Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Clubbin @ Express

Xmas is over.. new years is coming up now.

Thursday went to Express for the first time. Our group was about 15 people.. good times. It's been a while since i had some fun at a club. Who knew clubbin with old ppl would be fun? haha. Boss had too much fun and ended up loosing half of his voice.

Friday had to go to work with a slight headache cuz we had ppl wanting to spend $$.. haha. Then Yong came over and we headed to Jungle for sum more drinking.

Sat. Sun. Mon. More hanging out and chillin. Good times. Thanks Yong for coming up.. didn't want to spend xmas by myself.

Today would be Tuesday.. 2005 is almost over. Time flew by this year. Time to make up a few new resolutions!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Life During High School and College

Been browsing around other ppl's xanga's, blogs, and galleries.. and geez.. they took a damn lot of photos and have a crap load of friends from College. I realized that in my life - i never made many friends in College.

[wait.. scratch that]

I did make many friends.. but never many any close friends i'd go out to have lunch with. It's actually been this way since High School.. i usually went to school to get my work done and for that piece of paper that comes at the end of your long journey. Was never there for the extra-activities like clubs.. dances.. etc.

College graduation - i didn't even walk.. probably cuz of my experience from HS ceremony where it was pretty bland. My family came.. got my diploma.. and while every other kid was taking pics and having fun with their buddies taking pics - i slipped out and went to dinner with my family. I never regretted any of that back then.. but i sorta do now after looking at other ppl's pics. I never got to enjoy my younger life.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I Have a Cold

HI Carolee.. been ages since i've talked to you. Hope you have a safe happy holidays. Thanks for leaving me a comment.

The mamoth trip was fun.. although the 2 days after coming back wasn't so nice.

Yesterday i was REALLY sore.. AND had this crazy cold. I had body aches and chills most of the day and should have been sleeping at home instead of working. Anyways, i went home and just straight to bed. Slept for 16 hours straight.. and my body seems to be doing a little better now.

I got this migraine.. and my body is still sore and having lot of mucus built up around my throat. I don't like being sick.. feel so vulnerable. Stupid little virus the size of a pinto is pwng me.

I came to work around 12 today cuz i was sick and busy resting. Ditched work and went to watch Nardia.. that movie was ok.. hated the children acting.. the acting was lame. Good thing i watched the matine cuz it was only $7.

I should go home soon.. i need more rest.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Trip to Mamoth

Came back from Mamoth yesterday. I am ubber sore.. pwn3d by the snow. 2 years ago it wasn't nearly this bad. Guess my age is hitting me in the head telling me it's time to slow things a notch.

Went up on Friday night.. massive traffic. Got there around 1am.. Boarded the next morning from 8-4 and played pictionary, and charrades and Maffia until 4:30am.. next day we checked out and some ppl went to board again while others stayed home and rested. I was way too hurt to go back in the mountain so i stayed back. It's $70 for a freakin ticket.. bleh.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Loose Weight and Make Money by 30

Hi blogger. I got this incredible twitch on my right eye.. and won't go away. Ppl say it's cuz i'm tired.. yet i sleep 8 hours and it's still there. Boss says it's a sign that my face is going to paralize itself. HAHA.

I gave myself 2 goals.

1. Loose 40lbs by 2006 summer
2. Make a lot of money before 30.

I think both are possible..

For those of you who actually visit here which i believe is like maybe 10 ppl leave a small coment for me? Just curious as to who actually visits.

I'm going to big bear this weekend with church ppl.. i should have pics.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Car Troubles

Ok.. so i fixed the stupid parking light. It was just the bulb and not the wires.. thank god.

I also replaced the air filter. it was nasty.

I also finally figured out what was rattling. It's the same box that holds the air filter.. i tried taking it off but to no avail.. it's too stuck in there. I ended up sticking dynamat on it.. and it works a little bit. Noise was reduced about 20%. Still annoying :(