Monday, November 17, 2003

Garden of Eden

What have i been up to...

Fri. went to Garden with a bunch of the guys since it was Asian Night and Eric knew one of the promoters. I felt like VIP that day.. we didn't have to wait in line.. and we got to sit next to the fireplace where it's roped off to only ppl on the guest list. Guarding the ropes was a bouncer who would only let ppl on the list inside. hahaha..

I got pretty wasted, we were drinking Vodka XO and a few Midori Sours - and after a few hours later i was gone. I haven't been this trashed in a very long time. I could barely walk.. we went to Erics house after, and i passed out for a few hours before i woke up and went home. I dunno how i got home either..

Sat. Wasn't a good idea to go drinking the night before cuz i was scheduled to work 12-9.. OUCH! and since it's holiday times, the mall was packed and very busy. After work i came home and passed out.

Sun. I had a very good dream in the morning - so i didn't want to wake up and eventually overslept. I was 1 hour late to work, and the managers weren't too happy. They gave me a lil bit of attitude.. but it's like.. wtf. Screw them. I'm an asset!

Mon. I had an on-call today, but i think the store manager was still angry i was late the day before cuz she told me i could stay home on a holiday season. I was like.. err "THANKS!" hahahahaha... i really wanted today off so i could do house chores i've been putting off for the longest time.

I did a lot of things today, and it took like 4-5 hours..

1. Laundry
2. Dropped off clothes to dry clean and 1 pant to get altered.
3. Washed my bed sheets and redid them so that the bottom mattress is now covered and wont' look all ghetto.
4. Threw away a lot of empty boxes and trash.
5. Reorganized my DVD's and stored AC away, and organized my closet.
6. Cleaned the bathroom with Lime away.. everything is shimmering shiny.
7. Cleaned the kitchen/bathroom floor with Pine Sol
8. Got a clean rag, and cleaned the top of all appliances and computer/TV. No more dust.
9. Vacummed every inch of the carpet.

I also tried to iron a few shirts the other night, and i'm so horrible at ironing.. it's no joke.

Hmm.. i also watch "The Average Joe" tonight.. and HAHAHAHAH.. there are 3 average joes left the pretty girl has to choose from, and the producers decided to throw a curve ball at them. The suprise was 3 new contenders that enter the game now, but the catch is that they are all VERY handsome. HAHAHA.. so will the girl be shallow and go for the cute guys.. or go for personality. My money is on the good looking guys. haha.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Ironing Dress Shirts

i did some shopping today.. got a tree coat hanger. I dislike folding clothes at home cuz i do it all day at work. So i usually just lay it around the floor.. and it doesn't work for me since i'm so organized. Hence, i got it so i can hang it on a stick rather than lay it on the floor.

I also got a board + iron. I'm trying to iron my clothes after washing them cuz they are so wrinkly. I always wondered why it took my mom so long to give me my dress shirts back - it's cuz she was too lazy to iron them. haha.

I also got a weight scale -.. i'm going to keep track of my weight every week and try to set goals for myself. Currently, i'm at 188lbs. I plan on a goal of 160. that's 28lbs in the next 6 weeks. W00T FIGHTING! or PHAI TING (korean sty-o).

Third Leg Syndrome

Had a drink with James today.. cuz nobody else would pick up their phones. Pae doesn't call me anymore.. i usually have to call him to figure out if he wants to do anything. He says he doesn't call me cuz i usually reject his offers.. but i think other wise. His been hanging out with Judy a lot these days.. it's better for me to let him have his fun. Being a third leg is the worst case scenario. I wonder if i had a girlfriend - i would spend all my time with her and leave my friends in the exhaust pipe. Who knows.. never had a gf that lasted more than 3 months so i wouldn't know.

The drama between me and Simon is over i think.. apparently Jinah (his gf) told him sum stuff that upset him. Most of it is bs.. totally made up BS to get some heat off her shoulders. Using me as leverage and get her way in things. But why "use" me.. i have only been nice to her. Dumb bitch. Girls are useless.. if i haven't said it yet.. i'll say it again - i give up on girls. I think living on my own is good enough for me right now.

I'm ranked like 270th in the world for Warcraft III FT for 3v3 random team game. That's pretty damn good. I think i'm going to start playing 1v1 solo.. 3v3 is all about how lucky u are what kind of teammates you get.

I should go shopping tomorrow for food.. and get a video. y3ah!