Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quote of the Day: 24 Hour Fitness

The quote isn't 24 hour fitness.. but it was something i read inside. There was a poster that said,

"No matter what mood you walk in with, you will always walk out in a good mood"

It's so true though. Sometimes i feel like crap and don't feel like working out. I have to drag myself there. Or sometimes, i just had a bad day and want to bury myself in bed.

But every time - literally - every time i go to the gym; by the time i'm walking out i feel good. My body feels good, and mentally i feel like i accomplished something. It makes me feel refreshed.

Next time you are feeling blue, go work out!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Song of the Day: Tim - Unnecessary Words

The English translation is a little off. The direct translation is "Unmanly like words".. but that sounds funny.

Tim comes back after a few years with a new song. Perfect winter song IMO. Btw, the guy on the piano is Yiruma - a famous pianist and composer.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Be Safe Everyone!

It's that time of the year. Be safe everyone! See you in 2011!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Song of the Day: IU - Good Day

So cute! I wanna pinch her cheeks!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

TV Show Review: 제빵왕 김탁구 (Bread King Kim Tak Goo)

This drama finished a while back. I just finished watching all 30 episodes, and it's been a while since i watched a good drama like this. I was hesitant at first because i wondered how good a drama regarding baking bread could be. I heard this drama got over 30% viewership in Korea. That's a pretty big hit.

The quick synopsis is about a boy trying to find his separated mother. His path eventually takes him to a bakery where he finds his passion.

I think they could have cast a better female lead role instead of Eugene from SES. I hate her acting.. and she's a bit old for the part she played. The drama does conclude in a happy ending which tickled my funny bone.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Beating a Traffic Ticket

Made a few changes to the side bar. Some new additions you may have noticed are the Quick Links, Favorite Links, and Guides. I put up a new guide for beating a traffic ticket here.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taking Things for Granted..

Looking back at life, i realized that i've taken many things for granted. My youth for one.. if i had a time machine i would change soooo many things! Friends and family is another. You see them all the time, and don't realize how important they are until they are gone. Things that I already have, be it materialistic or spiritually.

Life truly is short. If you are under 20.. you won't feel it. I can confidently say that most teens don't realize it and are in a hurry to grow up. Only when you realize you're 29 and about to hit 30; you wonder to yourself where the time flew by.

Everyday is a blessing, everyday is a gift, and everyday you will have to live life. You live once.. why not make the most of the days you have left on this earth? You may have hit rock bottom and feeling like crap.. but life goes on. Time won't stop for you. Sitting on the couch hating life will only decrease the number of happy memories you can cherish.

It's only human to be in a slump once in a while, but pick yourself back up. Do you work 80 hours a week? If working makes you happy.. then i guess that's fine. But remember that time is precious.

This new years, my first resolution is to be happier. Do things that make me smile, and do things that make others smile.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Next Big Thing

Friendster.. MySpace.. Youtube.. Facebook.. Twitter..

What's the next big thing? I must find it.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

DSLR Camera

To buy or not to buy.. that is the question. Pae linked me to a refurb DSLR on Canon's website. It's the Rebel XS series with a 18-55mm lens kit for $350 and free shipping. However, there is tax - so it comes out to $400 (link).

I'm pretty sure i'll be satisfied with the 18-55mm lens since i don't plan on making much use of the zoom feature. Most of the pictures i take will be portraits. There are some other used Canon DSLR's on craigslist for around the same price but they are older models like the 300 or 350 XT.

I want one.. but i'm in no rush for one. The question is how often i would even use it, considering that my Powershot SD100 collects dust 364 days a year. Hmmm..

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

What type of girl do you like?

What type of girl do you like? I get asked this question often, as i'm sure many of you do as well. I usually answer the same every time, "Pretty, long straight hair, book+street smart, shorter than me, clean skin". Clean skin.. ahh.. that's a big one. Girls with that smooth milky skin is so sexy!

Anyways, have you ever stopped to think about one specific quality that you want in a girl? I just came to one of those realizations thanks to Nam Gyu Ri. A direct translation from Korean is Eye Smile, or the shape your eyes make when you smile (눈우슴). I just melt inside when a girl with a cute 눈우슴 smiles at me.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Celebrity Review: Nam Gyu Ri (남규리)

Born 1985.4.26 - she debuted as a singer with the group SeeYa which some of you may remember. She got out of the group last year, and she has been working as an actress now.

Anyways, she's really cute.

Song of the Day: Lee Gi Chan - L.O.V.E.

Are there two actresses in this video or just one? I think i'm trippin..

I know for sure that one of them is Nam Gyu Ri.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Dang.. You're Old!

I recently saw a friend that I haven't seen in about 8 years. She's married and has 2 kids.. and the first thing that crossed my mind was, "Daaanng.. she's gotten so old!". Only to come to the realization that she's only 3 years older than me. Yes, she did get older.. but so did I.

Living the bachelor life, sometimes gets you into thinking that time has frozen and others around you get old. Yet, time doesn't discriminate. You are getting just as old as anybody else. It's just an illusion.

I notice this the most when playing sports. I remember 10 years ago, i could go day in and out playing football and basketball. I would have no sores or aches. But now, i seem to get hurt more often. I finally understand how the elderly feel when getting out of bed and their whole body aches in pain.

The best thing to do is to regularly exercise and keep healthy. From 2004 to 2009, i didn't work out at all. I've been making up for all of it these past 6 months, but it feels like i have another 6 months before i get back in full stride.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

New Wallpaper

My current WP.

Movie Review: Ah Juh Shi (Mister) 아저씨

Wasn't expecting much, and i think that's what made the difference.  You know when watching a movie with very low expectations, more times than not, you find yourself surprised.  This movie was pretty good and it reminded me of "Taken" with Liam Neeson.

Won Bin transforms into a total badass as he fights bad guys in order to save a kidnapped little girl.  The knife fight sequences were pretty good and it doesn't use all the CGI/slow motion/special effects other movies use.

In other news, Jang Dong Gun is starring in a Hollywood movie "The Warrior's Way".. something about cowboys and ninja's.  I saw a preview for it while working out, and apparently it starts this Friday.  Probably not worth the money..

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Quote of the Day: Loneliest Person

"The loneliest person in the world is someone who has no memories"

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back Hug

The infamous back hug.  The screen cap above is from the k-drama "I'm Sorry I Love You" which i blogged about in my previous entry.  This is my favorite scene.. buying an over sized jacket so you can keep your gf warm while doing a back hug.. awwww

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Celebrity Review: Lim Su Jung 임수정

So yeah.. i stumbled upon the entire series of "I'm Sorry I Love You" (which is 16 episodes) today.  I've already watched it, but forgot enough of the storyline to make it seem like it's my first time.  LSJ is so dang adorable! 

If you haven't watched this K-Drama.. then go DL it - cuz it's one of my favorites.  She was born 1980 7.11 - but she still looks so young.  She has a couple of movies out, "Cyborg but Okay" - and - "Sad Movie", which are two that i've watched.  "Cyborg but Okay"  she co-stars with Bi and it's a so-so movie and not really worth watching.  "Sad Movie" on the other hand was pretty good.

"I'm Sorry I Love You" also features some top name stars like So Ji Sup and Suh Ji Young.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hermann-Giest Stadium

Google Maps

search for "Hermann-Giest Stadium, Hazleton, PA 18201, United States"

-> Satellite

zoom to the stadium

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday.. Never again..

Kudos to those of you that avoided the malls on this Black Friday.  1 Hour to get into Gap.. and another 2 hours to checkout.  Ridiculous.  Just go online for shopping..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Song of the Day: Tony Rich - Nobody Knows

I love this song.  Easy melody and rich lyrics.  I put my iPod to play random songs and it's awesome how you end up listening to really old songs you've forgotten about.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Song of the Day: Kara - Jumping

Wasn't a fan of the beat.  Must be one of those songs that takes getting used to.  Go go Goo Hara!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Korean Air Skypass FAQ

So i've been doing some digging on a Credit Card with Skypass to earn a free ticket to Korea.  It took some time finding the information because some of the specifics are hidden and hard to find.  Here are some fats i was able to find and hopefully will help those of you looking into the same thing.

  • You don't need a separate credit card that's affiliated to Korean Air Skypass program to earn miles (Such as US Bank's Signature Visa card).  You can get them at no cost by directly going to Korean Air's website and signing up.
    •  There are obvious ups and downs to this.  If you only have a Skypass membership from KAL (Korean Air) then you can only accrue miles by purchasing airline tickets from KAL and their affiliate airlines/hotels.
    • If you opt to get a credit card, such as Signature Visa, you will earn additional benefits - but at a cost of $80 annual membership fee.  Some of those highlights are:
      • $100 off coupon for airline tickets each year
      • 1 mile for every $1 spent
      • 15,000 bonus miles added to account after first purchase
      • 2,000 bonus miles added every year
      • However, there are blackout dates
      • Miles expire after 5 years (So if you can't earn 70,000 miles in 5 years - this is not a card for you)
      • Even though you earn miles using your Visa credit card, mile redemption must be made from's Skypass website.  It is your responsibility to make sure the miles listed matches what you've spent
  •  So here was my big question.  How many miles must you accrue to earn a free round trip ticket from LAX to Seoul?  The answer is 70,000 miles.  Yes.. if you calculate that in 1 to 1 terms.. it's $70,000 you must spend before getting anything for free.  However there are some obvious facts to consider if you were getting a Signature Visa credit card and purchasing a ticket to Korea at full price:
    • 15,000 bonus miles first year
    • $100 off coupon
    • 2 miles for every $1 for Korean Air ticket purchases (If the ticket fare is $1,000, that's 2,000 miles added)
    • 12,000 miles from LAX to Seoul (credited directly to your Skypass account by Korean Air)
  • After your first trip, you now have 29,000 miles on your Skypass account.  Yet, you would still need to spend another $31,000 or fly 2 more times to get a free ticket.
  • If you plan on visiting Korea once a year - the $100 off coupon would cover the $80 annual fee - but keep in mind that the APR on these types of credit cards are high
In conclusion - is it better to have a Visa Signature Skypass Credit Card or just be a Skypass member?  It depends on how often you plan on flying Korean Air and it's affiliate airlines.   One thing i know for certain is that it's better to have a Skypass membership - since it's absolutely free.

Lastly there is a final option if you're considering getting a credit card. There are classic Visa cards that have no annual fee, but offer 1 mile for every $2 net purchases.

Movie Review: Social Network

I think one of the major reasons this movie was so successful was because the majority of the people who watched it were part of the social media phenomenon.  People in their mid 20's to mid 30's were part of the era that boomed the internet - and i'm sure they all wish they were the ones that became billionaires.

I wonder exactly how much of the movie was fiction and real.. i mean.. they used the guy's real name.  The movie also portrays him as a douche bag.. how much of it is true?  Who knows.  I've been putting off watching this movie for a long time because even though it received great reviews, i just could not get it around my head that a movie about Social Networking would be interesting.

I was quite surprised though, because the story is well told.  It skips between past, present, and future - to show each characters progression in building Facebook.

Honestly I can't help but think of the potential Bjunkyard once had.  Sure it wasn't exactly the right idea to grow into a global spectrum.. but it did have more than 20,000 members and a million page views at it's peak.  There were even offers to buy the domain name.

When Napster was first going around letting users download music, i was already posting links to direct downloads for Kpop albums on my site.

When Friendster and MySpace were getting big, we already had a huge diverse group of members that linked with eachother.

Before Youtube was invented, bjunkyard was posting links to video streaming.

Yet.. the light bulb just never sparked on top of my head.  I remember having a conversation with Jet a long time ago when we were using free storage websites to host our video content - and how we should maybe invest on larger servers that would allow us to host our own files.  We even thought about allowing our users to just watch, and not download.  This was before Youtube.

Talking about it doesn't change anything though.. it is what it is.  There are still plenty of ideas that have not been thought of.. like auto mechanics that make house calls nationwide.

What really inspires me about Facebook is the fact that it was a late bloomer.. Friendster and MySpace was already way ahead of the game.. yet they fought on and became a powerhouse like no other.  Interestingly enough, Google was the same way.. Yahoo, Lycos, and Excite were the first search engines, yet Google now holds that market with one finger.

Who knows, maybe in a year or two, something bigger than what these companies think they have will come along.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Korean Air Stewardess

There is something about Korean Air Stewardess that i find immensely sexy.  Maybe it's just the way they handle themselves in public.. or their outfits.  I know it's not necessarily their looks since not all of them are pretty.  I just came back from LAX to drop off my mom who's going back to Korea - and i wouldn't mind being a pilot right about now.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ten Truth's of Life

Came across some interesting quotes:
  1. Part of being a best friends job should be to erase the computer history if you die
  2. Nothing sucks more during an argument when you realize you're wrong
  3. Was learning cursive really necessary?
  4. Bad decisions make good stories
  5. I'm always slightly terrified when i exit out of Word and it asks me if i want to save any changes, when i know for certain i made no changes
  6. I hate leaving my house looking spiffy and end up not meeting anyone important
  7. Sometimes i'll watch a movie that i watched when i was younger and realize i had no idea what was going on the first time i watched it
  8. I would rather try to carry 10 overloaded plastic bags of grocery than to make 2 trips to bring them in
  9. The only time i look forward to a red light is when i'm finish up a text msg
  10. How many times is it appropriate to say "What?" until you smile and nod your head because you have no idea what was said
And.. this.

1. go to google maps
2. go to "get directions"
3. type japan as the start location
4. type china as end location
5. go to direction #43

And.. this.

What do you see?

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Quote of the Day: It Takes..

    "It takes 15 years to grow a tree, and just 15 minutes to chop it down"

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    Quote of the Day: Only Those..

    "Only those who risk going too far, find out how far they can go"

    Monday, November 08, 2010

    Trip to Milwaukee WI

    For the first time in the US i was reminded that i am part of the minority.  During my entire stay in Milwaukee i only saw two Asians other than myself and my family - and they were tourists!

    My visit to Wisconsin was pleasant.  I got to see my sister and brother in law for the first time in 5 years or so, and it was heart warming.  I stayed for about 5 days and did pretty much everything there is to do there.  The flight took about 3 hours and 30 minutes and thankfully i brought my notebook - so i watched TV shows throughout the entire flight.

    I ate like a pig during that week.. homemade food.. lots of wine.. junk food.. frozen CUSTARD!!  I have no doubt i ended up gaining some weight.  Some of the highlights of the trip were the tourist attractions that we visited.

    More after the break..

    Friday, November 05, 2010

    Dumb Telemarketer

    So a telemarketer from Time Warner Cable calls me up and this was our dialogue:

    Me: Hello
    TWC: Blah blah blah (Self Introduction)
    Me: Sup
    TWC: We see that you have our cable service with us, and we'd like to let you know about our special on our digital cable TV service
    Me: I don't have a TV and i'm not interested
    TWC: Oh - may i ask how you get your news and other local information then sir?
    Me: Uhhh... the internet.  It's pretty full of information, you should try it sometime.
    TWC: .... silence .... Yes sir, I can sure appreciate that.  Thank you for your time.

    What an idiot.

    Song of the Day: 2AM - You Won't Answer My Calls

    Many good songs coming out these days.  Most of the groups i like are coming back with new songs. :)

    Thursday, November 04, 2010

    Song of the Day: 2NE1 - It Hurts

    2NE1 - It Hurts

    Putting up.. 3 Songs of the Day in 1 day doesn't make much sense.. lol.  Anyways - What's with Dara's hair?  I guess they figured she would be the only one that could pull it off..  This song gets good towards the chorus. 

    Song of the Day: SNSD - Hoot

    Man, i'm backed up in posts cuz i was on vacation.  Anyways, this is Girls' Generation's new song "Hoot".  This is going to take some time getting used to.  Wasn't a fan of the beat.

    Song of the Day: 2NE1 - Can't Nobody

    2NE1 - Can't Nobody

    Minzy comes out with some awesome outfits.  I love this hoodie by Jeremy Scott with spike studs.  She also wears a skull mask.

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    Check Engine Light..

    I got my first CEL code on my GS430 this morning.  I hate that yellow engine light that comes on your dash.. it's bright and annoying.  I remembered that Auto Zone offered free CEL diagnostics - so i went there today only to find out they stopped doing that 2 years ago due to legal issues.

    So i called AMMCO to see how much they would charge.. and the guy says $40.  I told him to shove it up his butthole since the scanner costs $50.   I ended up buying it.. and have carefully unwrapped it so i could return it at a later date.

    I remembered on my Prelude that around the same mileage a CEL came on for the O2 sensors.. lone behold, CEL P0135 came on for the GS430 - which is for bad O2 sensor.  I gotta take my car in to get this fixed.. i figure it'll run around $200 for parts and labor.  What a bitch!

    Monday, October 25, 2010

    Pics or it didn't happen

    This is classic.. if you visit online forums you will be able to relate.

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    Fall Blues

    Southern California just recently had a sudden change in weather.  It's gloomy, cloudy, rainy... just a totally depressing weather.  It was like 90 degrees not too long ago.  Makes you feel kinda lonely for no reason too.. where is the sun?!? 

    Saturday, October 16, 2010

    Song of the Day: BES - Nothing Better

    Brown Eyed Soul - Nothing Better.

    This song has been around for a while and it's gotten very popular after singers like Nikkun from 2PM sang it on Korean variety shows.  Yet, the original is so good..


    내게 언젠가 왔던 너의 얼굴을 기억해
    멈춰있던 내맘을, 밉게도 고장난 내 가슴을
    너의 환한 미소가 쉽게도 연거야

    그래 그렇게 내가 너의 사람이 된거야
    못났던 내추억들이 이젠 기억조차 않나
    나를 꼭잡은 손이 봄처럼 따뜻해서

    이제 꿈처럼 내맘은
    그대 곁에 가만히 멈춰서요
    한순간도 깨지 않는 끝없는 꿈을 꿔요

    이제 숨처럼 내곁에
    항상 쉬며 그렇게 있어주면
    nothing better nothing better than you
    nothing better nothing better than you

    이제 꿈처럼 내맘은
    그대 품에 가만히 안겨있죠
    한순간도 깨지 않는 끝없는 꿈을 꾸죠

    이제 숨처럼 내곁에
    항상 쉬며 그렇게 있어주면
    nothing better nothing better than you
    nothing better nothing better than you

    nothing better nothing better than you

    Friday, October 15, 2010

    Do You Ever Forget..

     .. Your first love?  I guess that may depend on the level of depth sought to the question.  You probably won't forget, without amnesia.  Somewhere deep in your head, you will always know.. "ahh.. my first love was xxx". 

    Then how about, "Do you still think about your first love?"  Is it different for men and women?  And does time make a difference?  I would love to find a study on this subject, because i just don't know the answers.  There's all these little variables that could make it impossible to answer these questions because one could argue the variations of love each person experienced. 

    Someone who says, "I never think of my first love", could simply be mistaking his first bf/gf as love - and never  had the pleasure of experiencing true love.  It could be different for everybody.   For me, i still think about her.  Sometimes i cherish the memories, other times it's painful.  I often question myself if it would be better if i could completely forget - but the answer is always no.  I would rather torture myself with the memories rather than not relive the moments in my head.

    To be fair, though, it could be my loneliness talking.. if i was in a relationship right now, i highly doubt i would be thinking about my first love.  What matters is what's in front of you, not what has passed.

    Thursday, October 14, 2010

    Movie Review: Reign of Assassin (Chinese)

    Did you like "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"?  Then you probably will enjoy "Reign of Assassin".  The plot is based on the human remains of a Kung Fu master.  It is said that whoever owns the remains will gain overwhelming power.  One of the assassins that steal the remains double crosses her master and takes it for herself.  Then the cat and mouse hunt begins.

    There are some really awesome action scenes in this movie.  And it was a sigh of relief considering the crappy movies Jet Li and Jackie Chan have been putting out there.  Michelle Yeoh does her usual thing, and her acting was good.  The male protagonist was a Korean actor (Jung Woo Sung).  I'm not sure if it was his real voice or a dub, but his Chinese didn't sound that bad.  Even his fighting scenes didn't seem fake.

    The entire movie is in Chinese - and the US DVDRip has subtitles.

    Bending swords are so cool!  I'd watch this movie more than once for the action scenes.

    Rating: 8/10

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon

    Why are animations generally always good?  They tell such a great story.. HtTYD (How to Train Your Dragon) was no exception.  Great movie.  The synopsis is about vikings and dragons and their battle to co-exist.  I enjoyed it.  Is it worth watching once? Yes.  Is it worth watching twice?  Yes. 

    Score: 9/10

    Sunday, October 10, 2010

    Song of the Day: CN Blue - Love Light

    I ended up liking this song after i found out that the leader of CN Blue wrote this song for Seo Yeon from SNSD.  They are a couple in "We Got Married" show - and it's so cute.  The lyrics are pretty good too.  One of those songs you get a guitar.. take a girl to the park at night.. and sing to her under the stars.

    Lyrics: (sorry too lazy to write translation.  Google it if you're curious)

    그댈 보면 얼굴이 빨개지고
    그 댈 보면 가슴이 두근두근
    아이처럼 수줍게 말하고
    그 댈 보면 괜시리 웃음이
    바 보처럼 자꾸만 그래
    아마 내게 사랑이 온 것 같아

    그대는 내 마음 속의 President
    내 가슴의 별 수놓지
    I’m Genie for you Girl
    내 숨을 멎게 하지
    그대가 원하는 건 다
    너를 사랑하니까
    내 사랑에 이유는 없잖아

    그대는 Darling
    밤 하늘 별빛보다 아름다워요
    내 맘속 깊은 곳에서 반짝거리는
    나 만의 사랑 빛

    그대를 사랑해요 Darling
    언제나 내 곁에서 빛을 내줘요
    매일 밤 바라보고바라봐도 아름다워요
    그댄 나의 사랑 빛

    그 댈 보면 구름을 나는 기분
    유 치해도 자꾸만 그래
    아마 내게 사랑이 온 건 가봐

    그대는 Darling
    밤 하늘 별빛보다 아름다워요
    내 맘속 깊은 곳에서 반짝거리는
    나 만의 사랑 빛

    그대를 사랑해요 Darling
    언제나 내 곁에서 빛을 내줘요
    매 일 밤 바라보고바라봐도 아름다워요
    그 댄 나의 사랑 빛

    그 대는 Lovely
    저 하늘 햇살보다 눈이 부셔요
    내 맘속 어둔 곳까지 밝게 비추는
    나만의 사랑 빛

    그대를 사랑해요 Lovely
    두 눈을 감아봐도 그대 보여요
    이 렇게 바라보고
    바라봐도 눈이 부셔요
    그 댄 나의 사랑 빛

    Saturday, October 09, 2010

    Ahhh.. My Back..

    Am I that old already?  Haven't hit 30 yet, but my muscles and back feel like 80.  For the past month i've been struggling with a bad back.  I think it started when i fell during soccer and didn't heal for the longest time.  When it started getting better the pain came back.  I think it's mostly healed again though.

    Played basketball today and at least i haven't completely lost my touch.  I can still do my Tim Hardaway cross dribble and make my jump shots.  However, i'm so sore right now. 

    My mom is coming to visit me from Korea on the 27th and we'll both be flying to Milwaukee Wisconsin to visit my sister and brother in law.  I haven't been there yet so i wonder if there's any interesting things to do.  I'll try to take lots of pics.

    Friday, October 08, 2010

    Jealousy is a Form of Love

    Have you ever thought about this?  I always believed that to love was to not be jealous.  Yet can you honestly say that you've never been jealous?  Say for example that your bf or gf was getting attention from someone else and they were enjoying it.  Would you be jealous?  I would imagine that close to 99.9% of the people out there will say they would be jealous.  The 0.1% of the people are probably 80 years old and could care less if their partners are unfaithful.

    Jealousy comes from the fact that you have something to loose.  Something you don't want to loose.  Or something you want but dont' have.  We could say you love that someone (something) so much, you become jealous.  There are also obvious levels of jealousy.  Lowest being the ones you just keep to yourself, and the most dangerous - the ones where killing is involved.

    I'm not saying that jealousy is a good form of love.  If this world was perfect there would be no need for jealousy.  However, could we argue that jealousy is a form (or expression) of love?  I think we could.

    In other news, sometime in July of this year Jeremy Lin from Harvard University was picked up by the Golden State Warriors.  His Taiwanese and the first US born Asian American basketball player.

     His 6'3, 200lbs and can dunk.  His pretty quick on his feet, but every replay i see he shoots and falls on his ass.  Jeremy, can you please stop falling on your ass?

    You can watch some of his highlights here.

    Song of the Day: Narsha - Be Ri Ba Pa

    Narsha 나르샤 from Brown Eyed Girls released her solo single.  This isn't new, it's been out for a while and i didn't like the song from the start.  This is one of those songs that grows on you.

    Thursday, October 07, 2010

    The Longest Sleep Ever!

    So yesterday i ate some pizza.. then around 7pm i passed out.  I planned on taking just a hour nap, but when i opened my eyes it was 10am.  15 hours of sleep.. i think that's my new record (12 hours was my old record).  My body feels like a battery fully recharged though - and my mind is clear.

    Have you slept longer than 15 hours before?

    Tuesday, October 05, 2010

    Food Review: Pat Bing Soo (팟빙수)

    I have a confession to make.  I love Bing Soo, which is a Korean desert dish that includes Ice, Ice cream, sweet bean, fruits, and some type of sugar mixture.  You can get one at most Korean boba shops, particularly in Los Angeles @ Boba Loca for about $5.

    Beginners make the mistake of not mixing the contents fully before eating.  Trust me, it's more delicious if you mix everything together to make it into a soup look-a-like. 

    In terms of healthiness.. if you ask to leave out the cup of ice cream and remove the boba, it's beans, fruit, and ice so it's not going to kill you.  Hopefully you don't live somewhere in Louisiana.. i doubt you can find this delicacy there.

    Ooooh.. New Layout!

    It's about time!  Got tired of that old gray look.. now we have more blue and a semi new header logo.  Some of you old skool kids may recognize that design from Bjunkyard 1.5 - i forgot who helped design that.

    Redoing everything took longer than i anticipated but i'm happy with the results.  Looks fresh and new :)  Also the "Time Machine" link works now.  Even though it only goes back to Bjunkyard 3.0.  I do have Bjunkyard 2.0 files on the server but none of the pictures work.. so i'm still deciding if i should link it or not.

    Monday, October 04, 2010

    Japanese Ramen!

    I'm pretty sure i've wrote about Shin Seng Gumi a million times already.. but i went there yesterday with Noa and have to write about it again.

    It was good.. really good.

    1. Sapporo Beer
    2. Hakata Ramen
    3. Hakata Fried Rice

    Good game.  Check out that facial expression.. "i'm in Heaven".

    Sunday, October 03, 2010

    TV Show Review: Hawaii Five O

    If you haven't seen it yet.. go download the first two episodes on EZTV.  Basically it's a remake of the classic show from the 70's.  Surprisingly there are two Koreans in the cast (Daniel Kim and Grace Park) - i never liked Daniel Kim in mainstream TV Shows particularly because there are many better looking Korean actors. After his big hit with "Lost" his being recognized.. but i think the show could have used someone else. 

    In the first episode, Grace Park is told to get undressed to check for a wire tap.. which she does, and then is told to do a full body turn.  She works out.  Nuff said.

    Fast paced show with lots of action.  Going to enjoy it.

    On a side note, there are two other new shows i added to my list:
    • The Event
    • Nikita
    The Event is a Lost wannabe show about aliens that live among us.  It tells a storyline of a few characters going back and forth between the past and the present to explain the plot.  A lot like Flash Forward. 

    Nikita has Maggie Q.. nuff said.  I'm afraid the show may get canceled though cuz the plot just doesn't have the "umph".

    Thursday, September 30, 2010

    Ktown Cowboys

    Been watching Ktown Cowboys after Beno posted it on his blog.  The cinematography was actually really good and the acting isn't so bad.  The plot surrounds a twinkie korean boy that moves to LA and is introduced to the ktown life by some friends.

    I can honestly say that about 90% of the content is very life like and true.  The other 10% could be debated.  Nevertheless, i enjoyed watching the episodes as it reminded me of my own first hand experience with KTown.

    Song of the Day: IU - Marshmallow

    I am a fan of IU.  So adorable!

    Sunday, September 26, 2010

    Coronado Beach and Movie

    Pretty chill weekend.  Went to San Diego's Coronado beach where the sand is super grainy so it's easier on the toes and near the water the sand has a tint of gold.  The water was very refreshing and we played football + frisbee.  Thankfully one of the ppl in my party brought sunscreen so i didn't burn.  It's a pretty far drive from LA.. but i guess a 2 hour trip once in a while is good.

    Also watched Day and Knight today - and i must admit that the movie received unfair reviews.  I thought it was pretty good.  Tom Cruise was himself.. and so was Cameron Diaz.. so they looked very comfortable in their roles.

    Food Review: Tacos El Gordo

    Located in San Diego, probably one of the best Tacos you will ever eat.  The spicy pork taco, and carne asada is the best, and each taco costs $1.89 + tax.  You will need at least 3-5 tacos to fill up because they are small, so expect to spend at least $10 with a drink.

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    Food Review: Laventina's Pizza

    Laventina's Pizza
    5806 Bellflower Blvd
    Lakewood, CA 90713-1058

    (562) 804-6490‎

    Just got a large cheese pizza here.. and it's really good.  Probably goes on my top 5 best pizza's I've had.  Seemed like a mom and pop shop.  The lady owner made the pizza herself.  The cheese was very tasty and the tomato sauce seemed homemade.  There was a good mix between the cheese and tomato sauce which was the best part of the pizza. Generally Domino's and Papa John's aren't consistent when it comes to balance between the two.  When you have too much cheese, it gets too greasy - and too much tomato sauce makes it taste like pasta.

    Next, the bread was really good.  It was cooked perfectly, making it soft and easy to chew.  Lastly it was one of the least greasy pizza's i've ever had.  My fingers were spotless after eating the pizza.. not a single drop of grease.

    I will be a returning customer.

    Saturday, September 18, 2010

    현아's 골반 댄쓰

    Hyuna's hip dance has been pretty popular since it came out months ago, here's another look. 

    Thursday, September 16, 2010

    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    Korean Variety Shows!

    Here is a list of the Korean variety shows i currently watch.  They are not in any particular order.

    1. 1박 2일
    2. 헤피투개더
    3. 영웅호걸
    4. 스타 골든밸
    5. 스타 킹
    6. 러닝 멘
    7. 무한 도전
    8. 우리 결혼해서요
    9. 뮤직 벵크
    10. 꽃다발

    Saturday, September 11, 2010

    Setting Up Your New Android Phone

    When i first got my Android smart phone i wished there was an extensive writing on what to do with it.. well i couldn't find one that answered my questions, so i will write one. If you read my blog regarding the top apps for Android, ignore it because my top app list has totally changed after a days worth of research.

    Note: I only include free apps here, and there are plenty of great apps for only $0.99. 

    Setting up your phone
    1. Make sure you have a Google account.  If so, use the calendar and contact address book to sync with your phone.  This is practically the best part about Android phones.  If you were to ever get another phone, transferring contacts is at the touch of a finger.
    2. Extend your battery life by reducing the volume of live apps on your home screens.  Or, if your phone has the option, go into settings and change the frequency at which the apps get data from the web.  Don't use live wallpapers.  Reduce the screen brightness.  Use power controls to turn off GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-fi when not in use.

    Program Apps to Download
    • Must Have (Ranked)
      1. Launcher Pro - The best free app i've downloaded so far.  There are tons of options you can do, so it's hard to write it all down here.  But for tops, it allows you to customize how many homescreens you want.  I personally think 7 is overkill so i only use 3.  It also allows you to make yo ur phone look like Froyo and has a slide menu at the bottom.  I've added all my most used apps - making it possible for me to not have any icons on my desktops.  The only downside at the moment is that you can resize any widgets unless you buy the full version.
      2. Music Junk (Must Google, not available in market)  - Missing a song in your collection? Free downloads!  I have been able to find every song that i've looked for so far.  Great app.  The best part is, after downloading to your phone you can send it to your computer as well. 
      3. Fancy Widget (Must Google, not available in market) - Good thing i didn't download Beautiful widgets.  Fancy Widgets is basically the same thing but free.  The look of the widget looked too similar to HTC Evo, so they were forced out of the Android market.  You can still Google it and find the 1.3 version.  This is the big Clock/Weather widget you will see in my screenshots below
      4. 한글 (Korean IME KB) - How can you have a smart phone without Korean typing?  With smartphones you can text others in Korean.  You also need the IME style Korean KB to search your favorite celebrities
      5. Battery Indicator - I replaced Quick Battery with this widget.  Instead of having an icon on my homescreen, the battery indicator in % is now in my status bar.  Makes it much cleaner
      6. Gallery 3D - I believe this comes standard on most custom ROM's - but it won't for for a few phones.  You can get it in most Android forums.  It links directly with your Picasa account for easy access to all your photo collection
      7. Cube 3 - The stock music player sucks.  Cube 3 is the best.  It shows the album artwork in it's widget.  You will notice i was listening to Bruno Mars
      8. Droid Light - Toggle switch On/Off for your LED flash.  Works like a flashlight
      9. Audio Manager - You get instant access to all your volume controls with this app.  It sucks having to go into Settings > Volume Control to change these settings.  This basically fixes that.
      10. Handcent SMS - This free App has the ability to show you an incoming text message without having to unlock your phone.  Also you can make incoming text messages pop up in new windows
      11. Smooth Calendar - A small program that shows the date and tasks.  Looks much better than stock.

    • Optional
    • Astro File Manager - The standard file manager that comes with your phone hides many of the folders that are active on your phone.  Astro is an upgraded file manager
    • Advanced Task Killer - Whenever you hit "back" or the "home" key on your droid, the phone keeps the last 2 programs that ran on memory.  You can kill those apps if you want fast with this easy to use program.
    • Goggles - Take pictures of things and let Google do a search for you
    • Google Sky Map - This is more of a "show off" tool when your looking at the stars at night
    • Solo Lite - Guitar.. pretty cool.  I need to learn how to play something using this
    • Quadrant Standard - Free phone benchmark that allows you to gauge exactly how fast your phone is compared to others.
    • StopWatch & Timer - This app is more useful to some than others.  If you workout often and like to keep track of reps and laps, this is a good app
    • Yelp - Can't figure out what to eat?  Yelp it using GPS to find the closest restaurant near you

    Games to Download
    1. Angrybirds - Regarded as the best game app on the iPhone is now coming to Droid.  Only beta is available at the moment
    2. Abduction! - Sort of like Frogger
    3. Live Holdem - Probably the best free Hold'em app out right now.  There are countless tables always in action.  The only downside is the fact that the servers crash often and the game just hangs.
    4. Unblock Me Free - A game that works the brain.  You must try and move blocks in order to get the red block out
    5. Super KO Boxing - Remember that boxing game on SNES?

    What your phone can look like

    I'm not totally satisfied with the setup.  I still need a really good looking calendar widget.  Launcher Pro's paid version has one, which i might just end up getting. 

    1. What is rooting?  Rooting is a way to give administrative privileges to the user.  Things the phone manufacturer didn't want you to do can be done by rooting the phone.
    2. What is bootloader? Unlocking the bootloader allows the user to install custom ROM (Custom Android O/S) on the phone rather than using the stock version.  This method is used to get rid of all the useless bloatware that comes with the phone.

    Wednesday, September 08, 2010

    Rank 1.. Wut!

    Ok.. I am bragging.  Rank 1 in 1v1 and 2v2 in the top division of sc2.  Ratio may not be that great, but been fighting very good players.

    In other news, i randomly found out my ex.. the one that ripped my heart out.. was right in my neighborhood mid August.  Probably a good thing i did not run into her.  But when i found out today.. gosh.. stressful.  Can't really describe all the emotions i felt.  Pain.. curiosity.. confusion.. i really need to move on.  I thought i did, and i believe i did.  This was just a relapse.  Thank god for 24 Fitness - i went to work out and got some of that stress out.  Just when things were going good for me.. she pops out of nowhere and breaks my balls. 

    Oh well - i honestly doubt i'll ever run into her again.  If she even has the slightest sympathy in her heart she should just stay put in the East coast.  Get out of my head. 

    Also i will be returning Tight! thermogenic pills back to GNC.  It's good they have a 30 day money back guarantee.. this stuff did not work.  I'm trying to slim down, but i'm gaining A LOT of muscle mass.  My arms and shoulders are getting big.  My pants are fitting very loose however, so at least i know i'm loosing inches in my waist even though the scale says otherwise.  The best part so far, is i can wear my Gucci belt that didn't fit for the longest time. 

    Honestly, i have been getting discouraged because i haven't been able to reach my weekly goals, but i should stick to it.  I still have till the end of October which give me around 50 days.  아자 아자 파이팅~!

    Sunday, September 05, 2010

    Bronx's Top 10 Android Apps

    Here are my Top 10 Apps for Android handsets.  This list can change due to the volume of cool new apps that come out every day.  Also note the following apps are all Free.. i did not include any paid apps.  There are some apps that everyone seems to get like, ATK and BW - but i have not tried those yet so i can't write about them.  There have been mixed reviews on the web which makes me hesitant on DL'ing them for now.
    List deleted because i created an entirely revised version with abundant info here.

    Saturday, September 04, 2010

    Song of the Day: Secret - Madonna

    Can you move like this?

    Anyways, Secret is a rather new group and they have been getting more and more popular.  They have two really cute members and their songs are pretty catchy.

    Friday, September 03, 2010

    Human Nature

    Interesting quote i heard today.

    "Human nature.. we all want what we don't have"

    In other words, when ur in school.. you want to be one of those people who have graduated and are working (making money).. while on the other hand, those folks working want to be back in school.

    Kinda makes you think - it's a pretty interesting idea and i believe it's very much true.  You may not even need it.. but you want one because you don't have one.  Human nature..

    Tuesday, August 31, 2010


    Have you seen any other Korean variety show with so many beautiful girls?  영웅호걸 had a slow start, but it's been getting slightly better.  Hopefully it doesn't get canceled early like Family Outing season 2.  The show is based on 2 male MC's and 12 female celebrities that split into two teams and compete.

    The best part about the show is that i found new interesting celebrities.  Here are my top picks:

    정가은 Jung Ga Eun

    Monday, August 30, 2010

    Picasa Review

    This won't be an extended review of the product because it can get very long.  Simply put, download this product.

    It's freaking amazing!  I downloaded Gallery 3D for my Droid X and it links (syncs) directly with my Picasa Webalbum.  Google already gives you 1 gig or storage space, and i have only used up 7% of it after uploading the majority of pictures i have on my computer since 2000. 

    The Picasa program also has a face recognition ability where it scans all your photos and shows cropped portraits of people you can tag and name.  That was pretty scary - but it groups up the same people together.  It's like a  program from one of those CSI TV shows.

    The best thing about the online album is being able to change the settings to private or public.  Instead of having to burn DVD's of your memorable pictures every-so-often, by putting it on Picasa, you can relax. 

    This product just outshines Facebook by a mile.  The Picasa software which integrates with the Picasa webalbum allows for very easy photo uploads.

    The only flaw i have witnessed so far, is the folder hierarchy.  You can add as many folders as you want, but can't make folders within folders.  I generally like to organize my photos by Year and Month. I.e.:

    - Jan
    - Feb (etc.)

    But in Picasa, you can't do that, so it sucks.  I ended up having to upload all my pics from 2001, into 2001 - merging all the pictures from different events together.

    Overall this thing is 9/10.  Even if you don't have a smartphone to take the experience to the next level, just being able to back up all your photos online very easily is well worth it.

    Sunday, August 29, 2010

    Couple of Changes..

    I added a cheesy self proclaiming "About Me" section and started to use "labels" for topics that i frequently write about.  Too lazy to go over all of my posts since 2002 so i only went back a few months.  One of these days.. i will go back and label everything.. one of these days.. 650+ posts to go over.. ugh.

    I also downloaded "Youtube Downloader" because it seems every video i link here on my blog end up getting deleted or something.  Getting tired of broken links.  Seriously!

    Song of the Day: Chang Min - Eat Well

    Probably not the best translation for the song title.. but it literally translates to "I eat just as well".  The song lyrics tell a story of a breakup and the guy is revealing that he is able to eat just fine without the girl.  There are two guys singing the song, first is 창민 from 2AM and 이현 from Homme.  Both excellent singers - i wish i had that kind of voice.  For those of you that want to Google here is the info:

    Artist name: 창민
    Song name: 밥만 잘 먹더라

    This song is awesome.  I just don't like how it ends.  It talks about forgetting about a girl - then at the ends it talks about not being able to forget.  Well at least 95% of the lyrics are comforting and encouraging.  :)

    Lyrics + Translation:

    사랑이 떠나가도 가슴에 멍이 들어도
    한 순간뿐이더라 밥만 잘 먹더라
    죽는 것도 아니더라

    눈물은 묻어둬라 당분간은 일만 하자
    죽을 만큼 사랑한 그녀를 알았단
    그 사실에 감사하자

    이미 지난 일 말하면 뭐해 돌릴 수 없는데
    괜히 아픈 가슴만 다시 들춰내서 뭐해 쓸데 없게

    태어나서 딱 세 번만 울게 허락된다는데
    괜히 허튼 일들에 아까운 눈물 낭비 말자 오

    사랑이 떠나가도 가슴에 멍이 들어도
    한 순간뿐이더라 밥만 잘 먹더라
    죽는 것도 아니더라

    눈물은 묻어둬라 당분간은 일만 하자
    죽을 만큼 사랑한 그녀를 알았단
    그 사실에 감사하자

    아주 가끔 니 생각이 나서 슬퍼지려 하면
    친구들과 술 한잔 정신 없이 취하련다 다 잊게

    미워한다고 뭐 달라지나 그냥 사랑할게
    단지 볼 수 없단 걸 견딜 만큼만 생각할게 오

    사랑이 떠나가도 가슴에 멍이 들어도
    한 순간뿐이더라 밥만 잘 먹더라
    죽는 것도 아니더라

    눈물은 묻어둬라 당분간은 일만 하자
    죽을 만큼 사랑한 그녀를 알았단
    그 사실에 감사하자

    바람이 지나간다 시리게 나를 울린다
    억지로 참아봐도 자꾸 목이 메어
    니 이름을 불러본다

    잊어도 못 잊겠다 너를 지울 수가 없다
    남자답게 웃으며 보내야 하는데
    자꾸만 난 울고 있다

    ~Chorus Start~
    Even if my love leaves me, even if my heart is broken
    It's only a moment, and i eat just fine
    It's not like i'm dying

    Let's burry the tears, let's just work for the time being
    Having loved someone so much
    Let's just be thankful for that
    ~Chorus End~

    What's the point in talking about the past, you can't change it
    You'll just get depressed, it's useless thinking about it

    After you're born, you are allowed to cry 3 times
    Let's not waste those tears on dumb issues


    Occasionally when i think of you and i begin to sorrow
    I get drunk with friends to forget it

    What changes if i hate you?  I'll just love you
    Just enough so that the fact that i can't see you doesn't sadden me


    A wind blows by and it makes me cry
    I try to hold back but i get teary
    So i call out your name

    Even if i try i can't forget you, i can't erase you
    Even though i must let you go like a man
    I continue to cry

    Saturday, August 28, 2010

    아이유 (IU)

    One of the more popular singers out right now.  She comes out in a show on SBS called 영웅호걸 - and has a cute personality.

    Here's a video of her performing with a member of 2AM

    Friday, August 27, 2010

    Weigh In: Didn't make it!

    Ugh, i did not make my weigh in goal.  Could be due to gaining muscle mass but can't be sure.  I should start using a measuring tape.  Honestly, i feel discouraged, but must keep fighting!

    Go Go!

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    New Phone: Motorola Droid X

    First impressions. Having all contacts instantly added using Google contacts.. is like the best thing so far. I remember having to manually input these numbers long time ago.

    Second, the hard buttons at the bottom of the phone seem to be very sturdy. I remember when i went to see a demo at the store, the buttons seemed cheap and loose.. but it's not the case. I wonder if Verizon fixed a few things with these last batch of phones they shipped.

    Third, volume for speakers is loud and clear. Not sure what all the fuss was about. I'm sure with 2.2 it'll be even louder.

    Fourth, speed.. it's lighting fast. seriously.

    This is my first smart phone, so I'm going to be spending the rest of the day playing around with it.

    Sunday, August 22, 2010

    Taking Back Something You Said?

    I've been doing this more and more lately.. saying something, then regretting it.  Today i met an acquaintance from childhood and here's the dialogue:

    Me: "Hi, it's so nice to see you"
    Him: "Yeah, good to see you too"
    Me: "So how's your daughter?  Does she have a kid yet?"
    Him: "Oh you don't know.. she got a divorce"

    Awkward silence...

    Then i remember that i knew i heard the news before, but it just slipped my mind.  I need to think more before i talk.  But sometimes, when you want to say something and hold back, u miss the moment to say it.  Arrg.

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    Weight Check-In

    I was off by 1 lbs.  I blame it on all the food i had over the weekend.  Either way, not bad.  I should def. make my goal by the end of the month.  Exciting!

    The best thing about loosing weight is not buying new clothes, but getting to use new holes on your belt.

    Sunday, August 15, 2010

    Redondo Beach with Caroline

    Went to Redondo Beach with my cousin Caroline.  Pretty relaxing day.  We first had Shin Sen Gumi and then went to the pier to watch people fishing.  The sun decided to hide today and it was pretty cloudy and chilly.  Should have probably worn a sweater.  However, the water was nice and there were plenty of people swimming.  There were street performers on the pier, and it was a waste of 15 minutes of my life.. they were soooo bad.. they were supposed to dance and stuff, but just ended up forcing volunteers from the crowd and making them dance instead.  That was their big finale.. and they were very persistent on asking for money.

    We walked about a mile on the beach shore and it was really nice getting our feet wet.  My back has been giving me problems this past week.  I was in so much pain at one point that i had to go to the drug store to buy "Icy Hot" to numb the pain.  The walk seems to have made a difference.  I was told that for back problems, the best remedy is stretching and walking.  Cudos to whoever told me that.  The pain is residing.

    Went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner.. 7ounce Sirloin with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Wild Rice.. Sooo goood... i ended up having to go to the gym due to the volume of calories i had today.  

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    R&R Thai Spa & GNC Visit

    R&R Thai Spa

    Went to a Massage parlor right by my house today.  I didn't realize i had so many knots all over my body.  $40 for 1 hour, and they did a really good job in getting the tight spots around my lower back and shoulders.  I must say i'm amazed at how much power those little Asian women have.  It was painful at times and had to tell her to take it back a notch. It's painful and relieving at the same time.  If you haven't gotten a good massage, go get one.

    Also went to Cerritos Mall and noticed that my favorite restaurant "Great Khan's" was closed.  Either for renovation or closed for good.  There were no signs saying when it was going to reopen so i don't know.  Sad to see it go, because Mongolian bbq you get at the mall is so delicious.  When all other restaurants in the food court have no customers, Great Khans always had a 10 person line.

    Visited GNC to pick up thermogenic supplements.  I have been meeting my weekly goals, but i feel like i need an extra jolt to pick up the pace and meet my set expectations.  I picked up 60 capsules of "Tight!".

    Movie Review: Up In the Air (2009)

    So.. i blogged about what girls look for in a guy during different phases of their life.  This movie explained it much better than i did.  I could write the dialogue, but too lazy right now.  Go watch it.  Pretty good movie about a guy who travels around the US firing people.  George Clooney does a good job.

    Rating: 7/10

    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    Starcraft 2 Loading Screen Wallpaper

    Ick.. haven't blogged in 10 days.  Just haven't had anything interesting to write lately.  Oh wait, i made my weigh in goal Sat. so i decided to reward myself by buying a Droid X.  Should be here soon.

    Also beat SC2 a few days after i got it.  Great game.. just wasn't a fan of how you only get to see the Terran storyline, and have to wait for 2 future expansions.  The game's load screens are amazing, and was surprised that it was so hard to find a good screen shot.  So i went ahead and made my own for wide screen monitors.  The below is a 1920x1080 size wallpaper, so feel free to use it.  I'll add a few more once i get tired of this one.

    Monday, August 02, 2010

    Song of the Day: 4Men - Baby Baby

    Anybody wanna teach me how to play this on the piano?  Awesome song!  I made a simple translation for those interested in the lyrics.

    이유를 몰랐어 왜 내가 변했는지
    한참 생각했어 나 만난 이후로
    나 변한 것 같아 아주 많이 말이야
    이 노래 들리니 oh
    니가 너무 고맙잖아 oh baby
    니가 너무 예쁘잖아 oh
    눈을 뗄 수가 없어 내 눈엔 너만 보여
    너만 계속 바로 보고 싶잖아 난 oh 정말 oh baby
    하루가 지나고 (하루가 지나고)
    또 다시만나고 그러다 헤어지고
    또 다시 만나게 되고 너무 좋은거야
    마냥 웃기만 해 이런 내가 보이니? woo baby
    니가 너무 고맙잖아 oh baby
    니가 너무 예쁘잖아 woo
    눈을 뗄수가 없어 내 눈엔 너만 보여
    너만 계속 바라보고 싶잖아 난 oh 정말
    내 하루 하루가 너무 행복해서 oh baby
    이런날이 끝나질 않길 모든게 다 변하지 않길
    니가 너무 고맙잖아 oh baby
    니가 너무 예쁘잖아 oh oh oh ye
    눈을 뗄 수가 없어 내 눈엔 너만 보여
    너만 계속 바라보고 싶잖아 난 oh 정말
    Oh baby oh oh oh

    I don't know the reason i changed
    I thought often after we met
    I've changed a lot
    Do you hear this song?

    I'm so thankful
    You're so beautiful
    I can't keep my eyes off you, you're the only one i see
    I just want to keep looking at you

    A day has passed, and we meet again
    Then we part, and we meet again
    Isn't it great, can you see me smiling?

    I'm so thankful
    You're so beautiful
    I can't keep my eyes off you, you're the only one i see
    I just want to keep looking at you

    My days are filled with happiness
    I wish this day and everything doesn't change

    I'm so thankful
    You're so beautiful
    I can't keep my eyes off you, you're the only one i see
    I just want to keep looking at you

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    Kwon Boa Wallpaper for Wide Screen Monitors

    Hard to find 1920x1080 HD wallpapers.  So i made a few.  Here are the first two.  I'm using black background because white causes blindness.

    Is it just me or did Boa jump from cute to sexy?  And weren't her hips wider than this?  She's 23 now.. way over legal age. L O L

    Almost Encountered a Robbery...

    I have made it a habit to go to 7-Eleven around 1-2am to buy a drink after a nice workout.  Yesterday - while i was in the store, two black men entered and started shopping for beer.  I thought nothing of it and stood in line behind them.  Here's what happened.

    One of the men stood in line to buy the beer, while the other went to the pick out another beer.  The clerk apparently spotted a gun underneath the shirt of the man that went to pick out the beer. 

    Clerk: "Hey i saw what you have in your back pocket, take it out.  I have cameras all over the store"
    Customer @ Counter: "Yo foo, take out your piece, he saw it"
    Customer @ Isle: "What?"
    Customer @ Counter: "This foo said he saw it."
    Clerk: "I'm going to call the police"

    The clerk begins to dial 911, and then stops as the man who was picking his beer came to the counter. 

    Clerk: "Turn around and lift your shirt"

    At this point i must admit i did feel my stomach whirl a bit and began to think of what i was going to do in the worst case scenario.  When the guy lifted his shirt, i saw nothing.  Could be that when he was choosing his beer and his friend called out to him, he hid the weapon somewhere else.  Anyways, the 2 black customers are now pissed, or are faking it to cover being caught.

    Customer @ Counter: "What the F bitch, you calling us out cuz we're brothers? That shit ain't right man."

    The clerk and the two customers share a moment of silence as they stare each other down for a while.  This was the climax, as two things could have happened.

    1. The guy with the gun could pull it out and shoot the clerk out of rage.  (Even shoot me in the process because i would be a witness)
    2. Pay for the beers and leave
    Considering i'm alive, #2 occurred and the men proceeded to leave the store while cursing the clerk.  They were driving a black Tahoe with tinted windows.  The type of cars you'd see in movies doing drive by shootings.

    I don't really think much of it - i didn't see a gun when the guy lifted his shirt and i think the clerk was just imagining things.  7-Eleven is probably not the best place to rob considering most of the large bills are locked away unlike mom-pop liquor stores.  But during those few minutes, i wasn't sure what to do.  If he did pull out a gun, and shot the clerk.. would I engaged them?  Would they have shot me too or just ran?  Who knows.. it didn't happen.

    Interesting night.  If they indeed have a gun, there is a chance they will come back to try and recipricate against the clerk.  I should probably not go for a while.

    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    One Piece Movie 10!

    It's out!

    Haven't seen it yet so i can't comment.  You can download the torrent here:


    And you will need to download the soft subs here:

    Soft Subs

    Make sure you load the subtitle using a player that has the correct codec.

    Friday, July 23, 2010

    Window Tints + Working Out

    Got my windows tinted today at a local shop here in Bellflower.  The shop is run by a young Korean fella - honest and hard working.  Charged me $130 for 5 windows which is a decent price for the quality/effort he put into the work. 35% in the rear, 50% in the front.  I did not want a limo tint - so it's not super dark, but neither is it super light.  Love it.  Here's the info:

    Alondra Car System & Tint

    Also got a free service from a local Lexus dealership because of the service manager's pure ignorance and stupidity.  I went in asking for a C-Best setting change - and she had no idea what it was.. big surprise.  Anyways, i argued for a bit and she goes off to talk to a few mechanics and comes back embarrassed knowing she got pwn3d, and comped me the service for free.  Saved myself $60.

    Lastly, this is a note to myself, but i began a 6 month exercise program to get back in shape.  Official date i started on this regime was:

    Start Date: June 10, 2010
    End Date: November 10, 2010

    Hopefully by November, i will have shed my goal.  Current routine includes a 2 hour workout:

    1. 40 minutes on treadmill.  Goal 3 miles
    2. 15 minutes abs
    3. 25 minutes weights.  Leg presses, Flat bench press, Curls
    4. 30 minutes swimming.  Goal 10 laps
    5. 10 minutes sauna