Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Need to Vacuum

Wow it's January 22nd already. Time is flying by right now.. it's almost the end of the month.. and it seems like winter vacation has pretty much vanished.

I've been having a bunch of ppl tell me how dirty carpets can get, and how i should vaccum at least twice a month. Imma have to go borrow Pae's vacuum tomorrow.

I can't remember much of what i've done for the past few days.. it has mostly been work, and working out at the gym and just chillin. I have also had been wanting to format my computer cuz there was a small bug that was bothering me. After finally getting my win2k working - i reinstalled most of my proggies. The only thing that sucks, i didn't want to make a backup of 20gigs of MV's.. so i deleted most of them that i already watched. They were just sitting on my HD anyway. The funniest thing happened though - i met a few friends from San Jose this past weekend in LA two days in a row.. haha. They came to visit and party.. it was nice seeing familiar faces again.

School starts next Monday.. ROAR! dang. I totally enjoyed this break though.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Lost Traffic Court Trial

Dang.. last night was wack. Going to Pasadena at 9am to drop off a friend took 50 minutes.. ugh! But we had a cool little after party at my house and played some funny games.
I pretty much got no sleep - and then had to get ready for my court trial at 1:30pm.

To sum it up - i lost.. i plead not guilty and the judge was a biyotch. My defense was that the cop wrote down Honda Accord when i had a Honda Prelude. Nevertheless, the cops testimony said Honda Accord.. so i argued that he wasn't being an accurate witness and gives enough reasonable doubt that his talking about a different scene. I asked for a dissmisal due to an incompetent witness - and the judge denied me saying that everything else that the cop was saying was accurate. I'm like.. wtf. the guy couldn't even tell what i was wearing that day - nor could he describe what my car looked like. Yet the judge was a bitch and told me "nice try.. u can go to traffic school".. doh!

Right now, i'm just trippin cuz i lost - i hate losing. Then it's the ticket fine which wasn't even reduced!.. and then! i had to pay for traffic school. ARRGG.. Dude.. whatever,.. i have to drive like a grandma for the next 18 months.

Now i'm really tired.. i haven't slept since 9am yesterday. So i've been up for.. err.. 30 hours?

Monday, January 13, 2003

Taxi Driver no More

I typed about 3 paragraphs and then the Blogger thing timed out so everythink got erased!

ok.. imma be brief this time.

10th went to bobo's and saw Pae regurgitate for the first time.. and i feel very honored. I told him it was cause he didn't eat anything.

11th went to Eric's bbq and met a bunch of new ppl - then went to ktown at night which was SOOO wack! Never doing that again - no more being a taxi driver.

12th went to church, went to work out with Eric and then came home. Around 11 or sumthin Eric, Simon, Jeenah, and James came over to chill for a bit.

13th went to lunch with Simon and Jeenah, then went grocery shopping. I bought some KimChee! hahahahah..

Friday, January 10, 2003

Post Bday

oh i guess it is.. i'm 22. weeeee...


Is it jan 10the yet?

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Annoying Girls

Omg.. i got these 2 girls buggin me with their little friends on the web right now. How annoying.. you guys should check their comments from Jan 6th blog. All cuz of a wallpaper of Boa - dang if i stole their car and they were having a cow, i'd actually understand.. but cuz of a Boa wallpaper? Girls.. please get a life. And if you hate me that much - WHY DO YOU read my blog? How weird is that?

I bet they will comment on this blog and tell me some smart ass comments. But please, save your energy and get back to living your lives - i'm really not worth your time (and you girls call me arrogant). Dang, i wish i was arrogant, maybe that will give me more confidence to meet more girls.

Hmm.. i wonder if i should try to write this whole thing out.. but it's so long!.. I'm contemplating if i should write an essay on this whole bjunkyard drama... maybe some other day.

Monday, January 06, 2003

Copyright What?

Man, today hasn't been all that.

1. I was supposed to work at 10am, but i got a little sick and couldn't wake up. So my manager (the really bitchy one) calls me and asks me where i am, i tell her i'm really sick i couldn't go to work - and she bitches about how i was supposed to call her earlier about that so she could find other ppl to work for me. I know for sure this is gonna cause drama next time at work for me. Geezz.. that ruined my day. Partly my fault cuz i shoulda called - and considering that i'm a perfectionist - i don't like making mistakes.

2. This guy/girl IM's me today, and tells me to take down a few pictures of Boa that i have on my site, saying that it's his/hers. That's fine - but how was i supposed to know it was theirs? I asked for some proof and copyright infringement papers.. he/she avoided that question, so i just blocked him/her.

Shoot, for all i know, it's a good way to advertise their site since i never take off watermarks from other sites. I never imprinted that the wallpaper was my work, nor have i stated that on my site. I do however have my own watermark on the bottom right hand site - in order to discourage other ppl from using my bandwidth by linking directly off my site.

And what about the picture he/she used to make the wallpaper? Isn't that a private photo taken by a professional? I don't see any credit towards them.. it's not their photograph.

Overall, i don't see the problem with this whole deal.. but it was a waste of my time and energy to argue about this to that person.

3. I feel a lazy bug - just don't feel like doing anything today.. what a CRAPPY DAY. 2002 wasn't my year, not sure what 2003 will bring, but this isn't a good start.

Saturday, January 04, 2003

18 Hours of Driving

Just haven't felt like blogging lately.. must be a sudden mood change that i want to write something today. Yet there are so many things that happened since the last time i blogged that i'm not exactly sure where to start. Nor do i think i can remember everything to write down.

I went back home for xmas and went snowboarding at Lake Tahoe with my sister and some friends. I got to see my family, a few friends and my doggie PUSHA!~ You can see some pics of them here:

I also got my intake installed with Justin which was really coo.. it didn't take as long as i thought and it was quite simple. Now i have a nice VROOM! sound on my car.. haha. I know i lost some torque and low end, but i can feel it pull more at higher RPM's.. so that's coo. I also met up with Kevin, one of my few white friends and played some pool at California Billards if any of you know where that is. I went back to his place and fixed his network and came home pretty late.

During the 4 days i stayed in the Bay Area, i drove 5 hours there, 4 hours to Tahoe, 4 hours back, and 5 hours back to Long Beach. 18 hours wasn't my plan - but oh well.. it wasn't too bad. At least i got to rest for the most part.

Since i've been back .. i've just been working and chillin with friends. For new years, i went to Pae's new house and got to drink many different types of drinks cuz Pae and Mike both went to Bartending school. I was pretty impressed of how well they mixed everything - me and Yong were thinking we should take a class too.
I think i need an alcohol collection at my house now.. it looks dope and a great time passer when friends come over.

Well - a new year is here - and i have to send in my FAFSA very soon.. dang i hope i don't get lazy like last year. Peter don't procastinate!

I also have a court date on the 16th.. i have to research for that. And i'm turning 22 next friday (Jan 10th). Should i be feeling old? Considering where i am in my life? Most of my friends are probably graduating later this year, and i'm stuck here. Even though i have a pretty good head start (since i worked at a corporate company since Jr. Year in HS and went thru school slowly) i feel as if i'm going to be one of those really old guys that graduate really late and have really young friends from school. I know a few ppl i hang out with who are 24 still going to school and hang out with us that are still 20-22..

So my mom calls me this morning and nags at me for 30 minutes over the phone. I moved 5 hours from her to avoid that - and i guess she figured she can do it over the phone.
After all the nagging, complaining, and a few word fights - she broke down and started to cry a little and told me how much she loved me. She's so confusing.. i don't think i will ever understand her. All these years, she never showed affection or tenderness towards me - and now she slowly does in her own little way. And at the same time, she loves to nag.. it just gives me so much stress. I hung up with her, and soon later i felt this huge burden of stress on my shoulders. bleh.

I brought back a few things from home:

My snowboard and boots so that i can go with friends from LA
New dress shoes cuz my other ones were falling apart.
2003 calendar
A few DVD's (Fast and the FUrious baby!)
My incline chair

Pae is talking about how his mom wants him to go to Korea and become a model/star.. i think he can do it - he showed me this one GQ picture of himself when i first came down - and it looked really good. The camera just seems to like him. Maybe if he gets famous i can meet Hyolee.. haha. Or better yet, i'll try to bribe his manager to make me a star too.. laugh.
His new place is pretty coo - i totall dig it - it's nice and comfy for 2 ppl. His parents moved back to Korea to live with his grandparents, so it's just him and his sister now. It feels a little burdensome to go over though.. his sister is actually pretty strict about things so it's always in the back of your head - and you have to think about what she will think before doing anything there.

OH Yeah.. Yong came over for like 5 days cuz his roommates parents were over at his place and it was bothersome. It was nice having someone home after i got back from work. We chilled for the most part, and actually didn't even go to LA this time around. He helped me a little when i was changing my oil.. and i actually can't remember much of what we did.

This is all i can think of since the last time i updated.
Today, i just woke up went to work - and just got back.