Thursday, February 16, 2006

Taxes.. the Horror

OMG.. i just did my taxes.. (didn't hit submit button yet) but i ow $1500 in taxes to federal and state!.. UGH! wtf.


imma take this to a micky mouse tax shop and get this fixed.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Work Out Plan

Already Feb 8th.. holy mother.

It's been a month and a half since i told myself i'd get back into shape.. and haven't really started yet. Actually i did start playing soccer with church ppl if that counts. But i do have a new plan.

My original plan was to work out after work on my way home. But then i always get tired and lazy and just don't go. I would rather be home chillen'.. so the new plan is.. drum roll please.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hyolee Clone

So Hyolee's next album is coming up.. you can check it out here:

******** (5:42:40 PM): hey, did u pre-order the hyolee album?
******** (5:42:49 PM): there's a limited edition hologram version too
bronx 08 (5:43:49 PM): not yet
bronx 08 (5:43:55 PM): did u?
******** (5:43:58 PM): yeah
bronx 08 (5:44:03 PM): lol
******** (5:44:03 PM): with a couple other cds i wanted to get
bronx 08 (5:44:10 PM): god damn hyolee
bronx 08 (5:44:11 PM): so hot
******** (5:44:15 PM): yeah. no shit
bronx 08 (5:44:19 PM): Dark Angel..
bronx 08 (5:44:24 PM): trying to be Jessica Alba
******** (5:44:57 PM): i'm not complaining
bronx 08 (5:45:17 PM): neither am i
bronx 08 (5:45:25 PM): me and Eric were talking about that yesterday
bronx 08 (5:45:31 PM): we came to the conclusion that she's loose
bronx 08 (5:45:34 PM): i mean her goods are loose
******** (5:45:43 PM): most likely
******** (5:45:51 PM): but experience ain't bad
bronx 08 (5:46:37 PM): hahahaha
bronx 08 (5:46:50 PM): unless it's too much experience an the average guy won't please her
bronx 08 (5:46:51 PM): hahaha
******** (5:46:59 PM): shit... i'm flexible
******** (5:47:03 PM): mentally and phsyically
bronx 08 (5:47:27 PM): lol
bronx 08 (5:48:22 PM): i saw the Island today
bronx 08 (5:48:26 PM): u know about tha tmovie?
******** (5:48:55 PM): yeah. downloaded it a while ago
******** (5:48:58 PM): it was ok
bronx 08 (5:49:04 PM): imma dream well tonight
bronx 08 (5:49:05 PM): hahahah
******** (5:49:07 PM): hahahaha
bronx 08 (5:49:08 PM): hyolee clone
******** (5:49:19 PM): clones <-- more than one
bronx 08 (5:49:21 PM): brainwashed to liek me
bronx 08 (5:49:25 PM): hahahahaha
bronx 08 (5:49:41 PM): holy crap.. getting excited
bronx 08 (5:49:42 PM): haha
bronx 08 (5:49:45 PM): can't wait to fall asleep
******** (5:49:47 PM): hahahahahaa