Saturday, April 28, 2007

Summer Is Here

Not a bad day today.. but the weather is certainly getting hotter.. a lot hotter! I don't like it! I think i love March weather.. cool during the day and cold at night. Summer is too hot.. and since i sweat a lot, it's no good for me.

I guess summer is finally here. Thank goodness i waxed the car.. hopefully no more rain. Lexus GS is gonna have to wait.. im liking my car again. Im running low on my cash reserve.. i really need that job i applied for.

I played bball today.. felt good, xcept im using running shoes and it's hurting my ankles.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Job Interview and Car Wash

Today was a long day..

First went to Brisbane for my 2nd interview with FIM. I think it went okay.. but i don't have high expectations. I don't think the director there really liked me.

Came home and had taco bell.. and went to autozone and bought $40 worth or car cleaning products.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Coffee, Liquor, Movie, and Korean BBQ

This weekend was pretty chill.

Fri. had sum drinks at Point
Sat. went to Fantasia
Sun. watched "The Hoax" which is a movie about sum guy that wrote a fake autobiography on Howard Hughes and gets it printed by lying to the publishers. Not a bad movie.. lots of talking. Then met up with Beno and Kaela, haven't seen them in a very long time and had Korean BBQ. Service wasn't that good.. but the food was good.

Tomorrow is my interview with FIM.. wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

33 Killed In Shooting

33 people dead, and the shooter was a Korean American. Worst shooting incident in American history and it happened in Virginia Tech Uni. sad.. when the press reported that it was an Asian kid, i just had a gut feeling it was gonna be a korean kid.. i hoped it wasn't.. but i was right.

The thing that ticks me i guess is that so much attention is put towards what nationality he is. Does the crime become any less horrible if he was white or black? I just hope racial problems don't occur based on this single incident.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Best Fried Chicken Ever

Yesterday it rained cats and dogs, today it was a great day!  I think this is the first pic i posted with my gf.

Time for sum Sun and the Beach! Then it was chicken time and beer!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nappy Hair Ho's?

Oh yeah.. i forgot to mention on my last blog.. Imus got fired by CBS for calling the girls of a basketball team "nappy hair ho's".. it's a racist remark.. but is it THAT bad to get him fired? Why didn't Rosie get fired for saying "ching chong ching chong"? That's racist. I don't think Ho is racist.. everybody uses that word.. this girl is a ho, that guy is a ho.. that's not racist, it's more of a sexist term. 

Korean Ring Tones Free!

Well, big news first, i got my PSC-50 canon leather case today, only to find it on ebay for $15 shipped! i paid $23.. damn it! I overpaid 8 bucks. Sad. GGRRRR... i don't like overpaying.

In other news, my collar stays came today, they are a little fragile which i didn't expect. I hoped they would be more heavy and sturdy.. but no.. it's a piece of metal with silver coating and bends easily.. ugh. I'd take a picture to show it, but Fedex came this morning and i didn't hear them so they will be back tomorrow with my SD100! I hope the LCD is fixed, cuz their e-mail said it was.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Memorial for Jesus

Yesterday was the memorial of Jesus's death.

Went to BJ's for Blondie and chips/salsa.. BJ's only decent food seems to be the pizza.. don't get the cheesebread or the chilli fries.. not so good.

Been watching Hourglass.. Chae Min Soo.. hah.. tough guy.
I had a weird day dream while working out today.. i was bullet proof and went around killing bad politicians in Korea and US and military ppl. I was like an evangelist rofl.. then i made world peace and became a famous basketball player.  Soooo random!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Santana Row in San Jose, CA

Went to Santana Row today.. was nice. The place is great to walk around during the day time on Sunday.. lots of stuff to look at. Wish i had my Sd100.. woulda took sum pics. But oh well it's being serviced.