Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend Fun

So, what happened over the weekend?


got a really nice long rest. Played dota with pae pretty much all day. Eric stopped by and he wanted to go clubbin but i was too lazy so ended up staying at home.


Eric came over and we headed over to James's and watched the game. Jame's sister bought us Islands.. and i was incredibly full. I should never eat like that again. We played sum bball and came home.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Happy B-Day to Me

Guess it's time to update a lil.. haven't done that in about 10 days now.

Well my bday went by.. didn't do anything. Watched a lot of videos. Oh wait.. i went to Inglewood and HG.. and Hustler too - Eric threw up w/o even drinking and James made $150. That was actually a pretty fun weekend. We even played basketball with no lights.

Since then, this week has been going by pretty fast. Nothing major just working. Went out with boss last night to Ktown to drop off some stuff - and ended up in a Porsche (me driving) cruising in LA. HAHAH.. Then we hit up Palm Tree and had realized that all those gold diggers were looking at us. Gosh, how one simple material posession makes a difference.

We had Patron and Hemi and got pretty wasted. Had a interesting conversation with this dumb gold diggin girl. ew.

I thought i would change this new year.. but dang it's hard. Haha.. and too lazy to do so. I like the way things are... [ponder..] wait.. i don't like the way things are but it's hard to change. Im' freakin 200 lbs now. I need to take a pic to have a before and after picture. I'm going into the 7 month plan this year so around June.. i should have shed off most of this excess fat.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

5 Stitches..

Werd! 2006 is here! Time is flying. I just realized i've been running bjunkyard for like 8 years now. That's a very long time..

So what did i end up doing for new years? Went to Big Bear..

12/28 - Called Jimmy and Pae to go drinking. We all had Wine Korean bacon.. and that shiet was good! Drank a grip - then went ot echa and drank sum more at Bellagio. Good times. haha

12/29 - Got my thumb cut in half. Had to get 5 stiches. Got cut while working on a customers car. Ugh.. it was so nasty.. i almost fainted. Went to a Korean hospital and they charged me $300 and $25 for a tetnis shot. I thought that was expensive - but it woulda cost double in an emergency room. Damn those doctors get paid mad bank. The doctor did a good job stitching me up though.. it's healing nicely but i will have a scar.

12/30 - Headed up to Big Bear. Rented a cabin for 6 people. First night there was a lot of MOTA and miscellanious fun.

12/31 - Snowboarding .. snow sucked. It was all manmade.. all wet and mucky. Plus i didn't get to enjoy it much since i was helping one of our group members learn how to snowboard.
Afterwards, ate sum good Chinese food and Pong's. Nice.

1/1 - Came back home and watched King Kong again.. and ate wine Korean bacon again. HAH.. the best thing about this trip was that it was basically free, didn't have to pay anything.

AY NIM~! JJANG! 4pm - 5pm PST.