Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I Suck at SF II

I should also mention one more thing - there was a kid in the arcade playing Street Fighter II - and he was SOOOO Cheap. He kept jumping with a roundhouse kick.. and throwing me. I couldn't counter it with a HaDooGen.. because i suck at that game.

Boring Day

The 29th was a pretty boring day. Went to school for 1 class.. met up with Pae at school and had lunch with him. Went to work from 3 to 12am.. 9 hours! bleh. Came home and hung around for a while.. and i should sleep now.

Comment Feature Up!

Cool - i was visiting other blog sites, and noticed that everyone had a comment feature on their blogs where ppl can comment on your entries. I jumped in the wagon and got one myself - so for my visitors - please feel welcome to use this feature whenever you wanna drop a line.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Speeding Ticket

What a interesting day today was.

1. I checked my credit card bill, and my cingular bill still comes out to $100 because they charged me for 2 months. The lady at customer service told me she would credit it back to my card - but maybe she meant credit it back to my account. Hm.. we'll have to see when i get my next bill i guess.

I woke up pretty late today, around 1 - and realized i had work at 2, not 2:30pm.. so i got ready and went. Worked a good 8 hours.. then i realized i had free movie rentals at blockbuster because they have this thing, where if a movie is a "Guarantee" - and they dont' have it, it's free. So last time Pae and I went to the store, they were out of "High Crimes", "Mr. Deeds", and "Insonmia" which are all Guarantee rentals. So we ended up getting free coupons for all 3 movies.

So i headed over to Torrance after work to get Pae and head over to Blockbuster. I'm doing 90mph on the freeway when i see red lights behind me. DOH! Freakin my V1 didnt' even go off - so obviously, the cop was hiding w/o his radar. This is our conversation:

"Hi Officer"
"Hello, i pulled you over cuz you were speeding"
"I was?"
"Do you know how fast you were going?"
"No idea"
"You were going 83 at a 65 zone"
"Whatever you say"
"Can i have your DL, Reg, Insurance.. etc."

Then he just wrote me up a ticket and told me to leave. Ok for one thing, this guy was a joke. He had no radar on me - so obviously he better have had his tachometer on his car calibrated. And he also thinks i was doing 83, and not 90. What an idiot. I mean.. lucky me.. but what an idiot.

So after he writes me up, and leave, and check the ticket for any errors. And not suprisingly - he put down, 2000 White Honda Accord. Err.. hahahah.. I drive a Prelude.
Knock on wood, i will go to court for this as i did for my last ticket. But it's located in Compton.. doh! Freakin big pimpin black ppl. Oh i don't know.. just when i thought things were going smoothly everyday with not much suprises to worry about, this happens. Shit happens when u least expect it... haha.. another great quote from me. (Excuse my language for those of you who are super sensitive).

I also watched "High Crimes" today at Pae's house, and it was a pretty good movie. I recommend it to ppl who like those Court movies.. or if you like the TV Show, "Law and Order" or NYPD Blue.. it's very similar with a nice twist.

I also took off my blog link from my AIM profile. I just realized how much gossip there would be available from ppl who read this. I hate gossip about me. And i write all this for myself - so the less ppl who read it the better. Actually let me rephrase that... the less big-mouth-gossip-lovers who read this the better.

Sunday, October 27, 2002

Bjunkyard Down

Oh yea.. i forgot - Bronx's Junkyard has been down for 3 days now - and Jet hasn't really gotten back to me about that. I'm sorta thinking if it was the right thing to get him involved since his so busy. And since i'm not friends with Marty (the owner of the server) i can't really do much from my end.

Then again, i dont' have the cash to be spending $$ every month for a host. I don't know..


I lost track of the date.. bleh.

Anyhow, i think Friday - i went to work at 7am.. and stayed there for 9 hours. Came home.. Pae came over and we drove to Santa monica so he could buy a front grill for his car. We then, hung out at 3rd street for a while and watched ppl dance and make fools of themselves. Around 10pm, we cruised over to my friend Humvee's house and chilled and Pae went home around 11:30pm. Me, James and Simon cruised by to Prive to just check it out - but it was dead, and we just got some Pho and came home. I was so tired - didn't realize it until the ride back home when i just fell dead in the car.

Saturday, i woke up pretty late - went to work at 3 to 9 and went to Tapioca with Pae but ended up heading to HQ for french fries and a pitcher. We headed to Blockbuster to rent High Crimes but i was out of stock. And that movie is a guarantee - so we got a coupon that let's us watch it for free. Then we tried to rent Mr. Deeds and that was also out of stock so we got another coupon for that. And finally, we tried to watch Insomnia which was also out.. hahaha.. so now we can watch all 3 movies for free. MUHAHA!

After we went home.

During work today, it was really hectic, because 4 ppl called in sick, 1 manager took off - so we had another manager from another store come in and she didn't know what she was doing. We always need someone greeting in Room 1, and another person at the Cash Rep, and another in the fitting rooms. That's 3 ppl who can't really roam around and help customers and do Shoe checks.. from 5pm to 9pm - we had 4 ppl working and 1 manager. So it was HORRIBLE. During my 15 min. break - i had 5 ppl stop me and ask for help, so initially i didn't even have a break during my shift because i take my work too seriously.
Like some ppl would be like, "i'm on my break, get someone else to help you".. but then - i feel as if it's kinda my store and i have responsibilities to make sure all customers are being satisfied. Bleh.. maybe i'm just too nice? haha. yea riiittee peter.

Pae told me a cool quote the other day.. When your in traffic in LA it's like you in a "River of Steel flowing down the stream."
Umm.. i kinda revised his quote - but it's the same thing.

Alrite.. it's 2am - i should go to bed.

Friday, October 25, 2002

Stuffed with Taco Bell

A pretty eventful day.. let me write up a summary, then go into detail.

1. Dropped off mom at my aunt's house at 9am
2. Went to school and studied for 2 hours before my midterm.
3. Took my midterm - and found out my second class was cancelled.
4. Met Pae at my house went to AutoZone and bought Oil stuff..
5. Did my laundry.
6. Went to his house and - changed oil - rotated tires - added coolant - added washer fluid - checked tire pressure.
7. We also changed Pae's oil.. and both cars took about 2.5 hours.
8. Went to Taco bell and stuffed ourselves with cheap meat.
9. Went to watch "The Transporter"

I think i did pretty well on my midterm - but i don't want to jinx myself here.. so let's say i did really bad on it.
Pae sorta ditched class today w/o knowing.. i hope that foo is doing well on his class - cuz if his not, his in big trouble.
Laundy was interesting, cuz it took like 3 hours today. After i put it in the dryer and came back 1 hour later, it was still wet - so i was thinking to myself that someone tampered with my clothes.. However nothing was missing.. so this girl that was doing her laundry tells me the top dryer doesn't dry (it was broken).. so bleh! I put it on the lower dryer and had to wait another hour.

Changing oil was pretty fun.. i baby my car so much, doing maintenance work on it is not a task - yet a will to make it happy. Sounds retarded huh? Well as the movie transporter said,

"A person who takes care of their car, takes good care of themselves."

We were really hungry after we finished so we headed up to Taco Bell and ordered the Grande Meal wich is a combination of 10 of the following: Taco, Soft Taco or Bean Burrito. We were SO full after it was crazy.
The movie transporter was okay.. i wouldn't buy it on DVD, but it was worth the time to watch it. no regrets at all.

My manager also called me during the day and changed my schedule a bit.. gotta go to work in 6 hours. I should sleep.

After driving home, and after i got on my street, i smelled some burning oil - i bet it's from the oil that dropped from the oil filter that i forgot to wipe down. I really doubt i over filled the oil pan since my car takes in 5.25 quarts and i only put in 5 quarts. Even if it is, it'll probably be okay after i VTEC it a few more miles. My car eats so much oil!

I also got this job offer for some company.. the pay is supposed to be great, and a secret sector of the Real Estate business that nobody knows about. I got this gig from a girl i work with at BR, apparently, the owner is looking for a young asian male who is willing to solicite around to the Asian community to gain business in that estate. I don't know about it though - i have so many doubts and fears. He expects me to be able to be fluent in korean and sell our business to other korean ppl, but i don't think my korean is THAT fluent. Considering i have no knowledge or expertise in this field - i'm a bit frustrated and don't know what the right path is. I keep thinking to myself - "You miss all the shots you don't take" .... "You have to open the door when it's knocking" ... etc.. yet will i really be able to pull this one off?
The pay factor also is caused by how much business you are able to get.. and the owner told me it might take 6 months before i see some real cash flow my way. However he said if i took care of my accounts, that i would be pretty well off in the next 3 years.
Well what about BR? Do i quit now and see how this new gig works out? What do i do??? I don't know.

Thursday, October 24, 2002


Nothing much happened today.. nor do i want to write so much like yesterday.

Dropped off my mom at my aunt's house early in the morning then went to work - then came home chilled, and went to pick up my mom. That sums it up.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Mom Visit

Mommy is here.. why do i feel so frustrated and angry right now? I don't know. Actually i do.. it's because i never like owing somebody something. Like even for credit cards, i pay all my bills in full because i don't like that interest crap. But then - my mom keeps asking me if i need anything, and i'm just so independent right now, that i just dont' want any help from her. If she does help me in any way, that'll just aggrevate me inside because i will feel like i ow her for what she's doing for me. I know it all sounds irrational, but please bare with me - i'm actually typing all this for myself right now because i feel like just running 2 miles.

She never took care of me when i was living at home anyways, ever since i started working and making my own money - i took care of myself. Bought my own car, bought my own things, - except for the fact that they paid for the rent. She's also not at the point where she should be helping anybody. I mean, my parents just bought a house - and so paying the mortguage must really suck for them right now. Considering that my father is already 54.. he will retire soon so they should be saving money. I mean - i'm sure she's asking me if i need help every 4 seconds to make herself feel better. And me just saying "No" every 6 seconds is just irritating me right now. I just can't say, "Yeah mom, i need like $500 bucks a month from you to survive".. and knowing their finanacial situation - how lousy and low will i feel everytime i receive the check on the mail? Screw that. I'm going to figure all of this out on my own. I have been a very independant person since high school.. so i don't need to change now. I tell other ppl it's okay to lean on someone when times are rough.. but for me - it's not as rough as it can be, so i'll be okay.

You know when your mind has so many thoughts, you can't really organize them and put them into words? It's kinda like that right now.. i just can't seem to express myself because there are so many different emotions mixed inside.

Also my To-Do list has grown so much.. i'll list them out here:

1. Change Credit Card billing address
2. Buy Oil Filters
3. Renew bjunkyard domain
4. Study for Midterm this Thursday
5. Schedule for Winter classes
6. Work tomorrow at 9:45am
7. FAFSA in January
8. Go see Counselor and talk about my GE Certification
9. WPE (Word Profeciency Exam) Take it soon..

I'm sure there are more, but i just can't seem to think about them right now.

I also forgot someone ows me some money. It's been so long i even forgot how much.. but it's in the G's.. My sister tells me ppl read this freakin blog so i shouldn't make it so obvious who it is because that way the word will eventually spread to that person, So i'm gonna keep this as annonymous. It's actually been like.. almost a year now? And i haven't seen any of that money yet.. i told my mom today about it - and she just looked at me blankly. Does that mean i should just forget about it and believe that i never lent that person anything? Or, if your going to lend money, don't expect it back kind of deal? It was either $3,000 or $4,000.. who knows. Life is too short to be worrying about the past, just in the future - i won't be so easy to chew money from.

Oh yes, that also reminds me - the reason i gave that person the money was because i was getting paid 50k/year at Excite@Home before i quit late 2001. I was living at home - and so all my checks were going straight to the bank. I had already paid off my car - so i had no expenses other than my phone bill. So, money wasn't a big problem for me at the time - and lending it didn't seem like a big deal. Now that i'm tight on cash it just opened a new window for me to look at.

On a better note, i read Pae's blog.. his actually updating it regularly now.. go Pae!. He talks about going to Korea and becoming an actor.. so uhh... Take me please.
Also wanted to let EVERYONE out there who have their own blogs.. to please use your ENTER key.. and divide your paragraphs. I sometimes get lost and read double lines. Thanks!

Monday, October 21, 2002

I Miss Pusha!

Hmm.. it's 5am.. and i've played CS for about 2-3 hours? dang. There was a guy who was kickin sum ass 200-50.. bleh - i wanted to keep playing just to kill him and make him look bad.
Not sure if he was cheating - but he had sum lucky aim - cuz when i saw him playing, he would shoot behind someone and still get a headshot. Oh well.. i suck anyways.

I realized today that i can't write too much of my personal thoughts and feelings here anymore. Doh! Why? Because there are WAY too many ppl who visit my blog now.. hmm - maybe i should get rid of the link on my profile. It's interesting to say that if you go on Yahoo! and search for "Peter Park" - this blog comes out. There are a few other keywords that ppl search and end up here. weird..

Yesterday, i just woke up - went to work - came home - ate dinner - went to tapioca with pae and mike - came home - played computer games.

Now i'm getting sleepy so i should go to sleep. I'm thinking about driving up to North Cal beginning of November to pick up my Printer and a few other things.. as well as seeing my family and PUSHA! I miss my doggy so much.. she's the cutest thing ever. I also keep forgetting to take pictures with my digi cam.. bleh.

My mom is coming tomorrow 22nd.. i'm kinda excited and not.. cuz i have a feeling she's just going to ramble and rant and nag about my life. I came down here to avoid all that bs.
I've been budgetting myself lately using Yahoo Finance, and it seems to be working a bit - at least i'm not spending more than i make for now. Maybe it's cuz i haven't gone drinking for about 2 weeks now.. or.. who knows.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

So Tired..

i am soooooo tired.. it's 4am and still awake. Why am i awake?.. bleh.. well i just got home so maybe that's why. Thank goodness i have work at 2:30pm.. any earlier would be hell.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Go-T is not for you

I shaved.. the go-T wasn't working for me too well.. i prefer lil stubs i guess.

Yesterday, i worked 9 hours, then headed over to LA to see my uncle and auntie who cooked sum "ban chan" for me to eat at home. We talked for a while, and i headed over the UCLA to visit Cz. We hung out for a while, and she kicked my ass in pool. And now.. she wants to embarrass me in Tennis! ouch. -_-;
I came home pretty late - and just crashed cuz i was tired.

I went to work today at 10am - came back around 4pm.. i was supposed to work until 7, but they sent me home early because it was a little slow at the mall today.
I have nothing to do now.. but do you ever get that feeling, when u think u have to do something - but u just don't know what it is?.. i have that gut feeling right now - and i'm sure i'll be upset when i figure out what it is, and it's too late to do anything about it.

Friday, October 18, 2002

Dinner and Karaoke

A very exciting day it was..

Oct 17th that is. Woke up very early.. then snoozed around on my bed for a bit and as i was getting up to start studying for my exam, cz called me and told me to wake up. How sweet of her.. never had a morning call b4. After making some breakfast - and washing up, went to school and found a plenty of parking for the second time in a row. w00t! Went to my first class 5 min. late - but i'm glad i went instead of ditchign and studying for my second class because my teacher took attendance today.

Since there was a debate speech going on - i was able to just study inside the classroom anyways. I went to my second class and did pretty well on my exam.. hmm.. maybe i shouldn't say this because whenever i tell myself i did well on a test, i end up doing really bad. Bleh.. my superstitions are killin me softly.

After class, i was walking to my car, and i realize that i have a Voice mail from Pae.. his class was cancelled because his teacher is getting some kind of surgery on his foot. So he was chillin at the library waiting for me. We met up, played some Street Fighter II, and headed to my house after. Oh yea.. before i went home, i met Zeroifex from Bronx's Junkyard. I was wearing my bjunkie hat today - so i think that gave it away, but he just happen to recognize me. His a pretty coo guy.. we didn't talk much cuz it was a lil awckward, but he gave me some free movie passes cuz apparently he works at the theathers. What a nice guy!

So after we came back to my house, Pae and I chilled for a few hours until we headed to Monterey Park to meet up Christina to have dinner. This was our long trip.

1. We drive up there
2. Chrisitna is in Beverly Hills shopping with a friend
3. Pae and I drive around for an hour waiting for Christina because we had nothing else better to do
4. Christina calls back, and she's stuck in traffic - and her friend (who drove) has a dentist appointment so she's gonna get dropped off at CSULA
5. Cz calls me and tells me she wants to go - and ditch the japanese hip hop thingimagigy.
6. We pick up Christina
7. We go to UCLA and pick up Cz
8. We go to Olive Garden and ate some great pasta. I'm still quite full right now.. ugh.
9. We went to Ktown LA to kareoke
10. Went back to UCLA to drop off Cz
11. Went back to CSULA to drop off Christina
12. Came back to my house.. woo

Lots of driving today, and we got lost a few times and had to make round trips. We also were almost out of gas which was a close call. Thanks to Pae for driving all day.. i know it was probably tiresome. He also paid for dinner which was really nice of him - and i paid for kareoke. I can't think of anything else right now.

My mom is coming on the 22nd to the 24th. She just had to pick those dates, cuz i have to go to school during the time that she arrives and departs. perfect.. bleh.

I'm eating Oh's and a Pepsi.. yum. Cz introduced me to "Quakers Honey Gram Oh's Cereal" .. and it's quite good. Thanks Cz!

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Phone Call Rules

I got my Cell Phone bill today, and it was $100US dollars.. wt. They charged me for last month, and next month's bill in the same bill.. uh.. idiots. I dunno if i should even call them - cuz the customer reps are just SO dumb. If they charge me again for this current month on the next billing cycle.. i'm gonna go nuts on them and cuss them out.

After the previous blog, i went to Tapioca Express with Pae and went to PC bang after and played a few rounds of VG's. I came back home and Cz called me - we talked for a bit, and apparently, she was sitting in the hall way where everybody in the dorms were walking passed her. So one minute she talks to me - and the next minute she talking to someone walking by. It got a bit annoying after a while - dunno if i'm being irrational, but isn't it kinda rude? You call someone to talk to that one person.. not with the rest of your roommates. Bleh, whatevers - i just got off the phone and let her talk to her friends. I stopped playing CS to talk to her too!.. ick.

Judy got a blog now.. what was the link?.. arrg.. i forgot.

Justin is going to give me his webcam - i was originally going to buy it, but he says he doesn't even use it. He said i could come pick it up when i visit nor. cal again.
Anything else interesting today?.. hmm... lemme see.. oh yea.. i tried cooking something new today. Spam in little squares + scrambled eggs.. it was good!.. except the rice was a day old, so it was really crunchy!

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Kristen Kreuk is Hot!

Yesterday the 15th.. i woke up really early to write up a speech for class.
Went to School and found plenty of parking which was nice.
Then went to the computer lab to print the speech and found a REALLY LONG line of ppl who were trying to get a computer too.
It took about 25 minutes to just print out my document - and so i was late to class.

As soon as i got into class, i was up to give the speech, so i had no time to prepare... oh well, i did fine so it was all good.
After class, i had to go to work - and finished around 10:30pm.

Then i went to Pae's house to watch Smallville that he recorded for me.. woohoo Kriten Kreuk!
Came home, and went to bed.

Now, i'm just chillin at home, woke up pretty late. Simon came over with his mom today - to check out my crib; cuz his looking to move out right now. Well, Pae started to upload pics to his blog.. so i'm gonna copy him and put up some pics of my own. But the pics are gone.. eaten up by the intraweb.

Monday, October 14, 2002

OB House means Chicken + Beer

Oct. 13th - a pretty slow day.. nothing happened much other than getting to work really late. I just couldn't wake up today.. i guess there is a first for everything.

There is currently a competition at work where our BR regional stores need to process as many BRC's as possible - and the region that wins get a really nice BR watch. I sorta want to win for the watch.. so i'm gonna work hard the next week until the competition ends.

Got back home a lil late.. so Pae and I went to eat at OB house. Got some spicy wings which was pretty good. His over my house right now sleeping over - cuz his grandpa is sleeping in his room.

Saturday, October 12, 2002

UCLA Party

Yesterday - Oct 11th, i woke up pretty late.. then went up to LA, to meet up CZ and we hit up a Chinese American Party for UCLA students at Radisson Hotel. It was really cool - and i had a great time. Cz was very outgoing - so there wasn't any awkwardness to that night. Thanks for inviting me again Cz. That's about all I did yesterday..

Today, i got up at 8am and went to work, got back home around 8pm. Just kickin it at home for now.

Friday, October 11, 2002

CZ @ Santa Monica

Today was a good day for me. I went to school really late - missed my first class.. bleh oh well. Didn't have anything scheduled other than a group meeting anyways. Went to my second class hella late because i had to do some hw before i went in. The professor was reluctant to make me tardy instead of abscent.. so i nagged him for a while until he finally changed his mind. After, i met up with Pae and a few of his friends, and we chilled for a bit, and ate some really funky chinese fast food. NEVER go to China Express next to 7/11 next to CSULB. Yuck.

We came to my house after - and chilled for a bit, and headed up to UCLA to meet up with my friend Cz.. it took 30 minutes to get there, and another hour to find the correct dorm. We went to 3rd street in SM, and watched some street shows.. hung out and had a good time and came home.

Tired... i should sleep.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Shut up Peter

Note to self: Remember to keep your big mouth shut - or look around you before saying something.

I was at work today - and my co-worker was telling me:

"Oh you like one of those small, petite asian girls who have high pitched voices and are really skinny huh?"

Seeing as how she was tall - a lil chubby.. i didn't wanna offend her so i told her:

"Nah, they just have to have a really cute face, and not be Obese."

Then as I looked behind her.. i saw my manager Martha who's pretty fat. I was like OH SHIT.. damn it!.. My other co-workers say she probably didn't hear it.. yet i have this gut feeling she did. I feel so awful right now.. cuz the last thing i wanna do is offend someone for being over-weight. Also, she's the schedule manager, so she's in charge for giving everyone hours for the week. In any case, if i get 5 hours of work next week - i will know why. DoH!.. God save me.

I went to work today at 7am.. after getting only 3 hours of sleep. Bleh.. i was so tired. I actually went to my car and slept for 30 minutes in the sun. I was supposed to get off at 4pm, but my manager told me to go home early because it was so slow today. Arg... now i'm home.

Bjunkyard Decal

Oh it's 12:51am.. i should sleep cuz i have work in 6 hours. Doh!.. but i'm so full right now, cuz Pae cooked me some Ramen at his house.. doh!

Anyways, i woke up to go to school today - came back home, did my laundry - Pae came over - we went to a decal shop and i got a decal on my car now.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Judging HS Debate

Technically i'm posting this on Oct. 7th.. cuz i haven't gone to bed yet.. but i'm sure it'll be posted as Oct 8th. Oh well.

Oct 6th, i woke up at 7am and had to go to school to judge a High School speech and debate tournament. Man it brought back memories from my HS days of going to speech tournaments at Universities. I went to UCB once to do policy team debate.. it was a interesting experience. I always hated those super smart kids with 5 boxes full of evidence for each case - and i saw a bunch of those type of kids that day.
Funny how i used to kiss ass to the judges.. and now i had the ass that was being kissed. It's been a while since i've judged or participated in these events, so during my first Licoln Douglas debate - i kinda screwed up a little and didn't know what i was doing. But it got better as the day went by.

After - I had to study with my Lab partner for a class - then went home and met up with Pae. We watched the 49ers kick some St. Louis ass.. and i fell asleep. When i woke up - Pae was gone and 2 hours had gone by. We later met up at Tapioca Express and had some Boba before we went back home.

Oct 7th, i had to go to work at 5am - to do roll outs cuz BR was getting new shipment of clothes. So i only got 2 hours of sleep - and amazingly i woke up in time to go to work. Two things happened at work.

1. The new clothes are awesome - we got some new cargo and regular cotton dress pants that look really good. But it's $98.. even with my discount it'll be a hefty price to pay. I might hold off on those until i figure out my budget for this month.
2. I totally screwed up at the registers today .. i guess i was too tired to think straight. I got yelled at by my manager mildly.. nothing too bad - but i should sharpen up.

After work - i came home and watched the tube for a while.. then went to tapioca again and met up with Pae and a few of his friends.

Saturday, October 05, 2002

When it Rains.. It Pours

Dang, i feel like shit. Did i mention when it rains it pours?.. There isn't much sprinkling in my life right now. Oh well .. most of it i can deal with it.. but it's just little annoyances that you have to deal with.

I'm also sick right now.. i "think"i have a fever, but i have no one to touch my forehead to tell me. I do have a mild cough and running nose. I dunno, but i've heard a lot of other ppl have been getting the same symptoms.. so it might be a flu virus or something. I'm usually healthy and rarely get sick - but i guess all the time i've spent working and studying paid off. BLAH. I am sweating right now.. and it's 60 degrees in my room. does that mean anything? What's it called.. dry sweat? I guess i'm really sick - i was in denial for the past 2 days. The lack of sleep most likely gave the virus a winning punch by beating my quick healing effects.

Not much done tonite.. last nite i went to James' house and chilled by playing xbox "Halo".. then tonite, i had to go to school and judge a few rounds of speech&debate. Saw a bunch of high school kids.. it was weird. I am like 5 inches taller than most of those kids. I also saw all those kids with boxes and boxes of evidence which brought back memories from my trip to UC Berkeley for their Invitational Debate tournament when i was in High School.

I'm home now.. too lazy to cook rice, so i just ordered a pizza. It should be here soon..

Thursday, October 03, 2002

I Suck at Multiple Choice Exams

Haven't posted in a while, nor have i updated bjunkie aswell. Anyways, been a little busy lately with school and work. I had my first exam last tuesday and i was suprised to see just 100 true or false questions. I'm glad it was T/F but at the same time, i'm the worst person to take a multiple choice exam cuz i simply just suck at them. I won't say anything else about that ..

It's been really good at work these days because we've been surpassing our goal everyday. I'm in the computer lab at school right now trying to eat some time because my first class ended an hour early today. I was playing SFII at the arcade in the Student Union.. and for some reason, i can never beat Blanka!.. damn that Brazilian monster.

Can't remember much of what i did these past days because i'm so overwhelmed right now. But i can remember yesterday..

I woke up around 2pm, and went to Torrance to eat lunch with Pae.. that was a nice 25 minute drive. I had the sourdough jack with 2 tacos.. and i thought my stomach was going to explode. Pae also had a bacon bacon burger with 2 tacos.. and suprisingly he finished it! wowa.. his appetite is catching up to me. Afterwards, i had to go to work.. then i went to my aunties house to find a few things ready for me.
Now i can cook curry.. dumplings.. and spam! woohoo. They are so nice to me.

Anyways.. i gotta do my dishes.. doh! they have been sitting there for 2 days now.

Oh yeah.. today was a good day in the morning because right as i was driving towards my class - someone just happen to be backing out. So for the first time here at CSULB i got a good parking spot! woohoo. That's about it.. i have to go to class now - and then off to work until 7. Might head up to LA today .. not sure.