Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chuascaria = GG

Man.. blogger used to have a link called, "Quick Blog" but they got rid of it.. stupid fucking google. They get a lot of things right, but why screw with a perfectly good website. Ugh. frustrating.

Anyways, i plan on going to Chuascaria tomorrow with the boys and it should be fun.. meat!!

A note to self, "your insecure".. or have trust issues. deal with it idiot!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

WoW Is Addictive

Hmm.. Blogger was bought out by Google.. i wonder how much money they got.

What the heck have i been up to? Nothing much other than WoW i guess. Addicting game if u ask me. Thanks Pae, and Chris, and Genki. Dota and now WoW.. what's next? haha. So life is still the same after my new years resolution. Yeap.. im a lazy dork with no motivation atm. Oh.. spiritually i have been doing better so it's all good at least there is sum progress in my life.

Maybe i'll scratch the idea of Subway and just work at a company.. i dunno. My pants are fitting very uncomfortably lately.. so i gotta start dieting again.

Jung Dae Bin commited suicide.. that's so freakin sad - she was a great actress. "Alley Cat" was one of my fav. dramas too. Depression kills.. literraly .. so let's all stop being depressed and think with the glass half full!