Thursday, April 29, 2004

Bjunkyard 3.0 goes live

3.0 version went live. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Scheduled to graduate after Fall

w00t w00t.. i registered for my Fall classes.

First of all, i was worried that i wouldn't be able to graduate this December because one of the classes i needed wasn't being offered. In which case i would either have to take Spring or Winter sessions. However, after looking over the requirements, there is a loop hole where i can take another class.

Anyways, to make a long story short, i was able to switch around some of the classes and got all Tues. Thurs classes. I also was smart enough to fit exactly 5 classes so that i meet the 120 units requirement and finish all my GE and major courses. I was so proud of myself!

Now i just need to pass all the classes for SUmmer and Fall.. doh~

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Went to Karnac.. again..

"People Market" is the new k-drama i've been watching. Very intense. Park Ji Yoon is in it, and Kim So Young (i think that's her name) is in it. Both very pretty.. i didn't expect much acting from PJY but she's doing a pretty persuasive job. It's yet only the 5th video, and the storyline is like climaxing. I'm thinking it's going to end very soon like "Faling SunShine" which ended in like 10 videos. Oh yeah, the main male character, at the very beginning i thought to myself - why the heck did they pick him to be the macho guy? I figured they could have cast many OTHER good looking guys that have a lot of charisma. But now.. i take it back. His a good fit and does a good job acting.

There was this one part where PJY gives the main male character extra rice in a scene (it's too complicated to explain here), but it brought little tears to my eyes.. so emotional!

I have to do so many hw crap, but i've been busy doing other stuff. On friday, i worked and went out to karnac (yes.. i told myself i wouldn't go) but i went to LA to just drink @ point but Simon and James wanted to go clubbin since it's been so many months. I just caved in.. bleh. I spent a grip to just sit there, and drink a few shots of crown. Didn't dance.. and just sat there while sending all the booking away. I know it's late, but finally realized u should NEVER try to meet a girl @ a club. The wrong girls are usually there.. and it's not like i'm even looking right now. It's funny, but i've been trying to train my brain to stop thinking or looking for girls wherever i am. I see a pretty girl, i just think about it for a sec, and remember to stop. It was hard for the first few weeks, but i'm getting pretty good at it.

Afterwards, we hit the good part of the night @ Har Me Jip.. i was upset once we sat down, cuz they didn't have the scrambled eggs i love so much there. So the grandma that works there specially made us scrambled eggs! She's such a sweetheart!

Saturday, i decided to cover a co-workers shift 12-8. The guy begged me for like 15 minutes to cover it. Wasn't supposed to work, but the only reason i asked for Sat. off was to enjoy the weekend with my friends. Not like i see them much these days, so i'm going to change my availability soon again, i could use the money so i can stop eating ramen. It's sad going out to eat with ppl, and always wondering how much money you have left in your wallet.

I saw Nancy H. at work today. Just a slight, "Hi" from across the room. Didn't even have time to react.. she said hi, and i didn't even see who it was until she started walking out. Lots of drama these days at work. We could make our own soap opera out of this. It's not drama just reflected on me, but a lot of ppl there are unhappy or have some issues with someone they work with. As for me, the managers are talking trash behind my back. I mean, u can talk trash, as long as you confront me with what's going on sooner or later ya know? But they are two faced and act all nice in front of me while say that i don't work that hard when i'm not around. Psh.. whatever.

After work, i went to Fujiike's little party next to her house. It was her bday on wednesday and i didn't even know. DOH! I ditched out of it early cuz i wanted to come home and sleep, but it's 5am and i'm still up. WHY? Cuz i was up watching korean videos! hahahah. Well this is a good thing, cuz i have to go to work in 3 hours. And this is mandatory, and i could actually get fired for missing this meeting we have. Apparently, there has been a lot of money missing from the registers, and they are going to talk about that today.

Cz sent me a clip of her guitar and singing.. and i'm so tempted to post it, but she might not like that so i'll leave it in my HD. She's pretty damn good.. I know i'm not Simon from American Idol, but she has good talent. She improved so much with the guitar too. I wanna play guitar.. sigh.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Got a Gmail account

go there for 1 gig of storage space.

I went to school today. Took two midterms. Bleh.. i did okay in one.. and dunno about the other one. I also got this one kid in my other class to lend me his book for the final. Whew.. i can stop worrying about that.

My throat is killing me right now.. i think i'm getting sick? erg.

Watched American Idol and 24 today.. good shows. Jasmine Trias did pretty good today, a little pitchy and some very uneven notes to my ears, but she did great overall. I hope she makes it to the top.. it'll be interesting to see a part asian girl (hawaiian) make an album that fly's.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Blunt advice

Woke up hecka late to Yong's phone call. Hung around the house a bit, then went to work for 5 hours. Came home and played dota with yong and pae for a few hours and now i'm typing this. Crap.. i have 2 finals tomorrow and i procrastinated the whole day. Wonderful!

How do u tell someone advice they probably will take offense to? I figure there isn't one. You just have to tell them and let them know if you're a true friend. I figure they will be upset for a while but get over it, since that's how i probably would take it. Chin goo.. u tell me you're over it, but i know your gonna be pissed for a few hours. I buy you milk tea ok?

Thanks to Marty, we were able to move all bjunkie files directly w/o having to re-upload. The new server is up.. w00t. We should be functional very soon. I'm expecting end of the month.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Class schedules

I'm here in the library again.. typing away because i have 30 minutes before class starts.

I paid my tuition for Summer today. $1030, and this is before parking permit, which i will have to buy after May. Damn.. that's a grip of money! I had to pay it with my credit card. I think for the first time, i will have to start paying the minimum balance on the CC.. I have been pretty good about taking care of bills by paying everything in full every month, but that's about to change.

I also bought the class schedule for Fall 04. I can usually look up the classes online, but i feel more comfortable looking at all my choices on paper. I'm jot det suh though.. a few of the classes I NEED, are not listed or available for Fall. This means, either i have to take an extra class to make up for the unavailable class. In other words, instead of just needing 5 more classes in fall.. i may have to take 6 (which i believe is the limit). Hmm.. 5 might be the limit.. crap!

Dang, this might mean i will have to take a winter course which is really going to suck because i will have to extend my graduation date and pay more money! Makes no sense, why changing your graduation date requires you to pay money.. but the system says so.

Oh another thing is, the classes being offered are sometimes on MW, or TTH.. so i will most likely end up in school 4 days a week now instead of just 2. This is going to be so dreadful. I'm sure the 6 weeks of summer i'll be here in school for 12 hours, and the 12 weeks of school during fall will be hell for me. All of this just for a BA. Arg. Why couldn't i just be rich like my post?

My life is jot det suh. I dont' undestand how some ppl are born to rich ass families and some ppl are born to parents in Africa. Why is life so unfair?

Damn this monitor is kick ass. Someone buy me a LCD plz. haha. Man, just thinking about Fall and Summer is giving me a big headache. I can feel my shoulders getting all tense! I see this old lady working here at the computer lab, and i'm pretty damn sure she barely knows how to turn on the computer.. she's looking into the monitor right in front of me, with this really puzzled face while squinting her eyes (as if that's going to help her). Where do these schools find computer lab assistants?

OH yeah.. books is another fear. I dunno how i'm going to afford books next quarter. I'm sure my Human Sex class is going to cost a bitch! Maybe i'll share it with Mike. Aigo.. chin goo ya~ nah jot det dah!

Comedy Traffic School..

Went to TS (Traffic School) on Sunday (Easter).. the thing was, i originally was supposed to go on April 3rd, but they canceled that class. So i had to reschedule. Apparently, they forgot about Easter and registered ppl for that day. I figured they would cancel that class too, but they didn't.

Ooh.. 8 dreaded hours of BS. They don't make it any less than 8 hours either, because they have TS spies these days from the government that make sure they don't cheat their way out. When i first got there, the teacher looked like a Cholo Mexican biker lady in her late 40's. And i thought to myself, "This is Comedy TS?" WTH.. she looked pretty scary, and very mean.

About an hour into the school, and i got used to her voice, and it got more enjoyable. She made a few jokes that were pretty good, and it was funnier than i actually expected.

I almost paid for Pbase. But then they just changed their plans into tokens.. bleh. I figure most of my pics are just way too personal to post publicly anyways.. so i'll just use my csulb account to host pics for now and post them here on my blog. I actually haven't been taking many pics these days cuz i never go out. Became this weird hermit that stays home and plays dota all day long.

Spring break is over.. gotta go to school tomorrow! Noooooooo.. oh well.

I was looking over this person's pbase that i know, and it's a person that got married to sum chump that has lots of money. I really really doubt it was cuz she loved him. Really doubt it. But that's my own personal opinion. Anyways, they looked pretty happy in the pics. I guess money can buy happiness for some people. I wish i had a grip of money so i could just chill at home and go to trips with my wife.

I have these dreams sometimes, where i get this magical genie who grants me 3 wishes.

1. Have superman powers
2. Have a mirror that answers any question about anything or anybody (including what other ppl think)
3. I forget what my third wish was..

But the mirror thing always intrigues. I think it's because i'm always curious as to what other ppl think.

I went to work today.. was a good shift. Although i had some wack ass rude ppl call on the phone. Just because they are on the phone, some ppl are so RUDE!.. I don't have to help you if your trying to find a shirt that is 6 months old! Some ppl get so sad they can't find shirts that are on sale for $20 from $200. I feel like telling them, "DUde.. it's your fault u didn't buy it when it was regular price" You cant' expect things to go on sale, just so that you can buy it. If you like it, buy it when u have the chance.

I also dislike ppl who talk on the cellphone while i'm ringing them up. So disrespectful. Your not VIP. And some ppl yell at me cuz i dont' tell them "thank you" at the end of the transaction! I'm just keeping quiet so i don't interrupt your phone convo! Some ppl just have no clue.

I got my Tax Returns.. $200 from federal and $15 from state. Bleh. Wacko! We gotta get Bush out of office. His just an idiot. I don't think Kerry is a good candidate either.. his an idiot too. We need a freakin smart president with good morals. I know there are plenty of smart asses out there.. they should run!

Friday, April 09, 2004

Movie Review: Shiri

Watched Shiri for the first time today. First korean blockbuster according to Yong. Sad movie.. but a good movie overall. Had all the variables to be a good story, and the traumatic ending did it's job. Although i was hoping for a happy ending, i think the sad ending was a better fit.

Watched Falling Shunshine aswell.. woohoo. Story is getting a little bland, and pretty obvious storyline. But Song Hye Gyo! Went to Curry house and ate curry with Pae... YUM!

Spring break is almost over.. boo.. was supposed to go with Nancy to this karaoke bar today.. but wasn't feeling it at all. I also had a big talk to myself last night, and reflected back on my life these past few years and decided to make a few changes. Changes for the better that is..

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Lead cashier at BR?

Woke up kinda late, and went to work. Wasn't too bad.. they offered me a Lead position as cashier. No pay raise, just more responsibilities and hours. I guess you can call it the position right below assistant manager. I could use the more hours.. but i don't want to work more cuz of school. I could use the promotion.. but i might quit soon.

oh the dilema.. my co-workers tell me i should take it .. but i don't know.

Came home and played dota all night. haha.. i rule with Void! Ppl run away when i'm void. I also rule with fat guy. 5 regen helmets plus boots. Invinsible unless 5 heroes gang up on me.

Tis was fun.. now i'm tired. I'm not that tired.. but tired. might as well sleep.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Someone called me Chocolate..

Wow.. it's April already. Dude, i'm freaking getting old so fast! Yong came over for the weekend, and it was great seeing him again. We hung out with Pae Mike Judy at Fifth after he came over - watched a bunch of videos at home, played dota, and Sat. went to eat jjang Ke and watched HellBoy.

The movie was okay.. i didn't have much expectations anyways. I wanted to watch Dawn of the Dead.. but i guess we'll save that for next time. I'll be taking 3 classes over the summer. They are 6 week courses and it's gonna be dreadful. Each class is about 4 hours. So 4x3 = 12 hours! I'll be at school from 9am to 9pm Tuesdays and Thursday for 6 weeks!!!!

ROAR!! I can't even imagine how horrible that's going to be. Sigh.
At work, the new manager seems to enjoy working with me. In a good way that is.. she calls me chocolate cuz of the color of my hair. Tomorrow is Memorial.. i should go to church, mom called tonight and yelled at me for not knowing the time for the memorial. Crap, and i lost the # to the secretary.. so i have no idea what time i need to be there. Uh oh.. ick.

I guess i could go to Romina's time. Jot Det Dah.
I need to remind Pae to help me with my spark plugs. I got my Iridium IX NGK's.. yes! can't wait to see how my car will feel afterward.

My uncle called me the other day, telling me that he has this girl he wants me to meet. er.. this is our conversation:

ME: "Is she pretty?"
UNCLE: "Ummm..."
UNCLE: "Ah.. so that's what you look for in girls"
ME: "haha.. I knew it! She's ugly huh?" (And no.. i was joking and not being shallow)
ME: "and don't say she has a nice personality"
UNCLE: "no no.. she's pretty. She's gonna be taken soon so u should slip in there and sweep her off her feet"
ME: "I'm really not looking to get married right now"
UNCLE: "your going to regret it"
ME: "nah.. i'm coo"
UNCLE: "do u like younger or older women?"
ME: "obviously younger, since i like being called oppa"
UNCLE: "oh, that's not going to work then, she's 1979"
ME: "err.. uncle that's my sisters year!"
UNCLE: "......."

yeah.. it went on for a little longer until he just gave up. WTH!
Mom and Dad have been giving me updates on this other girl too. My dad has this friend that moved to the states not long ago and have a daughter in Virginia who just majored in music i think. Apparently she plays piano really well. I met her once when our two families had dinner together. She was either really shy, or simply didn't want to look/talk to me, so i ended up just leaving early. Hmm.. i want to post a pic of her here - but dang, i'd probably get in trouble. Anyways,.. yea.. anyways. SUL LUNG

I got $160 for my past 2 week paycheck. I just spent about $100 out of that Fri. and Sat. Shit.. Jot det da. I'll just have to cram more ramen for a few more days now. HAHAHA. oh willies.. life is life.