Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Finally A/C

I woke up early today.. ate some Ja Pa Geh Ti ramen, then finished a few things on the computer. Watched Daredevil - and went to work. After work, i went to pick up my AC, read the manual and installed it. It's running right now.. and it's pretty cool. The room seems to be a lot colder now, but i just need to install it next to the patio window, which means i'll need to buy a power extension cord.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

The Roach Killer

Today wasn't that happening. I went to work in the morning with a mild hang over from all the soju. I worked until 4pm - long day, then went to the jewelers to get my bracelet fixed cuz it was too long, and they quoted me 30 bucks! I'm like wtf.. that's how much the damn bracelet cost in the first place. So i went back to the place cuz the young girl that works there is pretty coo. I told her about the situation, and she hooked it up with a 8" band that was thicker and better looking for $10 more. Not bad from my point of view.

After that, i went home and chilled around on the internet for a while and tried to watch Cradle 2 the Grave that i had downloaded.. but when i played the movie it was something else! Damn Kazaa.. ppl renamed the file and was distributing it. I ended up downloading "Life or something like it" with Angelina Jolee.. so i watched it for the heck of it - and it wasn't that bad.. she comes out very pretty in that movie.

Soon after, the guy who's selling the AC's for cheap called me and i told him i really wanted it. So i ended up dishing $400 bucks for it - and i'm going to meet him tomorrow to pick it up. Damn.. it's a reality check right now.. i started thinking about how if i really needed a AC, if i could handle living w/o one. But then sometimes it gets really hot in my room and i stomp on that idea and figure it's a good investment cuz if it doesn't work out i could always sell it or something.. then i think the resell value wouldn't be as good.. and etc.

I went to my co-worker Nancy's pad for the first time today in S. LB and it was pretty chill. I like her place, it's nice a cozy. Nancy, Carlos and I drank some wine cuz that's all she had left - listened to some music and met her neighbors. Her neighbor wouldn't' stop talking.. geez.. we chatted in the front porch for a good hour. Everytime i looked for an opportunity of an awkward silence so i could say i was going home, he would quickly change subjects and start talking again. Ahhrrr.. finally his gf came home and he went back into the house, and i left around 2am.

There is something u guys should know about my pad is that i have killed pretty much all roaches in my house. These critters are afraid of me now. I occasionally see 1 every 8 weeks or so. But the ones that used to reside in my pad were German roaches which are small and easy to kill. The American roaches that are HUGE and VERY fast only live outside. Now stay with me here - as i was about to open my door i see this black thing moving very fast towards my door from the grass area, so i freak and jump. As i stared at the black thing, i noticed it was a huge roach - so i attempted to kill it but it was too fast. So as i'm trying to kick it and step on it, it creeped half way into my screen door that leads to my patio window. I was like *$# if he gets in there, that's going to suck. That's really going to suck cuz i wouldn't be able to sleep cuz i'd be searching for it all night long. BUt luckily, either it couldn't fit into the screen door, or it just wanted to go somewhere else, so it started running towards my neighbors door.. so i'm like coo.. stomp stomp.. but it turned around and ran back to my door! @#(O$U#!!

This time though, instead of creeping under my screen door, it went under my door screen which is a huge metal door. So i couldn't see it anymore and i opened the screen, and i saw it trying to crawl under my wooden door like a crazy roach. Thankfully - my wooden door is well sealed so bugs like it can't go in. After it's failed attempt, it started racing towards me so it could go into the grassy area and hide, so i started to jump and luckily i stepped on it. And it lay there dead. DOH! i forgot to step on it twice to make sure it was dead.. i kicked it to the street thought.. i should check. Okay.. it's dead.

Now what does this story have to do with anything. Well - it sucks because i bought myself the Amcor BTU10,000 Portable AC earlier tonight for 400 bucks.. and the portable AC's have a 5" hose that needs to vent out the hot air built from the compressor, so you need to leave either a window or door open for the hot air to exit. I thought about doing that by patio window, but damn! i can't have no roaches crawling up in my joint! ROAR.. so i'm having regrets and second thoughts right now. It sucks.

It also rained today - I saw a lot of thunder aswell.

I got a cold. One night it was just too damn hot, so i went into the pool at 7pm - and the water was warm, but it was chilly outside and i think that fux0red me up. I have a stuffed nose, and i'm tired.

Monday, July 28, 2003

DUI.. Almost..

It was one freaky night today. OMG! I think i have never been so scared in my entire life. I had a lil to drink - wasn't drunk and my buzz was going away - and i was just driving home when a Civic tried to race me. So being the idiot that i am, i dusted him and was traveling about 100mph on 110S chillin and weaving in and out of traffic. (Don't get me wrong, i wasn't faded or anything - i'm a really good driver) and as i was just driving, i see a car that sorta resembles a cop car.. and right as i get 1 car lengths behind it - i see the cop lights on top of the car - so i panic and pressed on the brakes really hard. By that time, i was right next to him going 65mph. I knew what he was gonna do, which was slow down so he can get behind me, so as he slowed down, i pulled into his lane and thought about just changing all the way into the slow lane until he turned on his lights to pull me over. By this point, i had given up and thought to myself, "I'm fucked.. might as well pull over and get it over with"

I thought - "If my Blood Alcohol level was over the limit, i'm going to jail tonight"
"I remember Esther told me if i put a penny in my mouth the copper would hide my alcohol breath"
"I'm going to get a DUI, i won't be able to drive.. imma be stuck in court with fines"
"I can't make it to work next day cuz i'm in Jail"
"Another one bites the dust"

All these thoughts came into my head as i was driving with the cop on my ass. He tailed me for about 1 mile - probably checking my license plate to make sure the car wasn't stolen or with any records. My heart was pounding and i was breathing very heavily while checking my speedometer every second to make sure i was going 65mph.
To my suprise, after a mile or so, the cop pulls to the left, and drives past me. I didn't think when he did that - i was confused as to why he didn't pull me over. And then, it sink'ed in that he was being a nice guy and let me go. I will learn from this stupid mistake and NEVER EVER EVER drive fast when i had something to drink. That's just stupid. I'm competent enough to drive with a lil alcohol in me, but the chance that i get a DUI is not worth it. And that is my point.

I'm not sure - maybe he didn't see me in his rear view mirror until i got next to him.
Maybe he had no way of pulling me over cuz i was driving in a straight line at 65mph and he had no way to prove that i was going that fast other than his words.
Either way, i'm a really lucky bastard tonight.. i almost died of a heart attack. Don't do it kids.. drinking and racing don't mix! If u think it aint gonna happen to you.. guess what - the odds aren't that great.

Before all this happened, i got to meet Sujie Ha, an ex-excite@home co-worker who i was pretty close with when working there. We had our cubicles right next to each other, and we took out a few of the panels so we would be cubicle buddies. We went to shik do rak and ate some good food - then went to Nandarang and got pretty wasted. Went to no rae bang to sober up and came home.

Before that - i woke up - went to work and came home. Haha.. i'm blogging backwards, this is interesting. That's it folks!

Saturday, July 26, 2003


I decided to go on a strict diet starting yesterday. A lot of training everyday and eating less than 1,600 calories a day for about a month and see how many lbs i can loose. I'm at 185lbs right now, gained 20lbs since i moved down to LA. I should seriously start getting back on shape.

Korean Ramen

July 25:

Woke up pretty late cuz i didn't have to work since they didn't take my On Call. So i just sat around the house.. oh no wait. I woke up damn early! I went to work to pick up my check, went to the bank, then went to Korean Market to buy some Ramen (KOrean Ramen is just BOMB!)

I came back home and got a haircut, and bought myself a locker. Then i went to work out at Bally's with James and then went to LA to check out Eric's new crib. That's all folks.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Random Weekend

July 23:

Stayed home all day i think.. and got to relax. I downloaded Road to Perdition and watched that which was not that bad. I wouldn't watch it twice though. James came over and hung out with me for a while and that's about it. Oh yeah.. i worked out and swam a lil in the pool.

July 24:

Stayed home once again and hung around the house for the most part. Went to Tapioca Express with Pae and watched the movie "Basic" at his house. That's it for today as well. My hair is getting pretty long.. and i am def. going to start losing weight again. I can't stand being so chubs!

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Pae got a Body Kit

July 21st

I went to work all day - got off around 2 and went with Pae to Burbank to pick up his body kit. We ate Togo's after which was DAMN GOOD! I havent' had togo's in so long.. it was exciting.
We watched Bad Boys II after that - which was pretty good to say the least. A LOT OF action is all i can say about that movie. Lots of gory parts, car chases, shooting scenes etc. I can't believe it though - that parents brought their 10 year old to that movie. Not surprisingly - they were black. I'm not trying to be racial - but simply putting out the facts that black minorities are more prone to crime in this country.. and this may be part of the reason cuz they get into R rated movies at 10 years old!

I was disgusted at the dad who was sitting behind the kids doing nothing while ppl were being shot on the head with blood spilling out. Oh yeah.. and while i was trying to buy tickets.. the stupid girl at the box office asked my ID.. HAHA.. omg! Do i look like 17 or sumthing?

July 22nd

I went to the beach today. Hunington Beach with my co-workers. I have some pics which i'll post later. I love my co-workers they are so chill. Worry free and just kickin back. The weather was pretty sucky - so we didn't go in the water. We just talked and layed on the sand for a few hours. I went to work at 6-10.. and came home. That's about it.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

New Shoes

Yesterday went to Nandarang with Simon after work. Oh yeah.. before that - i had work from 9-6.. and Simon met up with me at Cerritos Mall. I've been doing that stupid "once every 3 months shopping spree" that i have. I'm one of those ppl who just buy everything at once. I like.. hold myself and keep thinking i should buy this and buy that.. and once it reaches a limit i go out and buy it all. I got the cologne Ise Miyaki which girls seem to just die for. I got some cool lookin Keneth Cole shoes.. they look dope! It set me back $160.. but i figure it's a good investment when i'm going to wear it all the time for the next year or so. The shoes are pretty comfortable.. but it's hurting the lower lip of my ankles because it rubs against the top edge of the shoe. I figure once i break these in.. it'll get better.

"First thing girls look at is Shoes, Watch, and wallet" -Simon Cho

haha.. made me feel better about buying shoes. I also got a necklace with a matching wrist band. I used to have a 14k gold necklace back in High School.. but i lost it during one of my football games when i forgot to take it off. I was meaning to get another set but just made the jump yesterday.

I didn't get Financial Aid this year again. The fee deferment they were offering me was just until i received my letter for a stafford subsidized loan. I rejected it and droppped 1 of my classes so that i would be part time. I'm not paying full time tuition just for 1 more class. If i was taking 4 or 5 classes, it would be worth it .. but not now.

I've been reading blogs that i wrote when i first moved here.. and it's pretty interesting to read things i wrote long ago. I understand the point of a diary now. I always wondered why my sister would write in a little book all of her secrets when she knows that someone like me could find it and read thru it.

Yong started blogging.. that's pretty cool. A lot of ppl are moving to Xanga.. but i don't plan on joining that community. So much simpler here! Bjunkyard bbq is coming up soon. I'm going back to the Bay Area on July 31st ish.. depending on how i get scheduled that week.

Today, i worked again until 4.. went to LA to help Eric move into his new pad. It's pretty dope.. i forgot to take my camera to take some pics. But it's owned by some guy who sells soju.. and his son lives in it. It's a 3 story apartment with a basement type in the 1st floor. Living room, kitchen, and 3 rooms in the 2nd floor. And 3 smaller rooms on the 3rd floor.
Eric gets to hog the whole 3rd floor by himself. I think that's dope, he plans on making one of the rooms a training pad with boxing pads and weight bags. The only bad things about that place, is that it's a little ghetto.. lots of mexicans and the apartment itself is pretty old. Honestly - i think my pad is A LOT cleaner.. no offense to Kirby. There are also American Cockroaches there. I mean, my place has those German cockroaches that are tiny (well not anymore knock on wood).. but the roaches at erics new pad are huge.. like 2-3 inches long. EWWW!! I dunno - if i had no other choice i wouldn't mind living there.. but if it was me - i'd probably live in a pad like Humbee or Shean, with AC and no insects.

I came back home now.. pretty tired. It was a hot day. Miss Fujiike called me earlier in LA - sucks i could meet up with her cuz she wanted to hang out a lil before she went to Santa Monica.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Rich get Richer and the Poor...

Stayed home all day.. i felt bad for Yong cuz i kept him in the house. I was tired.. and rested it out. Around 12am, we went to HQ's to have a pitcher and some food. That's about it for today.

I found out that i don't get financial aid again for the second year. I was late on turning in that renewal.. and it's my guess they ran out of money or something. I thought i had some kind of fee deferment for this year.. but i was wrong. It was temporary until i accepted or rejected my stafford loan offer.

It's funny how those rich kids get financial aid.. yet ppl like me can't get any. It's fucked up how American society is.. the rich the richer.. while the poor get poorer. so tru.

Friday, July 18, 2003

I Need an A/C

Aight.. Yong came up from SD.. so his staying here until Sat. Yesterday we chilled at my house for a while. Then Eric came over and I shaved his head. Then we went to Palm Tree to see David. Then we went to Karnac to drink a lil. Then we came home. Then we woke up the next day sweating from all the hotness. Then a guy came over to fix my bathroom wall cuz it was falling apart from the humidity in my house. Then we went swimming in my pool. Then I went to work and Yong went with Pae and Judy to eat and we met up later at Fifth Wave.. and we are now home.

Man, my house is hot. it's like a sauna up in this joint. I'm seriously considering:

1. Sunpentown Air Cooler SF608R - $109
2. WindChaser PAC8 Portable 9,000BCU Air Conditioner - $386used or $550new

The Sunpentown air cooler uses ice water to cool the air.

Pros: It's cheap, but it's just another fan. It won't cool an entire room, but just as a fan - it'll be cold if you go within the vicinity of the fan's direction. It's cheap.

Cons: It won't cool the entire room. Must have Ice to cool it down. It'll only be 12degrees colder than a fan.. in ambiant conditions.

Windchaser PAC8 is a portable AC unit that uses a small hose to vent all the hot air.

Pros: It's portable, so i don't have to install it which is not allowed my my apartments. Doesn't need me to empty out water that comes from decondensation. It'll cool down the entire room which would be really nice.

Cons: It's pricey.. 5 bills. It requires that u install some kind of venting hole in your window (not sure how i would do that).

So i have no idea what to get. At this pace of me making my decision - i don't think i'll get one this summer. I wanna try out the Air Cooler.. but i don't want to regret it later and think i should have spent the extra money and got the AC. I know there are a few of you who read this. SO PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT TELLING WHICH ONE I SHOULD GET.. OR YOU WOULD GET.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Microwave Safety Tips

Note to self: Always check if the container your using is microwave safe.

Note to self: Never cover something in the microwave with a Stove Top

Note to self: Never Ever put foil in the microwave.. i saw sparks when i did this.. and left a nice big black mark inside my microwave.

Monday, July 14, 2003

Song of the Day: Lee Gi Chan - Cold

I did the right thing (i think) today.. i told her, "I'm sorry about what i told you last year, i didn't want to complicate your life. I'm sorry i was so bad to you when we were going out. I look at myself today and realize that i have a lot of regrets. If i could bring back the time - i would change it all; but i can't, so i want you to be happy. Even if that's not with me, i'm going to have to learn to accept that. Remember the good and bad times we had together, and try to think of it as a good experience. To be honest, i felt ill and weak when i saw you the other day and i'm going thru some hard times right now. I want you to know, that you'll have a secret place in my heart - and you can always come back when you need a friend to talk to."

I think this was the closure i really needed. I had my home boys to keep me company and cheer me up today. Thanks guys.
I went to Kareoke and sang my lungs out to a bunch of sappy songs. Drank some more.. and ate some good food at Sik Do Rak. I'm moving on.. i let it go today. She'll be better off w/o me. My songs of the month are:

1. Cold by Lee Gi Chan


Can't I love you? I can't do anything about my feelings towards you.
Because of you, i cried and smiled - yet i was still happy.
Will one year be enough? Will you come back to me?
Why didn't you even tell me to wait.
I was so sick that i couldn't breath, nor talk, please understand.

I'll do it.. i'll try to forget. I'll erase.. i'll try to erase.
Why can't i do it, even when i try to forget?
It feels like you will come back to me if i wait.

Will one year be enough? Will you come back to me?
Why didn't you even tell me to wait.
I was so sick taht i couldnt' breath, nor talk, please understand.

If time goes by, it has to be me.
Just one day has to be it.
I was so sick.. so hard to breath that i couldn't talk, please understand.

Until the day - i will love you.


I'm sure i could have chosen better words to translate the song, but i'm too lazy. Hard to explain what the lyrics mean in english.. but it makes a lot of sense in Korean and how i feel right now.

2. Handshake by Bi


The word to split up, the word to stop seeing eachother
How can you say them with such comforting face and tone?
How can it be so easy? Is splitting up nothing to you?
How can you smile?
Is the word, "It was fun" all you can say?

It was love for me..
It may have been a good time for you
But it was love to me
Love that i felt for the first time.

After meeting you, i felt happiness for the first time.
But you and your excuses are trying to leave me.
Do you always meet and split up?
Is the time we spent together, just another good time for you?

It was love for me..
It may have been a good time for you
But it was love to me
Love that i felt for the first time.

This hand that i'm holding for this handshake i am looking at
If i make this handshake, you will turn around and what am i supposed to do?

It was love for me..
It may have been a good time for you
But it was love to me
Love that i felt for the first time.

Love that i felt for the last time.


Sunday, July 13, 2003

Love is a Gamble

There's a saying in korean.. that Women have one door to their hearts.. and Men have many windows. The logic behind that is that a woman usually only loves one man at a time; so if she breaks up with someone - the guy leaves her heart and another guy enters.. and there's only room for one person.

Men on the other hand have many windows, so they always keep indulging in past relationships and past lovers. I think this is pretty damn true. I came to that realization this weekend. I did a lot of self reflection these past few days and i feel like crap.

Men are also said to never forget their "first love" or "chut sarang".. while girls have the ability to forget and move on.

I'm sure this isn't true to every person in this planet - but it's been pretty common these days to me as a i look around my midst.
While doing my self reflection - i realized that i have been a bad bf overall since i started dating. I'm not going into detail on that because it's different with each girl. If i was a girl - and i knew me as me.. i would probably not date me. So i'm trying to change these days.. i've heard "people never change" - and hopefully i can disprove that phrase. I wanna be a good bf and hold out long term relationships like many other people do.

My relationships seem to end because of my insecurity and fear of getting hurt. I was hurt in High School so i never dated much then.. and in College when i started again - i was very defensive and terminated my relationships as soon as i felt unsafe. Now i realize that sometimes relationships are a gamble - and what u gamble is the possibility of getting hurt. You who are reading this probably knew this and take me for an idiot.. and i probably knew it too - but was blinded by fear.

I'm downloading a few movies right now:

1. Biker Boyz (not worth renting .. i heard it sucks but i love bikes.. so imma watch it)
2. Anthwone Fisher (pae recommended it)
3. Basic (john travolta fan)

I drank quite a grip yesterday.. but the alcohol didn't really hit me at all. I was a nervous wreck all night to even feel my head spin. I was confused.. but after talking to my closest friends, i see in a straight line again.
What happened was I saw .... (hmm i wonder if i should even write this stuff in here.. who knows who reads this stuff).
.. i saw my ex-gf at a convention. That relationship was the longest one that i had - and it couldn't have been more mutual as per our physical chemistry and bond mentally. I can honestly say i was in love with her.. not just like her a lot.. it was a nice warm love feeling. She was the first girl .. in all my life.. that made me think about marriage.

I thought i forgot about her last year around this same time and let her go.. but after seeing her again - weird emotions came back .. my arms were shaking and my knees felt weak. I guess i didn't let her go .. when i thought i did. We had broken up about 3 years ago. I always thought we would get back together someday because it was meant to be.. but 2 years ago - another guy came into her life while she was trying to get over me and i guess comforted her while i wasn't there. From there - they're friendship became more than that.. and they've been going out since. Last year when i saw her - i told her everything.. i just spilled my guts out and told her i still cared for her and wanted to get back together and that she was all i ever wanted. But she was with that other guy at the time - and told me no. Not sure if she cried, but told me "why didn't you do or talk to me sooner".. i felt bad after that. She even took my Yupki Tokki..

There was still no closure.. (i always need closures in my relationships.. i learned that i hate clinging on) so after all the drinking last night and talking to friends - i've decided to let her go. I think she is pretty serious with that other guy - their folks met each other already.. and are talking marriage i think. I want her to be happy - and if that's not with me, then i'm okay with that. I plan on telling this to her tomorrow night.. i hope and pray to God she will see me for a few minutes. (i hope i don't break down in front of her either).

"Letting someone go (for their sake and happiness) is a bigger sign of affection/love than just love"

I'm not gonna lie, i felt like hurting the guy that is currently going out with her. I just have bad vibes when i see him. I try to make eye contact with him - but he keeps avoiding me. One good punch is the face is what i thought.. But will i feel better or worse after that? I dreamed about crippling him so that maybe she'll come back to me. But what kind of a man would i be if i did that? I thought about talking to him mano a mano and telling him to make her happy and that his a very lucky guy, but my friends tell me that's pussy shit. Maybe it is.. maybe it isn't. I haven't decided about that yet.

I have a lot of regrets.. in all of my relationships. I don't think i have a single one i don't regret. People make mistakes.. and that's how they learn. But why do i make so many? Ugh. My biggest regret though - wasn't the girl in this story - rather it was my "chut sarang".. a girl i liked for all four years of High School. She was like the most easy to get along with type of girl. Her people skillz were off the charts. She was beautiful, smart, energetic, easy going, down to earth.. and just had all the characteristics that i look in a girl. I'm not sure if i'll ever meet a girl like her again. Took me a long time to get over her. I know she's happy wherever she is.. so i'll let it die there.

Regrets, regrets, regrets.. i need to change. I feel miserable.

Again, a guy has many windows.. these are just two of my windows i felt like writing (also these are the two girls that probably will never read this). I have many other regrets - some really special gf's in my life that i didn't see until it was too late. What can a man do though? Move on Peter.. is what my cousin Simon tells me.. yeah.. i should move on.

On a final note, these were great experiences for me to learn about life. But when the time comes for me to love again, that will be the only person i love.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Sick of BR

I actually woke up early today.. around 10am.. and was able to look some pasta for myself. I did the dishes and a few chores here and there - and went to work at 12pm. Dang.. it was a long day today!.. 9 hours at the mall. I was getting close to sick of banana for once.

Afterwards, Simon visited with Lucas and my cousin Romina to go eat at Kabuki - a japanese restaurant. All the workers there were Korean though - and they were speaking broken japanese. Just "welcome" and "thank you".. lol.

Now i'm home.. I updated bjunkyard for the first time in like 6 months i think.. i feel good about it.. so proud of myself. haha.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Woman in Denial

I've been busy watching movies lately. James has a vastly wide collection of DVD's he let me borrow.

1. Gangs of New York
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. The Goodfellas

For the most part - all three movies were great. Gangs of New York seemed like a musical cuz of all the fancy costumes. Nevertheless, it didn't bore me so that was coo.

Shawshank redemption was VERY slow - but i enjoyed it because it was a happy/dramatic/savy ending. The good guy wins and the bad guys loose.. so i liked it - unlike Gladiator or Braveheart.

The Goodfellas is another good gangster movie. I love gangster movies... Godfather, Scarface, etc. So this one was a must watch too.

I have also been playing Frozen Throne in Hard Mode.. and it's freaking hard. I die many times in each level so i have to keep restarting on my saved games. I should probably try to play in normal mode now.

Manager pissed me off at work - this bitch keeps talking out of her ass when she doesn't even know what's going on. Thinks she knows everything. I swear, i'm going to break her balls one of these days. A week ago - she came out of the bathroom and this roaring stench followed her from the bathroom. She said, "Dang, it smells in there - and it wasn't me".. and walks shamelessly and quickly out of the room. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, until a co-worker who was right next to me, and was in the restroom minutes before she went in told me, "It didnt' smell like that when i was in there"... HAHAHA.. he continued, "You know why it smells like that when she comes out? It's because she doesn't drink enough water, she doesn't clean all that crap inside of her. So when she releases, it smells. Also she's too fat to reach around her waist to wipe her ass - so she just smells."

Omg, that just cracked me up and was laughing every time i saw her. I wasn't trying to be mean - i assure u i know how it feels to be fat, but the fact that she tried to deny that it was her just shows what a hard headed woman she is. She should have just quietly walked away.

Peter, you've gained a lot of weight this past year. I think your weighing in at 187lbs. You used to be 160lbs! How are you going to loose 27lbs? Damn it! I don't know! I guess i should start on a serious diet soon - i dont' like feeling this bloated.

When i don't get as lazy as I currently am - i should apply for citizenship so that i can work in Korea w/o having to attend their mandatory army requirement. I wanna go back to my country and live there for a few years.. i think it would be a good experience. Pae's sister is doing that right now - and i think she's having a good time. I just realized how fast my hair grows. It's been maybe a little over a month, and it's so long already. Considering how short i cut it last month.. this is amazing. It's getting hot these days.. i wanna cut it short again! So tempting.

Saturday, July 05, 2003

BBQ.. Life is Good

4th of July! There was so much fireworks everywhere - it was easy to see them. On the highway, there were also many firetrucks on the side cuz some of the fireworks started bush fires all over the place.

It's 4am.. i need to wake up at 7:30am to go to work.. i wonder if i should sleep for 3.5 hours. I wasn't able to wake up yesterday.. so i'm a bit distressed about if i should sleep or just pull an all niter.

Today, the boys and I had some good BBQ.. burgers and hot dogs. Night life was rather interesting. I use that word a lot these days.. "Interesting".. prob cuz i have nothing else to use. Not everyone came today, Jay and Pae didn't show up which sucked cuz we had so much extra food. We bought too much food considering how many ppl came.

That's about it..

Friday, July 04, 2003

Pervs in Ktown

damn blogger! it erased most of my blogs from last year. Oh my god.. i think i should change it to or something. This place blows! i was hoping to keep a good archive so that i could read it a few years from now.

Today was chill - had dinner with a few ppl.. i never liked sushi - but it was interesting to say the least today. Then for the night - the crew and i just chilled around ktown. Omg - my house is so hot right now, i'm sweating. Little sweat is running down my face.. 'wipe'wipe' - oh yeha, went to Palm Tree today. Very interesting evening. There's a small dance floor there with a club like atmosphere but it's all old ppl and a few young ppl. I saw some old men HELLA checking out these girls dancing. It was like - damn.. try to be a little more discrete u perv!

I feel bad for Jay - he has to work 12 hours tomorrow and can't come to our bbq at the park. It also sucks how he has two sets of friends. One is me and Simon and the group - and he has another set of friends (japanese) i think that he hangs out with. He doesn't call us when he's hanging out with the other ppl - yet expects us to call him and invite him to everything we do. Kinda selfish huh? I mean, it's coo to have more friends - but it seems as if his embarrassed of us and doesn't want his other friends to hang out with us because of what his other friends will think of him. I don't get it. It's his deal though .. whatevers. He was being the party pooper again today.. ruining the mood.

I don't know, maybe i'm looking into this a bit too much, but it's pretty simple. If u can't call us to hang out when you're with your other friends, don't be pissed cuz we don't call u when we're out. ya know? I think it's logical. Homies should stay together, you're not a super star that needs to be everywhere with everyone.

I think most of our group is REALLY down to earth, and easy going - so it's whatevers to everything. Ppl should stop taking everything so seriously and getting pissed off about everything like a sissy on PMS. Enough ranting.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Traffic.. ugh

Just got back home from a drive towards Ventura.. The whole trip took about 3 hours because of traffic.

I thank God that i don't have to make that drive on a daily basis - and feel bad towards those who do. It's horrible! Now I know what ppl mean by LA traffic. I didn't realize it until today because i usually never drive around peak times.

Anyways, i picked up my eye glasses that i had left behind 3 months ago.. so i can finally see!

Weird Ppl

Damn.. some ppl are just weird... weird.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

First Time in Cold Dip

today was pretty chill - woke up late because i didn't have work - had dinner with Eric and hit up Bally's to work out for a bit.

I tried the cold dip today.. and it's serious coldness in there. I stayed in there for 30 seconds and thought i had hypothermia. But it feels good after u get out.

Sissy's Suck

Paid my bills today.. and sent out a few letters.

Went to work for 6 hours at night..

The day before that - i went to work late at night too and hung out with Eric cuz he wanted to talk.

Omg.. i hate sissies. I wonder where that word came from. Sissy. Sissie? Sisi! I get the next 2 days off.. so imma try to make the most out of them.

I finished downloading Bourne Identity so probably going to watch that.