Friday, December 30, 2011

Eyebrow dance!

I luv this girl! This is amazing!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Worst Movie of the Year goes to...

Scorpion King 3. It wasn't in theaters.. since it went straight to DVD. Not sure why i even watched this. Boredom can make you do stupid things. You actually need to cringe your teeth while watching because the acting is so bad. I was hoping for some good action sequences, but that was crap too.

Rating: 1/10

It gets 1 only cuz of the heroine.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


When life throws you a lemonade...

... don't make lemonade. Screw that! Grab that piece of garbage and squash it. Squeeze every last bit of juice in it, then throw it against the wall. When it falls on the floor, step on it again until it looks like pancake.

A man can only take so much until a boiling point is reached. Today was a rather crappy day that started off well. Then one by one, bad things started to happen.. and it just wouldn't stop. One lesson learned.. actually.. one lesson i was reminded of.


Seriously, everyday we are faced with decisions and you need to make the right calls at the right times. I was really off today. Made some horrible calls. Gotta get my game back. Must sleep this off.. bad things can't happen while im sleeping right? Just to get over this day.. since tomorrow will be a good day if i just get my timing right.

Hopefully this reminder will help some of you make the right decisions at the right time. Don't miss that opportune time!

Monday, December 19, 2011


SOPA Stop Online Piracy Act is a bill trying to pass in congress that allows the US government to block websites to the general public. The original reason for blocking would be to protect copyright holders from piracy.

This is actually a pretty big deal at the moment, but it's not getting enough attention. For one thing, most people are too lazy to do the research necessary to understand the entire bill and how it will affect them. Here's a good read:

Long story short, this is a bad bill. It will affect you one way or another during the course of your life. I recommend my visitors to take about 20 minutes and do some research on SOPA and how it can change the internet forever.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Movie Review: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

It's rare that i go into a theater with high expectations and come out feeling satisfied. This was just one of those moments. If you like action/spy/gadgets/conspiracy this is the movie for you.

It's action packed, and some of the stunts are just amazing. You really don't need to synopsis to watch this movie.. cuz who watches a spy movie for the storyline? But the general idea is that Tom Cruise's team gets framed and they are out to stop a terrorist from nuking San Francisco.

I also watched this in an IMAXX theater. Better screen, better sound.. but more expensive. $18.50

Overall Rating: 9/10

Monday, December 12, 2011


So I was reading a manga called Vagabond, and the site I was browsing most likely had an ad with a virus because that was the only thing i was doing at the time. The virus i got was a malware called Vista Antivirus 2012. It's a nasty virus that pops up windows that looks like a legit Windows warning telling you about files that are infected. Once it's running, it won't allow you to open any browsers or open any executable files. This causes a problem because:

1. You can't go online to check for solutions
2. You can't install any programs to remove it

I ended up looking up solutions via my smart phone - then closing the malware file from the Task Manager just long enough to download Malwarebytes. Even when you close the virus, it will open itself again.

After cleaning up the system, I ended up with a few more problems caused by AVG and another virus I could not delete. AVG screwed up my Windows Firewall and wouldn't let me run any Microsoft security center programs. Also another virus that attacked my svdc file started opening random tabs on my Firefox occasionally.

In the end, i made the hard decision to just format my C drive and be done with Windows Vista. I installed a clean version of Windows 7 and now use Chrome as my main browser. I honestly couldn't be happier with what transpired from all this.

Windows 7 is amazing and super fast. It could be because it's a fresh install, but i've loving how it runs. Also Chrome is pretty stable and secure.

Goodbye Vista and Firefox!

Friday, December 02, 2011

좋은 일

좋은 일이 있어서
웃는게 아니라
웃고 있으면
좋은 일이 생긴다고 믿자

Monday, November 28, 2011

Song of the Day: IU - You and I

IU's back. She actually took a few months off because she was getting hammered from netizens regarding the fact that she was coming out too much on TV. She told everyone she was going to take a break and focus just on her music.

Personally i think that was a bad move. She should have cut back on her TV activities - not completely distance herself from it. In any case, i'm not too thrilled over this song. It hasn't dazzled me yet, but i figure it has potential to grow on me.

Song of the Day: Sista/Boyfriend/KWill - Pink Romance

It's that time of year when most Korean labels will create their holiday songs featuring all of their artists. Go go Hyorin!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Song of the Day: Kim Kyung Ho - Forbidden Love

이 노래만 들으면, 울컥한다.. 눈물이 날라고.. 참 슬프다. 후해해선 아무 소용이 없다.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Song of the Day: Electro Boyz - Ma Boy 2

Sort of a male version of Sista 19's Ma Boy. I like the song cuz Hyorin sings the chorus. Gosh, her voice is awesome. The only thing missing was the body wave dance.. they should have incorporated that into this MV.. boo!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Song of the Day: Kim Jo Han - I want to fall in love

Old skoo singers have recently revitalized their careers by coming out on the hit show "I am a Singer". It's a survival show where contestants (old sorta forgotten singers) are voted by a panel of fans are cast off like American Idol.

Most notably Kim Bum Soo, Lena Park, YB Band have been showered with love from fans whom had forgotten about them. Kim Jo Han was also part of the show, and released a single which i think really brings out his talents.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

지압 Korean Sports Massage

J & Stone Sauna‎
16511 Pioneer Blvd # 108
Norwalk, CA 90650-8520
(562) 924-6678

Anybody not like massages? I know one person that doesn't which i find it odd, but for the most part i think everyone likes massages. Personally i enjoy going to Korean Day Spa's and getting the Korean Sports Massage called Ji Ap. It's a full body massage where they get on top of you with their feet using bars hanging from the ceiling for balance. You probably have seen it in the movie Charlie's Angel when Lucy Lu acts as a masseuse.

I didn't realize i had so many knots, and it was a unbelievable joy of relaxation. I must caution you though, that Korean day spa's can be a culture shock. The spa is divided by 1 common area with sauna and private men/women areas where everyone is in full nude.

Those of you wanting to try something new, here's some quick info so you don't go in the dark:

1. Prices for entry w/o massage: $15
2. Prices for entry with massage: $60 + tip to masseuse
3. Assigned Free lockers
4. Shorts and T-Shirt provided at clerk desk that you need to wear in the common area
5. Common area is generally filled with TV's, Comic books, mats, heated floors, and Food that can be purchased
6. Steam Room, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Showers available in private areas
7. Once you get in, you can stay until 12am, but they may charge extra after 12am (if the place is 24hrs) for people who plan on spending the night

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Would you pay $300 for headphones?

Yesterday i met someone with a really nice pair or headphones, and i asked what kind they were. He looked at me with a surprised look, probably at the disbelief that i didn't know the answer.

"It's beats by dre"

The reason i asked him was because it looked REALLY nice. High build quality and modern design. So my next obvious question was, "how much?"


Holy crap. Would you pay $300 for headphones? Me, personally wouldn't. But nevertheless, i really like them.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Property Owner's Notification

So i got this in the mail today:

What the heck right? I don't remember loosing anything, or reporting anything stolen. Anyways, the curiosity got the best of me so i called the number listed on the letter. A guy answers the phone, obviously with a Hispanic accent, but i have no idea what his saying. His English was very poor and didn't enunciate his words properly.

Anyways, i asked him what the item was, and he replies that it's a keychain and keys. Hmm.. yeah i don't remember losing any keys. However, considering they somehow knew to mail me this notice must mean there was a type of identification on the keys that proved they were mine. I was going to be in the LA area today so i called and asked up to what time i would be able to stop by to pick up the item. The guy tells me 11:30pm. Ok great, my appointment in LA ends at 4pm, so i'll just head over there.

First things first. Traffic in LA. I forgot how awful it was. Took almost 34 minutes to go 15 miles (LA to Van Nuys). I arrived at the Van Nuys Police Station around 6pm. I tell the desk clerk about my situation and give him the letter. He calls someone in the back and then tells me:

"My boss told me you have to come back between the hours of 8am and 3:30pm."

WTF. Seriously. WTF. I then tell him that i spoke to an officer over the phone that told me i could pick it up anytime until 11:30pm. I also mentioned i lived in Bellflower which is a good 50 miles from Van Nuys.

"Sucks for you. But there's nothing else i can do."

Okay.. i was pissed. Not at the clerk, but at the hispanic officer that answered the phone and gave me BS info. The drive back was hell. It took 2 hours getting home and i sat through stop and go traffic.

Why doesn't it surprise me that this happened? Bunch of stupid BS redtape that no one cares to take care of. At this point however, i am still curious what the items are. Keys? What keys? Maybe it's a key that opens into a bank safe loaded with 1 million dollars. LOL. I have until February to claim it, but i don't plan on making that trip anytime soon. Maybe if i happen to go to LA..

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fast Internet

After 2 days of the slow internet, landlord caved in and we have 10/mbs internet again. The internet was so slow, she couldn't even deny it and apologized to me a few times for wasting my time calling Time Warner Cable.

How did we survive during the 14.4k modems?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Slow Internet

I have been paying for cable internet for the past 2 years. The first year introductory offer was $30 for 10/mbs. After the first year, the price went up to $50. I told my landlord that she should pay for internet cuz i'm already paying rent and utilities should be included. So, she agreed.. but in turn, she changed our cable plan to the cheapest choice available which is 75/kbs called Road Runner Lite used primarily by people who just need lite web surfing and e-mail for $30. shows that actual speed caps at 50/kbs, and upload test timeout cuz it's so slow. My wifi 3g tether is actually faster at 75/kbs. That is really sad. Am i pissed? Yes. The difference in speed is 10/mbs vs. 75/kbs for $20. How cheap can you be? I paid a good 2 years of the good internet.. and just cuz she wants to save $20 a month... speechless.

The speed is so slow that i can't even surf the internet at decent speeds. Loading facebook takes a good 10 seconds.

Honestly, i think it's time i move out and find another apartment. Somewhere in Ktown LA. Anybody have hookups?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Song of the Day: Huh Gak - Want to Die

The title is actually a little longer. "The only words are 'I want to die'". This music video is a sequel to "Hello". It's got a nice twist in the middle. Song is pretty good.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Truth about Makeup

The truth is: It's Scary!

It's official, one of the scariest things in this world is makeup. It's not scary in the sense that it may frighten you, but rather it will freak you out in the morning after when you wake up next to someone you don't recognize.

Seriously.. plastic surgery shouldn't be what's on your mind anymore. If girls can do what the girls below in the screenshots can do.. hmm.. is it dishonesty? fraud?

If you look better and have an increase in confidence with makeup or clothes, more power to you. But looking completely different before and after seems a bit shady to me. It's like receiving a diamond ring, only to find out that it was Cubic Zirconia. Doesn't feel good right? It's not about being shallow which some of you may think, but the principle of what you think you are getting.

Below are screenshots from a Korean variety show "Star King" aired this past weekend. The girls featured are considered Fairy's in their respective cities because they post pictures online. They decided to show their bare faces on national TV. Brave.. very brave.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Daylight Savings Ends

Most of you should know about turning the clock 1 hour back. I remember back in the days, i used to love this day. Particularly because you get 1 extra hour to drink and party outside. Clubs generally close at 2am.. but since the 1 hour back happens at 2am, you end up with an extra hour!

Or during school, it meant 1 extra hour of procrastination. But today, it wasn't as exciting for me. I just slept early.. and didn't think twice about it. Of course, i ended up getting an extra hour of sleep - which is better than nothing.

Song of the Day: Wonder Girls - Be My Baby

They failed in the US, and it seems like they are slowly loosing their grasp in the Korea market. With this song, it seems like they are going backwards in their career. Their original trio of songs: Tell Me, So Hot, and Nobody - was a great career path imo. "Be My Baby" sounds too tween pop'ish. There is no "UMPH" that shows to the world they are top stars in Korea. The MV isn't that fascinating either..

The song isn't horrible.. it would have been great for a new debuting group.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

November is Here!

Apologies for the lack of updates. Been busy with life. Hope everyone had a safe Halloween.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I want one!

A friend of mine posted this on her G+. I want one. So adorable!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Movie Review: Crazy Stupid Love

It's been a while since i laughed this much watching a movie.

Crazy Stupid Love is a romantic comedy starting some big names. Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, and Emma Stone. Is it just me, or does Emma Stone look just like Lindsay Lohan? For the entire movie i thought it was Lohan.. lol.

The movie is about a father that is struggling with his marriage and tries to take care of his kids. He meets a guy at a bar who tries to help him become a "ladies man".

There are some corny lines, and sappy moments. Yet, the whole feel of the movie was well made, and the creativity of the storytelling was fantastic. I especially enjoyed the exaggerated parts of Gosling picking up girls at a bar. Does that even happen?

Rating: 8.5/10

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Notification Ringtone: Jessica (SNSD) GG

So in their new song "The Boys" by SNSD, towards the beginning of the song, Jessica says "GG". In gamer terms, it means "good game" - and is often exchanged between players after a video game match. I'm not sure if they used "GG" in that sense, but i thought it was hilarious. So i made a ringtone out of it.

Every time i get an e-mail - my phone goes, GG. GG. GG. !!! HAHAHAH. Download it below if you want to do the same.

Right click and Save As

Monday, October 24, 2011

App of the Day: Dropbox

Yeah.. get with the program Bronx. Dropbox has been around for a while, but i never felt the need for it until recently. Here's the story.

I get all my music from my phone using an app called Music Junk. It's a crazy app, it pretty much has every song imaginable. It's free, but you will need to download the app outside of the market. Anyways, i usually download maybe 1-2 songs every so often after listening to them on YouTube. But then, i get too lazy to actually hook up my phone to the computer using a USB cable - so i just e-mail the songs to myself using Gmail.

Lately, Gmail has been acting funny and not sending the e-mails. Could be because the file size is too big. So i got Dropbox. Using it is very simple. Upload a file from your phone using the Dropbox App. Then you can either fetch it via their website on your computer, or download their software. It also works vice versa if you need to send files to your phone.

Why didn't you use Dropbox before?

Like many others i was just naive. I had my own thoughts on how the service worked. In any case, it's a great little app that's perfect to save some files that you will need for multiple devices. The free 2GB storage doesn't hurt either.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tired Face

Chill Friday night with some homies. Is it just me or does everybody in my vicinity have an iphone 4? Statistically iPhone holds only a 27% share of the smart phone market..

Maybe it's all them' Koreans that have iPhones.. it's like a social thing.. just how all Korean girls have a pair of LV bags.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Song of the Day: Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense

BOG's come back with a powerful song. I'm not a huge fan, but i like that they made a comeback with a new vivid song to compete with all the other girl groups coming out.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Song of the Day: Secret - Love Is Move

Is it just me or is the choreography a rip off from their previous few songs (My Boy, Secret)? Anyways, decent song. I was hoping they didn't go for the 70's groove beat. Unfortunately for them, this song will NOT beat SNSD. Bad song choice, bad timing.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Song of the Day: SNSD - The Boys

Girls Generation makes a comeback with "The Boys" and have made an allkill in Korea. It was expected.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Song of the Day: Hyorin - Because it's you at me

If i could sing a duet with any kpop idol, it would be Hyorin from Sista. I just love her unique husky voice. Specifically, she can nail the low notes (high notes is a no brainer), but being able to hit the low notes with power isn't something you see often.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Benomix Vol. 6

One of the bjunk dj's released his 6th remix.


Go to his website for a playlist. 2 hours of pure joy.

On another note, i've been MIA because my father came to visit from Korea. He got me a pair of chic glasses.. i like them. :) - also having sum fun with my new Android app called "Paper Camera".

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Song of the Day: Big Mama - 체념

Have you ever found a song in your playlist that you've never really paid attention to, and then suddenly found out the lyrics are freakin epic? This song is pretty awesome. It's a breakup song. The artist Lee Young Hyun (part of the group Big Mama) has a big voice.

행복해서 너와의 시간들 아마도 너무 힘들었겠지
너의 마음을 몰랐던건 아니야 나도 느꼈었지만
널 보내는 게 널 떠나 보내는 게 아직은 익숙하지가 않아
그렇게 밖에 할 수 없던 니가 원망스러워 왜 말 안했니 아님 못한거니
조금 보낼 생각하지 않았니 좋아한다면 사랑한다면 이렇게 끝낼거면서 왜 그런말을 했니

널 미워해야만 하는거니 아니면 내탓을 해야만 하는거니
시간을 돌릴수만 있다면 다시 예전으로 돌아가고 싶은 마음 뿐이야
왜 말 안했니 아님 못한거니 조금 보낼 생각하지 않았니
좋아한다면 사랑한다면 이렇게 끝낼거면서 왜 그런말을 했니
널 미워해야 만하는거니 아니면 내탓을 해야만 하는거니
시간을 돌릴수만 있다면 다시 예전으로 돌아가고 싶은 마음 뿐이야

그래 더이상 묻지 않을게 내곁을 떠나고 싶다면
돌아보지 말고 떠나가 눈물은 흘리지 않을께 괜히 마음만 약해지니깐
내게서 멀어진 니 모습이 흐릿하게 보여 눈물이 나나봐
널 많이 그리워할것 같아 참아야만 하겠지 잊혀질수 있도록
다시 사랑같은거 하지 않을래 마지막 사랑은 돌아선 너에게 주고 싶어서
행복하길바래 나보다 좋은여자 만나기를

I was happy, the time i spent with you
Most likely you were in pain
It's not that i didn't know how you felt, i felt it too
I can't get used to letting you go
I hate you for having to leave me

Why didn't you tell me, or couldn't you tell me
Didn't you think of me?
If you were going to break my heart,
Why did you tell me you liked me, you loved me
Must i hate you, or must i hate my faults
If i can turn back time, i want to go back to the past


If you want to leave, i won't hold you back
Leave without looking back
I won't cry because it will just make me weak

Tears are falling from missing you
I will miss you
But i need to hold it in so that i can forget you
I dont' want to love again
Because i want to give you my last love

Be happy, meet someone better than me

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

가슴이 두근 두근

너를 처음 봐쓸때
너랑 처음 눈이 마줘 처쓸때
너의 목소리를 들어쓸때
내 가슴은 두근 두근

너의 손을 처음 잡아쓸때
너를 내 품애 안아쓸때
너를 바라볼때
내 가슴은 두근 두근

그렇게 사랑하고 해여질때
가슴이 찌저질때
눔물이 나쓸때
내 가슴은 두근 두근

너의 소식을 들어쓸때
너를 못볼때
너를 다시 봐쓸때
내 가슴은 두근 두근

행복할때나, 아플때나 나의 가슴은 두근 두근. 그래, 심장은 두근 두근 거린다. 그게 정상이니까.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Drama Review: Greatest Love (최고의 사랑)

Yoo In Ah, Yoon Geh Sang, Cha Seung Won, and Gong Hyo Jin. "A" list celebrities take over this drama, along side a very long list of special cameos (ie. Lee Seung Gi).

The synopsis. 10 years after a kpop girl group is disbanded, one of the ex-members who has had a miserable reputation for doing the wrong things meets Korea's #1 actor.

Of course, the story isn't that simple (com'on.. it's a K-drama). Too lazy to write all of the other details. What i will tell you is that it's a romantic comedy. I laughed plenty while watching this - and time actually flies while you watch it. In other words, there aren't any boring parts throughout the entire 16 episode series. I remember only fast forwarding through one part.

There isn't much to change for this drama. The male lead was perfect! However, I personally didn't like the female lead. She reminds of someone.. like literally looks almost the same and it freaked me out. I had to go through 2 episodes to settle down. Doesn't she look like the doll Chucky from that scary movie.. ?

Rating: 9/10

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Dieting Rule #3: Fatty Foods

Many fitness experts will tell you to cut down on fatty foods such as pizza, hamburgers, etc. What they fail to tell you is why. Some of these "experts" that i've come across at 24 Fitness didn't have great responses.

#1 response was, "Because it's processed fat, and if you eat it - it will just go straight to your love handles"

There is some truth to that. Eating foods with high fat content will not help you loose any weight. But the true reason it's bad for you is because it clogs all of your internal organs. Particularly the liver, which is key to a healthy metabolism. Have you seen what fat looks like in a jar? It's pretty thick.. and it would certainly clog up most unconventional drains. Now imagine that clogging up your liver.

Completely abstaining from fat isn't good either. Your body needs fat for a few different reasons. Particularly to prevent essential fatty acid deficiency. Being moderate in what you eat is important.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

나쁜 남자

여자들은 꼭 착한 남자가 좋다고 한다. 하지만 꼭 나쁜 남자한태 넘어간다. 그러고 나서 핑게를 댄다..

"나한태만 나쁘지 않으면 돼"

여자들 참 웃기다.

그래서 남자들은 기역해야할것이 있다. 나쁜척하면서 착하개 구러야한다.. 여자가 해깔리게. 그래야만 승리를 걷을수 있다.

이 행동을 하두 오래 써먹어떠니.. 이재 나두 해깔린다. 난 어떤 남잔가? 오늘 흥미로운 말을 들었다.

"오빠 나빠!" 그런대 어쩜 떡처럼 붙어있는지. 30분 후 이렇게 말햇다. "오빠 너무 착한거 같아."

아~~ 해깔려..

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dieting Rule #2: Green Tea

Some of you who have been following my diet should know that i love green tea. It's not super bitter, and it's very easy to drink with a roast aroma. I began drinking it because i read it helps with loosing weight.

During this summer, i stopped drinking it because it was too hot to even consider brewing a cup. During those 3 months, i noticed a few things. I was getting bloated in the morning, my weight loss discontinued, and i felt tired.

For the past week, (the weather here in California has cooled off) i started drinking my daily cup of green tea - and instantly felt 2 things. One, i feel less bloated - and two, i feel like i'm shedding off lbs again. Although the weight loss could be because of my new workout routine, my body does feel healthier.

Green tea in general is a great drink. According to WebMD here are some of the top reasons why you should drink it on a daily basis.

1. Powerful antioxidants
2. Fights cancer
3. Good for the heart
4. Helps loose fat

Helps you look younger, clears your skin, helps you loose weight, and keeps your heart healthy. Why wouldn't you drink it? In the morning, instead of drinking that cup of joe, why not substitute it for green tea?

Monday, October 03, 2011

Song of the Day: Zia - The Way I Am

T-ara's Eun Jung and actor Lee Jang Woo are a virtual couple in the hit TV show "We Got Married." They recently stared in the music video for Zia and have gained much interest from fans.


Sunday, October 02, 2011

Song of the Day: Tamia - Missing You (Cover)

I don't usually post videos of Youtube artists, but this girl is pretty good. She has incredible voice control in the lower notes which is VERY hard to find. To top it off, she hits the right high notes.

Simon Cowell gives the finger to a 14 year old boy

During the show "The X Factor" US version episode 4, Simon Cowell candidly gives a 14 year old performer the middle finger on national TV. Did anyone else catch this? To give a brief background, the 14 year old boy started his performance by calling out Simon saying, "Yo Simon, i see you man.. what is your problem man? Are you serious? You are lucky we aren't in the streets."

This was just an act. It was sort of an intro to his rap song, "Don't look at my mom." I don't think Simon appreciated his antics though. The middle finger was clearly there and Fox aired the show this way.

Was it intentional? I think so. The crowd loved the 14 year old boy, and i think Simon had no choice but to put the boy through to the next round.

Edit: Apparently, this isn't the first time Simon used his middle finger as a gesture. So who knows.. i just think it shouldn't be aired on TV considering the meaning of the gesture here in the US.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Dieting Rule #1: Metabolism

One of the hardest and challenging step of weight loss is metabolism. There are 3 reasons why, and i will list them out here.

1. You need to eat.

Most people think just dieting alone will help them loose weight. Yes, there is truth to that. But, remember that one guy from season 1 of "Survivor?" He lost like 50lbs during the show because he was eating a whole lot less in that island. However, when the show ended and he went back home, the fat also came back. The reason is metabolism.

During winter, bears hibernate. They don't eat, and their bodies are able to adjust and lowers their metabolism to the point where they can survive. Our bodies do the exact same thing. If you stop eating or lower your calorie intake significantly - your body will react and lower the metabolism, thinking if it doesn't you will starve to death. This is why you need to eat. But there are tricks to how you need to eat.

  • First, you need to eat 5 times a day. Breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, snack.
  • Second, you need to eat small portions. THIS IS KEY. Whenever you eat more than your body can handle per sitting, all those extra calories go to fat.
  • Third, you need to eat smart. Chicken breast and fish, instead of pizza and hamburgers.

I am a HUGE offender of this rule. I honestly don't follow any of it. And that is the reason I can't seem to trim the last 10lbs i want to get rid of. I eat maybe twice a day - and during lunch i eat a very large portion (which sums to the majority of my calorie intake in a day). I also love carbs (rice, noodles, bread, etc.) - so my diet stinks.

Don't get me wrong though - you can still loose weight with my bad habits, but the results won't be alarming. To top it off, you have a high risk of gaining all the weight back because of a slow metabolism. However, there is a cheat which i will list below.

2. You need to gain more muscle

Muscle burns more calories than fat. That's a given. The more muscles your body has, the more fat/calories you will burn in a day. Your body will also thank you by increasing the metabolism to a degree.

Doing cardio (running, bicycling, walking) is a great workout and helps your heart stay healthy. I am all for cardio. But what it doesn't do that well, is help you increase your muscle volume. And here comes the big shocker! The downfall of cardio only diet is that your body will stay healthy only as long as you keep doing cardio everyday. Whenever you stop, or take a few days off.. guess what? Your body will not have the required metabolism and will gain all that weight back.

So, along with a healthy cardio, you need to lift weights. If you don't have any weights, use your body! Situps, push ups, etc.

3. Genetics

Just like some kids are born into rich parents and have their whole futures laid out for them. Some people are just born with an instilled gene that keeps their metabolism high even without exercise.

Maybe one day in the future, we can create pills that changes our genes..

Anyways, i should probably start listening to my own advice. Eat smaller, more often, and get muscle!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Restaurant Review: Veronese Cafe

Veronese Cafe
419 W Commonwealth Ave
Fullerton, CA 92831
(714) 578-8265

Mon-Sat 9:30 am - 12 am
Sun 12:30 pm - 12 am

If you are looking for something different than Starbucks or a nice dating spot, you should try Veronese. The main difference is the atmosphere. There are little fountains, lots of plants/trees, and plenty of seats for large parties. The drinks are well made, and they serve food (which i have yet to try). It's pretty quiet and unique.

There are two short comings with this place though.

1. Parking sucks. There are about a total of 8 parking spots behind the shop. If they are all taken you will have to park on the street, but it's only a 1 minute walk.

2. Service. Don't expect great service. Personally i haven't had any bad experiences, but i've heard some bad reviews on Yelp. My theory is, since the place is Korean owned, they are nicer to FOB's that speak fluent Korean. Most Koreans like to get their drinks and just talk with company and not be bothered by waitresses every few minutes - and they are probably used to that custom.

If you end up going, ordering a drink and receiving it shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure you go up to the counter to pay instead of flagging someone to bring you the check.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why is growing hair so difficult?

So for the past 2.5 months i tried to grow my hair. Grow it long enough to do the whole FOB look. My hair is semi curly, so i was going to get a straight perm or magic straight done. When i went to the salon, i was advised against doing it, simply because i would have to redo it every other month and it costs $60 - $80 for guys. I hate the fact that my hair is so stubborn and short is pretty much the only thing it's good at.

Pretty much everyone i know has told me shorter hair looks better, or makes me look younger. I guess i should 포기 the long hair.

Movie Review: The Good The Bad The Weird

좋은놈 나쁜놈 이상한놈.

The movie is about 3 guys. A thief, a bounty hunter, and a murderer. All 3 of them are entangled in a drama over a treasure map. The setting is old western with a mix of early 1900 weapons and vehicles.

Lee Byun Hun and Jung Woo Sung star in this movie - and it's not often you find two very high paid actors in the same movie. Neither of them outshine each other - and it was a perfect balance.

The movie has many shooting scenes and abundant volume of chase action. Cinematography was really good, and some of the scene locations looked nice. But, the overall plot and drama didn't have any "umph". Most of the story was predictable. Worth watching at least once.

Rating: 7/10

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Song of the Day: Huh Gak - Hello

After winning the Korean version of American Idol, Huh Gak finally released his first mini album. He has a great voice.. and the song suits him very well.

While we are on this subject.. anybody else think it was funny how John Park got voted off American Idol and ended up going all the way up to 2nd place in the Korean version of AI? I honestly don't think he sings that well.. anyways..

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rant: People who try to get pity attention

Ever since i was little i was taught a little secret about getting extra attention for myself. Pity. This can be used in a few different ways, but the general method is always the same. Act or exaggerate how sick or hurt you are. This is used in many different scenarios - the most prudent - is calling in sick for work when you are fully capable of finishing a shift.

Next is going MIA so that people start to worry about you. This works best after you made a mistake and need to apologize, but don't feel like being the instigator. So, you wait and expect others to approach you first to save face.

Lastly, (and this is by far the most annoying) is a method to get pity from people who live with you. It only works this way because you need to be in constant interaction. First, you need to act sick - and take unusually long naps. Stay in your room and come out only to use the restroom. When you do come out, you must make sure not to make eye contact or talk to anyone. If someone asks you a question, just grunt and act sick. If no one pays attention to you, you need to make your presence known by grunting and sigh'ing very loudly so that everyone can hear.

These methods do the following:

1. Make the other person worry
a. Did i do something wrong?
b. Why is he/she sick?
c. Did something happen?

2. You receive pity attention
a. If you are human, you will doubtfully wonder what the matter is
b. The other person becomes a priority in your daily thought process

3. You get what you want
a. Are you a parent, and your grown up kids are behaving? Act sick until you get the results you want. Then proceed to be miraculously cured. (F*** to any of you old timers that used this method)
b. You are a gf and want to play mind games with your bf. At the end, the bf is so worried he gets whatever you want.

To top it all off, you can call yourself a professional at using the pity attention method when you are able to be the one pissed off while using it. For example, you achieved the pity attention and you get people asking you if you are "ok". You respond by purposely acting pissed off and annoyed; when in reality you are happy inside that you are getting the attention. "Don't worry about me", "Get off my back" etc. What happens next is making the other person even more nervous and worried.

My mom's side of the family use the sick/pissed off tactic very often. I've had to live with it so long that i learned to just completely ignore them. Giving them any sort of pity attention will just encourage them. Generally what happens when i ignore them, is that they get infuriated that i don't give a crap. And my obvious response is that even if i did care, they would give me the cold shoulder tactic.

If someone tries to use this tactic on you, think carefully about how to respond. You may just have to balance the volume of attention you give - or else you can fall prey to a devious devourer.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Creating Korean Pancakes!

On a rainy day in Korea, you can ask just about anyone what they are craving to eat, and the answers will generally be the same.

"김치전, 양파전, etc."

It translates to Korean pancakes. There many different types of Korean pancakes, based on a single variable. Just like there are many different types of pizza based on toppings. There is seafood pancake, kimchi pancake, vegetable pancake, etc. Although my favorite is seafood pancake, the ingredients are not readily available. So i go to the next best thing, which is kimchi pancakes.

These pancakes go really well with soju, and it's a snack Koreans love to eat while drinking. Here is a quick and easy way to make some for yourself today!

What you'll need:

a. 1 cup of flour
b. 1/2 cup of water
c. 1/2 cup of kimchi
d. 1 egg
e. optional: frying mixture, and kimchi broth

First get the kimchi on a cutting board and dice it up. On a large mixing bowl, add the flour, kimchi broth (this is just the red juice in the kimchi container), water, egg, and the kimchi. The frying mix is optional because it's used for people who like their pancakes a little crunchy.

After you add everything, mix it together and you should get a nice thick layer of something like this:

Get a large frying pan and add a generous amount of cooking oil. You can make a large shape (as pictured below) or little shapes for individual sizes. Just make sure it's a thin layer.

After you took one, before you make another one - add more cooking oil. With the ingredients i listed above, you should be able to make 7 individual pancakes, or 2.5 large pancakes.

Enjoy! On a final note, you can be creative and add more ingredients like green onions or even beef.

Friday, September 16, 2011

King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

Simply put.. the most delicious rolls you will ever eat. I bought a bag of 12.. and they were gone by the next morning. I have James to thank for introducing me to this delicious piece of bread.

They might end up being my downfall.. considering each roll is 90 calories. 12x90=.. you do the math.. haha.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quote of the Day: Eye for and eye

"An eye for an eye, leaves everyone blind."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Movie Review: Glove

There aren't that many movies that put little drops of tears in my eyes. Either i am getting old or being too emotional; but this movie was a pleasant surprise. I was looking at a list of torrents to DL and just happen to find this. The original trailer and posters didn't really seems appetizing. And how wrong i was..

Did you know there is love is baseball? Glove - G = Love. lol.

The synopsis of the movie is about a troublemaker pitcher in Korean baseball that is suspended for his violence. He goes to coach baseball at a school for deaf students to redeem his reputation.

There is a part in the movie at around 1 hour and 15 minutes where the coach gives an inspirational speech. That was the climax and the best part of the movie.

If you can read Korean, you can find the torrent @

Rating: 9/10

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Song of the Day; Yoon Jong Shin - Wedding Day

Not a fan of the melody or the singer. However, the lyrics of this song is amazing. 가사가 참 멎지다! If only Kim Bum Soo originally sang this... lol

니가 그렇게 예쁜지 웨딩드레스
하얀 니 손엔 서글픈 부케
수줍은 듯한 네 미소
이해할께 너의 부모님 말씀은
지금 보니 니 옆에 그 사람은 널
아마 행복하게 해 줄거야
하지만 넌 잊을 수 있니
그 맹세
마지막을 함께 하자던
울었잖아 촛불을 켜고
무엇도 우릴 갈라놀 순 없다고

세상 그 누구보다 난 널 알잖아
순결한 너의 비밀 너의 꿈을
나를 보지마 지금 니 모습에~
우는 날~
난 지키고 있을께
촛불의 약속 괜찮아
너는 잠시 잊어도 돼
널 맡긴거야 이 세상은
잠시~ 뿐인걸

Song of the Day: Davichi - Don't Say Goodbye

I think Davichi is one of the best vocalist female group in Korea right now. Their harmony and unique voice is awesome. I can listen to this song all day.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

You are NOT the father..

I watched "Bridesmaids" movie today and this clip from the Maury P. show was featured. Maury is a daytime talk show that basically calls in two adults and tries to figure out the paternity of their children. Most of the time, the guests act like bafoons.. for our enjoyment of course.

Friday, September 09, 2011

How to take great photos guide

I get so frustrated when looking at friends pictures when they post on Facebook and the image is either off centered, blurry, or too dark. To top it all off, it's not just one picture.. but an entire album full of crappy pics. You really don't need to be a professional to take decent pics to upload online. If you like taking photos, taking a few minutes to learn how to take them in the first place should be a priority.

Just cuz you have the tools to build a house, it doesn't mean you can just build it. Maybe you can half ass it, but it will look like shit. You need to learn how to do it properly so that the end result will be a beautiful house. Photos are the same. It doesn't matter if you are using a point and shoot digicam, 35mm, DSLR, or even a camera phone - there are always 6 things to remember. The following is like the rules of photography and you should memorize it. I am not a professional, so take this guide with a grain of salt.

Click here to read the guide

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Movie Review: Sunny 써니

This movie was well received in Korea. It recently came out on DVD and i was able to get a copy. It's pretty good, it's funny and sad.. then funny and sad again.

The story is about 7 girls and their lives during High School during the 60's 70's. The movie crosses during the present and the past, and shows their memories through the protagonist Nami.

Overall it's a great movie, and i thought the flow was well balanced.

Rating: 8.9/10

Song of the Day: Boom's Back

If you don't know Boom, then this video will probably not interest you. Boom is a comedian that just made a come back after serving 2 years in the army. He does a few interesting dance moves. The song sucks, but his pretty funny.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Labor Day Weekend & SOTD: Kara - Step

Hope most of you had a safe Labor Day weekend. Mine was really good as i was able to reconnect with a few friends that i haven't seen in almost 5 years. We were all really close during my prime, and we had some crazy times together. There was a LOT of eating this weekend (Thai Food, Yogurt Land, Steak, Hot Dogs, chips, beer, more chips, more beer, etc.) - my body is telling me i need to go work out pronto.

In other news, Kara has made a comeback with their new song "Step". I'm not really sure about the whole "Step it Up" motto though.. considering it was obviously a reference to the movie Step it Up - and the way they say it sounds funny. Anyways, enjoy the video, they do a booty dance.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Song of the Day: G.Na Banana

Catchy.. Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana ..

Not sure about the 2nd song.. it starts out, "Be on top".. and i'm not sure if that's just idiotic Konglish or trying to slyly add some sexual ideas to the song.

On a side note, i met up some friends and ended up drinking two bottles of Johnny Walker blue and woke up without a hangover. The joys of super expensive alcohol.. lol

Monday, August 29, 2011

Song of the Day: Mary Mary - The Real Party

Remember the Korean variety show called X-Man? At the beginning of the show, there is a dance battle between all the guests, and there was a song that came out with a really good beat. I always wondered what the title was, and after some serious digging i finally found it.

This song just makes you want to move and shake da booty. Love it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

재자의 꿈. A disciple's tears

한 재자가 자다가 울기 시작하였다.
그 재자의 선생은 그를 께워서 물었다.
"왜 운우냐? 나쁜 꿈을 꿔냐?"

그는 대답햇다.

"쓸픈 꿈을 꿔냐?"

"아님니다. 달콤한 꿈을 꿨음니다."

선생은 물었다.
"그럼 왜 우느냐"

그는 대답하였다.
"이루어질수 업다는 겄을 알기 떼문임니다."

Ahh.. so sad. Here's the translation.

A disciple started to cry as he was sleeping. So the teacher woke him up and asked him why he was crying.

"Did you have a bad dream?"
"Was it a sad dream?"
"No, it was a sweet dream"
"Then why are you crying?"
"Because i know it will never come true"

Song of the Day: Vibe - Always Alcohol

Old song, but recently got to loving it.

The summary of the lyrics is about always being drunk, trying to settle the pain from losing a loved one. The MV is pretty good too.

슬픔이 차 올라서
한잔을 채우다가
떠난 그대가 미워서
나 한참을 흉보다가
나 어느새 그대 말투
내가 하죠
난 늘 술이야
맨날 술이야
널 잃고 이렇게
내가 힘들 줄이야
이젠 난 남이야
정말 남이야
널 잃고 이렇게 우린
영영 이제 우리 둘은

슬픔이 차 올라서
한잔을 채우다가
떠난 그대가 미워서
나 한참을 흉보다가
또 다시 어느새
그대 말투
또 내가 하죠
난 늘 술이야
맨날 술이야
널 잃고 이렇게
내가 힘들 줄이야
이젠 난 남이야
정말 남이야
널 잃고 이렇게 우린
영영 이제 우리 둘은
술 마시면 취하고
난 한 얘기를 또 하고
이젠 넌
남인 줄도 모르고
너 하날 기다렸어
(난 늘 술이야)
(맨날 술이야)
(널 잃고 이렇게)
(내가 힘들 줄이야)
(이젠 난 남이야)
(정말 남이야)
(널 잃고 이렇게 우린)
(영영 이제 우리 둘은)
(정말 영영 이제)
(우리 둘은)
저물어 가는 오늘도
난 술이야

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Song of the Day: LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

Old song.. but still good.

Monday, August 22, 2011

인생은 즐거운것이다

인생은 즐거운것이다
시간을 다시 돌릴수 없더라도
추억이 남으니까

인생은 즐거운것이다
사랑이 떠나도
다시 돌아오니까

인생은 즐거운것이다
한 문이 다처도
더 좋은 문이 열이니까

인생은 즐거운것이다
기희를 노처도
남는건 기희니까

인생은 즐거운것이다
즐거움을 살수 없다
즐거움은 무료니까

시간이 지날수록 나는 즐겁다
울면서 지내기엔 시간이 아까우니까

긑. bronx

인생은 참 짧은 것이다. 살면서 힘든 일도 있는것이고, 기쁜 일도 있는것이다. 지금 불행을 잘 이겨내라. 산 넘으면.. 또 산이니까. 사오육팔삼구육팔

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Google Plus!

So who else is on Google Plus? I have 130 invites left over, so e-mail me if you want an invite.

If you want to add me here's my link:
Peter's Google Plus

I have been talking about G+ with a few friends, and I think it could surpass Facebook in the next 3 years. The main reason being Google's monopoly on the internet.

1. Gmail. One of the 3 most used e-mail systems in the world. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail.
2. Android. Contacts and calendar features on most Android smartphones use Google based apps that are linked directly online.
3. Picasa. One thing i hate doing right now is uploading my pics to Picasa.. then having to upload them again on Facebook. Google+ removes that hassle

I know that it's in beta, but there are certain elements that can be improved. Things that they did to make themselves stand apart from other social networking sites. Such as, "Circles".. wtf is that. Since the days of Friendster.. it was always "Friends". I'm still getting used to the whole "Circles" shananigans.

Status streaming, videos, pictures, need to be adjusted to properly flow with the rest of the page. Currently, there are multiple sizes for images that offset the whole status stream experience.

It seems like most people are just waiting for the sudden jump to G+ from Facebook. It doesn't seem like that's too far off, considering many bloggers have already predicted Facebook as the next MySpace. If i was Mark Z. i would cash out now and retire.

Kids these days follow trends.. actually not just kids. Most people follow trends, starting with clothes and accessories, to linguistics and social patterns. G+ might just be the next big thing. I admit i am still using Facebook primarily, but that's because G+ is still in beta. I have a hunch when it officially launches - it will do very well.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quote of the Day: Dying..

"It's not dying what you need to be afraid of, it's never having lived at all"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hiking at Eaton Canyon Falls

Sorta spontaneous trip to a hiking trail here in local LA. Eaton Canyon is located in Pasadena and it's about 30 minutes from LA. I remembered how much i enjoy hiking and nature.

On the way up we did see a rattlesnake, so if you decide to go, please don't go into brushed areas covered by shade off the trail. As long as you keep on trail, you should be fine.

We got there at about 12pm, and stayed until 4pm. At the actual waterfall, we played in the water for about an hour. So it takes about 1.5 hours to walk there. One thing that wasn't noted in any of the Yelp reviews was that if you ever end up crossing a bridge, you went too far. You actually have to go underneath the bridge to reach the waterfall.

Here are some helpful tips:

1. Bring at least 2 bottles of water.
2. Bring swim attire and towel
3. Bring extra socks just in case
4. It's better to wear quick drying sports shirts rather than 100% cotton
5. Pack light, it's not a far hike
6. Your shoes will get super dirty
7. Sunblock and hat is nice

Here is a pic of the waterfall in the background. There are a few more pictures for anyone that wants to see. Click on the break to see them.

Old Man Shuffling back in 1980's

I'm having fun with my video editing tool.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

기후 - 절반의 사랑 (형수님은 열아홉 OST)

흠.. 2009년때 이노래들으면서 참 많이 슬퍼는대. 시간 참 빨이 흘은다. 이 노래 가사 너무 멋지고 좋은대 슬프다. 갑자기 4년만의 추억들이 머리 속으로 쌲~~ 지나가는 듯.

This MV is from the OST(Original sountrack) of "Sister in Law is 19" Korean Drama. The drama is very old, i think it aired sometime in 2002, and it's one of my fav. dramas. It's also very unfortunate that the talented heroine committed suicide in real life due to depression. The song is by "Gi Hu" and here are the lyrics. Too lazy to translate. Please use Google translate.

돌아봐줘 단 한번이라도
내가 먼저 사랑했단 이유 그걸로 안되겠니

어둠속에서 헤매이고 있어
세상이 온통 무너지는 것처럼
처음부터 넌 없던거라 믿으며
조금이라도 위로가 되줄까

먼저 말할 수 없는 슬픈 사랑에
가위 눌린채 울먹이는 나를 봐
추억조차 미워할 수 없는 내 모습을
너는 알지 못한채 멀어지는데

돌아봐줘 단 한번이라도
내가 먼저 사랑했단 이유 그걸로 안되겠니
죽을 만큼 갖고 싶어 너를
그리움은 이렇게도 잔인하게 날 묶어두고 있잖아
가슴속에 넌 커져가는데

너 없이 아직 더 채우지 못한
내 삶의 반을 묻어야만 하는지
아직은 다 살지 못한 남은 시간속에
니가 있어야만 해 이제는

미칠만큼 갖고싶어 너를
아무것도 할 수 없는 초라한 내가 더 싫어져
죽을만큼 잊고싶어 너를
이별조차 먼저 할 수 없는 나는 바라만 보고 있을뿐
할 수 없잖아 난 안되니까

그대 사람 될 수 있게 기도했었어
목숨같은 사랑이라면 너에게

돌아봐줘 단 한번이라도
내가 먼저 사랑했단 이유 그걸로 안되겠니
널 사랑해 널 사랑해 너를
그리움은 이렇게도 잔인하게 날 묶어두고 있잖아
가슴속에 넌 커져 가는데
I was born to love you

Song of the Day: Sistar - So Cool (feat. Dj DOC)

I admit, i am a Hyorin fan. I don't know exactly what it is about her, but her silly laugh and incredible voice is charismatic.

Firefox Addons!

I remember back in the days when i had decode the page HTML to download certain pictures or videos from a site that was trying to deter downloads.

Fear no more, Firefox addons solves the problem.

Download helper is a nifty little tool that lets you go to Youtube and download the video file AND convert it to whatever file you want. For me, i convert them into iPod files so that i can play them on the go. I just downloaded Sista19's Ma Boy :)

Wish List: Sager NP8170

My conclusion after my hard sought out laptop search is the Sager NP8170 (instead of the NP8170-S1)

Anybody wanna buy me this? Lol.

Model: Sager NP8170 (Built on Clevo P170HM)
Display: 17.3" FHD Glossy (1920x1080)

CPU: Intel® Core i7 2630QM, 2.0-2.8GHz, (32nm, 6MB L3 cache)
VIDEO: nVidia GeForce GTX 560M 1.5GB PCI-Express GDDR5 DX11
RAM: 16GB DDR3 1333MHz (Sale: Free 8GB Upgrade)
CD: Super Multi DVD±R/RW / CDRW
NET: Built In "N" WIFI & Bluetooth
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Installed

MSRP: $1469.00
DISC: -$44.07 (3% Cash Discount)
SHIP: $28.00
TAX: $0.00
TOTAL: $1452.93

Beefing up!

I seriously need to cut down my calorie intake and also drop all the carbs i eat. In the past month, I've reduced my body fat percentage - but i continue to bulk up. My original goal was to slim down, instead i've been just stacking on muscle. My legs, chest, arms continue to get bigger!

I blame this all on the volume of my meals. I really need to change my lifestyle and reduce my portions. But it's soooo hard! Put a large pizza in front of me.. and i'll most likely eat all of it.

Don't get me wrong, gaining muscle is good - but it's not my current goal. I need to work harder at this. I should start keeping a detailed log of what i eat/hours working out for 2 weeks and see how it goes.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blizzcon North America Inv. 2011 VOD

Been watching replays from the Starcraft II Blizzcon 2011 North America invitationals.

Click me

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Song of the Day: SNSD - Bad Girl

They are back... this is a remake of their Japanese single Bad Girl.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Song of the Day: Brave Girls - 툭하면

So many groups coming out in Korea.. they are at the brink of over saturation. Thankfully there are those one hit wonders that get weeded out.

Brave Girls.. never heard of them, but this song is decent. It's got a relaxing medium tempo.

Laptop Choices: Winner Sager NP8170-S1

I need a new computer. After debating between building a Desktop or buying another laptop, i finally decided it was more practical in my case to buy a laptop.

Afterwards, the question was, which laptop to buy. I really didn't know where to start, and after Googling for possible candidates i was stumped. Most of the lists for Gaming systems were from Dell, HP, Sony, etc. The problem with those is the fact that they are mass produced and build quality becomes an issue. Also, the specs aren't quite up to par with real gaming laptops.

So the next thing i thought of was Alienware. They are known for making some legit gaming PC's and Notebooks. Since i didn't know better, i began just researching Alienware systems and comparing price configurations.

Here is what i wanted:
Alienware M17
CPU: i7 2630
VC: GTX 480M
Ram: 8GB 1333
HD: 750GB 7.2k
Price: $1,650

What i didn't like about Alienware is the case. It looks like a laptop made for a 14 year old. The little lights and slanted design didn't really excite me. There are also many forum topics regarding DOA systems and problems with heat. Dell also charge tax for CA residents so that sucked.

I began reading more reviews and comments. Luckily i came across a user comment that said to look into MSI, Asus, and Sager for gaming computers. At the end of my search, i found a perfect fit for my needs.

It is the Sager NP8170-S1
CPU: i7 2720
VC: GTX 560M
Ram: 16GB 1333
HD: 750GB 7.2k
Price: $1650 - The place i plan on buying it from is They offer 3% discount for customers that pay cash, and no sales tax for CA residents.

Review for this system is pretty good. Particularly the cooling component of the laptop. The intake and rear exhaust vents apparently do a good job at maintaining a cool system.

A faster CPU/Video Card, and double the ram for the same price as an Alienware with no sales tax is a nice catch. I could go a notch down and get the NP8170 for $1300, which is something i haven't decided yet.

Restaurant Review: Boiling Crab

If you like seafood this is a must go. I'm feeling a bit lazy so not sure how long i'll make this review, but Boiling Crab is pretty bomb. You can expect to pay about $25 per person. Also try the following:

1. King Crab
2. Cajun Fries
3. Shrimp

Use the *everything* sauce. It's a little salty, but really good.

Word of advice, don't go wearing nice clothes. You will most likely get sauce spots all over your shirt (even with the bib). Also expect to wait 30 to 45 minutes. 1 hour to 2 hours at peak hours.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

How to SBF, Root, and Mod your Motorola Droid X

August 3, 2011

I finally decided to root my Droid X and get some customization and unveil the full potential of a smart phone with out all the bloatware and Cyanogen Mod 7. Why would you want to do this? For me it was due to the following:

1. Root access
2. Be able to Tether Wifi
3. Get rid of all the Motorola bloatware
4. Go back to Froyo for better battery life
5. Add a custom ROM

During this process i actually had quite a bit of reading, because not everything i wanted was in one place. Here's a tutorial of what i did on my phone.

Here are a few disclaimers.

1. Do this at your own risk. Don't blame me if you brick your phone
2. This guide is for MOTOROLA DROID X, the files included are also for Droid X, which means if you have a Samsung Galaxy S - the procedures and files will be different. Check your respective Android forums.

First you will need to download some files.

1. Android Froyo 2.3.340 - I've felt that Gingerbread on the DroidX was very buggy. Also the battery life went from 3-5 day standby to about 2 days. The current Gingerbread OTA that was release by Verizon is not rootable, so you will not be able to have superuser access. Going back to Froyo is not optional.

2. RDS Lite 4.9 - This is a program used on your computer. This program allows you to SBF your phone back to Froyo.

3. Motorola Drivers for PC - My system automatically detected and installed the drivers. If yours doesn't install from the link.

4. Latest build of the Cyanogen Mod - Make sure you have the latest file. Generally listed at the top.

5. Z4Root - You need this to root your phone and get superuser access.

6. Bootstrapper - You need this file to install custom ROM's

7. Google Apps - Cyanogen is still in beta and i believe there is a problem with Google Apps. You will need this file so that things like the Android Market works

8. All in one fix for CM4DX - This file fixes many items in Cyanogen like 1% increment battery indicator, camera, etc.

9. Bouchigo Theme Pack

Now you have all the files. #1 and #2 will be used from your PC, and the rest need to be moved to your phone's SD Card.

Before you begin you may have some questions.

• What is Rooting? Rooting gives you access to SuperUser. It's like administrative permissions on your PC. You need to root so that you can tether and install custom ROM's.

• What is SBF? Is a way to restore your phone to nearly stock format.

• Why do i need to SBF my Droid X? Currently all Droid X's received an OTA (Over The Air) update to Gingerbread. However, because there is a bootloader lock on it, you cannot Root the phone. So you will need to SBF back to Froyo, then root, then etc.

• What is Cyanogenmod? This is a custom ROM. It hacks your phone's OS and removes bloatware and adds some new features

• What is Theme? In Windows, you can change the appearance of your desktop by changing themes. It's the same for your phone.

Ready? Set? Go!

Now that we have all the files, we can get started.


• Unzip the sbf (#1) to a working/temp folder
• Open RSD Lite, tap the “...” button
• Select the SBF file that you just unzipped

    a- Now we need to boot your phone into bootloader
    b- With your phone Powered OFF do the following
    c- HOLD the Volume Down Button + Camera Button + Power Button
    d- You should see a small screen flash.. once u do release the buttons

• Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable
• You should now see your phone in RSD Lite.
• You may need to click show devices in RSD Lite.
• Click the start button and allow your phone to flash the sbf
• Wait for the process to complete and then unplug your phone.
• Now reboot your phone Good Job your all done!

    e- When you boot your phone up for the first time you might get stuck in a boot loop NO WORRIES!
    f- If stuck in a boot loop do the following!
    g- Pull the battery out of the phone.
    h- Replace battery and then do the following with the phone powered OFF
    i- HOLD Home and turn the Phone On. When you see an android with a exclamation mark Release HOME and press the Search Button.

• Use the volume up/down buttons to highlight the option “wipe data/factory reset” and "wipe cache"
• Press the camera button to select it
• When it finishes choose the option to reboot your phone
• That’s it you are now back to stock

Rooting Your Froyo System and Installing Bootstrapper

• Just skip all the setup the first time around by pressing "top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left" quickly (it will go to your home screen now)
• Using the "files" inside of the app drawer go and find where you put z4root at and click on it to install
• It will ask you to go to settings, go to settings and enable "unknown sources" then also go to development and enable "usb debugging" while your at it. then hit back on click on z4 root again and install.
• Phone will do its thing and reboot. If this process takes longer than 5 minutes, you will have to pull the battery and try again.
• Go to files again after reboot and install droid2bootstrapper. (IMPORTANT: After you install Cyanogen, don't use Bootstrapper. You will brick your phone)
• After installed open and click on the top button, click ok or yes when a popup comes up. then click on the bottom button once it says success.

Installing CyanogenMod7
• Once in clockwork recovery, format system and wipe data and cache. Now you are going to flash the 3 zip files you placed on your sdcard using the install from sdcard option.
• First do the newest nightly zip (#7).
• Then do the gapps zip.
• Lastly, do all in one fix zip.
• Reboot the phone once finished.
• Install Bouchigo Theme Pack

Tada! You are now done. Here are some things you will notice.

1. The camera app is different. Currently the dedicated shutter button does not work, you will have to change the settings so that you can use your volume buttons. However, the camera app itself is MUCH faster than stock.

2. When you shut off your LCD, it looks like a TV going off. SWEET

3. Make sure you go to Theme Chooser in your app drawer and select Bouchigo's theme. You will now see the new battery level indicator with 1% increments

4. CM4DX comes with AWDLauncher. I personally prefer Launder Pro, but it's up to you which one you choose.

5. The music player is a LOT better than Moto's version. I no longer use Cube as my music player

6. Power User functions have many more options! Ringer On/Off, Auto Rotate On/Off, Torch (Camera Flash) On/Off,

7. All of the old bloatware that came with the phone are gone. But so did many Google products. You will have to reinstall things like Google Maps, Gmail, and Youtube.

8. When you try to power off your phone, the list of options has now increased! You have now the option to REBOOT!!! YES!

When all is done and you've reinstalled many of your old apps, your phone should look similar to this:

Now then, my original list of must have droid Apps changes again.

• Amazon Appstore - Daily Free Apps!
• Authenticator - Good only if own Blizzard Games
• Dolphin Mini Browser - So far, the best browser i've used on my phone
• Movies Flixter - Many great options such as Box Office, Theaters, Upcoming and DVD Releases
• Pudding Face Detector - This is mostly in Korean, and tries to match a face to a Korean celebrity
• Kakaotalk - Why pay for text messages? Kakaotalk is sorta like AIM, sorta like Gtalk... 99% of Koreans use it.
• Launcher Pro - I prefer this launcher to customize my homescreen
• Music Junk (Must Google, not available in market) - Find MP3's free
• Fancy Widget (Must Google) - This is the big clock on my homescreen
• 한글 (Korean IME KB) - Only applies to you if you type in Korean
Battery Indicator - No longer needed because of the new 1% increment battery indicator
Gallery 3D - No longer needed, it comes stock with Cyanogen
Cube 3 - No longer needed, stock music player is legit
Droid Light - No longer needed, TORCH comes stock with Cyanogen and is also part of the Power user widget
• Audio Manager - I still love this thing. It's such a hassle to edit all your music volume settings
• Handcent SMS - Best text message app alternative to stock
• Smooth Calendar - This is still better than the stock calendar app
• Astro File Manager - Better than stock file manager
Advanced Task Killer - No longer needed because all bloatware has been removed
• StopWatch & Timer - This would be optional

Reference Links:

Droid X SBF Files
How to SBF your Phone Guide
How to install CYanogenMod 7
Bouchigo Theme Pack

Saturday, July 30, 2011

City Hunter: Boob Grabbage!

Just started watching City Hunter K-drama. On episode 2 there is a scene where the heroine runs into a cop. He totally went for her boobs and got a feel as you can see on the screen cap above. What a perv. But i don't blame him. LOL

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Song of the Day: Homme - I smile because i'm a man

That English translation does it no justice. The original Korean meaning of the song title refers to how guys are supposed to be macho. Smile and laugh even though it hurts.. kinda thing.

Chang Min and Lee Hyun have such good chemistry together. They sing and sound very good together. The lyrics to this song is really good too.

* 울고 싶지만 웃어주는 거야 널 잡고 싶지만 보내는 거야
화가 나지만 참아주는 거야 다 알지만 속아 주는 거야

** 남자니까 웃는거야 웃는거야 내가 남자니까

떠날 거면 그냥 가지 웬 말이 많은지 왜 내 가슴만 더 아프게 해
미안하다는 말 행복하라는 말 뭐 놀리는 건지
너 없이 어떻게 웃으라고

[*] 반복
[**] 반복

입장 바꿔 생각해봐 니가 나라면 잘 가란 내 말에 넌 웃겠니
아름답게만 정말 예쁘게만 추억하고 싶어
참을 때 떠나 정말 울기 전에

[*] 반복

참으려 해도 눈물이 나는데 하늘은 왜 이리 화창한 거야
남자라 해도 울고만 싶은데 햇살은 왜 이리 따가운 거야

[**] 반복


I want to cry, but i will laugh for you
i want to hold you, but i will let you go
i'm angry, but i'll restrain
i know everything, but i act as if i don't
i laugh because i'm a man

if you're going to leave, just leave
why do you talk so much
why do you break my heart
I'm sorry, be happy, why do u say those things?
how am i going to smile with out you?


Put yourself in my shoes
can you smile after hearing breaking up?
I want to remember your charm and beauty
Leave while i'm holding back, before i cry


Did these two guys.. or the song writer live my life? Jeezz.. after that awesome song "I can eat just fine", the lyrics to this song is such a big resemblance to my life. It hurts inside, but what you gonna do? Just smile and move on.

Some of you may be wondering who the actress is. Her name is Lee Chae Young. She may look familiar because she was also the girl that came out on "I can eat just fine" music video. You may also know her from another old music video from 2004 of Bi's "I Do".

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Movie Review: Take me home tonight

This movie has that one guy from "That 70's Show". I can never remember his name, but the synopsis of the movie is about a guy that can't seem to figure out what to do with his life after graduating from MIT. While working at a video store, he meets his high school crush and the story unfolds about how he tries to get with her.

What made me think during this movie was how hard guys actually try to impress girls. It's like those peacocks.. the birds with the best looking feathers get to mate. Funny how the animal kingdom is all the same. Human males generally do one of the following to impress girls:

1. Looks. Hair, makeup?, muscle, clothes, swag, and even plastic surgery to get with girls.

2. Money. Does this need an explanation? Guys will make sure girls know they have money. Either with their cars, clothes, accessories, and if they get far enough - their homes.

3. Career/Status. Hey, i work for Google and have a billion stock options. Or, hi my name is Mark Z... yeah have you heard of Facebook? Status.. as in, hi i am the President of the USA.

4. If you don't have any of the preceding items, then you should hope to God that you have a good sense of humor. I don't know if i believe this, but MANY girls will tell me a guy can be ugly as hell as long as he can make her laugh. Nah.. i still don't believe you. Ok ok. maybe 50% true.

5. The guy doesn't even have a sense of humor. Wow.. then i guess it's up to his personality. If you're a girl and you've made it this far down the list.. girl.. you must be really broke in the face. Be a little more confident!

All of us guys do it. We try to strut what we got going for us. If we have multiple things on that list, then kudos! Sometimes i wonder what the world would be like if it was expected that girls hit on guys first.

Anyways, back to the movie. It was so so.. very predictable. A dozen or so funny scenes.

Rating; 6/10

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Laguna Beach

A few friends and I went to Laguna beach today and it was a blast. There was some traffic on the way which made the trip longer, but we were able to find a great parking spot right away which made up for time lost.

The water is super salty.. i'm not sure if it's because it's been forever since i've been in ocean water - but it was clean salty water. We rode the waves for an hour, played frisbee/football, and even hit the small basketball court.

We hit up Jonny Rockets for lunch, and then went to BJ's for dinner. Both restaurants are just a block away from the beach.

The city is very clean, and it's clear that most of the residents are rich white folks. They really need to take that stick out of their ass though.. they are so snobish.

We were playing a game called, "Would you rather" - which is very simple. You give someone two options to choose from such as:

Would you rather marry someone that's 10 looks but 2 personality or 2 looks and 10 personality. It's funny watching people contemplate.. I can guess exactly what's going through their minds. "Should i say what they want to hear, or should i say what makes me less shallow?" Haha..

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Together Smackdown!

Oh man.. i haven't laughed this hard in a while. In a recent episode of Happy Together, Shin Bong Sun slaps Kim Jun Ho across the face. They were trying to reenact a scene from a drama, and KJH was supposed to grab SBS's hand, but either was too slow or SBS just wanted to slap him.

The result was a dead on slap to the face at full speed. You can see the reactions from both comedians as KJH is shocked at pissed at the same time, and SBS is also stunned and speechless.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I want a bike!

I do this to myself every so often.. i tell myself that i will buy a bike. Then time passes and i never end up actually buying one.

I've had my motorcycle license since 1999 and rode friends bikes every so often. But i've never actually owned one. I was very close to buying one back in 2004. I had my eyes set on a yellow/black GSRX600 and even went to see it with cash on hand and a helmet. However, the bike was downed and had a bent frame which wasn't mentioned in the ad.

Soon after that failed attempt, other things came up in my life and bike took the back seat. I haven't looked back until i got back to Cali last year, but it still wasn't a priority. Today though, out of curiosity i decided to look up craigslist and how much GSXR'ers go for these days. The same models in 2004 were going for $5k - $7k. Currently you can buy one that's picture above for $3.5k.

Sooo tempting. Hhhhmmmmmm....

Quote of the Day: Aside from Death..

"Aside from death, there is no such thing as a sure thing"

Thursday, July 21, 2011

People that change your mood

Ever meet someone that just drastically changes your mood? Be it in a good way or bad way? I've recently met two. They are on the opposite sides of the spectrum.

The first girl (let's call her Tebany) is always smiling. She has this awesome aura around her that just gives you a positive vibe. You just want to go talk to her because you can feed off of her energy. There aren't that many people that I've met that give off this much positive energy. I hope she never changes. She's right at that age where teenagers try to figure out who they are. I will pray for Tebany.

The second girl (let's call her Karenora) is a lousy bitch. The first time i met her, i was genuinely trying to be nice. The only response she gave me was sarcasm. Sarcastic facial expression, and sarcastic answers. For example:

Me: "Hey, how did you end up speaking Korean so well?"
Her: "My mom's Korean.. duH~ (sarcasm duh.. where you have to make the uh~~~ really long)"

I don't know what i did to receive such rude behavior, but i got this really dark and negative aura from her. Is it just me, or can you guys also feel someone's aura when you are near them? Anyways, maybe she just hates herself or the way she looks? When i look at her, i get reminded of Ms. Piggy from the Muppets.

Her voice is nauseous and i think she graduated from bitch school or was on the rag. This post sounds like a big-o-rant.. but i'm very serious about this bitch. She has that vibe.. you know when you see cartoons, and in order to depict depression they put a rainy cloud over someone's head and the picture goes black and white. I see that freakin cloud on her head.

Anyways, i just had to mention this because i saw a picture of her by sheer coincidence (cuz she's friends with another friend of mine), and out of nowhere, i slowly became depressed and angry. Now i have this dark aura around me causing me to write this rather dark entry.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quick tip: Dieting & Late Night Munchies

I read somewhere that some 90% of people in the US try to diet at least once in their life time. Not sure about the accuracy of that comment, but i'm sure many of you who are reading this may be wanting to loose some weight.

One of my biggest challenge is late night cravings. Specially if i'm in front of the TV.. i feel like munching on something. Some days it's donuts.. other days just a bowl full of fried rice.

I will share a secret that i have used for a very long time now. Brush your teeth.


Yeah.. brush your teeth. Why?

1. You won't want to eat because you'd have to brush your teeth again
2. Somehow the minty taste in your mouth kinda helps you from salivating from the thoughts of delicious food

If the laziness of not wanting to brush your teeth again doesn't work, drink fluids. Carbonated water is especially good since it will fill you up.

If you are super hungry though, it's not that bad to have a small healthy snack like fruits or carrots. Just don't eat a full bag.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Current song in my head..

Tae Yang - I need a girl.

This is sort of a repost since i upped the video when it first came out. I was listening to the lyrics and that's exactly what i'm feeling this very moment. Yawn..

Monday, July 18, 2011

Six Flags!!

I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain about a month ago. It was freakin fun. Their best ride IMO is the Goliath. I prefer big dips than rides that just give you a headache from all the twist and turns.

I probably should have written this review the day after, cuz right now i can't remember everything that happened that day.

We headed over there around 11am on a Wednesday. There was no traffic. Excellent. We probably should have ate something before entering the parking lot.. big mistake. Why? Everything inside the park is ridiculous. They offer a refillable soda bottle for $17. You can refill it with any drink anywhere all day. $17... LOL. That's not the best part though. You are no longer allowed to bring bags or drinks on rides. Everything must be checked into a locker prior to entering the line for the ride. But guess what, every locker costs $1 each time you open it. These lockers are located next to each roller coaster and have a maximum duration of 2 hours. Awesome right?

Moral of that paragraph. If you go to Six Flags, make sure you don't take a backpack and don't buy the $17 drink.

It was a Wednesday so we thought the park would be empty. Guessed wrong. It was summer break and all the kids probably thought the same thing. It was packed, and the weather was super hot. Freakin desert.

Other than the above, it was an awesome experience. I love roller coasters, and hanging out with friends was fun. The lines for each ride was between 15-45 minutes, nevertheless we were able to ride more than a dozen rides throughout the day.

We decided not to eat at the park because of the ridiculous prices. We snacked around with Churos and Dip N Dots until dinner.

Dinner was at 마당새 (MadangSeh) in LA. It's an all you can eat Korean BBQ for $9 per person. That's so much win. The meat was really tasty for an all you can eat place. We finished the night at Bohemian in LA. If you're drinking in LA.. avoid Bohemian.. it's a sausage fest. Instead, go upstairs and try out Gaam.

Bad Boy

Lately, the bad boy inside me has been popping back up again. I'm not sure exactly what summoned it, but i have been feeling frustrated in recent weeks.

I have been holding my tongue, and always thinking exactly what to say before spitting it out these past few years and it seems to have been giving the impression to people that i am an easy target. Not too long ago, i kinda got sick of it. I am generally a nice guy, but i don't enjoy getting taken advantage of. If only people knew the bad boy inside me, they'd stop messing with me. Yet, i'd rather just keep that side hidden and locked away.

It's like Naruto and a big-o beast hiding inside. I've kept it under control, but sometimes it wants to jump out and i almost let it. Until i come to my senses and calm down.

I think most men have this second persona hidden inside them. Some prefer to show it more than others. That's why it's men that start wars. It's a little switch in our heads that make our blood boil and put our pride before common sense.

Don't worry, it's under control. I've re-sealed it. I just hope people would stop poking me and asking, "Hey let's see that beast inside you, i'd like to get my ass kicked today".

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Body Transformation Part 2

I'm currently stuck at 180 for the past 2 months. Since i got back from Korea, i can't seem to shake the last 10lbs that i want to shed off. Much of it has to do with the fact that i've been eating dinner. When i want to just stay home, something always comes up and i end up eating out.

My upper body is nearly complete. My arms (biceps/tri) are in great condition. Chest is plump and lean. I have a miniscule 4 pack. The last 10lbs will help reveal a nice 6 pack along with a defined chest line.

It's been nearly a year since i started my body transformation and i am so happy i was able to reach my current form. Last night I pulled an old pair of dress pants that i got from BR for $128 in 2004 that i wasn't able to fit into. They fit loose now.

I need to seriously start training hard again for those last 10lbs. Maintaining shouldn't be as hard :) For those of you that are also working out to get a healthier body.. FIGHTING!!