Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Speech signed sealed and delivered

Yay.. i found my new place to stay. It would be the computer lab on the bottom floor of the campus library. This place is pretty coo.. the wait list for computers is automated and there are actual chairs so sit while you wait.

Plus it's a lot more convenient for me to come here rather than walk all the way down toward brothman hall to use the actual computer lab. The only thing bothering me right now, is these damn soft keyboard that feel like shit. Stupid compaq. I love the 20" flatscreen LCD's though.

I gave my speech today.. with my powerpoint presentation. I think i did okay. My topic was about how teachers aren't getting the required respect they deserve (advocate social change topic i got thanks to christine & hank). But golly i wasn't prepared. I was stumbling a lot on my words and kept having to look at my note cards. Doh! I'm sure the teacher knew i didn't practice much. I went to bed at 5am yesterday.. woke up at 9:30 today. I was pretty tired too! OH yeah.. and freakin Microsoft didn't enable Win2k files in a floppy disk to interact with WinXP OS. Stupid stupid.. gave me a scare this morning because i wasn't sure if i would be able to use my visual.

Thankfully, the computer guy had another machine with a WinME system which worked. We actually video taped this speech. It's gonna be hillarious watching myself talk. I don't look forward to that and writing a self evaluation critique.

Pae is coming over right now.. shit he just called.. i gotta go.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Cutting in line!

I was trying to enter the shuttle today at school.. and this fat asian girl just CUTS right in front of me. She was undoubtedly standing behind me.. and just decided she should go in first. OMG.. totally pissed me off. I was like wtf..

I got some good news. Kent from De Anza called me this morning and told me i was right and that i should be fully GE Certified. He will send the new certification to the school so i should be OK.

Movie Review: Matrix Revolution

Just finished Matrix Revolution (last part of the trilogy.. yah yah.. i never watched it till now).. thanks to pae for downloading it for me.

The movie was what i expected it to be

1. action packed
2. hella confusing

I get bits and parts of the trilogy.. but other than that - it's WAYYY TOO CONFUSING. Whoever wrote that movie must into startrek and "space time continue-um" - cuz it was jumping from different dimensions and what not. If you understand it.. cudoes for you. Good job. Pat on the back. Cuz i don't.. just watched it for the action.

I actually chose to watch that instead of the Song Hye Gyo drama. Doh.. it's 6am.. i have class in 5 hours. I should go to bed and get some shut eyes.. but so tempted to watch the videos i got. What to do.. what to do.

Yong re-did his blog.. it looks badass. Chin goo ya.. Install COMMENT feature so i can call u metro sexual!
I think his blog actually looks better than mine! ROAR! Must be that HUGE ass picture on top of the page.

I went to video store today then came home, played some dota and finished a few pages for bjunkyard. Went to drink milk tea with pae and judy and came home and watched matrix. Not bad.

I kinda feel guilty for ditching school on Tuesday. Whenever i ditch, something important always happens @ the time i was supposed to be there. Doh.. i hope i didn't miss anything important.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Platinum hair is now Brown

Been playing around with the new junkyard for a while now. It's reminding me of the old days when i ran that site all by myself doing everything by hand written HTML. Now it's all done dynamically.. so it's easier. Wait.. it's easier to update, but harder to code. I'm way too rusty with PHP.. i can debug.. but forgot how to write in that language. DOH. I probably forgot C and C++ too.

I'll probably make the MISC pages tomorrow.. kinda tired to do it right now. Jet and I plan an ETA of 5-6 days from today. We just have to get the Bittorent and Radio up. I will work on MISC and Gallery for now - probably a few temp pages for gallery with hyolee pics haha. Well that's until we find a gallery php based proggy.

Also gonna have to add the Bjunkie store.. which won't be a problem at all. Jet said he will be doing the footer part of the page with the disclaimers and what not. That should be easy too.

So probably Sat. Sun might be the launch date. Depending on when we finish the Radio and Bittorent pages. Man.. when we setup the bittorent, word is gonna spread like wild fire. No other site has the idea yet. Muhahah.

Oh yeah.. i dyed my hair brown. It's no longer platinum. I have no regrets.. even though it took so much effort in getting it that color. I've been getting a lot of:

"Darker colors fits you better"

.. comments everyday.

I did absolutely nothing today. Other than mess around with the website. Around 9pm i had this urge to get out of the house, but nobody wanted to hang out. Oh well.

Spring break is coming soon.. not really looking forward to it. What else... ??? that's about it.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Blog redesign

Wow.. took me one hour to re-do all of the HTML coding for my blog. I guess i'm a bit rusty with Tables.

WHY? you ask.. cuz i wanted it to be kinda like Xanga. I hate xanga, but i do like the feature on the right hand side where it has a profile pic and info about the person. I actually changed a lot of the stuff here, created a logo on top (which i'll probably end up changing into something cooler), changed the table widths, and a few other things i can't remember.

Bjunkyard is coming together nicely (thanks to jet).. i wish i could help him more.. but it's been way too long since i coded in PHP or CGI or any language for that matter. We are thinking of totally remaking the site into something people can enjoy. The new server jet moved us to is a lot faster than the previous servers.. but it still lags a bit. I wonder what server those other forum sites are using.. so fast!

I've been doing a lot to my car lately.. i'm thinking about creating a web page for my car as well. I have all this space (10 megs) on my CSULB account.. that's going to waste.

1. I changed my oil.. nobuko is loving it!
2. Rotated the tires
3. Changed koni setting to soft.. less rattles
4. Will do my MTF tomorrow
5. Will change spark plugs once i get them from Tim
6. Should do my Fuel Filter soon
7. Should do brake pads soon too

I haven't been doing much lately. Mostly going to Tapioca Express with Pae. I think that's when i'm the happiest. No stress.. just chillin with my best friend and having a good time. There is no alcohol involved and it's just chill. Pae and I are hanging out a lot more these days.. it feels like the old days.

Haven't been hanging with Simon much.. kinda sick of the whole k-town scene. I think the more conservative lifestyle fits me better. Less drama, and less headaches. Simon has been spending a lot more time with his new gf too - so i see him less. I think he really likes that girl, so i hope everything goes well with those two.

I've been watching the new Song Hye Gyo drama.. and it's pretty good. It's one of those triangle love things, with a little more twist. A lot of Jjak Sarang. I told the guys i should stop watching that stuff.. cuz it always reminds me of people from the past. People i should forget and let go. lol. stop whimpering Peter.. u sissy.

I'm trying to finish school to make my father happy. He tells me i need to hurry up and graduate so i can do something with my life. He is right.. i should. So i already applied for graduation for the end of Fall 2004. I still need to take 7.5 more classes though. Which means, 3-4 classes during the 2 summer sessions and then another 4-5 classes during the Fall semester. If things work out - i should graduate and walk in Spring. Your gonna come right? During my High School graduation i was pretty lonely, cuz only my family came. Next time i go to someone's graduation, i'm gonna buy one of those blow horns.. haha.

I'm also thinking of quitting BR.. specially when Fall semester comes around. I don't think i'll be able to handle work and 5 classes. Been working there for about 2 years now. I get sick of that place sometimes.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Bombed a Midterm

It's getting hotter these days. My room is once again a sauna. But have no fear cuz i got a AC system! hahaha. When i turn that thing on, it's a freezer in my room.

I have a stomach ache. Sigh.. got work in 8 hours.

I jot det dah on my midterm for one of my classes. Sigh!!!!! there's a story behind it, which some of you may know.

I got a bunch of new clothes at BR.. thanks to myself. Oh yea, thanks to nancy too. and thanks to james. I need to call De Anza and tell them to send me my freakin GE Certification. They only certified me for catagories A and D.. WTF! damn idiots in the administration building. I followed the damn IGETC. Well that's just my life though.. what can u say? I'm freakin used to this notion of my shitty ass life.

I figure if there's a possibility of something bad happening.. it will happen to me. I also need to call the court in SJ.. not sure if they got my check paying my citation. They better send me the traffic school info. Those bastards.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Rejected by Federal Grant

I'm not eligible for a federal pell grant.. sigh. Yet another year i can't get help from the government. This pisses me off, since i always see those kids who don't work.. get a shit load of money from their parents (who make 6 digit figures but lie on their taxes) - and use their federal and cal grants to buy cars and clothes.

yet.. me.. the person that actually needs help don't get jack shit. The system is flaud..

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Wasted at Pointe

Oh what a night yesterday.

I woke up pretty late.. went to work out.. oh wait. I already wrote this down. HAHA. Yeah, after i did all that, i went to drink with Pae and Mike. First we went to Tapioca express (when u get their milk tea, get it with no ice.. more bang for the buck).. and hung out with Ghenki and Chris for a bit. Then we went to HQ and had DONG KASU which was pretty good and beer. Dang, i got pretty full. I dunno, i had no apetite.

Got a call from a friend in ktown, who was feeling sad. Doh.. so we drove our asses up there. Went to point, and met up with Judy. Oh this is the funny thing. I went to pick up my friend, while Pae and Mike were gonna get a table at the bar.. and i wasn't expecting Judy to be there. When i got there, some girl just kept waving at me, and the waiter was like,

Waitor: "There's a customer who seems to know you"
Me: "I don't know that girl"
Me: "Oh wait.. that's Judy".. (at this point i looked pretty stupid)

she had her hair tied back, so i didn't' recognize her, and Pae/Mike were in the John's.
And surprise surprise.. guess who we see there! Christine! hahaha.. i should call Yong and tell him i saw her at Point. What a freakin coincidence.. small freakin world. It was coo though, she came down with a few friends before going back up north.

And alas, my manager Hyung.. hooked it up with service. Muhahahaha. can't believe he still works there. And that pincho cabron secuirty guard.. haha. always cracks me up. Mucho mujeres no amigo? que? Anda mentirozo, no tengo nada.

I got pretty wasted last night. Haven't gotten that trashed in a long time. I think i drank close to two bottles of soju all by myself there, while everyone else was drinking cocktails and beer. Christine couldn't finish her table's bottle so she made me drink it all too!.. arrgg.. yes.. i was pretty trashed. Beer + Soju.. never again. The only reason i drank soju was cuz i was so full.

Pae was upset at me for making his beer all foam. HAHA. Mike was really enjoying those popcorn's, so the waitress kept feeding us more. OH yeah, Pae also go this cartilage pierced.. it look pretty badass.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Don't sing opera in the sauna!

I just thought of something while working out. When i used to be a super body building fanatic, i remember always going to the gym and never wanting to go home. I would sit there and ponder what other exercises i could do in order to prolong my stay @ the gym. Reason being, i didn't wanna go back home and listen to my mom yak yak yak. Man.. that was some total motivation that helped me get into shape back in the days.

But now i lost all of that motivation.. i'm just doing it for me. So hard... it's been about 1.5 months.. and i see results, but not as rapid results as i wanted.

I was also in the spa today, and some old white guy started singing opera with his eyes closed. OMG.. it was hysterical. There was one other black lady in there with me, and we just kept looking @ each other with this puzzled look. Weirdo.

I'll just marry at 30

I think i should go work out.. i feel like doing some sauna and spa. Hmm.. i'll probably go pretty soon. Haven't been going out at all lately - which is good!

Got a phone call on the 4th that surprised me. She told me i should be looking for a wife.. haha. Am i that old? She said, "oppa you have to date the girl for a few years, then marry her" - i told her i would marry after 30, and she said that's too old. Oh goodness. I'll just be a No Chong Gak with Yong. Chingoo ya! hahaha.

I did abs and push ups for 2 hours yesterday! muhahaha.. piece of cake!

My skateboard is SO slow.. it goes a few feet and stops. I think it's the bearing, so i just ordered a pair of abec5's.. if that doesn't make a difference, i'll just sell the skateboards.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

First time regretting moving to LA

I am at school right now. Got this 2 hour gap on Tuesdays. This is actually the first time i've been inside the computer lab this semester since i had jack shit to do. It's so funny how everyone changed to xanga lately, yet i'm loyal to my blogger. It's faster i think, and more convenient with less teeny boppers.

Yesterday, i went to work.. i got a wooping 4 hour schedule this week with 2 ON-CALLS. I dunno how i'm gonna survive much longer.. (please send donations to bronx99@hotmail.com @ paypal).. haha. I wouldn't mind 10 cents. I figure if 1000 read this and gave me 10 cents that would be $100 right? Psh.

My work schedule sucks apparently, from what my scheduling manager tells me. I figure i have to finish school first, but how am i gonna survive in the next few months? I can't afford to go out anymore.. i should stay home and eat my ramen. As long as i make enough money to pay rent, i should be ok right? Hopefully.

I lost about $4k in stocks a couple years back, and my investment is only at 2k now.. i was holding on to it since i'd be loosing too much, but i might have to sell it at a loss soon cuz i need the money. Oh peter.. what have you got yourself into? If you were living at home and going to San Jose state you'd be doing a lot better.

1. i'd have a job probably in silicon valley since i do have networks there.
2. i'd not be paying rent, living at home.
3. mom cooking
4. i originally was admited to SJSU for CS after high school, but decided to go to De Anza for 2 years.
5. id' get to see Pusha everyday!!!
6. i would probably have a bike

But.. if i didn't move out

1. i'd have to put up with my mom nagging and bitchin
2. i'd be living at home (yes, it's a contradiction)
3. i'd be attending SJSU not for CS.. i hate that major
4. i wouldn't be able to experience the independence of living alone
5. meet all the coo ppl in socal
6. wouldn't of had yong and pae to hang out with

Wow.. they go hand in hand. 6 pros and 6 cons. Interesting. I do however, think moving was a good idea basically because of the experience. I don't want to be a 24 year old still living at home with my parents, nor do i want to move later in life and know nothing about responsibilities; such as paying bills, how to find/get an apartment, balancing my money, laundry, doing my own dishes and cooking for myself.

Wow, what a flashback this past 1.5 years has been for me. I might actually move to Irvine soon with my friend Dennis. He has a job there in a little studio, and he mentioned to me that we could split 2 master bedrooms in a gated community for 700 each. Garage, washer, dryer, etc. It's also closer to school i think, and a few companies that i'm planning on applying to is closer to Irvine. The only bad thing would be being farther away from LA. But what's in LA anyways? Not like I have a gf or money to spend there. Shoot.. i might as well move now. I'm still thinking. Traffic would be a def. thing to think about.

I'm sitting here just writing whats on my mind, and it's so relaxing. It's quiet.. and everything seems to be flowing inside my head. This keyboard is pretty soft too.. haha. Yesterday, i redid my hair at David's house. That foo is just really awesome when it comes to hair styling.. i hope he opens up his own salon soon cuz he would be great at it. I wanted to cut my hair like it was back in the days, but David said i looked better the way it is and refused to cut it. haha.. damn.
My hair is pretty yellow now, almost platinum. I'm getting really used to it. I'm sure my parents would freak, but blond is a natural color for humans. If i had green hair, then i would freak out myself. But i think the baby boomers should relax and get with the program.. nothing wrong with guys dying their hair these days.
David also did my eyebrows.. damn his good with that plucker too! No matter how much i practice it always comes out crooked or twisted. (Yes i do pluck my eyebrowns, just around the ends so it's cleaner). And dont' be calling me gay cuz i can sit on you.

I later, went to Pae's house and installed Win2k on his system. Personally i love win2k. It's REALLY stable, never crashes, and has everything i need with plenty of speed. WinXP.. i think is big brother. Anything that was made after 2002, is big brother from microsoft. Way too much intel about yourself can go to other ppl who want that information. Beware when buying the new Intel chips too, they have some secret things inside they don't tell you.

As far as my weight, i'm scared to get on top of the scale. Last time i was 190 @ Jan 20th. I was 195 @ mid Feb. But i believe that was because i was lifting a lot of weights, and muscles built causing the excess weight. Now i've been doing more cardio and abs every night. I feel a little slimmer, but still scared to get on top of that scale. I still have 20 more days until D-Day (the day i set to have lost a certain amount of weight).. and it doesn't look good.
Well, maybe i should extend it to summer.. since that's when i'll be going to the beach anyways.

No time for girls, no time for anything. Cough Cough.. rephrase. No money for girls, no money for anything. that's my new motto. Mike wants to have a beer on campus later today.. HAHAHHA.. that alcoholic!