Saturday, November 30, 2002

Fight at Prive

Ahh.. too tired and too lazy to give full details on the latest stuff that has happened..

Nov. 27.

Yong came over and we went to Prive which is now called Noblesse.. it was all good and a fight broke out. and yatti yatti yatti.. i won't go into details about it. You just have to know i didn't get hurt, yet still have open-wounds on my knukles.. you figure out the rest.
Pae, Yong and I came back home and just went to bed.

Nov. 28.

Went to Bob's place to have some Thanksgiving Turkey!.. yum yum..

pics are there.. there's also new pics from a trip to Tapioca Express with Pae from the 25th. There are some funny pix there - so look at them at your own risk.

We also watched the new Bond movie.. which is about North Koreans being evil.. Yong didn't like it - but i enjoyed the action scenes. The actors who were speaking Korean were horrible with the pronunciation.. omg a dog could have done better than them.

Nov. 29.

Went to work 30 minutes late cuz i couldn't sleep at night.. i only got like 4 hours of sleep - and went to work at 7am. The mall was SO BUSY! The day after Thanksgiving is supposed to be the busiest day of the year. Time went by really fast, but i was pretty tired at the end. Yong came over during lunch time and we ate Great Khans! YEAH!.. i'm so addicted to that stuff. Then he stayed until i finished work.
We went back home, Pae came over, and we went to Bliss in LA.. which is a pretty chill - expensive - bar. We had a few drinks, and came home just now.

I'm pretty tired.. alcohol will probably help me sleep today. Talk about insomnia. G'nite ya'll.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

School Sucks

I guess i wont' be going home after all this Thanksgiving.. just don't wanna deal with the traffic, and i figure i should go after finals anyways.

Today was rather slow.. actually it sorta sucked cuz i missed my first class - and i was supposed to be there to study with one of my lab partners. Considering the debate is next week, and i dont have her #.. i'm sorta screwed.. and hopefully she wont think much of it and just do her part of the work. Man.. if she told the professor that i wasn't doing my work or sumthin.. that's just going to suck.

I also went to school today .. pretty late to talk to a financial aid counselor.. and it really bothers me how the government works. They have a few questions that either make you dependant or independant... even if you don't get any support from your parents - if you don't fall under these categories, your parents income are considered when giving you money. I mean.. i.e. if you were disowned by your parents and you live by yourself trying to make a living and going to school - why should you say how much your parents make?

1. you have to been born earlier than 1979
2. married
3. pay child support

and a few other questions i can't remember but it's total BS.

Bleh, whatever.. seems like i wont be getting any money from the government. I also paid to be a part time student for Spring quarter, part of the reason being -

1. i dont' think i have enough time to be a full time
2. it's 600 bucks to be part time (6 units or less), and 900 bucks to be full time (6 units or more).. and so full time would only be worth it if you took more than 3 classes.. and i dont' think i could handle it yet.
3. most of the classes in my major are full.. ROAR!.. wth.. i might have to do ghetto and try to add the first day of school.. this is WACK!

After this dilemma.. i just wanted to chill so Pae and i went to Spectrum Mall in Irvine and went to D&B's which was coo. Now i'm home.

Monday, November 25, 2002

Ran Over a Dead Dog

Omg.. was going 405N.. and hit a freakin Yellow dog!

I think it was a Golden Retriever.. probably weighted like 40lbs or so.. at first i thought it was a rock, cuz it made some horrible noise when i went over it - i was going about 70 and there was too much traffic in each lane to avoid it.. so i just did the next thing possible which was to grab onto my steering wheel and run over it.

I came home thinking it was a rock.. but then i lifted my car up and saw all this blood.. and pieces of dog skin (i think) hanging from my car.. EEWWWW damn it - imma have to hose that shit off. I was just scared if it was a rock, then i could have punctured something down there.. everything seems to be okay.. but i'm still very pessimistic..

MY BABYY!!! NOOOOOO~~~ I hope Nobuko is okay. (yeah.. i gave her a name..)

Well, other than that - i don't have much else i can post here.. some ppl just dont' want to be mentioned.

Today i went to Church in a long time - needed some spiritual food.. i also went to work at 8am.. and came home late. Pae came over and we watched Run Away Bride.. such a cute movie.

Friday, November 22, 2002

AA Degree!

It's only been 3 days since i haven't update my blog.. yet it seems like i haven't done so in about a week. What a weird feeling.

I've been just so lazy and *cough*cough* sick .. i've been getting dry sweat.. and i get goose bumps for no reason, and the chills on my spine. Running nose, and a dry feeling on the back of my throat always means a bad sign. I'm gonna feel horrible the next few days.. if not week. What have i been up to in the past 3 days..

I went to the DMV and changed my address.. went to Food 4 Less and got a 24 pack of Pepsi and 12 pack of Smirnoff.. now my fridge is full of drinks. Now the food.... oh yea.. i bought a 18 back of cup o Noodle.. yum! I went to the post office and got some mail that needed picking up which was coo cuz i got my De Anza diploma for my AA degree.. haha.. now i have a DEGREE! I've been chillin at Tapioca as usual which is always coo cuz Pae is there with me.

Went to PC bang the other night and played with 2 other ppl.. we played.. err.. Warcraft III. It was coo cuz my team didn't loose, even though my computer froze on me like 3 times. My cousin Simon told me he has a free AEM CAI sitting at his work.. i think i'll go pick it up next week. HOpefully his not bull-pooping me. I have a feeling it's not gonna be AEM, and instead some crappy genetic AEM-Wannabe.

I was dying at work today.. i felt like just lying and sleeping on the floor at work. I could barely keep my eyes open or get the energy to talk to customers. I wonder if i'll be able to work tomorrow.. i dont' wanna get everyone else sick.. i might have to tell them if i could leave early.

I got a bunch of stuff i should be doing - yet putting them away or they dont' need to be done yet. The dumb officer didn't write my apt. number on the ticket, so i won't get my courtesy notice.. and instead just gonna go to court and ask for a trial date. His gonna be sorry he pulled me over [knock on wood].

I went to Cerritos mall with Pae the other day and we ate Great Khan's Mongolian BBQ.. oh man.. i'm addicted to that thing. Inside Cerritos mall, they also have this picture taking thing, where they let you change your hair styole.. and we took some pics.. and it's SO hillarious, i thought i was gonna die laughing that day.

I get 3 days off next week.. Tues, Wed, Thurs (thanksgiving).. i'm contemplating on if i should go back to north cal or not.. but then again - i dont' want to make my life more hectic then what it already is. I could probably get more done here. Most likely, i'll go up after school is over.

1. I have to schedule for Spring classes.. should i be part time student or full time?.. such a tough choice.
2. FAFSA is coming near..
3. Gotta memorize my skit play for class
4. Gotta rent some costumes (i get to be a French Monk)
5. Gotta reserach for a upcoming debate.
6. Must see a counselor next Tuesday
7. See a Financial Aid counselor as well..
8. Add oil to my car..

I wonder what i should do Thanksgiving.. cz will be up in North cal.. so maybe i'll eat Turkey by myself at home. I think Albertson's has cooked turkey for 30 bucks. If you wanna come, leave a comment.. i have free beer.

Man.. i can't think anymore.. i should update more regularly, when everything is fresh in my head. THis is da fin for now.

Monday, November 18, 2002

Work and School

i haven't updated in a while.. been kinda lazy. There hasn't been much excitement to talk about anyways. Been going to school and work... oh my mind went blank - i can't think of anything to write. I'll update more later today hopefully.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Visit to SD

I am so tired right now.. barely got any sleep after a long day wednesday.

On tuesday after work, i realized that i didn't have work nor school on wednesday so i was contemplating on what to do the following day. I originally planned to just change my address at the DMV and sleep.. but late at night Yong called me up and we were talking when a sudden sporatic idea popped on my head. I have been meaning to visit him - since he did visit me the last 3 times.. and he wanted to show me his new place and school. So since Pae had work all day on wednesday, cz was taking midterms - i didn't want to sit around home all day, so i just left around 12pm to see Yong.

On the way over there, there were some cars that were going 90-95.. so i just waited for them to get near me, and i would dust them on the spot.. haha.. and for some reason, they would all slow down to 80 and not try to catch up with me. Hmm.. and while i was on I5-South, i saw the funniest thing when i was near SD - there is a Yellow Sign with a picture of a mom with 2 kids running - which i'm guessing is trying to tell drivers to watch for illegal imigrants crossing freeway traffic. HAHA.. it was a hillarious picture. I actually thought about stopping and taking a pic of that thing.

I got to Yong's house around 1:15 ish.. it's exactly 102 miles from my house, and takes about an Hour and 15 minutes. Good thing i didn't get lost (thanks to mapquest) and got there to find a perfect parking spot for me. Yong has a really nice crib.. it's 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, kitchen, living room. He does pay 7 bills a month though which is a bit steep for my taste. He has a roommate, but his roommate is like a cellery.. all he does is study.. so Yong has been bored off his mind lately.

He rented Snow White with Kristin Keruk (Yeah!) and Murder by numbers which were both pretty good.. we drank some MGD and went to bed.
The morning after we went to UCSD and went to 2 of his classes, and ate Panda Express.. yummy! I haven't had fried rice in a very long time. His classes were very interesting considering i have never been to a UC sty-o class which is just a huge forum. UCSD has some very nice buildings.. including the library which looks like a UFO.

We then went to Convoy which is a small K-town to drink Tapioca, then we met up with Wayne (soso) to watch the Ring - which was freakin scary - and picked up Erin to sing at a Karaoke place.. We sang for a good 2 hours and my voice was pretty beat up. We dropped off Erin, went back to Wayne's house and chilled for a bit, and i drove back home around 2am.. that was a long day.

I slept at 3:30am, woke up at 10 - went to school and got back just now. Now i have to take a shower and go to work.. RROOAARR!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Movie Review: 8 Mile

The past few days have been just robotic. The same thing over and over.. just work and work.. and work.

Yesterday i went to watch 8 Mile with Pae and just had Ghengis Khan (mongolian bbq) for dinner. Dang i'm so addicted to that place.. it's REALLY good.
The movie was better than i anticipated but it does include a lot of violence/language/sexual situtations.. so i'd avoid it if you don't like that stuff. I haven't done much else lately..

Today i woke up - did my laundry and went to work - where i found my manager in a moody mood. She was obviously have [cramps].. ugh. SHe was so pissing me off with her lil attitude, but oh well.. i'm not gonna let it get to me. I came home and had a beer that's been sitting in my fridge for a while. Played some cs and now i should sleep.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Penis Song

The Penis song.. i guess you should watch it if your open minded.

Reminisce Jr. High Days

I was also watching the Practice - and it was pretty interesting cuz they were talking about Jehovah's Witnesses and their belief against blood transfusions. I missed the first half though.. maybe they will have a re-run sometime so i can watch it in full.

I was also at Tapioca with Pae talking about the good ol days back in Jr. High which brought back some good memories. Those were seriously the good ol days.. when school was easy, no worry about money - and just screw around all year and have fun.

I can't think of anything else interesting that happened today - so i guess i'll stop here for now..


On the 8th, i just woke up.. went to work - came back home and just chilled cuz Pae had to go to work at 8am and couldn't come out.

On the 9th, i woke up and went to work.. came back home - Pae came over, watched "Saving Private Ryan" on TV.. ate some pizza, went to Tapioca.. and now i'm home.

Wow.. that was brief.

Friday, November 08, 2002

Need to go Home

Oh yes.. i forgot - i should go back home soon. I need an umbrella, my printer, webcam from Justin, and a few other things i should write down before i go up. I should also bring Pusha back with me.. she's SO cute.. i miss her dearly.

I have also noticed that my cheeks are getting a little puffy.. i should get back on my diet. I should start before it's too late..

Skipping Winter Classes

Sorry Mr. Blog (as Judy would say).. i haven't written to you in a while. I'm straight Yo!.. hahaha

Sorry that's an inside joke. Anyways, i decided not to take Winter classes this year.. why?

1. It's 400 bucks for 3 units - and i'm not getting financial aid.. so let's wait till next year.
2. It's 4 hours long.. or was it 5.. that's too much
3. It's only 19 days long.. too much stuff in too little time.
4. I want to relax during my winter break.

What have i been up to these days.. let me think and try to remember back to Nov. 5th. Oh yes.. on Tuesday, i missed my first class because i just couldn't get up. Then I went to my second class.. came home - then went to work until 10.. and came home and just .. uhh .. yeah.. ... .. .. that's it.

Wednesday, i woke up around 12, went to pick up cz in LA which took an hour from all the traffic (note to self: avoid 405N during rush hour).. watched I-Spy which was a pretty humorous movie, ate Japanese Ramen with Pae - went to Redondo Beach to hang out. Drank milk tea at GoGo Juice.

Thursday which is today.. haha.. i skipped school entirely (doh!.. i hope i didn't miss anything important).. then went to work for 7 hours. Came home, ate some instant noodles.. and hung out. I work tomorrow at 12 to 9.. i dont look forward to that long day.. sigh. I dont' think i have anything else interesting to post right now. I'll write it when i think about it.

Monday, November 04, 2002

Mom and I are like Oil and Water

Does my mom know how to listen? Damn.. she's so sturborn. She came down the other day as i mentioned in my previous blog entries.. and she kept complaining about how my room was too dusty or sumthing and that she can't breath. Well - from everyone else who visited my crib they dont' seem to have that problem. So obviously it's her mind playing tricks on her. So she tells me my uncle in LA was coming to SF to visit or sumthin, and she was gonna give him one of our spare vaccum cleaners so that he can bring it back to LA. I told her i didn't want a vaccum cleaner, i'd probably never need it.. since i'm so clean-a-holic anyways. I dont' really like vaccuming either, so i probably would never use that thing.. and it would be just another unecesary cargo that i would have to store and move it later if i ever move out. So i told her SEVERAL times.. "No mom, i don't need a vaccum cleaner.. so dont' put that burden on uncle"..

So i'm chillin at home this evening, and my uncle calls me up, and he sounded really sick.. apparently he got the flu and all the symptoms. That hella sucks for him.. and he went to SF like that and my mom gave him that old ass vaccum cleaner to bring back. I feel so bad for him right now.. i totally didn't ask for this. Ugh.. so frustrated again. I'm gonna start screening my calls, hearing my mom just annoys me these days. We seriously just don't communicate very well.. i just can't to seem to get my points accross and she doesn't want to understand me. Way too stuborn and thinks she's the only one that's right.. you can never prove her wrong, because she's always right. She also gets pissed off very easily.. so if you argue with her and your right.. she'll most likely get pissed.

Arrg.. RROOOAARRR!!!.. i need comforting.. someone tell me i'm not going crazy. At one point of my thought process, i just felt like calling her - and telling her "Stop sending me things i told you not to send, and instead just send money if your worried about me." - that would actually help me more than this kind of dumb trick.

Your all probably thinking.. she did this out of love yatti yatti yatti.. but to me - it's just her stubborness to do what she wants to do, and not let me be a factor in her decision. Now the vaccum cleaner is in my uncles house 30 minutes away - and i'm supposed to go pick it up. If i didnt work.. and if i had all the money in the world, i'd probably visit him in a second. But gas/traffic/time/work/school.. ugh.. just doesn't work out. I wonder if anyone understand my frustration right now. It's as if when you feel like you have no control over something.. so whatever you try to stop, happens anyways. Like.. if you have a car, and u get an alarm system to prevent theft, yet it happens anyways. Now i get the wonderful chance to visit my uncle and pick up a vaccum cleaner that will be stored in my closet and never used. I don't even know if it'll fit in my car. I should also becareful around what i say to my uncle.. because his got the most intelligent memory i have ever seen. I tell him something, and he remembers it forever.. and i trusted him a few times and spilled my guts.. and it ended up shooting myself in the foot when he told other ppl. Actualy it was both my auntie and uncle. That's actually one of the reasons i don't visit them as often.. because i don't want to tell them things and so there would be nothing to talk about.

Oh yea.. they try to open my brain and take everything inside too.. they ask like a billlion questions and corner you somewhere so that you have to answer them one way or the other.

Phew.. that was a lot of jabbering that i had to get out of my chest. Forgive any punctuation or grammar errors.. i'm not going to proof read this.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

I Saw Park Jun Hyun from GOD

Haven't had the chance to update in a bit.

Oct 31st: I didn't have work - so i went to school, met up Pae and went back to my place and hung out for a few hours. Then these lil kids were coming to trick or treat, so we bounced out of my house and picked up Mike and went to TGI Friday's - ate sum food and went to watch JackAss.. that movie is a lil disturbing and humorous. The fact that there are ppl who are willing to do things they do about of mere stupidity is just obscured. Pae also installed his exhaust - it looks pretty cool... his been doing a lot of stuff on his car.. Dome Lights, Exhaust, Lower, Front Grill, Intake, Diverter Valve.. i'm sure his budgetting himself. I wish i could spoil myself like that right now.

Nov 1st: I worked all day again and Yong came over around 9pm.. he got lost in the way, and so i had to tell him how to get to my house. When he finally arrived, we went to Next cafe and had some dinner and alcohol. Then we went to Pae's house and watched Mr. Deeds which was pretty coo, it was a comedy/romance theme with a nice ending.. it's one of those movies you watch with your gf.
We came back home, and Yong pucked in the bathroom.. he didn't even drink that much. Hmm.. maybe he was tired. We went to bed..

Nov 2nd: I had to work again - so went to work and left Yong to watch Anime while I was gone. The funniest thing happened at work though.. I'm just minding my own business at the cash rep, and i realize there is one couple waiting in front of the register to buy something, so i get up and say, "May i help you?".. and then i got this blank look on my face and i think my mouth was wide open as the words, "Oh my god" came out.. and stared blankly at the couple standing in front of me. They looked back at me like i was either crazy or they were too proud to say anything.

Realizing how stupid i must have looked.. a 21 year old going bonkers, i quickly picked myself back up and treated them like normal customers. Who are they you ask? Park Jun Hyun (GOD), and girlfriend Han Go Eun. They bought 2 things as gifts.. and the only say was, "my sister is a big fan of yours" which is totally bull shit since i don't have a teeny bopper sister. I was just trying to make a conversation, when Park Jun Hyun just looked blanky at me and nodded. I'm guessing he didn't want the attention.. so i was like whatever then. I was just astonished and paralized because i watched so many Music Videos and performances of GOD on my computer, and never dreamed of seeing one of them in person. So the fact that i saw him, was a shock.. not that i his #1 fan or anything.
His English is really good.. and Han Go Eun also speaks english really well. They are still going out apparently, they were calling eachother babe, baby, honey, sweety.. haha. Oh and btw, Han Go Eun was not wearing makeup that day.. and she looks SO UGLY! yuck.. i mean, she looks good in pictures and on camera when she's wearing TONS of make up. But it's just another mask in front of the television. At first, i didn't even know it was Han Go Eun.. i thought it was Park Jun Hyun's little sister or something until i came home and saw some pictures.

I thought about posting this at Bronx's Junkyard, but i dont' think i will.. it's not that big of a deal anymore now that i calmed myself down. I think this blog is sufficient to let everyone know i met 2 famous Korean celebs in one day! hahahah. There's a first for everything.

After work, we went to UCLA to meet up CZ and Justin, played some pool, stopped by ktown real quick, and came home. Slept and i had work at 8am.. got 4 hours of sleep, and now i'm back from 9 hours of working. UGH!