Thursday, May 31, 2007

Street Painting

When i went to work today, we have a small room in the parking lot with the elevators and all, and inside it there was a bird there just chillin.. it was really cold outside so i dunno if the bird wanted to get warm or sumthin.. but it was just .. there.. HA.. it was funny.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Wallet and Ipod

Here are a few pics. Kim Bab and LV wallet i got as gifts from my gf - and 30gig video Ipod Kevin and Ofra got me as a thank you gift when they visited Kevin's parents and i took care of their pets.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

AIM Idiots

Time to vent a little. Every so often, i get these very very random ppl IM me.. and they all follow this exact same trend:

Session Start (bronx08:JohnDeereGirl089): Sat May 26 22:02:00 2007
[22:02] JohnDeereGirl089: who is thos?
[22:02] bronx 08: ?
[22:02] bronx 08: why are u messaging me? i don't know who you are
[22:03] JohnDeereGirl089: ok well idk i saw ur addy on my list and idk who u r
[22:03] JohnDeereGirl089: soo well i kinda figured i wld adk
[22:03] bronx 08: well.. why would i be on your list
[22:03] JohnDeereGirl089: ask*

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

SOB - Can't Resell Desktops

I've been looking at prices for desktops on craigslist - and unfortunately, i won't be able to sell my desktop. I probably can't even get $500 bucks for this thing.. and i paid $1500 two years ago. SOAB.

Any suggestions on what to do with a desktop that you probably won't use?

WoW Relapse

I've been having WoW relapses.. i feel like playing again. Maybe i will.. i dunno. I dl'ed cc3, haven't even had a chance to play it cuz im so busy. I went to LA yesterday to our beverly hills office and it was nice. We got to eat at Chaya. I missed my flight so i was late, and got chewed out by my boss.. oh well.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My New Job @ News Corp.

I guess i should talk a little about my work. I work as an Ad Effectiveness Analyst for New Corp. (Fox). Fox recently bought, IGN, and the whole sisterhood companies, that include Gamespy, Rotten Tomatoes, and so on. I analyze data from campaigns on Myspace and see how to maximize profitability for our customers. It gets pretty interesting.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

2000 Honda Prelude

Here is a video of my car after a wax.

Uploading Videos to Youtube

Oh the fun we have with YouTube.. Well i started posting a bunch of old videos into my account and im going to share them here. The first video i posted on the ealier post was my ex-70rogue kicking a mage's ass.

Now here's a clip of our beloved friend James getting bugged by Simon haha.. those little bugs were really gross.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Silly Mage.. Rogue Pwnage @ Lvl 70

Gonna test posting youtube videos.

Basketball + Friend Chicken

Coo day yesterday.. played sum bball with the boys from south/north hall and went to 99 chicken afterwards. I got a lot of my bball groove back which is def a plus for me.