Monday, November 28, 2011

Song of the Day: IU - You and I

IU's back. She actually took a few months off because she was getting hammered from netizens regarding the fact that she was coming out too much on TV. She told everyone she was going to take a break and focus just on her music.

Personally i think that was a bad move. She should have cut back on her TV activities - not completely distance herself from it. In any case, i'm not too thrilled over this song. It hasn't dazzled me yet, but i figure it has potential to grow on me.

Song of the Day: Sista/Boyfriend/KWill - Pink Romance

It's that time of year when most Korean labels will create their holiday songs featuring all of their artists. Go go Hyorin!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Song of the Day: Kim Kyung Ho - Forbidden Love

이 노래만 들으면, 울컥한다.. 눈물이 날라고.. 참 슬프다. 후해해선 아무 소용이 없다.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Song of the Day: Electro Boyz - Ma Boy 2

Sort of a male version of Sista 19's Ma Boy. I like the song cuz Hyorin sings the chorus. Gosh, her voice is awesome. The only thing missing was the body wave dance.. they should have incorporated that into this MV.. boo!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Song of the Day: Kim Jo Han - I want to fall in love

Old skoo singers have recently revitalized their careers by coming out on the hit show "I am a Singer". It's a survival show where contestants (old sorta forgotten singers) are voted by a panel of fans are cast off like American Idol.

Most notably Kim Bum Soo, Lena Park, YB Band have been showered with love from fans whom had forgotten about them. Kim Jo Han was also part of the show, and released a single which i think really brings out his talents.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

지압 Korean Sports Massage

J & Stone Sauna‎
16511 Pioneer Blvd # 108
Norwalk, CA 90650-8520
(562) 924-6678

Anybody not like massages? I know one person that doesn't which i find it odd, but for the most part i think everyone likes massages. Personally i enjoy going to Korean Day Spa's and getting the Korean Sports Massage called Ji Ap. It's a full body massage where they get on top of you with their feet using bars hanging from the ceiling for balance. You probably have seen it in the movie Charlie's Angel when Lucy Lu acts as a masseuse.

I didn't realize i had so many knots, and it was a unbelievable joy of relaxation. I must caution you though, that Korean day spa's can be a culture shock. The spa is divided by 1 common area with sauna and private men/women areas where everyone is in full nude.

Those of you wanting to try something new, here's some quick info so you don't go in the dark:

1. Prices for entry w/o massage: $15
2. Prices for entry with massage: $60 + tip to masseuse
3. Assigned Free lockers
4. Shorts and T-Shirt provided at clerk desk that you need to wear in the common area
5. Common area is generally filled with TV's, Comic books, mats, heated floors, and Food that can be purchased
6. Steam Room, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Showers available in private areas
7. Once you get in, you can stay until 12am, but they may charge extra after 12am (if the place is 24hrs) for people who plan on spending the night

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Would you pay $300 for headphones?

Yesterday i met someone with a really nice pair or headphones, and i asked what kind they were. He looked at me with a surprised look, probably at the disbelief that i didn't know the answer.

"It's beats by dre"

The reason i asked him was because it looked REALLY nice. High build quality and modern design. So my next obvious question was, "how much?"


Holy crap. Would you pay $300 for headphones? Me, personally wouldn't. But nevertheless, i really like them.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Property Owner's Notification

So i got this in the mail today:

What the heck right? I don't remember loosing anything, or reporting anything stolen. Anyways, the curiosity got the best of me so i called the number listed on the letter. A guy answers the phone, obviously with a Hispanic accent, but i have no idea what his saying. His English was very poor and didn't enunciate his words properly.

Anyways, i asked him what the item was, and he replies that it's a keychain and keys. Hmm.. yeah i don't remember losing any keys. However, considering they somehow knew to mail me this notice must mean there was a type of identification on the keys that proved they were mine. I was going to be in the LA area today so i called and asked up to what time i would be able to stop by to pick up the item. The guy tells me 11:30pm. Ok great, my appointment in LA ends at 4pm, so i'll just head over there.

First things first. Traffic in LA. I forgot how awful it was. Took almost 34 minutes to go 15 miles (LA to Van Nuys). I arrived at the Van Nuys Police Station around 6pm. I tell the desk clerk about my situation and give him the letter. He calls someone in the back and then tells me:

"My boss told me you have to come back between the hours of 8am and 3:30pm."

WTF. Seriously. WTF. I then tell him that i spoke to an officer over the phone that told me i could pick it up anytime until 11:30pm. I also mentioned i lived in Bellflower which is a good 50 miles from Van Nuys.

"Sucks for you. But there's nothing else i can do."

Okay.. i was pissed. Not at the clerk, but at the hispanic officer that answered the phone and gave me BS info. The drive back was hell. It took 2 hours getting home and i sat through stop and go traffic.

Why doesn't it surprise me that this happened? Bunch of stupid BS redtape that no one cares to take care of. At this point however, i am still curious what the items are. Keys? What keys? Maybe it's a key that opens into a bank safe loaded with 1 million dollars. LOL. I have until February to claim it, but i don't plan on making that trip anytime soon. Maybe if i happen to go to LA..

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fast Internet

After 2 days of the slow internet, landlord caved in and we have 10/mbs internet again. The internet was so slow, she couldn't even deny it and apologized to me a few times for wasting my time calling Time Warner Cable.

How did we survive during the 14.4k modems?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Slow Internet

I have been paying for cable internet for the past 2 years. The first year introductory offer was $30 for 10/mbs. After the first year, the price went up to $50. I told my landlord that she should pay for internet cuz i'm already paying rent and utilities should be included. So, she agreed.. but in turn, she changed our cable plan to the cheapest choice available which is 75/kbs called Road Runner Lite used primarily by people who just need lite web surfing and e-mail for $30. shows that actual speed caps at 50/kbs, and upload test timeout cuz it's so slow. My wifi 3g tether is actually faster at 75/kbs. That is really sad. Am i pissed? Yes. The difference in speed is 10/mbs vs. 75/kbs for $20. How cheap can you be? I paid a good 2 years of the good internet.. and just cuz she wants to save $20 a month... speechless.

The speed is so slow that i can't even surf the internet at decent speeds. Loading facebook takes a good 10 seconds.

Honestly, i think it's time i move out and find another apartment. Somewhere in Ktown LA. Anybody have hookups?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Song of the Day: Huh Gak - Want to Die

The title is actually a little longer. "The only words are 'I want to die'". This music video is a sequel to "Hello". It's got a nice twist in the middle. Song is pretty good.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Truth about Makeup

The truth is: It's Scary!

It's official, one of the scariest things in this world is makeup. It's not scary in the sense that it may frighten you, but rather it will freak you out in the morning after when you wake up next to someone you don't recognize.

Seriously.. plastic surgery shouldn't be what's on your mind anymore. If girls can do what the girls below in the screenshots can do.. hmm.. is it dishonesty? fraud?

If you look better and have an increase in confidence with makeup or clothes, more power to you. But looking completely different before and after seems a bit shady to me. It's like receiving a diamond ring, only to find out that it was Cubic Zirconia. Doesn't feel good right? It's not about being shallow which some of you may think, but the principle of what you think you are getting.

Below are screenshots from a Korean variety show "Star King" aired this past weekend. The girls featured are considered Fairy's in their respective cities because they post pictures online. They decided to show their bare faces on national TV. Brave.. very brave.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Daylight Savings Ends

Most of you should know about turning the clock 1 hour back. I remember back in the days, i used to love this day. Particularly because you get 1 extra hour to drink and party outside. Clubs generally close at 2am.. but since the 1 hour back happens at 2am, you end up with an extra hour!

Or during school, it meant 1 extra hour of procrastination. But today, it wasn't as exciting for me. I just slept early.. and didn't think twice about it. Of course, i ended up getting an extra hour of sleep - which is better than nothing.

Song of the Day: Wonder Girls - Be My Baby

They failed in the US, and it seems like they are slowly loosing their grasp in the Korea market. With this song, it seems like they are going backwards in their career. Their original trio of songs: Tell Me, So Hot, and Nobody - was a great career path imo. "Be My Baby" sounds too tween pop'ish. There is no "UMPH" that shows to the world they are top stars in Korea. The MV isn't that fascinating either..

The song isn't horrible.. it would have been great for a new debuting group.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

November is Here!

Apologies for the lack of updates. Been busy with life. Hope everyone had a safe Halloween.