Thursday, July 29, 2004

$1,400 Fall Tuition

Oh boy.. another very busy day.

1. woke up
2. got things ready and took off to CSULB
3. Paid my parking permit and Fall tuition: $1400
4. Went to Banana and picked up my final pay and got a big hug from Toby.. the best freakin manager out there. She understand how it is.. and knows ppl who like her will work harder for her. I sure did. She told me that the Head store manager who has been on vacation was upset because i had quit while she was gone. Toby said she wanted to persuade me not to quit.. but by that time it was too late cuz the other gay manager had filed all my papers.
5. Went to the bank and deposited money
6. Went to Honda Dealer to pick up some oil filters.. but they said it was $12 + 75 cents for washers. I was like O_o.. come again? That guy at the desk was a jerk too.. i just came home and bought them online for $4.50 + $2 shipping. saved myself 50%. Dumb rip off dealers.
7. Went to Video Store and rented a bunch of stuff to watch.
8. Went to post office to drop off my bills..
9. Went to Dry Cleaners and dropped off my two dress shirts from deh hwe
10. Came home, had some ramen and watched videos.
11. Simon came over and we watched videos together
12. Went to eat at Arnolds burger joint accross the street
13. Took out the trash and cleaned the house a bit.
14. Played dota with yong pae justin.. and we OWNED!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


What the heck.. i haven't updated since the 20th? Haha.. let's see what's happened since.

I went to work out with Simon and Eric.. and they have these oversized arms that i can't compete with. We worked our arms.. but to me it was like hell cuz i have rather weak arms compared to them. I was sore for about 5 days and for the first 2 days couldn't even move them. It was very uncomfortable.

I watched a bunch of videos and played dota all day with Yong. haha.. at least he has a job now. I'm still a bek su.

For Wednesday:

Pay Rent
Pay Electric Bill
Pay Credit Card
Pay Tuition/Parking
Deposit @ Bank
American Express 401k

Go to SaveMart Print pics
Go to video store

As for the past 3 days...

First day of convention for my church. Was nice seeing my friends and family from North Cal. Also saw all my family from Sol Cal who i don't get to visit often.
Went to Rainforest Cafe for dinner and just hung out. Bleh.. rather interesting day.

Came home early because parents wanted to eat "pizza" from the hotel room.. HAHA. I bet my sister had fun that night though.. wouldn't even pick up her phone "wink wink" .. haha.
Called Pae, judy, mike and got drunk at HQ. Went to Karaoke and sang my heart out which allowed me to forget things i wanted to forget.

Said Bye's .. came home and i think i went to sleep after watching Samaria. Movie sucked! .. ok.. it didn't SUCK.. but it wasn't that great. Ending was wack.

As per, the convention it was very typical as any other year. I didn't get to see a few people that went to the convention in the East coast.. oh well. faith has it's ways. I re-realized what i told myself and Yong a few months back. YUH JAH PO GI! right yong? haha. Chong Ggak for LIFE! I wonder if you know this, but the feeling that your not good enough for someone is like the most BEE Cham Hae feeling in the world. Not being liked by ppl sucks too. And why is everyone.. i mean everyone be like, "damn peter u got fat".. haha.. When i was skinny.. ppl were like, "Peter u need to gain some weight".. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?!?!

On a side note, my hair is growing rather fast.. long long long! I took a bunch of pics from the convention but i'll post just a few. My sister took more, which i'll post when i get them.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Pet Peeves! Trip to SD

I just realized something after seeing a few pics. I dislike girls who wear their bags over their shoulders and let the strap go inbetween their boobs.

1. if they have no boobs, it makes it oh so more obvious
2. if they have boobs, we don't have to find out that u have pointy cone boobs.
3. if you have very nice boobs.. u just look stuck up.

I have a feeling i mentioned this before, but my #1 pet peeve on the Highway is idiots who drive on the fast lane at 65mph.. with a long line of traffic behind him. Never understood what these people are thinking. I was passing this guy doing the same thing and he looked so preoccupied thinking of something that i was at awe.

I also hate girls that drive with their cellphones. Honey, plz.. u can't do both at the same time.. u suck at driving as is.. don't mix it with more things to concentrate on. I say "girls" because i rarely see cell-a-holic guys who can't live w/o a cellphone. The worst are the asian mom's who drive talking on the phone.. PLZ.. for the safely of all human kind.. stop it!

I gave my 2 week notice at BR on Saturday. I quit that place.. it's been way overdue, and it was time i moved on. I made some great memories there, and have a few bad ones.. but it was coo. I got bitched at today by one of the managers cuz i didn't get a "change of schedule" form signed off so that someone could cover my shift. Give me a break.. psh. 10 minutes later, they call me again and tell me my Thursday shift was cancelled. HAHA.. why not just cut me for the rest of the week? Dumbasses. I swear it's some kind of conspiracy. Well.. i know what they drive.. they better watch out for a medium built guy with a ski mask. LOL.
On that same day, i went to get some money from BofA, and their ATM network was down. So i took out a bunch of cash hoping it wouldn't get recorded towards my account. HAHA.. much wishes for me. I went inside to the working lady for some help, and this Indian guy goes,

Indian guy: "Aren't we signing in on that little clip board so that we take turns?"
BofA girl: "Yes sir"
Indian guy: "Well we are next, but why are you helping him first"
BofA girl: "I'm sorry sir, we will be with you very shortly"
Indian guy: "I dont' get it, i just don't get it"

Hahahahah.. What happened was, i asked the girl greeting people about the ATM machine, and she asked her manager to help me with it. And apparently i cut in line, cuz the manager was supposed to help the Indian guy. He was all upset.. as if the world was coming to an end. Relax buddy.. damn.

In the hopes that i can relax a bit, i went to visit Yong in SD. I told him i'd visit for a while now.. and finally made it down there. My legs were really sore from playing bball on sat.. so i could barely move.

On the first night, i got to check out his new place, then we went to Min Suk Chun and had Chicken and beer.. played a few rounds of dota at PC bang and came home to sleep.

Second day, we went to the beach and had some tanning done. Shortly we went to eat Jja Jang Myun, and watched "King Arthur". The movie was pretty coo.. i enjoy watching those epic movies. Braveheart, Troy, Patriot, Gladiator, etc.. We stopped by Blockbuster and rented Brother Bear. Came home, watched the rented movie, and Ocean's 11. Can't wait for Ocean's 12.

Third day, Yong went to Honda to get his wiper fluid tubes fixed cuz it had a gauge. But they told him to make an appointment which is total bs. They should have at least checked the car out to see what the problem was. Bitch asses. Yong came home, and we went to rent videos and had Pap Bing soo.. then went to k-market for food. Came home and watched k-videos and had Sam Gyup Sal.

now i'm home.. good times. This is the live of a Bek Soo..

Friday, July 09, 2004

Bye bye BR

I quit BR.. time to give my 2 week notice.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Quick updates on life

So yesterday i had this huge migraine. I couldn't get out of bed cuz every time it would hurt the hell out of my head. It was as if some monsters was trying to get out of my skull.. piercing thru it's thick shell.

I ended up playing a few rounds of Dota and making curry at home. I also went to the video store in Cerritos to rent the new Drama with Kim Min Jong, and also got "Parri blah blah".. which i haven't watched yet.

Bul Seh is almost over.. i figure in the next video. Seems like it's going to be a happy ending.

I finished up a few notes and went to bed.

Today, i took my first final at 9am.. i think i'll end up with a B. I could only miss 2 points to get an "A" but i think i missed about 4 questions. U think maybe the teacher will bump a 88 score to an A? Arg..

I still have 2 more finals and i got this huge gap cuz the first one only took 30 minutes. I bought some cheap ass $5 sunglasses from one of those flea market shops here in school. It was time i got rid of my $10 pair that i got at a gas station. These are nice.. sorta looks like Pae's Ferugamo's.. except it's 200 less. I'm trying to erase the "Made in CHina" tag.. but it won't come off. HAHA.
I dont' like wearing my Armani sunglasses cuz i get self conscious of it's value. I'll throw these $5 sunglasses around..

Too bad that other shop wasn't there today.. which sold necklaces. I wanted to get the one with leather strap and a silver medallion. Those look pretty sick.. i shoulda got one when i had a chance last week. Bleh.

My new jeans from BR are so freakin tight around the thighs.. damn. and they are low riders so they are sagging like crazy. I've lost a good amount of weight.. and i know this because many of my pants fit more comfortably now. I got another 17 days left till i loose more weight. The 1 hour sessions of working out in front of the TV is working i guess.

Oh yeah.. did i tell you i'm growing out my hair? It's at that awckward stage right now but i'm figuring another 3 months and it'll be at the length i want it. BA RAM MUH RI! hahaha.. dont' they call it a mullet here? :)

It's so glommy outside.. and it's July! It's weird cuz last year around this time, it was REALLY hot.. i like this weather.. but it's still a little weird at this time of the year.

After finals, i plan on going on a trip to SD to see yong. I always tell him i will visit but get caught up in other things that i can't go. For reals this time.. imma go see him. Take a break and have some relax time. Maybe we'll go to the beach and hang out.

I also have to see my uncle who i promised i would visit. He said to make an appointment cuz we are both so busy. Bleh.. He burdens me by saying how i never visit then tells me to make an appointment. GFG.

Oh yeah yesterday, i also bought a case of 5w30 oil cuz i need to change it soon. I'm trying to buy some filters online cuz it's like 8 bucks at Honda stores now. I found this huge beetle dead under my desk yesterday.. and have NO idea where it came from. Looks like it was dead before coming inside my house. My only guess is it was stuck on the bottom of my shoe or something. How i hate bugs.. I HATE BUGS.

There's this cat that's always next to my garage and looks at me when i walk back home. I've tried countless times to persuade it to come next to me.. but it just sits there and stares. STupid cat. It has a collar but i'm sure it's a runaway.

Life as a whole is pretty good these days.. not too much drama that i can't handle and no real biggies other than today's finals. Haven't been drinking at all lately... which i think is helping my diet. I realized that i started to gain a lot of weight after i turned 21.. and that equates to all the late night beer drinking and sober up food that i ate. I can't think of anything else to write..