Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Blogging.. Life.. Boredom..

Oh my little blogger.. that rhymes with little booger.. oh so how much i have not missed thou.

For some reason, haven't really felt like blogging anything lately. I used to love writing events that happen in my life here - but these days i've been actually more lazy than i ever was. Writing seems like a task than something i enjoy. Maybe it's because i don't go to school anymore.. maybe it's cuz i don't have to write essays and term papers anymore. Who know, but for whatever reason - writing is a bore.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Almost Got a Traffic Ticket

Carolee!@ u still read my blog? hehe.

Yes.. i mispelled it.. it was supposed to read ciao.

So it's Thursday already and i was so tired today i took a nap at work for like 15 minutes but that really helped get my energy back up.

I have nothing interesting to say.. oh yes! yesterday i was driving by Cerritos and on a stoplight i took off on 1st gear and when i got to 35mph i just slowed down and kept my speed limit - but all of a sudden i see a Ford jump right behind me really fast and so i changed lanes, and he would follow {**Spark**) it's a cop. I pulled into a coffee shop parking lot and he followed me. I parked, and he stayed a few cars behind and just waited. I got out of the car, and i saw him drive by - and Simon says he was mad doggin'.. fucker was waiting for me to speed so he could pull me over or something. What a jack ass. I could have been ticketed for unsafe acceleration - but that's such a bs ticket. Anyways, it was an unmarked car.. black ford with the only noticeable item was the huge antennas. I got pretty lucky on that one.

What else.. that's about it.


Monday, April 10, 2006

Time is Flying By

Wow.. is it April 10 already? Shi bbbaalll... time is flying by and my plans are diminishing. I have until July to get a few things accomplished and it's looking dimmer and dimmer. Been trying to loose some weight - and it's so hard! Did my metabolism faint on me? I have been dieting and exercising and not seeing any results.. ugh. Guess that means i have to try harder.

This week i need to go get my EGR cleaned and O2 sensors changed. Also doing a fuel injector additive to my fuel tank so that will hopefully clean my cylinders.

Chou for now

Monday, April 03, 2006

Good Bye Rottweilers

So we ended up getting two rottweilers 2 weeks ago. And now they are gone.

One of them was pooping diarhea, and the other had worms in his poop. They were obviously pretty sick. They would not obey commands even after some training and pee pee on eachother and have poops that weighed 5lbs. So we returned them. Sad to see them go - but it's much better w/o them.