Monday, June 30, 2003

Beno and Kaela Getting Married

Woke up pretty late today. Watched "The Outer Limits" which was interesting. Around 5pm i picked up James and went over to Simon's house.. James insisted we take local streets because it would be faster.. but i think it took us longer. After we got there, we went to Vons and picked up some juicy steaks, salad, drinks, etc. I signed up for a Vons card so that we could save $11 bucks.. haha. No biggie, cuz all they need is your name and address.. nothing else. As long as i didn't have to give any personal information.

We started the propane powered grill outside Simon's house and started to cook the steaks and hot links that James bought. Gosh.. i ate so much! The steaks were delicious.. and we had a lot of left overs. Afterwards, we chilled at Simon's house for a bit, then went to drink some Boba. Came home around 12am - and did some organizing around the house. I re-organized all my clothes and realized there's a bunch of stuff i never wear because it was stacked away. So i took the winter clothes and traded it off with Summer clothes. I also finished the dishes and will probably vacuum tomorrow.

I also have to pay the electric bill and my rent tomorrow.

Sorry i can't make it guys - but i will be there in spirit. I hope the best for you because i seriously think u were made for each other. Always look at your cups half full and recognize that communication is the key to a great relationship.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Scarface.. Dissapointing

Yesterday i watched Braveheart and Scarface. Braveheart brought back some good ol memories. Gosh.. William gets backstabbed TWICE!!! doh!.

Scarface got some very good reviews from my friends so i watched it - but it didn't come towards my expectations. Maybe cuz there are so many drug related movies.. i sorta expected everything that happened in it. I like those movies that keeps you guessing.. like "Matrix 1" was good cuz you never knew what was going to happen.

Today - i came home really late. um like 2pm to be exact. I spent the night at my friend Humbe's house cuz i didn't have a ride home. I think last night was wack - but can't complain cuz i was drunk and made it a little better. Couple things happened that i didn't like.

1. Ppl kept wanting to go home. If you want to go home - that's coo, but i don't think there is a need to ruin everyone's mood by acting all pissed off. I mean, if there was really something that happened that night that bothered you, i think the ppl involved should talk about it. I guess the group needs to start planning ahead by actually counting heads and rides. And ppl who need to leave early or want to leave early should come by themselves or meet up in LA so nobody gets stranded.

2. Ppl were drunk - and some of these ppl got violent! Haha.. i mean amongst friends! There is no need for that - we are all on the same side.

3. Ppl got selfish.. i'm not going into details about this. But Peter, u know what this is about. It's becoming a tradition that whatever we think it's going to be.. never is.

Dang.. i don't have anyone to see movies with cuz most of my friends already watched it with other ppl. Doh!.. Yeah yeah.. please no pity. I mean - if ppl don't wanna invite me to watch a movie i'll just rent it on DVD right? Haha.. gotta keep my head up. Movies to watch:

1. Too Fast Too Furious (yes i know it sucked - but i watched the first one already)
2. Hulk (i'm a comic book fan)
3. Charlies Angels 2 (ooh.. 3 hot girls..)
4. Italian Job (more cars)

I was thinking: when somebody compliments you - shouldn't you be humble and not acknowledge the comment? I think this is the case in Asian cultures. But i think it gets freakin annoying when someone compliments you and u deny it.. they keep nailing you with the same subject for the rest of the night. Oh and even worse is when they start torching themselves by saying how they can never be you - and want you to teach them how to become you. Confusing huh? yes. i know.

The idea that guys are more evil than girls has existed forever. Girls are supposed to be more faithful and wutnot. But i think through out the centuries.. it has always been close to equal. Both male and females have their share of cheating, lies, and deceit. Um.. i just thought of a nice sentence but forgot it. OH well.. i'll leave this thought here.

Wow.. i've been having so much free time i think about some weird stuff. I left Pae a message asking if he got home okay.. but he didn't call back... I wonder why.....

I have this itch to update bjunkyard.. i shall do it tomorrow since i have nothing else better to do. Oh yeah.. i'll go work out tomorrow as well. WOW SO EXCITING!

Friday, June 27, 2003


I just finished watching Gladiator for my second time. The first time was at the theaters when it first came out. I always knew it was one of my favorite movies after Braveheart - but i forgot why.. until i finished watching it just now.

It's a DAMN good movie!.. gosh it's so dramatic because of all the outcomes that could have happened. If the directors wanted, they could have made like a million different endings cuz the storyline is so unpredictable. The movie just makes you fall in love (not literally) with Maximus for the person that he is.

His friend general that betrays him during the beginning .. and takes command from the son of Ceasar.. damn i hate that guy. I think there should have been more dialogue between them two in the movie after he was betrayed. What kind of a friend is that? Asshole didn't even say he was sorry even though he knew he wasn't doing the right thing.

I think the story could have been better too - if Maximus did escape and brought his 5,000 soldiers back with him and slaughtered all those idiots who betrayed him. And what's with that bitch (daughter of Caesar) who told her brother everything and ruined the plan? She could have sent her son away or ran away.. but nooo.. she was too dumb.

And at the end - i was waiting for her to say "I'm sorry Maximus, but i had to do it to save my son" or something like that - but instead she just told him to die: "Go to them".. omg! i wanted to bitch slap her. I think that's what i wanted to get off my chest after watching this movie. I had so many thoughts while watching it i just had to write it down somewhere. I think i'll watch Braveheart tomorrow.. and Scarface - i heard that was good with Al Pacino.

My ranting may sound irrational cuz if the related events didn't happen, it wouldn't have been so melodramatic.. i know.. but i'm just being tru to mah self.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

New Tires

Hey guys.. i safely drove to America's Tires today and talked to the guys. He said he would price match for $77 a piece but would charge me $100 to install.

I told him that diminishes the reason to price match - and he told me if anybody else came in to install tires he would charge them $100 bucks - so buying it from Tirerack doesn't necessarily mean u would get the better deal unless u knew somebody that would install it for free.

I checked around for tire specs and the Yokohama AVS ES100 which had better ratings than the Kumho's. They were the same price so i went for those. The tires look great.. they also feel a lot better than the stock bridgestones. The road noise on the freeway got a lot quieter in my mind.. but who knows. I got them for $430 total with tax and everything.. kinda pricey.. but i was in a rush to get tires.

Thanks everyone for your input. I miss u guys - hopefully i'll see u guys next time i'm up there.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Plans for Norcal

Omg.. carolee still checks my blog. I feel so honored. Hey Carolee! You should join Friendster..

And i doubtfully will be in the Bay for 4th of July. I plan on going up Late July for the 3rd annual bjunkyard bbq! yeah!

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Flava You're an Idiot

Please read my last post, and the comments. Apparently i have ppl still viewing this blog. I don't know who u are flava - but this blog is my own creation and i don't' plan on running any sort of spell check before i publish my entries. Why? Because i could care less how many typo's i have since it's not an English paper. If you come here to criticize my grammar.. i think you're in the wrong place.

I told myself i would update this place more often.. but i haven't been doing many things on my list:

1. Work out at the Gym.. so tough to get back on track.
2. Update this blog
3. Update bjunkyard one of these days..
4. Go back to the Bay
5. Stop wasting money on alcohol.

hah.. i'm watching this stupid infomercial about sum stupid product. Damn these late night infomercials.
Banana has been scheduling me for very late shifts.. so my sleeping habits have been screwed. I sleep at noon and work at night. Pae's bday is this friday - i wonder what he has planned. Nothing much going on these days because all i do is work.. and sleep.. and play warcraft 3. haha.