Friday, December 27, 2002

To do List..

So many things i must do to the car.. i'm going to write them down before i forget.

1. Valve Adjust
2. Change Tranny Fluid
3. Touch up paint the hood
4. New spark plugs
5. New Tires

The shop name is MasterTek.
14145 San Antonio Dr. Norwalk CA 90650

Thursday, December 19, 2002


What a day.. i woke up late AGAIN!.. this is becoming a habit.. so hard to wake up these days - even though i have like 2 alarm clocks (clock/TV alarm).. bleh.

I went to work.. and it was SO busy today - the cashier line just wouldn't end. I ended up working overtime today which was about 11 hours at the mall because they needed my help. Now i'm home and studying for my last final tomorrow! Man party hardy tomorrow here i come!

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Double Carl's Jr.

Alright, i woke up today, went to the bookstore and bought a greeting card for one of my classmates i worked with for a project, cuz she gave me a card and i would have felt really bad if i didn't do anything in return. You give and get right? I then took my final for that class which was SO easy! Man, that class was a joke - oh well.

Pae came to school and tried to register - and we ended up meeting up at the right time, so we hit Carl's Jr. where i got the Chili fries! YuM! Then i had to go to work. I worked all day - joked with customers too.. cuz were supposed to give free boxes to customers, but i would put on a serious face and tell them, "that big box is extra 50 cents" .. and then they would give me the funniest puzzled look and say something like:

"Oh, never mind then"
"You gotta be kidding me"
"When did they start charging?"

hahaha.. of course, i would tell them i was joking and we both laugh about it. I only do it to girls though, cuz they take it better. Guys seem to get quite angry your messing with their head. It's a jolly time of the year, i figure trowing some jokes to cheer ppl up is fun! After work, i went to Carl's again to pick up a burger. As i was sitting in the drive thru - i see this homeless lady coming towards me. I'm thinking, "Shit she has a knife and is going to kill me" haha.. she gets really close to my driver site, and i'm next to the pickup window, and ask the manager inside if she can use the restroom. Dang.. this was at 12:20am.. that lady was trippin. The manager just told her to go away. It was quite a interesting experience. Oh yeah, before Carls', i went to Pae's house to install my new Phillips headlight that he got me. My HL's look really white now.. and i can see farther down the road. Wooohoo.

I came back home, and there was a roach sitting on my desk. Man, these critters know how to freak me out. I thank Raid for killing them instantly.. There was a roach problem when i first moved in, but i sprayed almost every corner in the house, and set traps for them. They haven't come back in a while, but i have been seeing a few once a week - eh.. at least they keep me company. I swear, i'm probably their most feared human.. cuz i torcher these guys, thinking they will send signals to their friends to save themselves while they can. Muahahah (evil laugh).

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Raining Cats and Dogs

It's been pretty "same'osameo" these past 2 days.. work.. work.. and work.

That's what happened today, just worked all day and came home. Nothing exciting or anything happened.. or anything i can remember. Oh yeah.. it was pouring cats and dogs today.. i'm so happy i didn't install my CAI yet - cuz when i was going to work, there were literally 20 puddles 2 inches deep on the road. I swear i would probably be in hydrolock. I miss having an umbrella -.. i got SOAKED walking to my car today, and then walking to work. On my way to work, i busted the heater trying to dry my clothes.

On Sunday, i got to sleep in - went to eat dinner with Pae, and we hit PC bang for a while. That was a kick it day - but for some reason, i was so tired.
That's all i can think of right now..

Saturday, December 14, 2002

Enough of this BS

Man, last 2 days have been wack!.. seriously out of proportion. I should stop going to ktown and spending $50 bucks just for a few shots and loud music. Point, however, was pretty tite - it was kick back and pretty chill.

I miss Bellagio a lot.. i don't know - maybe cuz i know so many more heads over there.. Hyun, Kambo, the managers.. it's different down here cuz it's like the exact opposite - everyone else knows eachother except for me. Whatevers though - i plan on not going for a few weeks cuz it's getting played out, unless any of you fools wanna go.

I have this urge to become a good boy like my homie Jerry.. who now goes to Berkeley. I swear that foo got his act together and made his life into a straight line. I'm not sure how he did it after all the shit he went thru. Maybe bootcamp really fixes u up. I should go to church more and try to live a more innocent life - give up all the partying and bs that goes on. I think i'm talking out of my ass right nwo though - it'll prob never happen... haha. that's enough for that.

I have to work 39 hours next week.. cuz it's the week b4 xmas, so the mall will be packed and they need ppl to work. I get all these 8 hours shifts! ARG! i hate shifts that take so much out of my day. it sucks! but what can i do.. i need the $$cha-ching$$.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Can't Wake Up..

What a day!.. i setup my TV alarm, my phone alarm, my clock alarm.. so that i would wake up at 6am to go to work.. and this was just my backup plan!
Originally i was gonna pull an all nighter so that i wouldn't be late to work.. but then i fell asleep and ended up waking up at 7am.. hm.. all i remember was thinking that all those alarms and beeps were a dream, and kept sleeping.

I worked the night before until 1:30am and it was about 3am when i fell asleep.. so i got about 3 hours of sleep. I went to work to finish a project i couldn't finish the night before.. and finished around 9am. I came back home and crashed. Woke up around 5pm and my manager told me she needed cashiers - so i went back to work until 11:30pm. Doh!.. that was about it today.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Court Date

A pretty productive day today..

Woke up just in time to go to school.. went to both of my classes.

Then came back home to meet Pae who was chillin at my place playing video games. We hit the Compton Court House for my arraignment which i plead not guilty and got my court date:

January 16th, 2003 THURSDAY Which i better remember. I also paid my bail which was $130.. doh! It's funny though how the system works here compared to North Cal.. cuz in North Cal it clearly states on the courtesy notice that you may NOT ask for traffic school if you plea not guilty.. but it doesn't say anything like that here. In North Cal they only accept cash or checks.. but here they accept credit cards..

Anyways, after that we went to get my haircut which was something i have been putting off for a while. My head feels 20lbs lighter now. We had to wait a little though cuz there were 2 ppl in front of us. Thanks Pae for chillin and waiting. The stylist was like, "Your friend is bored huh?" haha.

After that we hit up Tapioca for a bit, and i had to go to work. I worked until 1am because we have a visit from the Vice President of BR tomorrow, and we were folding/sizing everything in the store. We actually didn't finish so i have to go back at 6am today.. and i'm writing this blog at 3:11am.. so err.. i wonder if i should even sleep cuz i dunno if i can wake up.

Monday, December 09, 2002

Dyed my Hair

On the 6th, went to Noblesse and chilled with sum friends.. it was ghetto though probably not going there again anytime soon. Went to eat and that was that.. worked all day.

On the 7th, worked another 9 hours and the mall was SO FREAKIN packed.. it sucked a little. Afterwards went home, Pae came over and stayed for a bit ..

On the 8th, got to sleep in for the first time on a Sunday in 3 months.. cuz i usually always work this day. Went to Pae's house and got my hair dyed. We used Loreal dying formula 8, which pictures a lady with blonde hair.. yet our hair came out to be very dark brown.. it's like we didn't even dye it.. ugh whatevers though, we'll probably try again in another few weeks. I need a haircut btw.. i should get that soon.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

Cold Air Intake

I tried to blog the other day, and Blogspot was down, and it wouldn't let me publish anything.. so i didn't bother.

The past few days have been routine - just work.. school.. work.. school..

I'm done with my skit-play for Comm433.. i had to play Jean Jaque Rosseau and wear a Monk costume. Also had to memorize about 5 min. worth of lines which i STILL REMEMBER! haha. I also had to do a French accent.. roar! I've been working pretty hard lately, they have been giving me pretty shitty hours.. usually 7-8 hour days. Thanks goodness i don't work tomorrow so i can relax a little.

I also got a free CAI (Cold Air Intake) from Simon.. he sorta hooked it up - and i think i'll install it soon. He wants to isntall it for me, but his a little careless and i dont' want to entrust him with my car. I'll probably end up doing it myself with Pae or sumthin.. it shouldn't be too hard to install.

I also have this Debate research assignment due tomorrow which i still haven't started. OMG.. i'm so dead. I also ran out of food at my house.. so i'm kinda starving right now with nothing to eat. I wonder what's open right now.. sigh. Maybe i'll cook sum rice..

Dec 3rd, i went to school - went to the costume shop with Pae to return the costume, picked up the intake, went home and watched Smallville with Pae.
Dec 4th, woke up and did my laundy, went to work, came home and trying to do my hw right now..

That's about it for now.. i should update more regularly - i keep forgetting what i did everyday..