Sunday, April 05, 2015

Beachbody Insanity Workouts

Man, I'm sick of going through these yo-yo diets. I keep going up and down like Chandler on Friends. But through this journey I've learned a lot about living a healthy lifestyle with hundreds of hours of reading, researching, and self experiments. It's interesting when you find out what you've been doing correctly / incorrectly in the past and ways to improve the methods. This time is for real, once I get back to the physical goal I've set for myself - it's time to not yo-yo back up.

April 1st, I've started on the Beachbody Insanity work outs with Shaun T. Along with a healthy diet of mostly protein and fruits - the next 60 days will be tough. I am drenched in sweat after the workouts and can safely say there are some minor results already. The huge article I've been writing about the secrets to loosing weight will be posted up soon. Possibly after the 60 days.

People to Avoid like the Plague

If only I could go back 10 years with all the knowledge I have now. I dream about it, and it's always a fascinating dream. My parents used to tell me that the people I surround myself with will eventually mold my life. I had some time to reflect these past few months and realized a few things.

1. Be careful of sociopaths. People that only care about themselves. Particularly the ones that use others for their own benefits. The ones that only call you when they need something or a favor. This list also includes inconsiderate bastards. The ones that block a path when you are trying to get through without a care in the world. Or, drive 55mph on the highway on the carpool lane when there are 100 cars tailgating behind you.

2. Some people need to earn your trust before they ever break it. Don't trust anyone you first meet. I used to think giving people the benefit of the doubt when you first meet them was the right thing to do. However, that's not right. There are too many bad spirited people in this world, particularly as of late. There needs to be red lights and signs that say "CAUTION". Let them show you that they are trustworthy. This will shield you from opening up yourself to someone that will eventually hurt you. Don't always be the "NICE GUY", people will notice it and try to take advantage. Be smart about it and make decisions wisely.

3. People that talk big. Most of these people (i'd say 90% of them) can't back it up. It's okay to talk big if you can show for it. I've met very few people in my life that can actually live up to what they portray themselves as being. Cocky people are NOT confident people. It's just a bad form of arrogance. Surround yourself with humble yet confident people.

4. People that make promises too often, or always breaking promises. They don't have any type of commitment or acknowledge their responsiblity. Or simply don't give a shit about you to keep their promises. Keep away from these types of people.

5. People that make excuses all the fucking time. If someone is late because they actually got a flat tire and couldn't make a meeting, that's an acceptable excuse. But if they start blaming everything, THEY fucked up on - on/to someone else/thing - that's just an immature child that spends half their day thinking of excuses to get out of doing homework. These people are not trustworthy.

Take out these types of people and surround yourself with people with positive energy. I've been watching The Dog Whisperer with Caesar Milan on YouTube. In the episodes he points out that dogs are able to read people's energy and react accordingly. I actually believe in this. If dogs can pick up on energy signs, then I believe people do it as well in a more discreet subconscious way. People that are always gloomy and think of the world as coming to an end will just have a very negative vibe. This will rub off on you and make you gloomy as well. Be around people with a ray of brightness and suddenly your day will be more joyful. I can think of one girl I met a few years back that had such aura. Just being in a room with her would brighten up your day, and one smile just lifts up your spirits. It wasn't even because I liked her as a woman, it was just her presence. It's hard to describe, and you won't know it until you've met someone like that yourself.