Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Still Sick

I'm sick.. i have a flu or a cold.. i feel horrible right now..

Sunday, March 09, 2003

I am Sick

I've been doing nothing lately.. nothing by not going out. I've been staying home because i'm SICK! I came home last night at 7pm.. and woke up the following morning at 11am.. and was STILL tired. Dang.. but i had to go to work - so wakey wakey.

I have a bunch of hw to do tomorrow too.. bleh. Can't write much cuz there is nothing to write about.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Shopping Spree!

Haven't blogged in a while - let's see....

On thursday i went out with Pae to ktown galleria, Del Amo Fashion Center and Sports Mart.. it was quite a shopping spree for us. Pae got a new pair of eye glasses that have a really nice tint to them. I went ahead and bought some GA (Giorgio Armani) sunglasses, something i've been wanting since SJ. I never owned an expensive pair of sunglasses before. The one i always keep in my car is like $10 from a gas store.
Then at Del Amo i bought some Lean pill that will boost my metabolism because i decided to loose a few lbs before the summer kicks in. Also a Keneth Cole watch.. this is also something i've always wanted. Every single pair of watch that i've owned has been either a fake or a cheap 50cent watch from one of those lottery games at an arcade. I returned them the following day though - because i found out i get an employee discount at Watch Works (20% off).

We also headed to Sports Mart where i bought a ski outfit. I have been meaning to buy something for a while but was too cheap to get anything. It's actually a pretty nice outfit.. and got a damage discount for the pants cuz it had a stain in it. I took the stain out however using Shout Wipes.. (I swear it's mans most incredible invention). I really disliked my other ski outfit because it was SO outdated. The jacket was ugly.. and the pants was overalls that didn't really fit me. So i'm happy.. and it's something i needed anyways.

Why the money spending all of a sudden? Sometimes - i go a little crazy and buy everything that i've wanted. It's not a big problem considering i don't do it much. But i have been buying a lil too much these days.. and should budget myself again. But then again - don't you all feel as if the world is coming to an end? And won't you feel like an idiot if you've been saving money every month instead of spending it and enjoying it - and the last minute before you die; you will think to yourself.. "Man.. i could have done so many things with that money; yet i just kept it in the bank doing nothing." Next time you go out - think about that.. i'm not saying you should spend like an idiot. Just be smart and know how much you can safely spend and not be a Scrooge.

$200 - Refrigerator
$60 - Microwave
$120 - GA Sunglasses
$150 - Ski outfit
$60 - Vaccumm

I went snowboarding on Friday.. which was pretty coo except for the fact that my friend Jay fell on his back during a jump and had to go to the ER. I had to hopelessly wait there for 4 hours and didn't get home until 10 or 11pm. I'd show some pics.. but Pbase started to charge ppl to use their service. Oh wait.. i can show pics.

I have more.. but don't feel like posting all of them. I also have a video of myself doing a jump - then eating the ice. That was my only fall though.. believe it or not.. i think i got nervous cuz i knew on the back of my mind that i was being taped and didn't wanna mess up.

Saturday - Yong came over and we headed to LA. The night itself was pretty coo except for one part when a few ppl were being idiots and made other ppl uncomfortable. Which in turn, lead them to go home with the excuse, "it's getting late and we are tired." But obviously, i knew it wasn't that - they were probably upset and felt left out. I feel bad for Yong because it was mostly his friends and i told them i would show them a good time in ktown.

However, after they left - Yong Pae and I went to New York New York and had some good times and followed up at a NoRaeBang.

Sunday - i slept most of the day and watched Smallville with Yong. It was a really good episode with Christopher Reeves.. and apparently, Superman was sent to this Earth to conquer and be a Godlike person. That's a new fact into it's saga. I had to go to work at 7pm so Yong went back to SD.

Today - I slept in once again because i didn't have to work. I went to buy food and to the USPS later at night to drop off my rent money as well. That's about it.. nothing much else happened. I still need to go to traffic school.. someone please keep reminding me cuz i'm putting it off like a lazy bug. I will also start updating bjunkyard again - i think it's time to be more efficient.