Monday, June 27, 2005

Feeling the Pressure

F e e l i n g T h e P r e s s u r e . . .

Over the weekend i didn't do much. Went to the meetings watched a few Korean movies and played dota.

I watched a movie called, Bad Guy - and it's about Korean prostitution.. and how girls get into that stuff. Man.. it's a pretty tough life over there in Korea. Girls get into debt trouble - borrow money from loan sharks, and when they can't pay it off - they have to work as whores. A lot of them loose they're virginity that way. Korean prostitutes only get $60 too..

Also watched a movie called Jenny Junho, and it's about some middle school kids who have sex and the girl gets pregnant. The girl hides it for 6 months - in which by the time the parents find out it's too late to get an abortion. The girl has the kid - and it's a happy ending. Reminded me of my situation where the parents disapproved the boy. Ugh.
I think this movie came about when a 13 year old had a kid in Korea not too long ago. And it was in the news about how she wore corsette's to hide her belly. Lots of finger pointing.. which probably motivated this movie from being made.

I want to go back up north for about a week - this coming 4th of July.. wanna relax a little..

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

3 Years in SoCal

OMG.. i've been bloggin for almost 4 years now. That means i've lived here in socal for about 3 years. Hm.. that means i finished school in 2.5 years and have been working for about 1/2 year full time. Ic how it is.

Seems like a longer time than it actually has passed. I've been gaining weight. I blame it on Pork Skin snacks and ramen. Been eating them late at night.. stupid craves. I gotta get my control back and start working out.

I try to go to the gym after work - but on the drive home, i just think to myself, "i should just go home and dota".. HAHA.. damn it. Bad bad.

Work hasn't been so great.. i'm so underpaid. I complain about this here a lot - yet i cant do much about it because i know how the company is running. Aint all that happening right now - nor do i think it's gonna change anytime soon. Either i just sit it out and keep on living like this or i do something and change.
I realized that one thing i hate is change. I like consistancy.

I dinged Pae's car today. Doh.. bumped my big ass on the door and hit his side door very so slighty and still made a noticible dent. Imma fix it for him tomorrow.

I have 2-3 sheets of dynamat left over.. not sure what to use it on.. i did most of my panels and dont' feel like putting on anymore. Maybe save it.. or give it to Dennis since he helped me detail my car.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Song of the Day: 98 Degrees - My Everything

Favorite song.. 98 Degrees - My Everything. Lots of meaning in that song.

Been going to meetings regularly for the past 1.4 weeks.. feels good in a way. Also went to work on Sunday and dynamated the doors and rear seats.
I still have to finish the passenger door and the rear deck. Hopefully i can finish it on Monday.

I really gotta get back on a tight diet.. gained 10lbs in the past 2 months. Slight depression caused it i think.
I've been working on a new site for the company:

it's coming out ok.

Watched the NBA finals today.. 3-2 spurs. Overtime win - Robert Horry is da man. OMG his been doing the clutch 3 pointers all his careers. Ppl said it was a fluke for the longest time.. but he keeps proving them wrong.

I also watched Mr & Mrs Smith with Pae and Judy. Pae really liked the movie. I had good laughs.. it had it's moments. The ending sucked though.. not enough closure. I hope they don't make a sequel.. might ruin the movie.

Lots of movies coming out these days..

Fantasic 4
Cinderella Man

Monday, June 13, 2005

Aunt's Civic LX

June hasn't been so nice to me.

I have this huge migrane right now.

I decided to start attending meetings again.. i think maybe this will help my life a bit. I've been too lazy to go work out these days. I would rather go home and relax on my bed or play dota. Ugh.

I bought my Aunt a new Civic LX.. $14,400.. which is a great price. I got 1.9APR with my credit! muahha.. i think my score on Equifax was 789. Pretty good for a 24 year old i think. We set her up on a 36 months financing with 8k down.

Work has been so so.. i think its so volatile in this kind of work environment.. not sure when our company is gonna go down the hill. Life is sucking.. all of a sudden i have nothing to look forward to. Funny how one thing can just change your view of the future. ONE freaking THING.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Break Up...

gosh.. worst possible day of my life.. ......

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

AEM V2 Installed

Installed my AEM V2 yesterday. Damn i can feel the torque back! Yeah! I hope it's not my imagination - but def. more power at the low end. I can go over speed bumps @ second gear. The sound is deeper than the CAI - and has a more constant power band @ all RPM ranges. So far so good.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Car Detailing

Been blogging less and less these days.

Just work these days.. went to get the bumpers painted on Saturday.. and made the mistake of following Adam there. He could have done it by himself - but i tagged along thinking his friend at the bodyshop could fix my cars little paint chips here and there. But as i suspected, he would need to repaint the entire car - and didn't wanna do it cuz it's probably too much work.

Sunday i went to work again.. this time to detail my car. Dennis was nice enough to bring his equipment and we did my entire car.

1. Wash car:
I'm pro at this. I can wash it in about 30 minutes no problem and get all the panels nice and clean.

2. Clay bar:
We used Clay Magic which is the blue stuff you can only get a profesional auto care stores. That stuff works great!.. Took off all the stupid black things stuck in the paint. Also got rid of all the rust and small particle build ups in the car.
I would think that Mcgueiars clay bar does the same thing.. and it's cheaper i think.. maybe i'll try mgeiars next time.

3. Polish:
We used Dennis's orbital random buffer.. that thing is tight. Saves so much time and effort.. and it does a lot better job applying the stuff than it would take to do it by hand. It would be a great investment to buy one.. but it's like $150 or sumthin.
For the polish we used Mcgueiars Speed Glaze. Usually it's done on black cars to remove swirls.. but it made my paint silky smooth.

4. Wax/Cleaner
We used sumthing from Germany. It's supposed to be the best.. and i don't remember the name of it.

5. Sealant:
Meguiars NXT Tech Wax.. we only did the hood, top of the car and trunk for this, particularly because when we were claying the car, i noticed that all the side panels were in good shape..

We used bath towels to dry the car after washing, and used Microfiber towels for buffing the polish and wax. I remember the days when i buffed wax/polish with regular terry towels.. that made the job SO much harder.. microfiber is the way to go.

Now the car is freakin shiny as heck. I can see all the imperfections of the paint. I have a bunch of pin holes, scrathes and craters.. sigh. I wish for a new paint job.. but that's so muh money. I need to find how much it'll be to over-spray the areas.
I want to just leave the car in the garage.. can't get it dirty! The whole process took about 4 hours.. which is pretty fast with 2 people. Claying the car probably took the longest.

My AEM V2 should arrive tomorrow.. can't wait to install that thing.

Bleh.. that is that. We went to Korean BBQ afterwards.. had some good meat. Then Boba Loca - and messed around in the computer they have in the store open for public. Some idiots left they're AIM SN with passwords saved. HAH! We logged onto them and messed around with ppl. Funny shit.

I came home and played Dota .. and now it's now. We gotta get the vertical doors installed in the tib.. but still waiting on the wiring harnesses. Oh well. Getting a little sick of work. Not enough pay.. long hours.. and stupid little things that bug. Isn't that any job though? Lol.. i bet your reading this and saying "hey, that's my job!"

Wow this was a long post in a while. Anyways. Jah Gya went on a Sun with some old geezer.. whatevers.
Dad doesn't seem to really like me.. obviously cuz of my spiritual background - but wtf. Makes me wonder wtf i'm doing.

I still need to apply for citizenship. I told myself i'd do it after College when i have more time - but it seems like i have less time these days.