Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yoo Jeh Suk and Hyolee Kiss?

WTF.. MC Yoo Jeh Suk 유제석 and Hyolee 이효리 kiss scene??? LOL

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Poor Little Bird Dies

The bird pictured in my previous blog died over the weekend. Monday morning it was sitting dead on the concrete floor of the parking structure.. sad. I was gonna take a pic to show, but it was gross, it looked like it's neck broke. I think it was just old.

On a creative note, i was just randomly thinking about how.

Birds can fly - so men built airplanes
Four legged animals can run really fast - so we built cars
Two legged animals like ostriges can run faster - so we built motorcycles
Eight legged ants can carry 10x their own weight - so we built trucks with 8 wheels that can tow

Now we just need to make motorcycles that fly just like a two legged bird.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Immigration in California

Bush's new immigration plan.. hmm.. i think in the next 50 years, California will be an awful place to live. Los Angeles is probably going to be over-run by Latin/black gangs, and there will be so many Mexicans all the white ppl will move away.

The thing with Mexicans is a lot of them drive with out insurance. So what happens when they bump into you? They just don't have insurance so they don't pay.. and it's not like you can take them to court cuz you can't sue someone who has no money.. what are they gonna pay you with? Our prisons are already full as it is..