Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Got Pae a job at Roadmax

Talked on the phone for another 4 hours on Sunday.. talked another 3 hours yesterday. HAHA.. jja shik.. wtf u doin peter.

Anyways, life is good.. Pae is getting a job with Jimmy here in our office. But he'll be working for Roadmax instead of Motor Impact. Gonna be a interesting 2005..

Been working on the website for the past 2 days, and got pretty much the index layout figured out. I didn't like the older one.. so i had to change it. It looked too much like bjunkyard. I gotta finish the shopping cart and what not.. i might have to work on it over the weekend.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Adam's pad + Dinner

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday.. i've been enjoying mine so far.
Friday, Adam invited me to his home for dinner.. it was good dinner and good cake. He lives in Fullerton, and it's a nice quiet place.. lucky punk.

Saturday i stayed home all day and got a lot of rest. Watched TV, and played sum dota. Talked on MSN for the first time.. it doesn't compare with AIM though.. been learning how to chat in Korean.. and it's freakin hard. I type so slow.
Today, watched a few games on TV.. and skipped church. Too lazy to go today.. i'll start going again next week.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Sister's Wedding

What a looongg trip. It was only 3 days but it felt more like a month. I got back yesterday night and came to work really late today because i couldn't get up.

Lets recap. I also took about 80 pictures, and 5 video clips. I will post them once i go back home.


1. Tux rental
2. Wedding rehersal
3. Dinner
4. Coffee
5. Wrapping @ my house


1. Went shopping to buy stuff for the wedding
2. Went to mall to buy a shirt for my aunt
3. Went to location to drop off food and props
4. Came home and was surrounded by 15 girls using the same bathroom. Ended up taking a 5 minute shower and trying to dress in parents room.
5. Dropped off sister at location and was getting stopped by everyone asking questions.

The wedding was fantastic. It was very pretty and everything went really well. Except for when i forgot where to stand, after walking to the altar and made myself look really dumb cuz i had to move around. And the microphone was a bit messed up. My sister's father in law made a speech, my dad made a speech. 3 little girls made poems for my sister, a groom and bridesmaid sang a song, and a few kids made a funny skit.

There was dancing at the end, and i busted out sum moves but gosh.. my bones have grown too stiff.. i can't move as i used to.. i probably looked so silly. But everyone had fun and a good laugh at my expense.
After the wedding, the teenage crowd went to BJ's and a few rounds. I ended up having to drop off a bunch of ppl back home and clean up the mess at the location and went to BJ's a bit late. Only to find out there wasn't a seat for me. Stood around for minutes and sat next to my sister.
After my sister left i ended up being a translator for my brother in laws parents and another American couple. That was sucky.. bleh. Went home around 1am.


This was the best day of the trip. Muhahah. Too bad i can't share much info.. for it's a private matter. Peter hyung bought me Fish Market.. YUM.. found out i need to order a special wine with oysters @ at that place.
Watched The Incredibles, and i highly recommend this movie. I think it's Disney's best movie that came out since a Bugs Life. I laughed a grip during that movie.
Went to Sabuki and ate sashimi.. and it was a very nice night out.
Took a plane and came home thanks to Pae for picking me up. Then had to go to Bj's in cerritos to give Nancy her stuff.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Back home for wedding

I'm at home.. took a long flight back. It was only long because of the traffic going into the airport. Wow.. took like an hour. Thanks to Pae for driving me there, and also going back to my house to turn off my lights that i left on. So silly of me.

So i've been checking my grades like a maniac everyday, and found out all my grades.

GPA: 3.2
Cumulative GPA: 3.1

Not bad.. i'm just glad i passed all my classes, just waiting for my diploma which should arrive in 6 weeks.

Had a interesting flight over, and met a nice girl from Lynbrook who knew some of my friends from Homestead.
Home is good.. we got a lot done today.

1. Got my tux with final fitting. I dont' like the tux. It looks awckward, and doesn't fit that great. Maybe it's the pleats on the pants, but it makes my butt look huge!~ Uhg.. i don't like it at all.. my sr. prom tux was a lot better.

2. Went to wedding rehersal.. and realized how long imma have to stand there for starring at the wall. woopee..

3. Went to rehersal dinner.. not sure who paid, but we ate a grip. A bunch of ppl came back to our pad and finish preping some of the stuff needed for the wedding. I went to drink sum coffee with a new friend and had a nice long chat. good times.

I should sleep.. gonna be a long day tomorrow. bleh.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Thinking of Moving

Finals is killing me.. i procrastinated all last week and this is what i get. I have two 5 page essays due Thursday, and 2 more exams. Imma have to live this hell hole for the next 2 days and hang on for dear life so that i pass all my classes and graduate. I really don't wanna have to re-take any classes.. that would be a total headache. I'd be disappointed at myself, and embarrassed to tell everyone i have already told i would be graduating that i have another semester of school left.

I'm half way done reading 10 chapters off the first exam. Then i gotta write the 2 essays.

Then i gotta read 5 chapters for the other exam.

Doesn't sound like much.. but i gotta do this in the next day. Ugh.. so fucked.

It's so bad i thought about skipping work tomorrow, but i think i'll end up going and asking if i could leave early.. like 3 or 4pm.. gotta come back home and finish this crapola.

James said he wants to move out soon, which is great for me. I was thinking February because wasn't sure who wanted to move in with me. I think i'll start really looking for a place early January after my sisters wedding. Probably a 2 bedroom somewhere in Fullerton, La Habra, or Whittier..
James said LA.. but i don't wanna live in the city.. and it's too far from work.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Who will marry first?

Work isn't going as smoothly as planned. Hopefully things will start to change in January 2005.. 2004 was a pretty hermit year for me. I didn't do much .. oh wait.. the first couple months was crazy. Then after February.. it was dead.

I hope 2005 brings some new excitement into my life.. now that i'm graduating college and being 24. Ugh.. I know so many people that got married at my age. No matter how much i think about it.. i have a feeling i will be the last to marry out of the group of friends. Here is the lowdown on who gets to marry first.

1. Simon (straight out player, always has a gf)
2. Pae (player #2.. can always keep a steady relationship)
3. Yong (when he finds the right girl, he won't let her go)
4. Jet (after finishing med school .. $$cha-ching$$)
5. James (i have never seen him hit on a girl yet.. but i know his got skills in san jo)
6. Peter (total loner. no future whatsoever)

Monday, December 06, 2004

Groomsman for my sister's wedding

4 more projects to do until finals. I have 1 week to finish the projects and prepare for finals. Ugh.. i am so lazy. I have senioritis all over again. I'm going to be so happy if i end up passing all my classes and never having to go to school again!

Watched a bunch of videos over the weekend, and did situps for like 8 hours. HA!~

My future brother in law asked me to be one of the groomsmen. I was like o_O.. He said he was originally going to ask his brother in Korea, but then there was problems with Visa and when he could be here to order the tux and whatnot.. ugh. I felt sorry and told him no.. but he insisted i do him this favor. Bleh..

I'm going to fly this time to Norcal.. screw driving. It actually is cheaper to fly then to drive. it costs 98 dollars round trip Southwest.. and it costs $120 for gas since i fill up 4 times at $30/tank. Saves me money and time.. good deal. I got Pae to drive me to the airport.. whew. Didn't know who else i could count on.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Giving up on my dreams

For the first time in my life, i've been having ant problems. I don't know how they are coming into my house.. but they are. I found them in the kitchen sink yesterday so i exterminated them.. then found some more today @ the same location. Hmm... must be coming in thru the water pipes.. but not sure how. stupid ants.

Motor Impact is doing a huge renovation here at our office. We spent the last 2 weeks revamping the warehouse, and we are planning on fixing the office now. Webpage will be moving and just getting ready for 2005.

I have decided to give up on one of my dreams. Isn't fair for many people if i decide to go along with it. Plus i'd feel too guilty. Giving this up is hard, but comforting as well. One less thing to worry about.

The crest whitestrips i've been using for the past week seems to be working. My teeth seem whiter.. but maybe it's all in my head. Mee Young said she could do BriteSmile for $250 w/discount at her work.. which isn't bad. She guarantees 6 shades lighter.

My home computer keeps acting a bit weird. Not sure what's going on.. turns off byitself and freezes sometimes. Happened 3x so far.. hmm.. must debug.

School in general is finishing up. Only 3 more days of actual lecture, then finals. oh my..