Friday, May 28, 2004

I want a projector

Saw a couple more movies:

1. Punisher - Not bad.. lots of action and semi good acting. Spider man was better.
2. Troy - Not bad.. plenty of sword fighting
3. New York Minute - Must get all these naughty thoughts about the Olson twins out of my head. I remember them being like 2 years old in Full House! Damn.. i'm a freakin Ah Jut Shi to them. Very cute/rich girls though..
4. Starsky & Hutch - A few one liners that can be funny.. I hate that jew though - he's not funny at all. PLayed out!
5. Gothika - Has some scary moments.. but the storyline has been done over and over in Korean thrillers already. Nothing i haven't already seen.
6. Mean Girls - Haha.. funny movie. Has many things you can relate to.
7. Euro Trip - Lots and lots of nudity. There are some parts for (GUYS) that u may want to fast forward.

Damn that's a lot of movies. I still have 2 more movies to watch.

Grades came back. I got three B's, and one A. I was trying for a 3.5, but didn't end up the way i planned. I guess i bombed a final or something. Considering i didn't even buy the books for these classes, it's not a bad grade. A friend told me, "Think of the possibilities if you actually tried!" haha.. but then i get lazy. Overall GPA for college is 3.0567 now. I qualify for Cal Grant A! Woot! But wait.. i graduate this Dec, meaning i don't need no freakin grant. Booo.. stupid government.

Bought some blank CD's cuz i ran out of my 100 pack. I bought 50 pack of memorex 700mb/80min for only $14.99! Haha.. i was about to buy it online at for like $24.99. I love SaveMart! They are so freakin cheap!

Want a projector machine. The ones u see at school that u can hook up to a computer. I think once i have my own place to live (like a house), i'm gonna get a projector instead of a Big TV. Why get a huge TV when you can go projector!??!?! First of all, you can hook it up to your computer and watch all those videos you can't play on DVD players. Second, you can just get a TV PCI card for your computer and watch TV as well. Lastly, it's so much cheaper! And you get a HUGE theater-like experience!

Dummy died. I think i torched it a little too much. It was a slow death.. poor dummy. It went to roach hell.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Finals done!

Omg.. finished my finals today! Wopee... i think i did relatively well on both exams.

1. for my first class, i wore my little fishing hat and was able to cheat off the 5 ppl who surrounded me. (kids don't cheat.. it's bad. Only bad ppl like me can do it)

2. for my second class, the teacher is so legit, he let us use open book. I got all the formulas and was coo. he actually came around to my desk, looked at my answers and nodded. HAHA sweet!

Came home from school.. and watched some stuff i dl'ed.

1. Smallville season finale (storyline is getting interesting
2. Angel SERIES finale. i didn't like the ending.. leaves a blank open story with no real ending
3. Torque, biker movie with Ice Cube.. now i totally want a bike
4. Once Upon a Time in Mexico. You can totally tell it was a mexican that wrote/directed this movie. Sucked.

Then i went to Min Sok Chan with pae james and simon and got a nice "little" buzz.. came home and played a few rounds of dota and i'm freakin tired now.
I thought i was going to feel this sudden burst of relief after my finals, but i don't. Something is still icking.. i think it's the thought of summer school.. BOOOOOOO

Dummy is doing well.. i make sure he gets a lot of attention.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

80% is still a B.. and so is 89%

I've been negleting my blog. I've been busy with bjunkyard and anything interesting i have to say goes straight there.

It was Simon's party on Friday at Prive. Been a REALLY long time since i've been there. Didn't take my new camera cuz i didn't want to loose it again. Pictures would have been nice. LOTS and LOTS of people came.. close to about 30 i think. Simon sure knows a lot of people. There was a few scuffles and battles going on.. i sorta missed it though cuz it all happened after i left early.

I left early because i'm kinda passed the whole clubbin deal. It's fun and nice to go once in a while and have a good time with your friends. But going every weekend like last year.. over it.

I've been downloading a lot of movies lately off bittorent, and it's pretty cool. I have like 40 movies now.. and all burned onto CD's. About 65 CD's in total including all my backups of Korean Music Videos and Video Files. There were so many that i had to buy a new CD binder that holds 128 CD's. I like the binder cuz it came with one of those car visor attachment. I always wanted one.. but didn't see the need to spend 10 bucks for it. Now i got one for free! It's so convenient when changing CD's.. no more looking down and flipping thru the magazines.

It's finals week at school.. and i think i've been bombing my finals. The thing is.. if i really study, i could hold the A's and B's that i need.. but that would be i need to score close to perfect to get it. I figure, why study so hard - if your going to end up with a 89% and get just a B. When you can study very little and get a 80%.

I'm having memory relapses.. i can't think of what i did over the weekend. Oh yeah.. i went to eat ramen with Pae and Mike and drank tea afterwards. Hm.. what else. I've been watching a lot of movies.

1. Runaway Bride (great chick flick)
2. Timeline (better than expected)
3. Fight Club (an oldie, but goodie)
4. Paycheck (a lot better than expected - read some bad reviews about it)
5. Butterfly Effect (interesting.. worth watching once)
6. Dawn of the Dead (storyline doesn't make sense in some parts, but pretty scary)
7. Bullet Proof Munk (cheesy.. and cheap storyline)

I'm downloading Once Upon a Time in Mexico.. and am having trouble playing Torque. For some reason, it keeps giving me errors.. ugh. I'm sure it's not codec cuz it's just giving me a Mplayer.exe error.

I caught a roach earlier this week, and i'm keeping it as a pet. I keep it inside a little jar, and feed it dry ramen. Haha.. i named it "DUMMY" cuz it was dumb enough to get caught. Originally i sprayed RAID on it to kill it.. but i guess it's a strong roach, cuz it kept moving. So, i put it in the jar, thinking it was just going to die (RAID guarantees death).. but no.. it still lives. The raid kinda messed him up though.. one of it's legs just fell off, and one of his antennas broke off too. I wonder how long it'll survive.

I think that's it.. dont' remember much else to write.