in which i fell asleep.. then had to write notes during my second class. I swear, that teacher is SO INTO his own subject it's scary.

"These people are not speakers, they are Artists" ggrrr..

After class, Pae called me and he was at my house. I went over after signing up for a dumb speech and debate tournament that is required to pass my Comm131 class.
When i got home, everything was chill.. we didn't even bring up anything about Sunday night and acted normally which was coo. We talked about it a lil later, and he seems to have calmed down.

Around 6pm, Nancy came over and I cooked Pasta.. and we watched TV for a while.
Pae also bought a GameCube and left it at my house.. i guess i'll have something to do when i'm bored now. Thanks Pae!
Nancy also bought me a few house warming gifts, including pillows which i was in need of, shoe rack and a few other things. Thanks Nancy!

I have work at 10am tomorrow.. i should sleep.

Monday, September 16, 2002

Working at Banana Republic

Today was a lil interesting..

I had to work at 7am.. but after what happened last night, i wasn't able to sleep until 3am.. and had set the alarm to 6am.
When i opened my eyes.. it was 8:45am.. hmm.. what happened to the alarm? I guess i slept over it while it kept ringing.. i seriously did not hear it. So after getting to work 2 hours late - i'm sure the managers wrote me up for being late again.. (this is my 3rd time i've been late this week). I didn't have a good excuse - so i just told them i couldn't get up.
However, the managers weren't too upset because we passed our Secret Shopper test this month. Secret shopper is when a BR Corporate employee comes to our store and shops secretly while checking out all the expects of our store.

How the clothes are folded..
Fitting room customer service
Cashiers friendliness
And a few other things.. Our store didn't pass last month.. so we were pretty desperate to pass this month. So thankfully my managers had something to keep their minds off me.. so i didn't get yelled at too much. Time went by pretty fast today.. worked 7 hours and was busy doing a lot of things.

I'ts 7:20 right now.. i called Pae an hour ago, but i think his phone was off - there was no ring. I wanted to go eat some dinner with him and chill. I guess we can do that tomorrow.

Simon called me just now - and wants to go work out.. i guess that's where i'm going now.. write more when i get back.

First Argument

First time for everything..

Where to begin..

Most people know that my best friend is Pae here in LA.. we've been the closest of friends since 8th grade. I have so much to say - yet everything is jumbled up in my mind that it's hard to organize everything. I feel however, that since this is my personal diary and close to nobody comes to this site - i should write my thoughts here to log how i felt during 9/15/02.

Well to first start out.. i just have this weird gut feeling right now that's been bothering for the past few hours. I feel as if i'm going to explode if i don't say anything or write about it at least - to get it off my chest. This was the first time Pae and I got into an intense argument.. mostly because of misunderstading and miscommunication. We haven't been able to talk much about anything lately - partly because of my job, partly because of Pae's not wanting to talk about it, and partly because of the guests who came over my house.

Apparently, there has been a lot of things that has been bothering Pae these past few days, but i didn't know what they were because he wouldn't tell me. Our argument happened after i came back home with Nancy after buying some sodas to go with our pizza tonite. I noticed Elis was leaving the house all ready to go home - and Pae was putting his backpack on to leave aswell. This put me in a frustrating position because I wasn't sure if it was something i did, that was making them leave w/o even having a slice of pizza with Nancy and I or having a drink. Also with the long day i had at work - i wasn't in the clearest mind format which caused me to raise my voice and ask why they were leaving. I had never raised my voice in front of my friends before in the tone that i said it in.. and so all 3 of them were sorta suprised.. I quickly regretted doing it though after i thought about it for a second. So after pulling myself together, i asked more politely what was going on, and why they wanted to leave. After getting no decent answer, Pae got upset and took off outside wanting to go home, while Nancy chased after him to cool him down.

Elis and I talked inside the house for a bit about what happened.. and i soon followed by going outside to apologize. I really expected the conversation with pae to be:

"Yo dude, sorry for raising my voice, let's talk this out. What's bothering you? Make me understand" - me
"It's coo dude, don't worry about it. It's not a big deal - i'm just leaving cuz i gotta do homework" - pae
"I have been upset lately cuz i've had these things on my mind... ... ... " - pae

or something within those lines.. but all i got was:

"I don't wanna talk about it right now" - pae

After about 30 minutes of trying to convince him to come back inside and talk about it .. i figured it would be better to let him go home and cool off. We talked on AIM a few minutes ago - and straighted a lot of things out.. but i figure we'll settle back when we chill together tomorrow or something.
I'm still not 100% certain of everything that has been bothering Pae - because he hasn't been very specific nor has he talked about each thing in detail to me nor has he told me how all of those things are bothering him. But i know there are more things that are bothering him. The thing that gets me the most, is that i think he got the feeling i didn't appreciate the things he does for me.. or that i got used to him taking care of me that i don't thank him anymore. But seriously, i am grateful, thankful, and awed of his dedication towards our friendship. I know i would probably be struggling more in LA if it wasn't for him.. i probably dont' show that as much as i would like - but i always thought he would never second guess my feelings for that sort of thing.

But who am i to say what he should or should not do.. were all imperfect humans who make mistakes, such as me raising my voice today, ..

I also dislike it when people break up the mood for their own personal reasons. Like if you go out with a bunch of friends, and you have a grumpy face all day and stay quiet in the corner by yourself and not interact because of your personal problems. I'm the type of person that tries not to break up the mood for my own personal reasons.. why make other people miserable worrying about me, when by me just changing my attitude for that day - i could let everyone have a good time while making myself presentable to everyone.

Getting pissed easily also sucks. My mom used to call me a girl cuz i got pissed easily when i was little - ever since i try to keep most of my anger inside, and eat my pride. Either apologize first, or try to calm down the circumstances to get along. Isn't that how the world goes round?

Im pretty sure that this shouldn't impact our relationship.. friends do get into arguments and have disputes.. but it was weird doing it for the first time. I guess we lived our lives differen't for quite some time during the past 6 year while we were living so far apart that probably sparked it after hanging out closely again. I know this story one pretty one sided, but i'm just expressing what i felt yesterday..

Yong and Elis Visit

On thursday, Yong and Elis came over to visit Pae and I. Yong came down to visit on his way to UCSD.. and Elis just came over to visit us and Cindy Hyun from Cuperino Jr. High. I was at work most of the time when they came down which was pretty upsetting.. but at this point at work - that is what i have to do. I have been getting less than 10 hours of work every week, and so i have been complaining about it. So this week - the managers kept offering me hours to make up for it.. and if i rejected the offers what do you think would have happened?

"Dang, he complained about hours, yet he rejects our offers"... that is the last thing i needed right now. So while i worked that night until 10pm, they kicked it at Gogo Juice and at my place until i got home. We then, left to HQ's where we ordered some food and beer. Pae left a bit early because he had to go home before 12. We soon followed by leaving 30 minutes later.

The next day, which was a friday - i didn't have to work, so we chilled at my house until 2pm cuz the weather was really hot. Around 3pm, we went over to CSULB and showed my friends the campus, and later went to the beach in Redondo Beach. I called Nancy over, and we went to Semiro Gumi to eat Japanese sty-o ramen. We then went back to my crib and watched movies and TV.. until Simon called me up and we hit LA for a night in KTown. We got home pretty late, and everyone just went to bed.

On Saturday, i had to go to work around 11am - and Pae came over to take Elis and Yong out for the day. They went to the beach - and hung out all day having fun. I soon met up with them around 8pm, and we went to NEXT in Torrance with a few other friends. We got back home around 2am and didn't go to sleep for another few hours.

Sunday came, and i had to go to work at 8am - doh! - and had to work for another 6 hours. Yong went home around 11:30am to UCSD and I met up with everyone after work at my house. We ordered some pizza, and Elis went home soon after. Pae also went home because of homework. Nancy also left due to her curfew at 10:00pm.

Now i'm writing this blog and i should be sleeping because i have work at 7am. arg.. i thought 8am was early. Dang it! Haven't been able to update the blog or do much of anything productive the past 4 days because i had guests at my house all day.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Why am I always Late?

It's been a slow day so far, i swear i set the alarm clock at 9am.. but somehow woke up at 9:45am. Hmm.. i must be sleep walking or something.
I got to school around 10:15am, and thankfully there was a few parking spots left. My first class was a total bore, the teacher was blabbering about the Terrorists and the 911 incident for a whole hour. I think i fell asleep when he started talking about Iraq and Saddam Hussein.. the bad part was that i was sitting in the front row. Couldn't help it though - because i was freakin tired from sleepin at 3am trying to get Bronx's Junkyard back in business.

Nothing much else going on.. i have to work at 5pm, and maybe go to the market to buy some more ramen, and get a haircut?
Yong and Elis are coming over today from North Cal.. i'm a little worried of how good of a host i can be for 2 people. Showing them around will also be tough since i just moved here too. Who knows...

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I have Internet! I can cook Rice!

Holy Gigazoids! I got my DSL! Finally.. after almost 3 weeks it's here! I cant describe the emotion i'm feeling right now.. i'm excited yet have this empty feeling in my gut. I waited so long for internet that it got me very anxious, but after i got online, realized there was nothing to do. hmm.. how weird. Maybe this feeling will change soon..

Last night wasn't very productive, went to jib heh with my auntie, came back home around 10:30pm. Pae was supposed to call me back - but he never did.. i wonder what happened to that boy. So i just watched Harry Potter.. interesting movie to say the least. Now i understand why so many people went out to buy the book after watching the movie. The film was pretty good.. i enjoyed it.

Kate and Leopold was another interesting movie.. maybe because i always have dreams of time travel. There were many parts which i would have directed differently.. but overall it was an okay romantic/comedy movie.. it won't be a waste of money.

It's 9:30am.. the UPS guy came at freakin 8:30am.. the little paper told me he would come around 10am. Now i'm wide awake.. damn it.
My sister was supposed to send me my bank checks.. but she forgot.. hopefully she sent them recently.. i'm running low and need to pay my bills.

OOhh yeah.. i cooked rice for the first time yesterday.. and damn i can cook RICE! It was sooo good that i didn't need any Ban Chan.. i just at the rice! I also beat Return to Castle Wolfenstein for the second time yesterday because i was so bored. And also played starcraft against 7 computers on big game hunters.
I need a haircut.. but don't know any decent hair stylists around here. I guess i'll wait.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Is Internet Worth it?

I used to think that internet was a huge part of my life.. and yet during the past month that i didn't have a constant internet connection i dealt with it and life went on. I did have urges to check e-mail and what not - but i realized that there wasn't much that i did when i was online other than checking e-mail and doing useless things.

So the question comes to mind, is $50/month worth going on the internet? Maybe my mind will change once i get my DSL, but i actually don't even miss chatting online anymore. Maybe because i have a real life to worry about and not hide behind a computer screen.

I'm at the PC Lab at school at the moment, and it's pretty coo here, comfortable chair - fast computer - fast connection - and the whole building is air conditioned. I'm sure i'll be hanging around here more often.

What did i do yesterday.. hmm.. i did my laundry all by myself for the first time - and i'm proud to say that i didn't do a bad job. The clothes came out in one piece so i'm pretty proud of myself.
I paid my phone bill, and called Cingular to change my phone number. They also charged me $20 for a phone upgrade. The sucky thing about that is, i lost my phone, so the guy at the store told me i could get a new free phone if I signed a 2 year contract with them again (my old contract was over).. so i'm like.. okay. So i thought taht was the end of everything, but Noooo.. cingular has to charge me $20 bucks for upgrading my phone!.. Can we all say SCAM! RIP OFF! FALSE ADVERTIZEMENT! LYING TO THE CUSTOMER! I should have that guy at the Cingular store fired.. what an asshole. Trying to get his commission by lying to me. The only thing the lady on the phoen could say was, "i'm sorry sir".. i'm like.. i know it's not your fault, but your company are a bunch of pricks.

After all that - i had to go to work and came back around 10pm. Called Pae, met him and Christina at Go go juice and talked for an hour. Then i went across the street to Blockbuster and rented, Harry Potter, and that other movie with Meg Ryan and the guy from 18th Century?.. i guess i'll watch those today.
It was nice seeing Christina again, she's the type of person that needs to grow on you. When i first met her, i didn't think much of it - and thought of it as just a friend's friend, but now i get the urge of being a really good friend. I also think she's getting used to my sarcastic jokes, cuz she doesn't take them so seriously anymore (good!).

She also showed me a picture of her with her bf, when she had long hair - and DAMN.. she looked like a movie star. I must admit, that she does look a lot better now than she did 2 years ago. I used to think she had a resemblance of Chow Yun Fat in one of her studio pictures.. but i'm re-thinking that comment. Maybe i'll take a picture of her sometime and post it for a few hours here.
She has a bf though, so no dirty thoughts!.. hmm well i know Bob would say, "Doesn't mean you can't score just cuz there's a goalie".. haha.
For some odd reason though, last night at Gogo Juice, i was interestingly attracted to Christina.. i liked the way she dressed and acted.. and her hair was cute nevertheless. I wonder what she thinks of me......

Today, i woke up at 8:30am cuz of a phone call from my Uncle who lives in Glendale towards the Valley. He was complaining how i didnt' call him after i moved, but i didn't have his number. Come to think of it - i still dont' have his number!.. doh. He wanted to each dinner with me sometime.. so now it's 3 people who i need to make plans with soon.. Dang, i don't wanna drive 2 hours up there though!

I fell back asleep after the phone call and woke up again around 9:45am.. and realized i was going to find no parking at school. Evidently, when i got to school - there seriously wasn't any parking. So i had to park in the residential street which has a 2 hour parking limit. So after my first class, i had to run to my car, re-park it and then go back to class. THis took about 30 minutes.. that's 30 minutes of WALKING and RUNNING! Obviously i was like to my second class and the teacher wasn't very pleased.

It's kinda weird today, because i saw more than 2 cute girls at school.. haven't seen so many in one day here. I also saw Mikey from Turbo in LA the other day.. and that guy has a HUGE head. I mean.. it's HUGE.. the size of a watermelon! Not very good looking eather.. now i know why he always wears a hat/sunglasses. AND why he got dumped by Kim Jon Gook.

Damn.. i'm running out of time, i gotta go to my car, because my 2 hours is almost up again. I'll write more later.. this PC room will probably be my 3rd home.


Sunday, September 08, 2002

Cal State Long Beach

Hmm.. where to start.

I'm currently at a PC bang checking e-mail (i haven't checked in 4 days now), and updating this blog because i know so many ppl read it. Yah rite. I actually do this for myself, since you never know if your going to get amnesia and not remember about your past life. If that ever happens, i'll have something to read about and know more about how i lived my life in the past.

My DSL is still not here yet, i have been having a few problems with Verizon DSL because of my new phone line.

1. They can't test the phone line's compatability with DSL until it's been working for 5 business days - so that took a week.
2. It takes 5 business days for them to ship the modem.

So overall, it's going to take another freakin week to get myself on the internet from home. It's been about 2.1 weeks since i've been waiting.. i hate this game.

I'm at the PC bang, inside the "quiet room" but it's all a lie, because there are these rude ppl who keep talking on the cell phone. Shoot, i should freakin sing really loud and out voice them. HAHA (evil smile).

I got this new gel from a salon because "American Crew" gel hasn't been working as good these days. After testing out the gel that Pae has been using (Paul Mitchel sculpting gel) i just totally digged it. I can do so many things with my hair now. It also has a cool little pump so i can't have to open the lid everytime anymore.

I found a few roaches in my apartment when i first moved in, so i set little poisoned baits for them. I am pretty paranoid about bugs, like spiders, silverfish and roaches - i guess you can call it a phobia. For a while though, they were my only friends in the house, and in a way they helped me settle into my new studio. I actually wasn't sure what kind of roaches they were because at first i was told they were silver-fish; so i went on the net and found everything i could about silverfish.. but i was still skeptical about that because the insects weren't silver. bleh. So after a few hours of more research, i found out they were German Roaches. The hardest freakin house pests to kill from what i heard. But not too many worries anymore because i have so many tools to kill these little monsters..
The baits i setup for them should work pretty good, because roaches aren't like ants and they don't share food, they just eat them - go back home and die. And after they die, other roaches eat the dead ones - so in turn, they eat the poisoned roach and they die too.. and causes a domino effect. I haven't seen any roaches in my place for about a week now.. sweet! Knock on wood though..

Actually, they haven't bothered me too much because they only hang around the bathroom and near the sink.. they don't go near the bed, or even come out anymore (if they even exist) cuz they are scared of how i will torture them.

I have been at this PC bang for an hour now.. it's funny how time flies when you got so much to do.

Oh yes.. my cell phone bill came, and apparently i had to pay a One time fee of $20.. err.. WTF! It doesn't say what it's for.. and they didn't even tell me about it. Now i have to call 611 this Monday to clarify what the charge was for. But this is life huh? I will also be changing my number to a (562) area code on Monday.. so for the ppl who i have on my address book, i'll call you and let you know about my number change.

Oh yes, i just want to remind myself that if anyone asks me for a quote i will tell them.

"Life isn't complicated (hard), it's the people who make it complicated (hard)"

The quote itself sounds pretty simple, but it's pretty steep if you think about it for a while. If you were the only one alive right now, i'm pretty freakin sure life would be simple because you know nothing better.. you just live on as you please and do whatever you want. PG&E, Phone company, cell phone company, the government, school, family, and sometimes friends is what makes our lives so complex and unique and at the same time gives us stress.

Work has been a little tough.. i got my paycheck yesterday and it wasn't much because they aren't giving me enough hours. However, it's nice to know that the Cerritos BR was able to match my pay rate from Valley Fair.. wooho. This week starting on 9/8 i was only scheduled for 5 hours.. wth! I'm seriously considering a second job at the moment. From what i'm estimating right now, my monthly living expenses will be +/- $1000 including rent/gas/food etc. I would like to ask my parents for help, but they are pretty low on they cash flow because they just bought a house and the morgage sucks. I guess this is what i get for trying to live on my own.

I miss my sister, and pusha. I don't miss my father as much though.. probably because we were never that close. I rarely ever talk to him since i'm usually in my room, and his in his room, and i always ate outside. He doesn't talk to me much either.. i guess he doesn't like to lecture me like my mom. I still admire and respect him though, his one incredible man. As for my mom, i have been having mix emotions about it. I sorta miss her.. but at the same time i don't. Kinda complicated because part of the reason i moved out was to help her let go of me from her grasp. She's a bit of a control freak, and likes to be the boss of everything, and when things don't go her way it's hard for her.
Whenever i didn't do something she tells me to do, it would just give her stress - and i never liked seeing my mother sad, yet i wanted to live my life as i wanted to. I was tired of her nagging at me, and was tired of just seeing her pissed off for the dumbest reasons. Now that i'm not there, hopefully she can stop seeing all the little mistakes that i make and worry about them.

I also just found out that my mom didn't go to church during college.. something i never knew.. my aunt told me my mom is over protective because she doesn't want me to make the same mistakes she did as she was growing up - but isn't that what we all hear from our peers? However, my personality tells me that i have to venture out into this wicked life myself and learn from my own mistakes. How would I ever know what is wrong/right until I occured them for myself? If your mom told you that eating straberries was bad, and you believed her and never tried it.. wouldn't you regret it later in life since you would never know how a straberry tasted like? Yet if the straberry was something that was going to kill you later in life, you would still regret it - hence it goes both ways.

I'd just rather know and die, rather than not knowing at all.

Bronx's Junkyard is semi-up right now, the forums are in the testing phase. I'm pretty happy that I have Jet as a friend, because his been taking care of the site while i don't have internet. If it wasn't for him, the site would probably still be down. Even though, I think his progress for the forums, and other things are a bit slow - it's good to know his working hard in his free time.

I went to Le Prive the other nite.. it was pretty wack. There were so many ppl there that i only had 3 shots of crown and some Hite. Dancing sober sucks.

I have been hanging out with Simon a bit since he came back from Argentina, and that foo just seems to suprise me everyday with something new. His a really coo guy, and seems to be so cool-headed in every situation. He likes being the center of attention though - which seems to work both ways for me.

Gosh, my mind is blank right now, i can't think of what i've done in the past week. This is so sad.. i wish i could blog everyday so i can freakin remember.
I did get a few new things for my studio. A place to push the dishes and utensils, bottles for Soy Sauce and Oil.. and a little table where i can eat.
OH yea, and Pae bought me a fan as a House warming gift - thanks to him, i can sleep at night.

They are having a little carnival in front of my apartment which seems to be really cool - but i have nobody to go with.. what a bummer. Pae and I were supposed to go tonite, but they closed around 10pm, and Pae arrived at my place around 9:45pm.. ugh. And i'm pretty sure the carnival will be leaving tomorrow.. maybe i'll get lucky and they won't leave! yea rite.

Wow, this blog is getting pretty long. I have been writing on it for the past 45 minutes.
OH wait.. i forgot about the biggest thing last week. SCHOOL!

I finally went to my classes at CSULB.. and everything is pretty exciting.

1. They have a Student Union Center which has an Arcade, Bowling, Billards, and a place to just sit and watch TV. Actually there are a lot more things to do in campus - with a beauty salon and a swimming pool, computer lab, music room, and tons of places to just sit back and chill. But i haven't done half of those things yet.

2. My classes are pretty dumb and boring. My first class, i have a dumb teacher who mumbles so much.. "uh uh uh".. "ah ah ah".. geez.. and his supposed to get his masters for speech and communications? Apparently his also the Assistant Head of the Forensics League at CSULB.. i bet our school sucks at Speech & Debate cuz of him.

My second class is a joke aswell. It's a History of Oral Interpersonal Communication - and we learn about how the greeks, romans, etc. communicated.
The teacher keeps going off about how they aren't speakers, rather artists. Geezz.. i'm sure his one of those fags who thinks life is beautiful. His lectures suck too - remember the guy for the Clear Eyes commercial? - Sounds EXACTLY like him. I can't deal with the mono tone voice. So many kiss asses in my class too - whenever he cracks a joke (when it's not even funny) ppl laugh. Me, being the idiot that i am, laugh along so that i can get an "A". HAHA.

3. Parking is a bitch. Seriously, i have to go to school around 10am just so that i can find a decent spot. THen i have to chill for an hour in campus until my class starts.
The first day of school, i was in the parking lot for about 25 minutes. ugh.

I haven't found a Gym i can go to yet.. and doubtfully will join any fitness clubs because of my financial situation. I'm surely going to loose all my muscles, and either get fat from eating too much ramen, or become a huge wimpy guy cuz i starve.
Unless.. i keep going to Grandma's House in LA, which is a restaurant open 24hr/day and serve Sul Lung Tang for just $2.99! and it comes with rice and other commodities.

Dang.. i'm getting pretty tired. I should go home and sleep. I guess i'll update the blog once more before my DSL comes in on the 12th. Until then..