Tuesday, May 31, 2005

North Cal Trip

Went up north for Memorial weekend. Saturday went to Sunny's recital and reception and came back Sunday. Got some beer with Pae and went to bed.

Monday went to the beach and forgot sun block again - so i'm like totally burned. IT HURTS!
Went to K-town for korean bbq buffet.. ate so much.

Now i'm at work. Adam came back from Hawaii.. and just ate Jaang Ppong.. and am stuffed. Ugh.. can't move..

Monday, May 23, 2005

Velvet Room, Prive, City Walk

Eric's bday was on Firday.. drank again - after Wednesday's happy day. Ugh.. was a bit better though.. my stomach got used to all the alcky.

Went to VR.. wasn't all that great. P is a lot more happenin'.. ya know what i'm sayin? Didn't have much fun though.. i'm not the same Peter from 2 years ago.. feel so awckward in those clubs.

Sat, went to City Walk at uni studios with Lorena and Nancy for Jackie's graduation party. I was going to pay for they're drinks.. but then Lorena paid most of it.. o_O. I still need to take both of them to Jungle and Kareoke.. i promised them like months ago.

Sun.. stayed home and slept a grip.. played dota.. and that's about it.

I'm by myself at work.. Adam went to Hawaii for the next week. Bleh. Work isn't the same w/o him here. I got my ding fixed! yay.. it was $80.. which should have been more like 60.. but i don't mind. He drove all the way here which saves me gas and time.
The funny thing is.. his brother in law does touch up paint and spray overs.. haha.. i need that done too! If he can do it for $200 or something near that range, i will probably just do it.. I need to get a bra for my car after it.. so many rocks! More rock chips on my hood since i came down to LA.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Half way to 50

Still need to get my car painted and fix the ding. Hm.. $$
Still need to buy LCD.. $$

Eric's bday is this Friday tomorrow. He wants to have it at VR. I should stop by..

BTfnet.net went down. Boo.. now i can't download any TV shows. Ugh. This totally sucks. Ultra sucky .. now i gotta use stupid isohunt.. bleh.

Bummer for Naruto.. Pae was wrong, i saw the preview for next week.. there is probably another episode coming out. Cross finger. Storyline is getting all boring..

I got sick drunk yesterday. But had a good times with my co-workers. We drank a grip.. then went ee-cha to have more beers. Not sure how i got home.. we had a grip of sam gyup sal too.. i was like SO full. I think i got less drunk cuz of all the grease I ate. YuM!

Had Pho this morning, cuz everybody in the office was feelin it.. this morning, i think i was still drunk driving to work. Had a sour stomach and a slight headache.

Eric is turning 26.. wowa. His old. I'm 24.. and to think of it that i am half way to 50. WOW. I heard aging picks up a notch .. imma be 30 in no time. I wish i had like $1000000 so i can spend the rest of my life traveling and enjoying life as it was supposed to be enjoyed.

100 day passed. I didn't get anything. Bummer.. was kinda upset - but then again, wasn't expecting anything. Maybe 2% expectation.

You know Xanga? They all do those e-props and comments. HAH.. Blogger doesn't have it - yet i'm still here. Can't leave my trusty little blogger.. easy to update and maintain. All the archives is easier to get to aswell. Xanga for sum reason, it's hard to look up old entries. Ew.

WHen i was 20, all the stars in Korea were my age.. now the new stars are like born in 84, 85.. ick. So young. All my little dong sengs in North cal must have grown a grip. I still see them as little 16 year olds.

One of my fav. hyungs is getting married this weekend. Kinda wanna go - but i'm too tired these days to drive up and down for just the weekend. I'm not spending $200 on tickets either.

Work is aight, i wish i got paid more. But i know the company situation. I think about leaving the company at times - and moving back up north and living at home. I would save money and probably get a better job. But i have this huge loyalty thing where it's hard to leave ppl you grow fond of. I like my boss.. his the nicest human being on this planet. I can't just leave him right now.. he has no one else to help him run the company. Technically i guess one person can do everything.. but that would be just TOOO much work. I've been slacking off lately, playing games and what not - but i still finish what i gotta do.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Stressed at work

soab. Work is stressing me out. So much bs problems here and there. Bleh. All of that crap could have been avoidable - but there are problems that were unforeseeable.

Other than work, i haven't been working out - which is very bad. I should really start again - but i'm busy going home and catching Naruto! muhaha.. Ninja anime is coo.

Life is life.. same o same o.. been thinking about giving my car a 5 year birthday present of a full detail work. Also a new intake. It really needs some clay bar.

I don't want to work.. i wish i just had so much money that i wouldn't have to deal with work bs. Just.. just.. hmm.. So many shady ass people in the world. No wonder ppl can't get along.

Been trying to save some money.. but with no luck - money seems to be going alot towards plane tickets and food.. sigh. Been to busy to work on bjunkyard too - i have to:

1. Add sponsor banners
2. Yesasia Hot Deals
3. Change the site layout

I need to get more pro-active.. but it's so hard when i have 80% of my brain filled with work related issues and the other 20% for personal and gf related issues. May 16th :) - this just may break my last record..

Blah blah blah.. my mind is still clustered. Not sure what to type. I remember when i first came down to LA - i was so clear minded and knew exactly about everything and could write it down with no problems. I click on the archives from time to time and read those long ass blogs that i used to write. Hah!

What has life become.. i need to move. Or i want to move. Maybe i should really move in with my aunt. Hmm.. actually no, that's a bad idea. I don't want more burden on my shoulders. Then again - im being an ass huh? I should help family. Ugh.. what a dilemma.

Wwwwhhhaaattt evv eerrrr!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Went to LA to see Bi

Hello blogger - haven't wrote to you in a while. Been pretty hectic at work with a container coming in and moving things around. Haven't had much time to do anything after working 14 hours a day.. then coming home to watch Slam Dunk SN and sleeping only 3 hours before going back to work.


Went to see Park Jin Young and Bi today at the LA sports arena.. they are def. great performers. It was a good show. Went to balcony afterward to play pool.
I want to elaborate.. but don't feel like blogging anymore.