Monday, April 18, 2005

100 Day

Good times in San Jose..

1. Benny Hanna's..
2. Fish Market
3. Ing.. Good service

I couldn't do any of the things i needed to for my car.. :(
Parents threw away my stock struts.. so can't raise the car back up.
Parents lost a bunch of parts of the stock intake so can't do that either.

Now i'm just going to have to keep the car lowered and probably get a short ram intake from AEM.. and get rid of this Nakayama copy crap.

I installed my sisters Kenwood Mp3 double din on my car.. which was on the camry. My parents don't need that crap.. so i put the stock radio back on for them. Now i can finally play mp3's.. muhaha. Even though i'm getting greedy and want a DVD/Navigation now.. it's coo. Whatevers.

Home is the same o..

I guess i won't be selling the car anytime soon.. i guess i'll try to fix the lil problems and live with it.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

100 Day soon

James, that was ONE long ass comment. Thanks.. it was a good read. You should start your own blogger. It's a nice way to get things off your chest as you type it all out.

Anyways, got a brand new facelift thanks to jet. Still missing many components.. but those will be added soon. The arcade is freakin addicting. Trying to beat other ppl's scores.

I plan on going back up north next weekend.. gotta take my car and do this and that..

1. put stock intake
2. put stock shocks/springs
3. put stock shift knob/boot
4. put stock turn signal corners
5. remove honda straps
6. get V1 Box and sell it
7. Put all dome lights and parking lights back to normal

Been thinking about what to do with my car for a while now.. a little stressed out about it.. not sure why but it's buggin.

Adam is going to Hawaii with his family on 5-16 to 5-21 i think.. and my parents are going to China/Korea end of April.. wow everyone is going traveling. YoungHoon is getting married May 21st, but i most likely can't go.. it'll just be too much work for me to have to go up there 3 weeks in a row. You see May 16 is my 100th day with Sunny then on the 31st is a piano recital i must go to.

Damn should i take out the sub?.. hmm.. was thinking about putting my sister's old Kenwood on my car too. What to do.. what to do.. bleh.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

History of my Honda Prelude

Oh yeah.. i got $100 refund from federal and $19 from state. Blah.. not much compared to what other ppl got.

Anyways, i also got my $25 rebate from Western Digital.. i guess it wasn't a scam.. it's the first rebate i actually received. Took like 6 months to get it.. but yeh.

I also realized that i really didn't spend that much money fixing my car up considering what other kids do to their tiburons. I mean, all i had was lowering and strut bar.. and the CAI i got for free.. everything else was just light bulbs and clear turn signals. Oh yeah.. and the underbodykit which cost an arm and a leg.. but that still only equals to about $2000 or so.. which is very little compared to what some of these kids are spending. I guess i really kept it clean and simple like i wanted to.

Never got rims cuz i was too paranoid about ppl stealin them.. never got headers or exhaust cuz of getting cops attention. Hm.. well that was that. I'm looking at a few fixed up TL's.. and damn they look nice. I love the new headlight design.. so slick! I'm thinking if i ever do get one if i should drop it and put 18"s.. lol. OH boy.

Nah.. screw that. imma just ride the lude till it dies. Sell the useless mods - and ride it as my commuter beater car. RIGHT? hmm.. pae wants an element.. but ew.. that car just doesn't fit him right. I actually liked my sister's 4 door accord.. so comfortable driving that thing.

It's freakin 3am.. and i'm tired as hell. I need to sleep. Tomorrow (or today rather) i plan on getting a haircut.. returning a video and probably eat some food in Cerritos.