Thursday, September 30, 2004

New GPU Fan installed

Yesterday, i went to work and afterward went to eat dinner with my boss. He bought a grip of korean bbq and we drank about 5-6 bottles of soju between 3 ppl. Good times, we talked a lot and got stuff out of our chests. We got there at 6:00pm and stayed until 10pm.. HAHA

I came home and went straight to sleep.

I woke up at 6am.. dunno how that happened cuz i was a bit buzzed.. but woke up and watched Smallville that i downloaded since i missed it while eating dinner the previous nite.

At 7am i went to school and met traffic on the 405 cuz there was an accident. Then i came upon this sign "CLASS CANCELLED".. doh! now i had 1.4 hour gap and came to school early for nothing.

After school i went to Fedex to pick up my new Blueorb fan.. DAMN.. opened it and measured it next to the card and there was a problem. Obviously.. nothing in my llife solves easily.

1. The fan was excessively big
2. The fan was designed really well.
3. My old heatsinks for the ram were in the way of the new HUGE fan.
4. I had artic silver adhesive on the ram headsinks so i really had to be careful when taking them out

I didn't want to damage this vid card.. cuz that would simply suck so i had to be very careful:

1. Had to turn on the computer with the old vid card fan to heat up the fan because it was stuck to the GPU
2, Took out fan from GPU
3. Carefully took out the old ram headsinks with a knife and damaged one of the pins.. but doesn't seem like a big deal
4. Installed new fan with no problem.. the alignment was great. The new fan is HUGE.. and it has blue LED.. it's tite!
5. Installed the 4 smaller ram headsinks with adhesive tape instead of artic silver.

Put the computer back together and crossed my fingers b4 turning it on. Obviously as you read me typing this.. the computer runs. And it's quiet now.. and with all the lights off.. u can see a blue glow from inside the computer. mUHA.

I'm happy now.. the noise from the old vid card GPU fan was getting me REALLY annoyed and was really thinking about just getting a new computer.. but i think i can live with this one for a lil longer.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Simon quits Motor Impact

I ordered a new GPU fan from on saturday i think.. it should be here soon hopefully. The bearing fan currently on my Vid card is toast.. it makes a horrible noise.. so it's time to replace it. I'm getting a cool fan from Antec which glows blue. I heard some good review so i hope it fits nicely and doesn't give me any troubles. The extra $5 i paid for it better make a difference!

I think that's the reason i'm laggin a bit in WC.. cuz the vid card is too hot or sumthin.

I keep thinking about getting that new CC and buying the new computer. But then the contemplation kicks in cuz i could use the $3,000 to buy a motorcycle. hahaha.. shi bal. Plus i'd be in debt.. probably not a good idea. but SOOOO tempting.

Work was good today.. got my first order in from Texas, and sent a Credit application. Hopefully that'll kick me back $5,000 in retail. Dunno ..

Simon says this will be his last week working with me.. kinda sad that he'll be gone, but he says he'll be making a good $5g's a month so that's good for him. I think he needs the money more than me. I'll be staying with Adam cuz that's just me.. i feel like i learned too much from him about the business to give it up at this point.

I have my first exam tomorrow.. and it's going to suck hard. I didn't buy the book and the exam review sheet has a lot of crap covered off the books.. OOoohhh.. i better wear a hat or sumthin.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Want a new computer

Washed my car today.. paid $3 to do it myself. Took about 8 minutes.. haha.. fastest car wash ever. My car was dirty because like 2 weeks ago, there was a slight sprinkle in Long Beach.. and if it doesn't rain.. and just sprinkles.. the dust gets accumulated into the beads of water on your car and creates big dots of dirt. I was lazy to wash it for the longest time, until i saw MANY cars on the road today shining and shimmering.

I didn't bother drying the car because the place advertised that it had "dryless solution".. or sumthin in their water that drys the car by itself. The car is still wet in the garage right now.. and hopefully it won't create water streaks.. we'll see.

I paid my bills @ the post office and went to see nancy to buy her lunch. Got a few new things from Banana.. mostly on sale. Also had to get a pair of cuff links for my french cuff shirt. My other one i gave to Eric because i traded him for a pair of earrings.

I'm thinking about applying for a Visa card.. 0% APR until 6/2005 no annual charge.. and 15k limit. Really thinking about it.. cuz my current card has a APR of like 18% or sumthin ridiculous.
But if i get a new credit card.. i dunno if i'll be tempted to just do an impulse purchase of two thins i really want right now.

1. motorcycle
2. new computer

haha.. oh yeah.. i've been working on a new computer and doing a bunch of research for the best parts and finally came down to it with price checks on major sites. Imma list the stuff here for reference.

Cheapest place for parts right now is: MonarchComputer and they have good reseller ratings. I think it's free shipping on most parts, and there shouldn't be any tax because they are located in Atlanta.

Here is the beef part of the computer:

P4 550 3.4ghz LGA775 800FSB 1MB Lvl1 Cache
Asus P5AD2PR Premium 925X Motherboard
ATI Radeon X800 XT Platinum PCI 16x Express
Wester Digital WD740 Raptor 10,000 RPM SATA
Hitachi desktar 250 7.2k rpm SATA
Corsair 2x 240pin PC2-4200 DDR (2 gigs)
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS

Now for the skeleton and cooling options:

PC2-650BK Case with liquid cooling
CPU Cooler
LGA Spacer and adapter bracket
GPU Cooler
hard Drive cooler
2nd hard drive cooler adapter

Antec True550 500watt power supply
Antec 80x80 2.6k rpm fans

I deciding about these items:

Sony DRU710 +/- Dual layer DVD WRiter
SamSung 172X 17" LCD with 12ms seektime.

I will be transferring parts from my current computer:

Toshiba DVD Rom 32x
Sony 16x CDWR
3Com 10/100 Ethernet
New layer of Windows XP Pro SP2

Everything together comes out to a little over $3,000.. but w/o the monitor, it's about $2,500. Currently the most expensive parts is the video card and the RAM.. i'm expecting them to drop in price around december.. and that's probably when i'll buy my new computer.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Quote of the Day: Better to regret

I have a new quote to post:

"Rather than to regret after listening to another's advice, it is better to regret your own mistakes" - bronx 09.20.04

Basically the quote suggests that you should have to listen to anyone if you don't agree with them. You should always make the last decision. If there is a negative outcome you're the only one to blaim.. and it's more enduring to regret your own decisions than to point fingers at others who gave you bad advice.

i.e. Your mother tells you to marry a rich girl who she thinks is the right person for you. Yet your in love with a poor girl who you believe you can live happily ever after.

The fact is that you won't be happy with either one in 5 years. You trust your mom, and marry the girl you don't love. She ends up cheating on your and u get a divorce. Now who's fault is it? You will be blaming your mom cuz you were forced into a marriage that you didn't want and will never know what kind of life you could have had with the poor girl.

But if u marry the poor girl and end up in divorce, you could always learn from your own mistake and be content with the choice you made w/o blaming someone else.

Other's should respect your decisions.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Long Weekend

Yong came over on Friday cuz he misses me.. MUAHAHAH

As soon as he came over, we headed to Jungle cafe to see Pae and Mike where we drank 2 pitchers. Came home and i watched korean videos while he watched movies on the computer.

Saturday we stayed home and Simon came over to hang out. Then Eric, Sung and Marc came over.. then James came over.. and we all just hung out watching TV (Miss america).. where Miss California was a girl from UCLA.. hah.. she was hot.

Everyone left except for Simon who passed out at my house.. me and Yong ended up sleeping on the floor cuz he took up the whole bed :).. woke up the next morning at 11 to realize Simon left around 7am to go to the swap meet.

Yong and I stayed home on Sunday and watched more TV and movies.. until Eric came over around 6pm'ish.. then we headed out to Torrance to meet up Pae and Mike again and drink tapioca b4 Yong went back home.

Time flew by pretty fast this weekend.. all in all it was nice seeing my chingoo again.

Now i'm at work Monday.. i went to see the counselor at school and checked my graduation status. Looks like i'm all set to go and just need to pass the classes i'm taking right now.

Friday, September 17, 2004

New weekly schedule

Haven't updated in a while so might as well do a little sumthin today.

I've been doing the usual schedule these days.

M - work 9-5
T - school 8-4
W - work 9-5
Th - school 8-4
F - work - 9-5

S and Sun my days off to relax or go to the swap meet with Simon.

Keeping myself busy like this is working out well for me. Although waking up so early in the morning needs getting used to.
At work, Adam hyung has been giving me a lot of good advice about life which has taught me a few things about how to set goals for my future. We cleaned up the warehouse 80%.. hopefully we'll finish it today and i can start moving towards sales on Monday.

I've been getting really tired at night time. I used to be nocturnal and sleep at 3-4am.. but now i'm so tired that i can't stay up that late. I've been sleeping at 11-12am.. which is the only way that i can wake up so early. It's funny that i've been trying to change my style a bit for the past 2.5 months. I've been growing my hair quite a bit and got it to a awkward length. I'm guessing another 2 months and it'll get to the length that i want so i can go do magic straight and layer it.
I've also been trying to loose weight for 2 months. I've lost about 10lbs.. but it's been hard surpassing that mark. I guess age has something to do with it.. cuz when i was 18.. it was so easy to change my body. Now i eat less, and work out everynight yet still no results. At least the 10lbs got rid of my double chin..

Sunday, September 12, 2004

First Swap Meet..

What a long 2 days. As i stated on my last blog, i didn't sleep and went to Simons house at 4am so we could go to the swap meet on saturday. We went there and it was the worst day ever. We were running late so we didn't bring the tent.. and we were selling below a blistering sun. I got sun burns all over and a wife beater tan. We sold only 300 worth of stuff. There were barely any ppl there cuz i guess there was a fair across the street. I also think part of the reason was the heat wave.. it was way too hot for ppl to go to a flea market.

We went back to Simon's house and cleaned up around 2pm and went to James' bbq.. but i was so tired by this time cuz i haven't slept in like 32 hours. i was brain dead most of the picnic and forgot to call Pae. im sure he understands.

I dropped off Simon at his house and passed out for 30 minutes or so.. we went back to my house and i changed and headed over to prive. By this time i was sleepless for 39 hours. ugh. Prive was very wack.. i wasn't feeling the alcohol nor the ppl there. I didn't dance at all.. and drank very little. Yet again there was a huge problem with the tab at the end as well..

Some ppl only paid $25-30 saying they had no money (the usual ppl).. so Simon had a pay more.. I had to pay more.. David paid more.. and Simon's gf who drank nothign had to pay $20 cuz goofy was complaining about the tip. Wasn't worth it.. very bad time. Good thing pae didn't come.. i shoulda stayed home and slept. I left early around 1am b4 the club ended and came home.

btw: james was really fucked up.. he passed out at the club.. hope he got home okay.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

First day of work

Oh .. finally got Mc Mong album 1. Took forever to find that thing. Thanks to dunce and jet for looking it up for me. It was my first day at work today and i ended up setting up 3 computers there. Hard to explain how i did it.. but there were 5 computers that had some problems and i salvaged parts to create 2 decent comps and 1 spare.

We setup our desks for Simon and myself, and cleaned up the warehouse a little bit. Actually Simon did most of the work in the warehouse.. imma go with him to the Swap meet and sell sum car accessories this weekend. I suddenly got busy .. something to do everyday of the week now. Weeeee..

Happy Birthday James.. his big boy 23 now..

I stopped by the video store and got some videos but i'm wondering when i'll have the time to watch it.

Driving back and forth from work sucks.. although the traffic is worse on the other side of the freeway.. it still takes about 30 minutes .. and there are a few congestion.

Friday, September 03, 2004

New Phone: Inostream Inno55

6am.. played dota all night, and played around with my new phone.

Thanks for Pae coming with me to the phone store.. i sorta felt hurried as far as getting this new phone. But hopefully everything will work out. I have this weird gut feeling that something will go wrong.

I got the new InnoStream Inno55 Slide phone from Korea. It's a pretty sweet phone.. lots of nice features:

CONS: no bluetooth. The menu buttons are a bit stiff and SMS is a bit hard becaue the keypad is so stiff. The speed of browsing through menus seem a bit lagged as well. no car charger and in case the phone breaks, no warranty.

PROS: Great camera phone, and video recording. new slick design and small compact. can use mp3's for ring tones.

My Cingular Account billing cycle is on the 8th.. so it will end next week. From what i heard, i should be pro-rated for the rest of the month. From what i currently understand after calling a customer rep 2 days ago my Cingular 2 year contract ended in June.. so i'm month to month. Therefore, cancelling shouldn't cause any early termination fees. However, something that bugs me is that when i changed my calling plan in Feb 2004, the customer rep told me i was required to re-enter a new 2 year contract. So i got 2 different stories.. and will find out about what happened when the bill comes later this month. I hope i don't get jacked.

My new plan is very similar to what i had with Cingular except for a couple of things.

1. national plan: which means i can roam anywhere in the US and i can also make any LD call from anywhere. With Cingular I used to be in a Regional plan for California and Nevada
2. Free Night/Weekend minutes. Cingular i had only 5000 Nght/Wknd minutes
3. 5 cents per text message. Cingular i was paying $3 for 100 txt msg's.

The only downfall on switching plans would be the roll over minutes that i won't be getting. But i usually don't surpass 600 anytime minutes so it should be ok.

Took me an hour to enter all the new phonebook listings on my new Tmobile Sim Card. The cool thing i found today was taht i can keep the same phone number even while changing carriers. So my number is still the same.

The Inno55 is a korean phone so it came unlocked.. which is sweet cuz i can later sell it (if that time comes) to any GSM customer. I need to get a stubby antenna for this phone like what i had with the SamSung..

Oh yeah, there is another thing that's bugging me. On top of the phone screen it still says Cingular. WTF. Shouldn't it say T Mobile?? weird.. buggin the shit out of me.

Pae reminded me that this is the first phone i've bought since 2002 when i got the nokia 3390. Then i had all these hand-me-down phones. Pae gave me his 8290 that i used for quite a long time. Then he gave me his SamSung SGH105 that i used for another couple months. Then the phone screen blacked out so Mike hooked me up with a Nokia 8690 which i couldn't really use because i was so used to color phones. Seriously, once u get the privilege of using a nice phone u can't go back.. it's very hard.

So i ended up dishing out $99 bucks for the Inno55. $35 activation fee for Tmobile and that should be it.




Please pray for me so that i won't have to deal with stupid complications. The way my life has been going.. i'm sure something is bound to happen. Hopefully there won't be any instances that i call customer rep and cuss them out.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Got the job at Motor Impact

Simon came over last night and brought korean videos to watch.. didn't get to sleep until about 5am..

slept for about 3 hours then had to go meet Adam in Fullerton about the job. I got the job.. the pay isn't good but i get commission, so we'll see how it goes from there. Simon also decided to work there rather than sit on his butt all day at home. Our first day will be on Friday.

We got jack in the crack, then went to the video store to rent some more videos. We went to Boba Loca and then i dropped him off. I headed over to Nancy's pad to hit the jacuzzi for about 2 hours and swam a little. Chlorine seems to always put me to sleep. I'm pretty damn tired right now cuz of lack of sleep.

School in 8 hours.. bleh.. imma be so tired.