Thursday, July 28, 2005


Yay.. i got my new toy today. Dell 1905FP 19" LCD. Gosh.. it's pretty big and it's hard to get used to right now. Everything looks humongous.. i actually have to roll my eyes up and down, left and right to see this things. HAH! nice. So far, doesn't seem like there are any dead pixels.. i gotta check ghosting on doom3 in a bit.

Yay.. i would take pics and upload but too lazy. It looks tite!

Went to drink and eat gogi with co-workers.. good times. We had 6 bottles and i wasn't fazed.. weird.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Movie with Moon Geun Young

Watched a movie with Moon Geun Young yesterday.. gosh she's extremely cute. I wish i had her as a little sister.

The movie was about professional dancers with sum drama in between. The storyline was great up until the mid point where it was like "bleh".. and many things i would have done differently. The ending was "bleh".. but the dance sequences was great. Moon was reported to have had lots of dancing lessons for this movie because she used to be a stick and couldn't dance worth shit.

I also rented a new drama, "My name is *****" It's like the new hit in Korea.. so i'm hoping it's funny and will brighten up the mood.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Song of the Day: Can - Sorry I Loved You

Favorite song at the moment.

Can - 5th album - Sorry i loved you

Song says so much.. started liking it for the lyrics. Nice melody to it. <-- best freakin site. I listen to ALL the old goodies off of this site.. nice. Now that i have a tape player in the car - i can records them and play them in the car too :) just don't like it how you have to install an activex control of they're player.. gay.

Convention is tomorrow.. kinda exciting and weird at the same time. I keep getting calls from a 408 number.. no idea who it is, so i dno't pikc it up - and they don't leave a VM.. so kinda curious. I should post the number here and have someone call for me. HAH.

Parents are coming over today.. they will be in Ontario. I wonder if i should go and have dinner with them tonight; or go home and play dota. HAH.

Went out to lunch with Rick from All States World cargo.. went to Taps Brewery.. we had beer and got i got a good buzz out of it @ 2pm! haha. Man i'm still feeling groggy and sleepy. We had fish and it was a good lunch. His company pays for it.. so wtf does he care. HAH. Nice.. they pay for his car.. his gas.. his phone.. his lunch.. MAN.. what a job!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Feeling Old

Has it relly been a month since i've written in here? Damn.. the distractions of Dota and not being able to do anything else at home.

Anyways, i've been doing a lot better spiritually these days.. been going to meetings regularly and a bit excited about this weekends convention. My sister won't be there though - she'll be at the one going down in Mid West - so might be a LITTLE boring.. yet excting if that makes any sense.

Been keeping myself pretty busy lately - trying to not focus on a few issues. This weekend i spent helping my aunt and uncle move to they're new house. Gosh.. i'm getting old. The little moving got me all tired and sleepy.
I went to my aunt's part time job at Fish & Chips.. man that place makes sum nasty food. Probably won't be going back there.. the food wasn't that great. Yuck.

I wanna watch Fantastic 4 and Wedding Crashers.. anybody wanna go?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Motor Impact Website Done

Been busy at work these days.. trying to finish up the website and it seems like more work everyday. I finish this.. and something else needs to be done. Check out my progression:

Other than that - July 4th was horrible.. i hate that holiday now. Only bad memories for me. For some reason, i've been very tired lately - and sleep-in the mornings.

I have a bunch of pictures i want to post up.. but not sure if i should. Its getting hotter and hotter now.. i hate hot weather!