Sunday, June 20, 2004

Downtown LB is crackin

Yesterday went to work.. pae and judy came and got some clothes ^^.. met them up at Oroji later and got a nice buz. I haven't drank in so long.. the beer caught me off guard.

Today, i went to South bay galleria and exchanged a pair of jeans.. then went to Curry house with Pae and ate some good curry. YUM! Went to Jen's bday at Cahuna's in downtown LB. I never realized that downtown LB was so bangin at night time.. so many ppl. A very small Asian crowd, but lots of ppl. I came home early cuz i got work in 6 hours.. bleh. I should sleep.. but dota is calling me.. hmm..

I found out the other day that Jane broke up with that ****** from Canada. I'm over it, but dunno why that news started ringing bells in my ears.. got me thinking for a while. Lots of reminiscing. I'm a little drunk right now.. i had about 10 beers at $6/piece. Damn that place was expensive. $20 cover charge AND $5 for parking. WTF~!

I'm watching "Phoenix" or "Bur Seh" drama.. Kim Ji Eun is in it.. she comes out very pretty. I think it's almost over.. i'm getting all depressed watching that thing. UGH.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

My name is Card

Lakers Lost.. wow in 5 games. WTF.. i guess the games aren't fixed. If they were, it should have been skidded up to game 7.

Watched Action Hero, and it was pretty good.. there are two asians (i believe to be korean) that are in the finals. WOOT. haha.

Watched Last comic standing.. i think the old bald guy should had advanced.. bleh.

I worked earlier this morning, and had a interesting time, cuz my ID badge says, "Banana Republic" then in white letters it says "card". The badge identifies me as a worker for the company while marketting the brand credit card. The badge looks just like the BR credit card.
Many ppl try to look at the badge looking for my name.. and i have to tell them it doesn't have names. But today, this young girl started at my badge and was like, "Oh your name is Card.. nice to meet you Card".

HAHAHA.. she was with a few friends and didn't want to embarass her there, so i just chuckled and let it slide. After they left i told everyone about it. HAHAHA. That was hilarious. At first, i thought she said "your name is Cock".. lol.

It's 10pm.. i think i'm gonna go wash my car.. and take a few pictures.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Nominated for best cashier and won

This past Sunday BR had a picnic at a local park here in LB. I believe it was called El Dorado park. It's right off the 605 and Spring St. The park is huge, with a small lake and everything.. it was really quiet and mellow.. i think i'll have the next bjunkyard bbq here.

It was lots of fun, i was nominated for Best Cashier, and Best male associate to defuse customer problems.. i won for best cashier. We had water ballon fights, good food.. umm.. a little too much food.. SOOO much food, and we had good music. It was a pot luck, and all the girls were trying to show off their cooking skills.. hah.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Aristotle's Rhetoric

The book talks about how Aristotle’s thoughts on rhetorical speech (logos, pathos, ethos, delivery, style, organization, form, memory) as being a prime influence on historical and current knowledge of rhetoric and persuasive speaking. But after reading the chapter I began to ponder “How do we know that Aristotle was the person responsible for such influence?” Couldn’t someone else have persuaded Aristotle into thinking the way he did about rhetoric? Maybe he was evil, and took ideas of others and made them his own. We only know and trust what we decide to believe. I think it’s very illogical to credit Aristotle for much of the historical knowledge that influences the study of rhetoric.

To me, it just felt as if Smith arguably puts Aristotle on a pedestal. How you may ask, and the answer is simple. Smith doesn’t use words such as, “the rhetoricians” or other plural words. Everything was singular and referring solely to Aristotle. Yes, the chapter was on one man, but we don’t know if other people were involved in the influence of modern rhetoric, so why leave everyone else out? This is just my opinion, I think one person is getting more credit than he deserves.

I did enjoy the theory of enthymemes which basically states that the most powerful way of reasoning is allowing the audience to interpret the meaning of your message by themselves, rather than telling them what it is. He must have been a democrat since enthymemes create the illusion that you have the power to interpret the meaning of a message. But the fact is, rhetoric is persuasion and giving the audience that kind of power is just so that they can get an ego boost and feel good about themselves while they slip into your rhetorical trick. Just like democracy. Just to clarify, I believe democracy is just an ideology that makes us believe that we have the power to rule this country. The truth is we don’t have the power. I am against US army in Iraq, I am against raising gas prices, but I can’t change it. Yet, I tell people in my native land that I live in a democratic society where the people govern the country. Aristotle was correct in his interpretation of what the most powerful way of reasoning is, “enthymemes”.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

I think i like Sushi

Oh what a day..

Woke up pretty late and Nancy came over to watch Shrek 2.. then Lorena came over to watch it too. I busted out the soju bottle and we drank. Then Lorena got hungry and wanted some sushi. I found this coo little place in Cerritos called Samurai Sushi.. i must admit it was pretty good. I had the California Rolls.. and i dont' remember having Sushi and actually liking it.

Lorena goes there often so she knew all the workers. We got hooked up with beer and the master chef just kept giving us free sushi samples for us to try. Then he gave us fruits for desert for free. Aigo.. we drank a grip of beer there and at the end b4 we left.. the master chef asked us to have a glass of beer with him. So we downed a glass.. free beer. haha.

I got a nice little buzz coming home. It's been a while since i got that feeling. Came home and played a few rounds of Dota with chingoo.. and got a call from Sophia crying about how she got cheated by her bf. I won't disclose any other names.. but this is the second time a girl calls me for comfort after my friend cheated on her. I swear, i told that foo to NOT do it again to this girl.. but he did it. In the back of my mind, i knew it was gonna happen.. bleh. I'm really gonna try not to get in between his business again. Don't need nun of that bs drama bulging into my life.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Movie Review: 50 First Dates

Just finished watching "50 first dates" and i must say it was a really nice cute icky feeling inside movie. I would have loved to watched this movie with a gf. It's a really "feel good" movie. I got a new perspective on Adam Sandler.. same type of acting but in a different type of character. I won't spoil the movie.. but i highly recommend it for you to watch.

If your an "action/adventure" type.. it might not be for you - but i personally enjoyed it.. and thinking about watching it again.

Today, i went to work and got to play around with the new registers at BR.. pretty sweet. Everything is faster, except for the CPU of the stupid computer. I type faster than the computer can freakin process. That's really bugging me.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Mini BBQ @ Simon's

Memorial Day, i worked all day. 11-8pm. I got overtime and holiday pay.. but man. I was pretty exhausted near the end. The mall wasn't as busy as Xmas.. but still busy enough.

Yong came over to my work after he finished moving everything into a U-HAUL truck because he doesn't have a place to stay until his move in date to his new place. I was surprised to see him because i didn't think he would be able to make it. It's always good to see him, must be his aura.

I gave him my keys, and he went to take a nap at my place. I finished work, picked him up - picked up some beer, and headed over to Simon's for a mini bbq. Very short notice.. but yeh. It was coo. There was sum good food - and good company. It was Me, Yong, Simon, James, Jay, Simon's Sister, Simon's little brother, Sum white guy, and Sophia. Sung was supposed to come, but he flaked out at the last minute. WTF?

Here are some pics from the event.