Sunday, January 23, 2005

No front plate ticket

A lot of crap has been going on these days. One friend got a speeding ticket and got his car towed. Another friend got a second DUI.. and i got a fix it ticket for no front plate. My girl also got into a small bumper accident.. WTF.

Yesterday i had to go to my uncle's and get blood taken out because i have clogs on my shoulder. I also have this small inflammation on my lower back. Obviously this is caused by bad kidneys'.. ugh. I gotta get back to going to the gym or sumthing.

I gotta call LA court and ask about my violation too:


also call Tube Music and ask about that thing cuz i was forced into buying a dummie in LA.. ugh!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Apt. Hunting not going well

Sucks. Yesterday sucked. Found out that the apt, me and James were looking for has been taken by someone else. I had my eyes set on that pad too. ugh.

Now i'm not sure where or if when i'm going to move, simply because when me and James went apt hunting - everywhere we looked was full or the price just wasn't right. What to do..

Yesterday i worked all day - came home and watched Desperate Housewives and played dota 6.0 alpha 1. HAHA. nice.

I need to buy plane tickets for 2/4-2/6.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Out with old friends

Monday, saw Simon, James, Jay, and Pae.. it's been a really long time since all of us got together to have a drink. Jay is busy with work, and doesn't kick it with us anymore.. James lives in uplands, Simon lives in Hollywood, and i see Pae once in a while. 2 years ago we were all so much closer. I think i drifted away a bit too though.. been trying to be a good boy and i don't go out at all these days.

I also went to check out the apartment i found on and the place looked better on pictures than it did in person. I kinda want to move there as it doesn't seem too bad. James said we should check out a few other places though. I'm not sure when he plans on moving out of his place.. i have to give me 30 day notice to my landlord too. Hmm.. decision, decisions.

Didn't do much Tuesday.. I can't even remember what i did tuesday.. ugh. My brain.. memory is going all bad.

Wednesday i went to church had a good learning experience as i did not fall asleep this time. Got new motivation to keep attending.

Today, very busy at work.. time passed by pretty fast today. Good stuff.. i wish everyday was like this. It doesn't become a drag.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Looking for a new Apartment

I was born this day 24 years ago.. how time flies.

After the ridiculous amounts of soju i drank on Thursday, friday was another story. After eating dinner, i had to meet up my sister and her husband who came to LA for a pitstop before heading over to Indiana. We had dinner at a BBQ place.. and yet again, i ate a grip load of food. STUFFED like a freaking Pork. I couldn't breath cuz i ate so much.

Saturday, i rested and watched TV all day.
Sunday, i rested and watched korean videos all day.

Today is my birthday, and am here at work.. workin. I stopped by the Apartments for rent here in Fullerton, and they weren't all that great. Maybe because of the weather? But yeah... i should shop some more before deciding. NOt even sure when James will be able to move out. I'm sure he has a lot of things on his mind he has to take care of first before he knows for sure when he can move out.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Credit Score: 790

Just found out my credit score at for $5.

The range is 330-830

50% of americans have a rating of 630
90% of americans have a rating below 774

My credit is pretty high. WOW.. i was expecting something in the 650.. cuz ppl told me credit doesn't go up for young ppl.. o_O.. i think they made a mistake or sumthin..

2005 New years resolution

2 nights ago was very interesting for me. After talking to a friend, i decided i want to set my life straight to what it used to be. I think i'm at the point in my life where i already tried all the things i wanted to do and i understand why my parents always warned me about those things. I obviously regret many things i did, (or sinned) if you believe in the Bible.

I met someone i can really connect with, and found new hopes in life.
Funny how you think, "gee i'm never gonna find anybody.. i give up".. then BAM.. out of nowhere, when you're not even searching, it pops in your face. Then you become a contradiction.. and ppl point fingers at you.

I prayed to God 2 nights ago. Talked about how i acknowledge all my sins and will change my life to not commit them again. Technically i started living this good life since the end of January of 2004, i quit a lot of things during those months and only concentrated on finishing school and my job. Talking to God and explaining myself and knowing that he was listening was a true blessing. I repented my sins.. i will live the rest of my life in the principles that are in scripted in the verses of the Bible. Hm... maybe i shouldn't get ahead of myself.. I will try to live a good life. Since i AM imperfect.