Monday, April 15, 2013

Song of the Day and some updates

Psy - Gentleman

The awaited follow up to Gangnam Style. Everyone (including myself) thought Psy's next song would be a complete fluke and he would remain a one hit wonder in the eyes of the world. My first impression of the song was:

1. Copy the dance from Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra
2. Many of the same concepts from Gangnam style in the MV
3. Catchy beat

Took me about two listens before I liked the song. There are many Psy song's i enjoyed even from his first album. He is talented and i give him props with how much he has accomplished. There are a few misconceptions about the song and it's suprising how many ignorant people there are in this world.

1. His NOT from north korea.. lol?
2. He does NOT say "mother fucker Gentleman" - it's actually Mother Father gentleman - but i'm sure he used it cleverly
3. He does not say "WEST SIDE" - this is probably the biggest mistake people make. He is actually saying "WET PSY" - which is a nickname he received during Infinity Challenge where his armpits were soaked in sweat. He came out on TV and admitted that he sweats a lot - hence WET Psy.

45 million views on Youtube in less than 2 days. Not bad.

Ailee and Baechigi. This girl has some crazy vocals. I love her. If someone asked me to choose between Ailee and Hyorin - that would be tough. Probably the two most talented idols in Kpop at the moment.


Life overall has been good. I've been running around like a chicken with my head chopped off. Been very busy with work, but it's fun and stressful at the same time. I already have my ficticious business name which is REP appraisals. REP is an acronym of "Reputation, Excellence, Perfection".

There are a few restaurants i tried out recently.

1. Kang Ho Dong - Korean BBQ: The best Korean BBQ i've ever had. Better than Honey Pig. Hands down. The meat just melts in your mouth.
2. Orochon: I did their Spicy #2 challenge and failed. Not because it was spicy or because I ran out of time - but because there are just too much vegetables. I hate vegetables - and it just had too much of it. It was 1/3 noodles, 2/3 vegetables. If they offered a free shirt or something maybe I would have forced it - but I'm not going to force myself to eat something i don't like for bragging rights.

Been really thinking about buying another bike. This time i might actually do it, but the only thing holding me back is do i save the money for a house? That's the other thing, been seriously thinking about buying a condo soon. Possibly a 1bed / 1bath in Ktown or Studio City. Short sales are going for about $300k. I need to get out of my current rent situation and get settled soon. I've been getting ahead of myself and started looked at interior designs and how i'm going to spice up my rooms when/if i buy a home.

I did realize that I usually stop blogging when I get into a relationship. I just got out of one and look where i am.. lol.. back to blogging.