Sunday, November 28, 2004

Back in LA

Just got back home.. took 6 hours to get to san jose with all the traffic. Took 5.5 hours to come back home. but it shoulda been 5 hours. Stupid me, after putting gas in the middle of my trip, i took 5 NOrth instead of South. HAHA.. and drove an extra 40 miles UGH!

So tired.. the drive took a lot out of me. Near the end, i was getting so anxious to get home! I'm freakin tired.

Went out with Dennis and Ellis Go for tapioca during the day, and went to eat sushi with Kevin and Ofra @ night. Then headed back home. Not very interesting day.. but it was a decent overall trip.

Went drinking with my sisters fiance on Fri and drank a grip of soju. Got pretty drunk.. but i got him to talk a bit about stuff.. so i feel more relaxed about him being my brother in law.

I've been using Crest whitestrips for the past 4 days.. and my tooth got very sensitive. But i plan on using the whole box cuz my teeth are so freakin yellow. I think one reason why celebrities look good is cuz of their pearl teeth.

Anyways, night blogger

Friday, November 26, 2004

Home for Thanksgiving

Came home for thanksgiving, and regretting it. I feel uncomfortable here. Parents nagging, my negative attitude towards my sisters marriage, the ppl here, etc. Meeyoung is in Tahoe, and Elis is still down about her brother. So it's not like i have any friends left over here.. i've been just sitting at home and doing absolutely nothing. Well ok.. i was a little productive today.

1. Installed my old computer for my mom, using some old parts from other computers. Transferring all of her old files took forever. I ended up having to setup a 2nd computer in another room, used the LAN and AIM to transfer all the files over. But i think that's pretty much done. The computer runs fast.. my mom's old computer was a 266mhz! HAHAH.. no wonder she was complaining so much about it being slow. Well she got a 100% upgrade cuz now it's 1ghz faster. Her new 20" LCD monitor from DELL is tite. SO huge! i can imagine playing war3.. muhahaha

2. Went over to see Kevin (my only friend left here) with my old STOCK honda deck. He helped me take out the pioneer deck that had the broken CD loading mechanism and installed the STOCK deck and tapped into the wire harness to accomodate my subs in the back. That part was a lot simpler than i thought.. I can't tell the difference in sound. Still bumps nice. The only thing i miss is the manual controls from the deck.

I had some of my mom's cooking.. but i realized that i didn't miss it as much as before. I think i'm over the home sickness bs.. not like i ever had it that bad. LA feels more like home now. Ramen is more of a comfort food for me.

My sister had a party with church ppl last night, and i couldn't sleep. They were yackering so freakin loud. So i didn't say hi, cuz i was in a mood since i had to listen to my parents lecture, and ran off the house to chill outside. I came back home 2 hours later, and everyone was leaving. Ha.. and someone i wanted to see was walking off too. Didn't know that person was at the meeting. DOH!.. if i knew i shoulda stayed and played games with the group. Life goes on..

I plan on leaving Sat.. tomorrow. Don't feel the need to stay here and be bored out of my mind.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Crest White Strips.. Painful

Went to school today.. only for 2 classes cuz the other 3 were cancelled due to Thanksgiving weekend. Went home early at like 11pm.. then headed over to Romina's to give back the mini fridge that's been sitting in my room.

Took Romina to the park and tried to make her forget about her illness. I think mission accomplished. She smiled a lot.. which was good. Also gave her a shiny little necklace.. i think it was my first gift to her. I hope she likes it.

Dropped her off and got a haircut.. i asked her to Layer it.. and she just chopped it off. WTF. I have short hair again. Well.. not that short.. but a lot shorter than before. Since it's layered now though.. i think it'll grow out better. Before i looked like a Bowl cut from the 60's.

After haircut, i stopped by Walgreens to buy Crest White strips. That shit gets my teeth sensitive, but it's been a year already since my last treatment and i need to whiten it up. TAKE THE PAIN LIKE A MAN PETER! haha. Also bought some baking soda to put in my fridge cuz is was stinkin like Kimchee!

Came home and did some more chores around the house. Dishes, cleaned out my old mail box, old magazines, emptied the beanie so i can give it back to mom, cuz i don't use it. Threw out a bunch of boxes that my computer came in, threw away old papers from school.

I also washed my car, and vacuumed it. Also sprayed Febreeze.. so it's gonna smell nice and clean tomorrow.

Oh yeah.. on a bad note, my CD Player broke in my car. Ugh.. imma have to drive 5 hours w/o my precious CD's.. what am i going to do. aigo. AIGO! seriously. I always thought it was time to upgrade to a mp3 player.. but this is a very bad timing.

I'm getting ready to go up for thanksgiving. packing a few things here and there.. the drive is seriuosly going to suck.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Classes cancelled

Thursday went to school only to find out that the 2nd miterm for the Nonverbal Comm class has been cancelled and entered into the final. The final is also going to be a take home final! hahahahahahhahaha.. MUHAHAHHAHAHAH.. nice.

Also found out that 2 classes are cancelled for Tuesday of next week.. hahahahahahha.. stupid lazy professors want the whole week off. HA!

Semester is coming to a close. I figure there will be Finals for all my classes, a few more projects here and there.. and i'm done. I just gotta make sure i dont bomb the finals. Wow.. took close to 6 years.. but i'm finally graduating. HAHA.. wtf. 5.5 years of school.. geejzuz. OH wait.. maybe it's 4.5 years.. i can't even count. I just know i took longer than most of my other ppl i graduated high school with.

I spent the last 2 days at work fixing my bosses computer. His not illiterate, but he aint that proficient. He had so many Trojan viruses, worms, spywares, adwares, etc.. ugh.. took forever to clean all of that shit.

Work has been going so so.. getting a lil worried. I may have to start looking for something else to do. Can't live with the money i'm making here. Doesn't look all so promising.. maybe 50/50.. not sure where it's headed.

Yesterday, (thrusday) i came back from school.. and just passed out. PASSED OUT cold.. left the lights on.. tv on.. computer on. That was at 6pm.. woke up the next morning at 8am. HAHA.. i must haved been very tired.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Be good to people while you can

Finished watching "Wind Fighter" korean movie. I couldn't help but relate the movie to the arcade game "Samurai Showdown".. some of the characters are a combination of that game and Street Fighter 2. Pretty nice fighting movie.

Lots of things going on in life right now.. so many things to worry about. I have 2 exams, 1 research paper and a few other itzy bitzy things at school that i must finish before next week. I will have to work on them this weekend.

Trying to go home this thanksgiving to see my new-to-be brother in law and give my mom my old computer and set it all up for her.

My cousin Romina was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer. :(
Kinda devastating because i grew up with her. Stage 4, for those of you who don't know is the last stage in cancer. It means it's spread to all the inner muscles and organs and chances of surviving for more than 5 years is less than 10-20%. She is only 21.. and I don't know what to do to make her feel better. I'm scared to go visit her because i don't want to upset her by getting all mooshy in front of her.
This incident made me think.. you should really be good to ppl while you still can. Cuz you never know when it'll be too late.

And why do things always happen at the same time? Romina's cancer is a horrible thing in my family.. but on the other side of the plane, my sister is getting married Dec. 22nd. I dunno why she is hurrying so much.. she's still young. It's not the end of the world if you put off for another 6 months. There is NO WAY you can know somebody after just 3 months. How can you possibly know if your compatible? And it's not so much of a perfect timing when Romina is so sick. If i was her, i'd postpone.

She also asked me to sing in her wedding.. originally i declined but now that i think about it - it's a once in a life time thing for her. The least i could do would be to grant her wishes. I'm looking for someone who plays the guitar to teach me a song.

On a good note, my computer is almost done, just waiting on the video card. I've been installing programs 1 by 1 as needed.. Newegg already paid me back for the vid card, and i shipped the other card to zipzoomfly and still waiting for a credit back. I paid the guy from eBay and waiting for him to ship. Once i get that card, my computer will be done.

I've also been loosing quite a bit of weight.. my old pants are fitting again. I may have to take my dress pants to a tailor to get them hemmed around the waste cuz it's a little too loose. Or i may just go exchange it cuz i only wore it once. It's $118 pants.. ugh.

I'm also thinking about moving as soon as school is over. Gotta get out of the ghetto to a decent place. But then i'd have to either change my employment or ask for more money. Also need to find a person willing to live with me. HAHA.

Welp that's the major stuff going on in my life right now.. doesn't give me much room to think about anything else.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Full computer specs


Current System Setup

CPU: Intel northwood 3.2C
CPU Cooling: Thermaltake XP-90 Copper base/Alluminum Fins
CPU Fan: Antec true blue 80mm fan
Using Arctic Silver 5

Motherboard: Asus P4C800E-Deluxe Socket478 875Chipset w/800FSB

Memory: Mushkin 512x2 (1 gig) DDR400 PC3200 w/heatspreader

Video Card: ATI Radeon 9800XT 256DDR R360 core
GPU Cooler: Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 3
using Arctic Silver 5

Hard Drive 1: Wester Digital Raptor 10k SATA - 74gig
Hard Drive 2: Hitachi Deskstar 7.2k SATA - 250gig

DVD-RW: Pioneer DVR-108 Dual Layer +/-
DVD: Toshiba 32x
Floppy: Genetic 1.44

Case: Aspire X-Navigator Front Temp display, clear side window w/120mm fan
PS: 500W generic, came with case


Case cooling is done by:

1. Top 80mm exhaust fan
2. Side 120mm exhaust fan
3. Rear intake 80mm fans (2)
4. Front intake 80mm fan
5. CPU 80mm fan
6. GPU 79mm fan

Case temp is at 29C
CPU: Idle 28C Load 40C

New computer complete

I finally just decided to install my new computer w/o waiting for the vid card. I'm currently using my old vid card from my old computer..

I had the worst time installing this thing because i forgot there were 2 power connectors for the new motherboards.. 12pin and a 4pin cables.. HAHA.. i thought i had gotten defective ram or CPU or motherboard from newegg.. but it was such a simple mistake i made. I was over confident.

after the heartache it caused cuz i was worried about returning, i installed my previous HD, copied all the files over, and installed my new OS.

Everything went smoothly and my computer runs at 28 idle and 30 operating and not sure about LOAD because i havent' had time to install DOOM yet.. While installing Windows XP the highest i saw it go was 42.. the Thermalright CPU heatsink sure helps a grip!

I ordered a 9800XT from ebay for 220.. muhaha.. very good price. I'm also going to return the 9800PRO and got a 7.5% discount on the restocking fee which is fine.

I should have the system all complete very soon, and i'll write a review with pictures of all the stuff i have in it. Computer looks pretty tite..

1 problem i'm having recently is that sometimes at POST boot, the motherboard doesn't detect the SATA HD's.. it's not configured in RAID.. so not sure what's going on. It detects it after i reset.. weird.. gotta troubleshoot.

Computer is running SO fast.. loving it. Jet said he could hook me up with an LCD.. not sure what price it would be though.. i can't afford more than 400..